Would You Recognise These Signs Of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a sneaky disease. Difficulty recognising the signs means that often it is undetected. According to the NHS, a troubling 90% of women are unaware of ovarian cancer symptoms. There are several tell-tale signs you should never ignore. If you have more than one of the following symptoms (and it doesn’t pass), go and get it checked out. It is better to be safe than sorry – and early detection has a 90% survival rate. Read on:

1. Persistent Bloating Can Indicate Ovarian Cancer

would you recognise these signs ofovarian cancer
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Bloating is common and is often associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, should you have persistent bloating it may indicate a problem.

2. Stomach Pain Can Be a Sign

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Okay, so there is no need to rush to the doctor with a stomachache. If, on the other hand, you regularly have stomach pain, and it is coupled with bloating and/or back pain, this may be a red flag.

3. Changes in Urination or Bowel Habits

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If you are recognising the need to wee more often or with urgency (and you haven’t just downed a litre of water) this could indicate a more sinister underlying issue. Another sign is a change in bowel habits (such as going more regularly or a lot less). Basically, if it is out of the ordinary and continued, get it checked

4. Extreme Tiredness May Be a Symptom

Would you recognise these signs of ovarian cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Do you feel like you’ve run a marathon even though your daily routine hasn’t changed? Should everything become a struggle and you feel utterly exhausted for no apparent reason, this is a sign something is definitely amiss. It could be down to nutrient deficiency or stress, but if it is persistent, go and see your GP.

5. Feeling Full

Do you feel full very quickly? Have you noticed you have lost your appetite and are losing weight without dieting? Again, although it could be stress, ovarian cancer can also present this way.

Should you recognise these signs, make a 2-week diary of your symptoms and then see your doctor. In their words – STAT!

For further help, check out this article on ‘The best foods to fo shield you from cancer’.

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Moisturising Foundations That Wipe Out Winter Skin

Winter may be fast-approaching (in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking we are already there), but winter skin doesn’t stand a chance against a great foundation. Discover some truly incredible moisturising foundations to wipe out any trace of the dreaded winter effect on your face. Better yet, these ones are currently on offer. Double YES!

1.Estee Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturising Makeup SPF 45, £32.40 for 30ml (Was £36), www.boots.com

moisturising foundations that wipe out winter skin
Credit: Boots

Okay, there are SO many good things about this foundation I don’t know where to begin. Firstly, this product doubles up as a great skincare saviour. The formula includes Ion charged water, probiotic technology and chia seed extract. This means it is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties – and guaranteed to give all complexions a seriously nourishing boost.

The natural-looking foundation is totally breathable and lightweight yet provides full coverage and a seamlessly even finish. Those imperfections bugging you are swiftly dealt with. The outstanding makeup offers immediate hydration. It ensures skin TLC and a flawlessly radiant result you will love. This foundation is available in 20 shades, meaning you are certain to find one your skin will adore.

2. Light Wonder Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury, £34, www.charlottetilbury.com

moisturising foundations to wipe out winter skin
Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

Should you be concerned about premature aging or battling a spell of dryness, this foundation by Charlotte Tilbury is one to try. The lightweight makeup boasts an array of botanicals. These provide essential skincare support to thwart the onset of winter damage. Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation ensures a natural finish. Furthermore, it wipes away any traces of imperfections in a flash. Expect great coverage and an enviable radiant luminosity.

3.Chanel Les Beiges Foundation, £41, www.chanel.com

moisturising foundations to wipe away winter
Credit: Chanel

The HEALTHY GLOW AND HYDRATION FOUNDATION AND LONGWEAR has to be my favourite. Boasting a sheer blend of luxury and luminosity, it feels like you are putting something special on your face (and you’d be right). A polymer is included to wipe away irksome imperfections such as fine lines and spots. A second polymer fills in pesky pores. This formula creates instantly smooth and flawless results that last all day long. The icing of the cake is that this fabulous hydrating foundation is available in 35 shades. Yes, you read it correctly – 35 SHADES!!

Better yet, the foundation is brimming with Healthy Glow Booster Pigments. These enhance the skin with luminosity and unveils a satin-esque complexion of dreams!

Kalanchoe extract offers exceptional protection against free radical damage. Humectants ensure the immediate hydration surge is kept where it should be. Expect a healthy, flawless-looking face that glows (and a big smile to boot!).

Have you tried any of these moisturising foundations and which one do you love the most? Leave me a message below. xx

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The Best Lip Stains That Actually Last!

Having tried countless lip stains (each one with as much enthusiasm as the last), I have concluded that sadly, not all lip tints are created equal. Sure, they look the part, but alas, some are just downright disappointing. Some are weak and uneven the moment they dry, and others dry a very different colour to what was expected – and then do NOT budge. Not forgetting the ones that have less staying power than the toy lipstick that came with my child’s doll set.  That said, all is not lost. There are a few lip stains that actually look gorgeous and will go the distance. Colours that won’t leave you resembling someone who has been clobbered in the mouth. Read on:

1.Victoria Beckham Bitten Lip Tint, £32, www.victoriabeckhambeauty.com

The by best lip stains that actually last
Credit: Victoria Beckham

This is no ordinary lip tint, oh no. The multi-tasking formula contains hyaluronic acid and squalene to effectively smooth and plump up your pout, so you can pucker up with confidence. I love a matte finish and this lip tint creates a perfect natural-looking matte. Furthermore, unlike some of its competitors, it is not sticky and passes the test of time. Simply apply, look gorgeous, check mirror 3 hours later and smile! The gorgeous lip tint is available in 2 shades: Cherie (sheer pink rose) and Bisou (a rich nude berry). Bisou is my fave!

2.Benefit Bene tint Rose Tinted Lip And Cheek Tint, £21.65, www.feelunique.com

The Best Lip tints that actually last
Credit: Feel Unique

Another fabulous lip tint is this one from Benefit. No matter what you do, it maintains its gorgeous sheer rose finish. However, I do have to say there is a way of applying the product. If you don’t do it correctly you may just be stuck with it for several hours. This stuff does NOT budge. Firstly, make sure the shade suits you. Apply lightly, wait for it to dry and then build it up if needed.

When I first tried this, I was in my car and in a rush. I slathered it on – discovered it was too bright for interview purposes – then to my horror could not remove it. Rubbing and smudging in the sheer panic caused me to look like I had applied my makeup wearing a blindfold. Now I’ve given you the visuals, take heed. This lip stain means business.

3.MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain, £19, www.maccosmetics.co.uk

The best lip stains that actually last
Credit: mac cosmetics

MAC is the brand that just keeps on giving. If you love the glossy and high-pigment finish, this is the lip stain for you. It is super-lightweight, feels comfortable, glides on evenly and creates a signature glossy look for up to twelve hours. That’s twelve hours of a super-kissable irresistible pout. Game on. You can get this lip stain in 14 equally beautiful shades!

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Discover Autumn’s Best New Beauty Launches

2020 isn’t all doom and gloom – the beauty industry keeps bringing us new and unmissable beauty launches to lift our spirits. And boy, they certainly put smiles on our faces. Check out the best new beauty products too good to overlook.

1.Sisley Hair Rituel Nourishing Hair and Scalp Balm, £86 (125g), www.selfridges.com

discover the best new beauty launches this autumn
Credit: Selfridges

One look outside is enough to make us bolt the door and return to our beds. Alas, this is not often possible. One thing we can do is ensure our hair and scalp remain in tip-top condition whilst grabbing a bit of luxury. Sisley’s new Nourishing Scalp and Hair Balm targets those with dry and damaged tresses, restoring your head to a crown of glorious locks – no matter how menacing the weather becomes.

2.Lancôme Grandiose Eyeliner, £25.50, www.lancome.co.uk

Discover autumns best new beauty launches
Credit: Lancome

Being a true sucker for a good liquid eyeliner, I couldn’t wait to try Lancôme’s new one that features a bendable wand. If like me, your cat eye is your signature look, this is a must-have. The eyeliner glides on effortlessly in a flash. Furthermore, the flexible wand is perfect for people who suffer from painful joints too.

3.Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF30/PA+++, £31 (50ml), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

Discover autumn best new beauty products
Credit: Cult Beauty

I’m loving this new tinted moisturiser by Nars. With wintery times well and truly here and skin concerns courtesy of the face mask, we need a product that cares for our complexions. This tinted moisturiser holds the key to true skin goals. Featuring minerals and kopara (a natural sugar) from French Polynesia, the formula hydrates nourishes and protects. Furthermore, this fantastic ingredient is proven to stimulate cell renewal too. Not only that, but you will discover dark spots and pigmentation appear reduced with continued use. Is there anything this tinted moisturiser can’t do?

The oil-free tinted moisturiser comes in 12 gorgeous shades that do not settle and cake. Instead, you can expect an even and flawless finish that’s so light you forget it is on. Simply apply, sit back and wait for the compliments.

4.Elizabeth Arden Exclusive Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum, £45 (30-Piece), www.elizabetharden.co.uk

Find the best new beauty products
Credit: Elizabeth Arden

We’ve tested and adored their vitamin C and retinol capsules, and now we can go ahead and start falling in love with their newest addition to the skin-saving arsenal. Behold the Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules. Their award-winning formula ensures optimal delivery of scientifically proven ingredients, guaranteeing your complexion looks and feels its absolute best. These outstanding capsules provide skin-plumping hyaluronic acid which is then locked into place with key ceramides. Phew, now I can stop working on that time machine.

5.Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in Walk of No Shame, £30, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

discover the best new autum beauty
Credit: Cult Beauty

This gorgeous universal shade of blusher instantly enhances any complexion with the prettiest luminosity. The latest addition is the berry-rose hue. It is a two-shaded palette designed for the eyes, lips and cheeks. I know what you’re thinking – and YES, you can wear them all together – what is more, you absolutely should! Enjoy.

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Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars So Good You’ll Weep!

Beauty advent calendars are my all-time guilty pleasure – and luxury ones are classed right there under the headline, Life Goals. This year may be a total bummer, but the following luxury beauty advent calendars are so good you will weep. Should you be loaded, you will weep for joy. Should you be more like me, the tears will be more of a sad nature. That said, I am now a woman with a new-found mission. On another note, I am on eagerly awaiting to hear about Tiffany’s 2020 calendar (though not quite sure how they will top it).

1.Dior Beauty Advent Calendar, £340, www.diorbeauty.com

Luxury beauty advent calendars so good you'll weep
Credit: Dior

Should you have a spare £350 and gush over Dior’s outstanding products, this holiday season will go off with a bang. Inside this intricately designed, star-spangled calendar are heavenly gifts. Little presents to transform each day of December into sheer bliss. In fact, should you develop a hacking cough, your happiness levels will be such that you probably won’t even notice. I’m talking serious pleasure. Behind each door you will find fragrance, makeup and skincare to set your heart on fire. So, in love!

2.Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar, £395, www.net-a-porter.com

luxury beauty advent calendars so good you'll weep
Credit: Net A Porter

For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. Barbara Sturm, she is a German aesthetics doctor who is basically a sheer genius. When it comes to anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing skincare, this woman totally rocks. Revolutionising the beauty industry with the launch of her bespoke plasma-based cream, she was catapulted her to stardom. The cream uses the body’s own proteins to effectively diminish inflammation and deliver out-of-this-world rejuvenation. If you are lucky enough to be her patient, you can try this! However, you can get a taster of the level of anti-aging and skin-nourishing ingredients on offer with this stellar beauty calendar. Trust me, if you feel like really treating yourself this year, the Dr. Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar is a splurge worth every penny.

3. Space NK beauty Anthology, £195 (Worth £630), www.spacenk.com

Luxury beauty advent calendars so great you will cry
Credit: Space NK

Check out Space NK’s exclusive luxury beauty advent calendar, loaded with the most luxurious and precious products from the best brands ever! Including items from the likes of Byredo, Diptique and Barbara Sturm (to name just a few), the calendar delivers ultimate luxury. The best bit is that you are getting all of this for a total steal.

Choosing which calendar to splash out on is torture. Knowing you have to order it well in advance, so you don’t miss out, and then not being able to open it for almost 6 weeks, is mission impossible.

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Christmas Gifts For Achieving Ultimate Wellbeing

Being a positive influence on others has never been so important. This Christmas, why not gift your loved one a present that achieves ultimate feelings of wellbeing? Having the ability to help people can only be consistent if we are in a good place, mentally and physically. With this in mind, make sure you are being kind to yourself too. Whether you are gifting others or making sure you don’t forget to give yourself some TLC, these wellness presents will take you a long way to achieving happiness for your body and mind.

1.Wellbeing App: Try Headspace on iTunes, Free for Beginners, www.itunes.com

Christmas gifts for ultimate wellbeing
Credit” Headspace/iTunes

So many people dismiss meditation saying they can’t get into it or don’t know how to switch off. This is a major mistake. The research proves that opting in to meditation and mindfulness significantly improves a person’s wellbeing. Should you be one of those people that frequently fob off this life-changing process, now there is no excuse. Headspace is one of a few apps developed specifically for you – teaching you how to meditate and get in the zone and generally become more mindful. This app is well worth the money and time.

2.Wellbeing Book: For Anxiety Sufferers: Try the Speakmans Conquering Anxiety, £8.99 (Kindle), www.amazon.co.uk

Christmas gifts for ultimate wellbeing
Credit: Amazon

Most people in the UK will have heard of the Speakmans’ incredible abilities to help those suffering from phobias and other disorders. The husband and wife duo launched a book brimming with tricks and tips designed to help anxiety sufferers. I read this and was amazed at how much the techniques help – and mind-blowingly quickly too!

3.Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Collection, £65, www.spacenk.com

Christmas presents for optimal wellness
Credit: Space NK

Want the ultimate wellbeing? Of course, you do – and it’s right here combined within 10 gorgeous bottles. After being introduced to this gift set a couple of years ago, I am certain no one does aromatherapy oils quite like Aromatherapy Associates. The set features the best essential oils. Each bottle is specifically formulated to conjure up all the happy wellness you can handle. This beautifully packaged box of joy is the go-to Christmas gift to keep him/her smiling.

4.Calming and Uplifting Candles Try: Neom Organics London Scent of Wellbeing Gift Set, £45 (Was £48), www.feelunique.com

Christmas gifts ultimate wellbeing and calm
Credit: Feel Unique

Should your loved one be partial to a candle, take the opportunity to gift them a real wellness treat for Christmas. Behold Neom Organics Wellbeing Gift Set. Featuring 3 gorgeous candles with equally enticing names (Christmas Wish, Luxury and Perfect Peace). These candles are dripping with essential oils to banish stress and infuse sparkles of joy into your life. Prepare for a totally lit Christmas. The advice here is to buy at least 2 (as you won’t want to let this set go).

Achieve complete zen with the help of awesome candles, courtesy of NEOM.

5.Silk Everything and Oh-so-Soft Blanket, Try: Zilmasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, £44.92, www.amazon.co.uk

the best christmas gifts for wellbeing
Credit: Amazon

There’s nothing quite like a bit of luxury and pampering to make you feel special, happy and generally uplifted. And there is nothing like slipping back into silk to help you accomplish this incredible state of being. Grab yourself some silk pillowcases and sheets and also the eye mask and PJs.Basically, go the whole hog. I was sent this pillowcase to review a long time ago and it remains my all-time favourite possession (I suspect this will never change).

However, let’s not forget the importance of a cosy blanket. Winter nights are drawing in so to make sure you have all you need, bag yourself an anti-anxiety weighted blanket and keep it at the bottom of your bed for those colder nights (or times when you need that extra comforting). Heaven situation? I think so!

6.WellWoman Max, £19.85, www.vitabiotics.com

christmas gifts wellness
Credit: Vitabiotics

WellWoman Max provides all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you in perfect balance. At times of stress and when viruses rage rampantly through our streets with total disregard, make sure you stay on top form. Phew, panic over. Take that pandemic.

7.Soothing Sleep Spray Try: Fat & The Moon Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95 (1oz), www.liveinthelight.co.uk

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: L A Beauty

Yes, this has been mentioned so many times, and there’s no plan and stopping the plug! Inexpensive and brimming with those perfect ingredients for a totally dreamy slumber, this spray by Fat and The Moon should be a fixture on everyone’s’ shelves. Whether you have a child who struggles to settle down, a teenager who never switches off the phone, or a partner whose stress levels keep them awake – this magical potion truly makes a difference.

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The Best Candles To Waft Away Negativity

I think everyone can agree 2020 pretty much sucks. With this in mind, we need a candle that means business. We need one that contains no nasty ingredients and can harness the powers of positivity through its exceptional therapeutic components. Basically, we want something that can clear out all the negativity this year has brought and now replace our space with a scent of refreshingly happy loveliness. Here are the best:

1.Cleanse Away Negativity With Sage. Try: Woodwick Sage & Myrrh Hearthwick Jar Candle, £21.99 (16oz), www.candlesdirect.com

The best candles to waft away negativity
Credit: Candles Direct

Don’t scoff, but sage has been used for centuries to cleanse negativity and evil, whilst drawing in protection – and it is still being used today. Surely, then it is worth checking out. Sage doesn’t have an elegant flowery scent – but that’s okay, it has a job to do. Also combined are the beautiful and calming aromas of bergamot, lavender, myrrh and sandalwood. Together the notes complement each other and encompass your room in a newly decorated picture of peace and tranquillity. Perfect. Also, the burn time is up to 80 hours. Yes!

2.Pure Thoughts Gratitude Aromatherapy Candle, £16 (100g), www.purethoughts.co.uk

the best candles to waft away negativity
Credit: Pure Thoughts

It is important that in order to feel positive, you must first be thankful for the good things in your life. This natural soy candle is the perfect way to help you channel gratitude and become more positive.

Combined in this vegan aromatherapy candle is pure lemongrass, which is well-known for its ability to uplift any mood. Burn time is 18 – 20 hours (going on the week I’ve had I’m going to need to buy at least a dozen more, just to be on the safe side). Whether you wish to meditate or simply banish negativity and boost your mood, you are guaranteed to LOVE this candle.

3.ESPA Positivity Candle, £35 (200g) www.espaskincare.com

the best aromatherapy candles to banish negativity
Credit: ESPA Skincare

Who’s up for a bit of soul upliftment? At a guess, that’s pretty much of all of us. Behold ESPA’s Positivity Candle. That’s right, ESPA not only do amazing skincare, but their candles are just as outstanding. Breathe in a unique blend of jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium to boost your confidence and mood. Next, allow the aroma of sweet orange and bergamot maintain your focus and happy thoughts. This truly is a beautiful candle that keeps negativity at the door. 100& natural wax blend, suitable for vegetarians and smells divine!

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The Shortlist For The Best Blurring Primers of 2020 are…

Let’s take a moment to forget about the hideousness that is 2020. Instead, rejoice over some beautiful products that make life (and our faces) brighter. A good primer can transform your look. However, choosing the right one amongst the vast amounts available can feel as likely as winning the lottery. Don’t panic, here comes the beauty cavalry. Should your skin concern be fine lines, pores and uneven skin tone, this is your lucky day. Here are the best blurring primers of 2020 – and they are worth every last penny.

1.For Lines: Amazing Cosmetics Line Smoother + Primer, £32.34, www.amazon.co.uk

the shortlist for the best blurring primers
Credit: Amazon

Check out this product of sheer awesomeness and see just how much effort has gone into ensuring its total perfection. Designed with teeny weeny metal roller balls for optimal delivery of those super-important skincare ingredients, you KNOW this brand is the biz!  It also provides award-winning Neodermyl technology, ensuring incredible results. Combining those all-important botanicals, ceramides and peptides to treat pesky age-related concerns, the product leaves no stone unturned.

This is treatment and coverage all in one easy step. If (like me) you find your foundation uses your lines as a comfy sofa, this primer will have you breathing a HUGE sigh of relief (instead of one of woe). Just make sure you wait for a few minutes before applying your makeup, or it won’t work.

2. Charlotte Tilbury WONDERGLOW Face Primer, £39, www.charlottetilbury.com

shortlist for best blurring primers of 2020
Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury’s WONDERGLOW truly is a force to be reckoned with. The formula includes a powerhouse of superior ingredients, designed to create a perfectly flawless canvas for your makeup. Discover their florescent Core Light Diffuser and soft focuses which blur and diminish the appearance of imperfections. Also combined within this luxurious primer are outstanding skincare ingredients. Components such as bionymph peptide, wild pansy extract and HA further tackle lines and wrinkles and aid in rejuvenation. Better yet, WONDERGLOW contains my fave component – rosehip oil – which transforms the look of any complexion into one of utter radiance.

3.Urban Decay Complexion Optical Illusion Primer, £24 (28ml), www.lookfantastic.com

shortlist for best blurring primers 2020
Credit: Look Fantastic

This all-singing, all-dancing vegan primer is the stuff of dreams – the best dreams, ever. It feels like you are applying sheer luxury to your face! Should you have fine lines, imperfections and pores you would rather not see, this fabulous primer is your bag. Expect delivery of high-class ingredients and next-level technology. They team up to achieve optimal moisturising, nourishing and protective qualities, before moving on to blur out of all those pesky age-induced concerns. Woo-hoo! This amazing formula is suitable for all skin types and also contains argan, rosehip and meadowfoam oils. Suddenly the sun is shining again.

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Tackle Winter Skin With Expert-Approved Moisturisers (That Won’t Break The Bank)

It’s back again for another go at our skin. No, I’m not talking Corona or acne – I’m referring to the dreaded winter months. We need a hell of a good moisturiser (expert-approved, no less) to tackle these arctic conditions. One that can take down a plethora of skin issues that winter brings. And really guys, anything that takes away stress right now, has to be good.

The good news is that we know exactly what form of attack our beautiful complexions can expect, given it’s the same every year. Read on to discover the best winter-tackling moisturisers that beauty experts love.

Tackle Winter With:

Harsh winter weather crossed with over-the-top heating equals a potential skincare crisis. Nip it in the bud before your face starts to resemble last week’s newspaper. Look out for hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid), ceramides, peptides and Q10. These proven components all have earned their place in the spotlight. Should your skin be more like last year’s newspaper (like mine of late), look for an emollient to help. The following products are nothing less than awesome:

1. CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £4 (50ml), www.lookfantastic.com

tackle winter with the best expert-approved moisturisers that wont break the bank
Credit: Look Fantastic

CeraVe’s Moisturising Cream just goes to show that you do NOT need to spend a fortune to get those amazing skincare results. Aimed at those with particularly dry skin (or for use in winter), this cream is loaded with all the right ingredients to tackle pesky dryness and all the unwanted skin issues November throws at us. Combining 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this outstanding formula also brings MVE® Delivery Technology to the table. Basically, this means your face and body get a controlled release of ingredients throughout the day; thus, ensuring your skin stays nourished and hydrated. CeraVe is my go-to winter moisturiser. It’s non-greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps my complexion super happy all day long.

2. DHC Resveratrol Cream, £7.99, www.amazon.in

tackle winter skin with expert-approved moisturisers
Credit: L A Beauty

You have probably heard of the antioxidant resveratrol, due to the fact that your red wine is loaded with the potent wonder ingredient. This component’s powers appear limitless. It has the ability to fight a multitude of illnesses and for the past few years, the beauty industry has recognised its anti-aging capabilities too. The antioxidant is like the superhero of anti-aging. Japanese brand DHC launched this cream back in 2014 and it has become a real buzz word ever since. The formula feels luxurious, strengthens the skin’s barrier and provides impeccable protective qualities. Love this!

3. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturiser, £24.97 (1.7oz), www.iherb.com

Tackle winter skin with expert-approved moisturisers
Credit: Iherb

Sometimes you don’t have to go searching far and wide for new luxury creams that promise the secrets of never-ending youth. Sometimes, the tried and tested brands have everything you need. Whether you are tackling aging or preparing for the colder times ahead, Olay’s Regenerist’s Micro-Sculpting Cream has the exact amount of essential ingredients to maintain beautifully radiant skin throughout winter. Including key proven components such as amino-peptide Complex 11 that work in unison with B vitamins, the outcome is amazing. Fine lines appear reduced, the skin is firmer, hydrated, nourished and plump. Start using it now and on Christmas morning you will have another reason for the huge smile on your face. A little tip – Iherb has this priced at £10 cheaper than anywhere else!

Should you have particularly dry skin make sure you are using a good serum and then apply a thicker emollient to act as your skin’s extra shield. Never forget to cleanse (oil-based ones like DHC’s Oil-Based Cleanser). Never, ever forget your SPF – oh, and don’t sit too close to the space heater!

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Is Someone You Know Suicidal? Here’s How To Deal

A few weeks ago, someone in my circle committed suicide. I saw him an hour before he took his own life and I had absolutely no idea he was suffering. The most I thought was that (like us all) he had a few life problems to sort out.

Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death and the rates of male suicide in England continues to climb. 2020 has tested many of us to the limit and you don’t need to look far to find someone feeling a bit blue. But how do you know when someone is down or if it is something more? Should you notice a friend or family member acting out of character, there are a few things you can do. Read on:

1. Assess the Situation

Is someone you know suicidal? here's how to deal
Credit: Pixabay

Firstly, it is important to assess the seriousness of the situation to determine whether or not you may need to access immediate intervention. Suicidal comments and evidence of self-harm are clear red flags you need to get outside help.

2. Talk and Listen

Credit: Giphy

If your friend/loved one has appeared down or struggling, it is hard to know whether they are in need of help. They may insist everything is fine and be dismissive; thus, it’s truly difficult to get that person to open up. Be prepared to meet a brick wall when attempting to help. Talk to that person. Ask if there is anything troubling them and let them talk. Listen, rinse and repeat. This should not be a one-off convo – you need to keep checking in with them. Even if you can’t offer solutions, just being a friend has unmeasurable value.

3. Be There

Credit: Giphy

As previously mentioned, being there for someone can sometimes mean the difference between things being bearable and too much to deal with. They may not want to go out. That’s okay – take some movies and chocolates around, order a Chinese. Just be there as often as possible.

4. Understand There May Be no Outward Signs

Over a quarter of suicidal people show no outward signs of depression, particularly once they have made up their minds to carry it out. If someone has been down for a long time and suddenly, they just seem ‘okay’ without any positive changes in their circumstances, this is the time to keep a close eye on things. However, know that no one can be there 24/7 and if someone has made up their mind and then committed suicide, please do not blame yourself.

5. Seek Help

Credit: Giphy

Should you believe your friend/loved one is at risk of suicide, do not hesitate in seeking professional help. Remember, it is extremely difficult to know whether a person is planning on committing suicide. If a person is hell-bent on doing this, then spotting it and being able to prevent it is almost impossible. This is why it’s vital to keep in mind the above-mentioned points.

Here are some useful helpline telephone numbers. Calling can really make a difference:

Samaritans: 116 123 (24h)

www.sossilenceofsuicide.org – Online, live chat and phone.


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6 Of The Best Gadgets To Banish Anxiety

2020 has brought pretty much everyone the gift of anxiety and stress (thanks 2020, I can’t wait to see what I get for my birthday). The good news is there are literally tonnes of innovative and fun gadgets for banishing symptoms of anxiety and stress. I must stress that anxiety has varying levels and an anxiety disorder cannot be miraculously cured with a gadget alone. However, we can do a lot to help ourselves, and this includes using aids to ease the burden. Some are a waste of wonga, but there are also some really effective and fun gadgets that are well worth the buy. This year, why not buy someone a Christmas present they will actually enjoy for longer than the holiday period? Here are 5 of the best anti-anxiety/stress tools around:

1.Brentford’s Weighted Blanket, £26.73 (4kg), www.amazon.co.uk

6 of the best gadgets to banish anxiety
Credit: Amazon

Designed specifically to induce an incredibly comforting sleep, by way of deep touch pressure therapy, this weighted blanket is in a league of its own. The blanket is proven to increase serotonin and melatonin, which in turn decreases the stress hormone. The result is that anxiety and stress are soothed away and replaced with a happy and peaceful sleep. I love my weighted blanket – its benefits really are unmeasurable.

2.Clear Fear Anti-Anxiety App, App Store

6 of the best gadgets to reduce anxiety
Credit: App Store

Should you or a loved one suffer from anxiety, this award-winning app is a tool that really helps. Developed by a clinical psychologist, the app uses CBT to support the reduction of physical responses to triggers and also alter a person’s behaviour and thoughts. Do give this a try.

3. Yomogo Fluffy Cloud Slime, £6.65 (120ml), www.amazon.co.uk

6 of the best gadgets to banish anxiety
Credit: Amazon

Okay., before you write this off as something you are far too adult to enjoy, hear me out. One day, whilst joining in with my son to create slime monsters, I stumbled across the huge anti-stress benefits that this product can offer. Seriously, it literally removes your stress in moments – and it’s fun too. I did some research and discovered it is actually a toy that is proven to combat anxiety and stress. Cheap, cheerful and it works!

4. Fat & The Moon Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95 (1 oz), www.liveinthelight.co.uk

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: thefuturekept.com

I was given this sleep spray to review a couple of years ago and have been buying the product ever since. It is THAT good. Should you want a good night’s sleep (duh!) and love a good dream, this is the kitty for you. Included in this somewhat magical formula are some pretty spectacular ingredients. You will discover components such as mugwort (sourced from wild mugwort), lavender, Californian poppy and sage. Mugwort has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, cleanse your surroundings and promote vivid dreaming. This sleep spray is great for every family member, helping to ensure a totally relaxing undisturbed slumber. Love, love, love!

5. Electric Scalp Head Massager, £34.99, www.amazon.co.uk

6 of the best tools to banish anxiety
Credit: Amazon

This multi-tasking head massager is a gadget for all stressed-out people. Including 4 massaging heads, the super-cool device provides an awesome head massage, boosts circulation, removes stress and stimulates hair growth. A perfect on-the-go gadget for feelings of greatness.

6.Beats Solo 3 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones, £129, www.currys.co.uk

great gadgets to diminish stress
Credit: Currys

This has to be my favourite of all the gadgets. Put them on and you are instantly immersed into another world all of your own. With 40 hours of play time, you can control your music experience and take calls – if you feel like it – which you probably won’t.

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Anxiety Attack Or Panic Attack: What Is The Difference?

The pandemic has a lot to answer. Mental health problems such as anxiety and panic attacks are sadly now commonplace. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people are experiencing a mental health condition any day of the week in England. The UK was experiencing a massive mental health crisis before Covid-19 and now it is surging to unprecedented levels. We all need to be more aware and able to help one another. By recognising whether a person is experiencing anxiety or a panic attack, you will be in a position to offer priceless assistance to a family member, friend or even a stranger. Read on:

What Is An Anxiety Attack?

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

An anxiety attack is a response to a stressful situation or trigger. Imagine walking alone late at night, or around someone you know does not like you. The signs include a racing heart rate, rapid breathing, sweaty and worried or scared. Anxiety attacks do not usually last as long as a panic attack and normally disappear as soon as the trigger is removed.

What Is a Panic Attack?

anxiety attack or panic attack: what is the difference?
Credit: Pixabay

Panic attacks are in general, more severe. Mimicking signs of heart problems, the sufferer will experience rapid heart rate, extreme feelings of paralysis, chest pain and nausea. As you can imagine, this can be terrifying. Unlike anxiety attacks, they can come on out of the blue without any warning whatsoever.  On the upside, panic attacks are treatable. Read my article, ‘5 Techniques for Tackling a Panic Attack‘.to discover some tips on how to overcome the issue with minimal distress.

Remember you are not alone. Anxiety and panic attacks are more common than you might realise. They are also treatable. Do not suffer in silence from something that can be overcome. Speak to a friend or pick up the phone and call one of the helpline numbers below.

Mind: 0300 123 3933

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5 Techniques For Tackling A Panic Attack

Thanks to the pandemic, cases of anxiety and subsequent panic attacks are on the rise. Never has there been more need to help people tackle mental health conditions such as depression and panic attacks. According to the charity Mind, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people report experiencing a mental health problem in any given week, in England alone. Essential support for mental health conditions is scarce. A lack of funding, resources and understanding in general causes situations whereby a sufferer is taken to A & E only to be discharged as there is no bed or support available.

Panic attacks can be debilitating and often scary. However, there are certain things a person experiencing such problems can do to help curb the extremity of the situation and regain control. Read on to discover the best tips for dealing with a panic attack:

What Are the Signs of a Panic Attack?

5 techniques for dealing with a panic attack
Credit: Pixabay

Chest Pain

Rapid heart rate


Unable to Catch Breath

A panic attack will come on suddenly without any warning. For sufferers, a panic attack can be terrifying, as the symptoms are very similar to a heart attack (and are frequently mistaken for this).

Techniques for Tackling a Panic Attack

Credit: Giphy

1. Identify

The key to overcoming a panic attack is to quickly identify it and remind yourself it will pass. Although scary, it is not dangerous, and you will be okay.

2. Breathing Technique

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

Try breathing slowly in through your nose and out of your mouth. Take long, deep and slow breaths – as many as you need. If you have a paper bag, try breathing into this.

3. Close Your Eyes

If you are able to do so, close your eyes and try to picture a safe place in your mind. This could be anywhere that comforts you. For me, it is my nan’s garden where I played growing up.

4. Play Music

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

Make sure you have ‘panic attack music’ downloaded onto your phone. Better yet, some meditation music for panic attacks (there are tonnes of great ones on YouTube). When you feel able, put your earphones in and play this whilst continuing to do your breathing techniques.

5.Call Your Friend

Credit: Giphy

If you are alone and worried, call your friend for help. They can listen and reassure you until the situation passes.

Should you feel overwhelmed or are struggling it is imperative you seek help. The following telephone numbers for mental health helplines are hugely beneficial for many. They are available around the clock.

Mind: 0300 123 3393 Email:info@mind.org.uk

Sane: 0300 304 7000. Email: support@sane.org.uk


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Loved And Lost Vs. Never Loved: Which Way Is Better?

Loved and lost or never loved at all: Which way is better?

Having cried like a baby for the fourteenth time, I switch off the movie, ‘P.S. I Love You’. When the mascara-streaming, snot-pouring hideousness that this film bestowed upon me eventually subsides, I reach for the tissues and begin to analyse.

What is making me so sad, apart from the obvious heart-wrenching plot (of which seems to have become my latest, favourite type of self-sabotage)? I’m reminiscing over past all-encompassing love I once held dearly and then lost. People change, time marches on, life can be cruel.  But the scattered ashes of emotion in the grounds of my soul remain solid, as if untouched by time. Somehow unaffected, it is embalmed within this infinite universe. Nothing can ever change this, whilst I am forever changed.

loved and lost or never loved: which way is better?
Credit: Pixabay.com

Memories of other relationships begin to seep in. The ones that didn’t go so well. You know the ones I’m talking about. Words of love were present, but the jigsaw would forever be incomplete. The one who never really loved – not in the way a person should. Niggles and worries are planted before the first morning together. Eventually, those doubts grow into shadows that darken all else. Possibilities of anything other than weeds growing become as likely as meeting Chris Hemsworth in Tesco. It’s never personal (on so many levels). This is the person who never allows love.

So, I ponder over which way of living is better. It’s tempting to sway towards never encountering a loss that cuts deep and never heals (for obvious reasons). But then, what are we all here for, if not to experience love, to be open and let someone in? Would we miss out on the whole purpose of existence?

loved and lost or never loved: which is better?
Credit: Pixabay

Nothing lasts forever; thus, the odds of losing that relationship and love are as likely as getting a hole in your favourite socks. However, if you are lucky enough to find someone that can hold out their hand and cling to your heart, with an imprint that remains until the day you die, you have pretty much achieved life’s goal. Painful as it is to lose, just having that, knowing its truth should be the incredible take-away from it all. Life without such amazing beauty is simply no life whatsoever.

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Quirky Advent Calendars That Bring Something Else To The Table

Let me just get this out there first – for me, beauty advent calendars are #1 (see here), closely followed by Galaxy advents. Long gone are the days when advent calendars are only for the younger generation. Brands realise that grown-ups love an advent (maybe more than their children do). Since discovering this fresh new and exciting twist to celebrating the Christmas countdown, my eyes have definitely been opened. Take it from me, yours will be too. No spoilers, but you can rest assured that by day 23, blindness may be an issue.

1. Lovehoney’s Best Sex of Your Life Advent Calendar, $130 (Worth $365), www.lovehoney.com

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: Love Honey

Obviously having an advent calendar that brings you the best sex of your life depends on with whom you may be sharing your world. However, should you be in a happy, sincere and trusting relationship this calendar will be just the kitty for sprinkling some passion into each day. It even includes the toy that took the internet by storm – the clitoral suction vibrator (worth $80). This toy gives multiple orgasms (apparently). What better way to celebrate the Christmas countdown? Hmm, maybe I will exchange this year’s beauty advent after all.

2.The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar, £16.99, www.iwoot.com

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: IWOOT

Take the title any way that fits – I had immediate visuals. But I’m thinking everyone knows someone who will enjoy this innovative calendar of savoury treats (apart from vegetarians and vegans, so make sure you do your research people). Combining 6 unique and award-winning flavours such as Low & Slow BBQ, the calendar will get any man’s mouth to water (although if you’ve purchased the previous calendar this may not be an issue). Also hidden behind the doors are pigs in blankets. Who the HELL doesn’t love pigs in blankets?

3.My Protein Ball Co. Protein Balls Christmas Advent Calendar, £17, www.amazon.co.uk

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: Amazon

Now for those who prefer fitness and a more vegan lifestyle – behold the Protein Balls Advent Calendar. This is such a hit it’s quickly selling out everywhere – so be quick if you want one. It appears that many of us remain on the health kick, making the calendar a huge hit. Included are 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan treats to help you approach Christmas with optimal fitness. It is no surprise the healthy alternative is such a success! Just saying – I want to be there, but I’m not quite ready to give up the chocolate and wine…yet.

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Awesome Beauty Advent Calendars That Make 2020 So Much Better

2020 may have been hideous, but this year’s beauty advent calendars are guaranteed to make you feel that much better. This year warrants some serious pampering for everyone and these amazing beauty advent calendars will return a huge smile to the faces of all beauty-lovers! Let the countdown commence!

The advent calendars are pricey. However, they not only bring sheer joy, but also huge savings. You are getting whole lotta luxury products for your money. So, whether you are a beauty obsessive like me, or know a lot of people who would love gorgeous makeup/skincare products for Christmas, the calendars make an incredible purchase.

However, a word of warning – these heavenly boxes are in high demand and sell-out faster than loo roll in the midst of a crisis! if you really want one, pre-order while you can.

1. Cult Beauty Advent Calendar, £199 (Worth £930), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

Awesome beauty advent calendars that make 2020 so much better
Credit: Cult Beauty

This year, Cult Beauty has truly outdone itself. Inside this explosion of joy (otherwise known as their advent calendar) are spectacular products worth a whopping £930! Better yet, they donate £15 from each sale to the charity Beauty Banks. When you open the calendar, you will be wowed with 32 (yes, that’s more than the normal 25-piece sets) luxury best-selling brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Oskia and Dr Barbara Sturm. And when you have reached down and picked your jaw back up from the floor, you discover even more excitement: One lucky buyer will find a golden ticket worth £1000 for Cult Beauty products. Let it be me, let it be me, God. Please! Available to pre-order now.

2.ESPA No Place Like Home Advent Calendar, £145, www.espaskincare.com

Awesome beauty advent calendars to make 2020 better
Credit: ESPA Skincare

Should you be smitten with the outstanding brand that is ESPA, this will feel like some kind of ethereal bliss. Included in this heavenly calendar are magical treats like their Optimal Skin Rejuvenating Night Booster, 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser and Positivity bath and Body Oil. The limited-edition collection will ensure your mind, body and senses are looking and feeling incredible for the foreseeable! Love this!

3.Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, £85 (Worth £460), www.lookfantastic.com

Incredible beauty advent calendars make 2020 better
Credit: Look Fantastic

Available to pre-order now, this awesome luxury calendar is set to launch on the 12th of October. The genius creators of this calendar have thought of everything and then included the lot! A superior mix of iconic body care, skincare, haircare and cosmetics, the box of wonders will be more sought-after than Narnia’s Turkish Delight! Hidden behind the doors are treasured treats from brands such as Elemis, Rodial and Tan-Luxe! If you can bring yourself to give any away, they would make incredible Christmas gifts. Will I be giving any away? No, they’re mine I tell you, all mine. Now where’s a good place to hide those safe keys?

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The Best Cruelty-Free Foundations That Can Withstand The Face Mask

Seven months into the pandemic and I’ve had it with my face mask enjoying more coverage than my face! With this in mind, the game was on to find some outstanding cruelty-free foundations that can withstand regular removal of the pesky face mask. Here are the best:

1.Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, £20, www.glossier.com

The best cruelty-free foundations that can withstand a face mask
Credit: Glossier

Glossier has made quite a name for itself for being a brand that rocks. If you don’t want full-on foundation face, but still yearn for the coverage, this is a little gem for you. I love a dewy finish to counteract my dry skin, and this cruelty-free, vegan formula works like a dream. Providing a breathable and super-thin tint, it evens and smoothens the skin’s appearance like no other. Included is Diamond Powder, which achieves a soft-focus effect, blurring out imperfections with picture-perfect results. Expect a flawlessly radiant finish that doesn’t come off with your mask. Hooray! Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint is available in 12 shades too.

2.PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation and Concealer, £25.60, 30ml (Was £32), www.lookfantastic.com

the best cruelty-free foundations that can withstand a face mask
Credit: Pur Cosmetics

Another A-MAZING cruelty-free and vegan product I am totally smitten with is the PUR 4-in-1 foundation and concealer duo. Featuring the anti-aging powers of Ceratin Complex along with an ‘Energy Complex’ that are bursting with antioxidants, you can consider this to be an outrageously good skincare product. Your skin will also benefit from the combined unique blend of ginseng, green tea and vitamin B. These ingredients work together as an awesome team, delivering remarkable revitalising and rejuvenating nourishment.

This product offers really good coverage that ensures your complexion looks instantly flawless – and it stays put too! The bottled perfection is available in – GET THIS – 100 vegan-friendly shades, so you will be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t match your skin tone. Love, love, LOVE!

3.INIKA Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation, £33, www.naturismo.com

the best cruelty-free foundations that can withstand a face mask
Credit: Naturismo

This cruelty-free and vegan foundation has to be my favourite (although it’s very close indeed). Although it is only available in 6 shades, it combines so many ingredients that greatly improves my skin. Included are components such as argan and rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, and magnitude of antioxidants and minerals to guarantee nothing less than incredible results.

My dry/dull complexion quickly looks like I’ve had an hour with a skincare specialist and makeup artist. Seriously. The foundation does not smear off with my mask (which is such a relief). Once applied, I do not have to think about checking my makeup for hours, whilst my skin feels nourished and radiant. YESS!

Have you tried any of these foundations and what are your thoughts?

Have a happy Friday and stay safe. xx

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Unveil Your Beautiful Complexion With Time Bomb’s Peel And Reveal

Hey, Lovelies!

Tired of seeing fine lines, pigmentation, pores and unevenness devour your beautiful complexion? Don’t sweat it guys. Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal just may be the solution for all of your skincare woes. I had the privilege of trying Time Bomb’s awesome peel a few years ago. No exaggeration – the results were amazing. My skin felt firmer and looked healthier and more radiant than it had in a long time.

Since then, I have tried hundreds of different products. Then, the other day I was reintroduced to this amazing kit and recalled the exceptional benefits it actually delivers. There’s no fuss, no mess – simply incredible proven ingredients that really do the trick. Should you want to fast track your complexion to one of ultimate health and radiance, why not give this set a go? You will not be disappointed. Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal is priced at £49.50 and is available at www.amazon.co.uk

What Does Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal Do for You?

Unveil your beautiful complexion with time bomb peel and reveal
Credit: Time Bomb

You Can Expect from Time Bomb:

Your skin to appear firmer and tighter

Pore size looks reduced

Hyperpigmentation is reduced and greatly thwarted from the future onslaught

Even skin tone and smoother complexion

Fine lines appear reduced

Newfound luminosity

How Exactly Does Time Bomb Rejuvenate the Skin?

unveil beautiful skin time bomb peel
L A Beauty

This innovative at-home system provides chemical peel and mechanical dermabrasion. This is optimal skin resurfacing without the hassle.

Featuring a Blend of:

Glycolic Acid:

This outstanding form of AHA is sourced from sugar cane and for exfoliation purposes, it works like a dream. Due to its molecular structure, it can reach deeper into the layers of skin, gently, yet effectively ridding us of dead skin cells. Next, it turns its attention to your collagen production. Think of it as an unrelenting supervisor, determined to reach optimum production efficiency; exceeding targets is glycolic’s ultimate goal.

Lactic Acid:

Another type of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is lactic acid. This exfoliator is milder than its glycolic counterpart, but works on most skin types and comes with the benefits of moisturising properties. Derived from milk and fruit sugars, the component aids in refining and smoothing the skin.

Citric Acid:

Citric acid is an AHA that has been used since the time of Cleopatra. It is SO good, it hasn’t lost any of its credibility today. Sourced from grapes and such-like, this ingredient is included to ensure delivery of potent antioxidant powers into the skin. Well-known for its incredible anti-aging properties, the natural component offers unwavering value. Rejuvenation made easy! Picture skin repair, protection and the ultimate warrior in the fight against age!

Malic Acid:

Derived from apples, this gentle exfoliant also brings some pretty good perks to the table. Should you suffer from dry skin this will be the AHA to go for. Super hydrating, as well as providing impressive anti-aging and protective qualities.

How to Use Time Bomb’s Peel and Reveal

1.Peel AHA Serum

In its mission to dissolve the bonds locking that pesky top layer of dead/dry skin cells, this chemical exfoliation leaves no stone unturned. The spectacular serum combines all the necessary AHAs that work in unison to remove unwanted skin cells which are blocking your beautiful complexion’s luminosity. Simply apply to a clean face at bedtime, then go to sleep in the knowledge you will awaken to a complexion transformation!

2. Reveal Dermabrasion Cream

unveil gorgeous skin with time bomb peel
Credit: Time Bomb

What awaits you in the morning is exceptional benefits provided from the professional-grade microdermabrasion polish. Included are alumina oxide fine-edged micro crystals that quickly exfoliate away any remaining dead skin cells. Loosened throughout the night, any debris is swiftly dealt with, unveiling your radiant and youthful complexion.

Who Can Use This and How Often Should it Be Applied?

The once-weekly kit is suitable for all skin types. However, as with all peels, my advice is to go slowly. Try a little, and as long as you have no problems, you are good to go! Yay.

Have you tried this awesome kit and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a fab Thursday. Stay safe. xx



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5 Tips For Reigniting Your Relationship

Hey, Lovelies!

What is it about time that causes everything valued to head south? Alas, relationships don’t seem to escape this gravitational pull. Stacking up the mileage can drain the colours until all you are looking at is a variety of grey. Don’t get me wrong; a long-term, committed and solid relationship can be the most incredible thing – but keeping it from turning stale takes consistent work. Finding someone you completely trust and not screwing it up is hard enough. So, should you have that, it is definitely worth investing in keeping it lit. Ensure you know these 5 crucial tips for relighting the fire.

1.Pay Attention

    Credit: Giphy

One of the most overlooked things that fall by the wayside is to pay attention to your SO. Work-life monotony dictates the majority of conversational content to be more or less the same, which in turn, causes us to switch off. Add voicing some mutual petty grievances over the housework or bills to the mix and you very quickly have a dish no one wants to stomach. Okay, enough of the metaphors – avoid this rookie mistake by giving your OH undivided attention. Put your phone down, make them a cuppa and ask them about their day – then actually listen, like you are interested (even if you aren’t). Doing this will reform a connection, show interest and go a long way to start the sparks once more.

2. Dance & Drink

Credit: Giphy

Following the dredge of a long day’s work, the last thing we might feel like doing is glamming up and going out on the town. It’s far too easy to slip into the comfort of routine, especially if you have a busy week. That said, having a night out together, where you can have a drink and unwind offers a fast-track escape from the mundane and will put your relationship back in the red-hot zone. Dancing means you don’t need to worry about a conversation, you have to be close to each other, and it’s likely to be fun!

3. Lose the Serious

Credit: Giphy

2020 apocalypse-style features aside, when did life get so serious? Learn that worry and stress will not alter situations. All it will do is add angst to your personal life. Try to see the funny side of things and don’t get so worked up over the petty. Take some time for meditation or just some headspace to get life back into perspective. I’m not saying this is a magic cure, but it certainly helps.

4. Prioritise

Realise life is not, in fact, limitless and that stressing about whose turn it is to wash up doesn’t warrant an argument. Everything has its place, and do you really want a breakup or stress-induced stroke over last night’s dinner? Be more peaceful and let some things go.

5.Turn Off the News and Play Some Music

Credit: Giphy

Being inundated with doom and gloom provides no benefits. The news tends to wrap your world in a dark blanket of negativity. It is like bringing a fire extinguisher to happy relationships. It definitely isn’t conducive to the mood of lurrrve. Instead, turn off the TV and play some mutually loved music to bring on the flames of passion.

Okay, I could go on about the blatant things like buying some sexy underwear, stretch the boundaries a little in the bedroom and try some new moves, or toys, to spice up the sex. However, if the aforementioned tips are not being met, the sexy underwear is likely to stay in the drawer and you will be asleep before your gran!

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The Best K-Beauty Buys Are Currently A Steal

Hey, Lovelies!

Anyone who has dipped their toes in the tantalising lagoon of K-beauty will know it offers a treasure chest of veritable skincare wealth. From sheet masks to snail serum, when it comes to innovative beauty, the Koreans are ahead of the game. Most of my favourite reviews are of K-beauty items – seriously they never fail to surprise and delight me! Read on to discover my current favourite K-beauty products that are massively discounted right now!

1.Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ £10.53, 60ml (Usually £26.32), www.yesstyle.com

Should you have sensitive skin, this water-based sunscreen is a must-have. The vegan-friendly formula contains Centella Asiatica, renowned for its incredible wound healing properties. The ingredient provides exceptional anti-inflammatory and skin-strengthening benefits.

Also combining diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl and Ethylhexyl triazone means that UVA rays are thwarted and UVA/UVB rays are further absorbed. Premature aging and environmentally caused skin issues can do one!

2. NEOGEN Surmedic Azulene Soothing Peptide Ampoule, £13.09 (Was £32.72) 80ml, www.yesstyle.com

the best k-beauty buys currently on offer
Credit: Yes Style

If you are looking for A-MAZING anti-aging skincare, look no further than this product. When applying ingredients, it’s a good idea to not use too many different components. This formula includes Centella Asiatica, making it a great ampoule to use with the above sunscreen.

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, there are some star ingredients that are proven to work – and yes, this takes its place on centre stage for having many of those wonderous properties. Blue capsules combining a rich supply of azulene and 10 kinds of peptides ensure your complexion is getting the love it needs. Furthermore, highly beneficial ceramides offer incredible moisturising and rejuvenating qualities. I’m in heaven!

3.Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, £3.49 (Was £8.72), www.yesstyle.com

The best k-beauty buys urrently on sale
Credit: Yes Style

As we transition into the next season and reach for the central heating dial, we also need to consider our changing skin needs. Harsh winds followed by indoor heating can play havoc, resulting in cracked, dry and totally unkissable lips. Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is the go-to treatment to keep your pout in perfect condition. Bursting with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients, you will feel nourished and pampered for the rest of the year. Grab it while it’s on offer!

4.Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Gold Eye Patch, £12.72 (60pcs), www.yesstyle.com

the best k-beauty buys currently on offer
Credit: Yes Style

I couldn’t talk about K-beauty without mentioning snail mucin! Combining this freakishly weird (yet bizarrely fascinating) ingredient to optimise regeneration, these 24k gold eye patches are worth the hype. Mizon has thought of and diverted away from every potential skincare disaster. The pads are formulated with bamboo, grapefruit and mushroom extracts to provide exceptional, brightening, moisturising and strengthening abilities. They have also enriched the pads with peptides for good measure! At £12.72, the pads are a steal. A great Christmas present to gift your beauty fanatic friend (better buy 2).


Happy Skincare days!

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4 New Autumn Beauty Launches To Fall For

Hey, Lovelies,

Autumn may be bringing with it a grisly second helping of Covid-19 (which I’m sure wasn’t requested for September’s upcoming events). Fortunately, fall also scheduled some incredible beauty launches. Whilst it’s no vaccine, it does go some way in restoring that infinitely needed world balance. Read on to discover some awesome new beauty items, to ensure you keep feeling the love!

1.Wonderskin Wonder Blading Brow Masque and Applicator, $35.50 ($79.50 When Sold Separately), www.wonderskin.com

4 new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Wonderskin

If the blend of lockdown boredom and frustration ever had you teetering on the cliff edge of risqué, contemplating that at-home microblading kit you saw on Amazon, this kit may be worth your time. Effective, simple and quick to use, the Wonderskin package is foolproof (as long as you don’t attempt it after a few glasses of vino). The temporary tattoo lasts for up to 48 hours, providing incredible results that will have you feeling like a pro. Better yet, you don’t need to wait for weeks for that microblading appointment. You will also save enough cash to buy this year’s Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar. Pandemic – what pandemic?

Wonderskin is including their new Brow Pomade, Dual Brow Brush and Swiper Towel, too. The vegan-friendly, budge-proof, transfer-proof eyebrow saviour kit is available in 3 shades.

2.Nars Climax Extreme Mascara, £10 (Mini), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

4 new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Cult Beauty

The name of this product alone will have you wanting to log on and buy – I mean, who wouldn’t want extreme climax? Jokes aside, Nars is one of the brands who sit firmly on the ‘genius products’ shelf, making this mascara a top priority for all beauty fans, editors and makeup artists, alike. The Nars mascara launched on August 30th.

3.Milk Hydro Grip Setting & Refresh Spray, $36, www.milkmakeup.com

4 amazing new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Milk

The creators over at Milk get it so right, every time. Their awesome hemp-infused primer answered so many makeup-related prayers; it was a global sensation from the outset. Now, they’ve hit the internet’s golden buzzer again – this time with a setting spray of vegan dreams.

With anti-aging and skin supportive ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, and of course cannabis seed extract, it deserves its own star on the Walk of Fame. By omitting alcohol from the formula, the setting spray cleverly side-steps any of that dreaded amplified dryness. The outcome is a genuinely non-cakey, flawless luminosity that stays perfect for hours. Have we found the Holy One? I think we just might have!

4.Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain, £17, www.revolve.com

incredible september beauty products
Credit: Revolve

With the obligatory face mask law in place, it may be tempting to skip the lippy altogether. This is where the genius lip stain demonstrates its true purpose for creation. Once applied, Anastasia’s lip stain is on your pout to stay. Fulfilling its destiny to be totally unperturbed by threats of sabotage from face coverings. This beautiful new lip stain certainly has some staying power. Rest assured your lips will remain irresistible for many, many hours. N.B: It is available in 6 gorgeous shades and includes sodium hyaluronate.

Have you tried any of these awesome new products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message and happy Friday people. xx

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6 Signs Of Controlling Behaviour That Slip Under The Radar

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Most people know the main signs of controlling behaviour such as aggression and isolating their partner. These often are the first and most obvious behaviours that are noticed. However, a true manipulator is in it for the long haul. This means that other equally destructive red flags can be operated in the background and over time, without obvious detection. Belittlement, mind games and questioning often are passed off as the consequence of a row – but the impact of consistently being on the receiving end is devastating. Read on to discover 6 signs of controlling behaviours that slip under the radar.

1. Control by Belittlement

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

“Why don’t’ you get your hair and nails done for once?”

“You’ve been a disaster your whole life.”

“Why don’t you stop trying to do a job that’s impossible to achieve and get a normal job like everyone else?”

“You’re so soft on him, you are bringing him up to be a right…”

“Why are you eating that? Don’t buy it again.”

An occasional remark out of frustration is understandable, but constant little digs will eventually create a black hole in your soul. Keep an eye on this. Know that it is not your fault. He would be saying the same thing to any girlfriend. It is not personal, just his issues. However, do not accept this under any circumstances or it will change you.

2. Constant Questions Slip Under the Radar

Credit: Giphy

Let’s get this straight: if you say you are nipping to the shop and come home 6 hours later (unless you live in the Outer Hebrides) you should expect a question or two. However, if it’s more like this:

“It doesn’t take that long to get chips; you’ve been gone 9 minutes. Where else have you been?”

It means (quite clearly) you have a problem.

If it feels like you live with an officer and are constantly interrogated, this is a sign of controlling behaviour. Unless you have recently cheated and your partner is struggling to deal, constant questions are totally wrong.

3.Controlling Finances

6 signs of controlling behaviour that slip under the radar
credit: Wikipedia.org

This red flag is textbook controlling behaviour. He has bagged a huge slice of control if you have no money and need to ask. Under NO circumstances should you allow this. Get a savings account or give your family a pot, and put in a few pounds each week – until you are ready to get the hell out of there!

4. You’re Crazy

Credit: Giphy

Incessantly being told you are crazy, insane, totally paranoid will gradually wear you down. You will begin to think it, and your thoughts are what create our reality. Be careful here. Please do not believe a word of it and know how wonderful you are. This is simply their way of manipulating you or hiding their own misdeeds. Try spending 5 minutes each day thinking of some things that make you a lovely person and know this to be your truth.

5. It’s the Little Things

Aggression and control come in many forms. On their own comments about your cleaning, cooking, driving or ironing may not seem too out of hand. But if you are hearing nothing but complaints all the time, you are bound to feel worthless. Again, you must remember it is not actually about you. This is a huge insecurity issue your OH has all by himself. You do not need this in your life.

6.Defamatory Lies About You and To You

Credit: Giphy

Okay, this is a bad one whereby seed is planted in other peoples’ minds about you. Before you know wat’s happening (and with the help of social media) you are branded whatever they have chosen for you. Be it an abuser, alcoholic, crazy person – whatever. The worse thing is, by this point all the other controlling behaviours will have you acting totally out-of-character. This makes the lies more believable for those who don’t know you. It is often very difficult to get evidence or to source this, due to the time it takes to realise. Be on your guard, because if the other signs are there, this one may be lurking in the shadows too!

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A Beauty Editor’s Evening Skincare Routine (For Tackling Dryness)

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As a beauty editor, I have the honour of trying and testing pretty much every beauty product that flashes a green light within my product-obsessed radar. As such, I get to know what’s worth the bucks…and the beauty items to avoid. As autumn approaches, my complexion is looking slightly dry and dull. It’s time to switch up my evening skincare routine – and these are the items that deliver fast and effective results.

1. Cleansing Skincare: Dr Felix Bertram’s Viliv, Clean Off the Day, £33 (200ml), www.cosmania.ni

dr felix clean off day cleanser, beauty editor evening skincare routine for dryness
L A Beauty

On the first day the Lord said, “Let there be light,” and then the leading Swiss skincare expert, Dr Felix Bertram created this incredible cleanser. No seriously, it is that good. The vegan formula works well on every skin type, thoroughly yet gently cleansing away all impurities and ensuring the skin (and the world) is restored to one of harmonious balance. September has brought me the delights of a dry and dull complexion(yay). Fortunately, I was able to reach in my beauty arsenal and grab this little gem.

Combining the exact natural ingredients to guarantee a healthy and nourished luminosity, the cleanser achieves a calm and balanced complexion everyone would love.

2. Serum For Skincare: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid +B5, £5.90, www.lookfantastic.com

the ordinary hyaluronic acid a beauty editors evening skincare routine
Credit: Amazon

Tackling dryness, dullness or premature aging is quite simple – the key component needed is moisture. Thus, your skincare routine needs to include this proven ingredient, whilst consuming more water and less coffee! Apply a good hyaluronic acid serum in the evening before adding your overnight mask or rich moisturiser. Give it a week and then enjoy some much-appreciated compliments.

3. Tackle Dryness With DHC Astaxanthin All-in-One Gel, £51.92 (120ml), www.yesstyle.com

a beauty editors evening skincare routine for dryness
Credit: Yes Style

If you haven’t yet heard of this wonder ingredient, listen up – because your skin will seriously love you for it! Studies have shown astaxanthin to greatly improve skin elasticity, whilst thwarting the dreaded signs of aging with impressive power. Sourced from green algae, it is 6000 times more potent than vitamin C, providing the ultimate in anti-aging and protective abilities. When combined with DHC’s included hyaluronic acid, the results are literally phenomenal. Expect any dryness, dehydration, dullness or general signs of aging to be replaced with a veil of ultra-hydrated radiance.

Have you tried any of these awesome products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. As always, stay safe guys xx

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5 Signs You May Be Perimenopausal

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As women, there is one thing we all face (apart from hair removal), and it goes by the name of the menopause. Perimenopause refers to when a woman’s ovary production decreases and she is nearing menopause (I say near, although this can last for years). Usually, perimenopausal symptoms begin around the age of 45 (you know it’s a big deal with there is a term given to the lead up to the medical eventuality). That said, it can occur earlier or later in life.

After reading about a girl who has gone through the menopause, aged just 15-years-old, we thought we would shine a light on this hideous time in every woman’s life. The process can cause a plethora of unwanted mental and physical problems, which may last for years. On the plus side – at least periods will be a thing of the past. In short, being forewarned can only be a good thing, and may answer a whole host of questions such as, ‘Am I losing my marbles?” Read on to discover 5 signs you may be premenopausal:

1.The First Perimenopausal Sign: Irregular Periods

Credit: Giphy

This generally is the first thing women notice – and definitely makes each week more interesting.

2.Dry or Thinner Skin and Hair Loss

Credit: Giphy/Always Sunny In

If you have noticed that your skin is so dry, you have contemplated using an emollient and it is looking thinner in areas, take note. Another red flag is hair loss or thinning. I know what you’re thinking – women are so lucky! Don’t despair – reach for a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, a bottle of Olaplex for your hair and a large glass of wine for your head.

3. Extreme Sweating

Credit: Giphy/Sex and the City

According to the majority of people, this is one of the worst signs to contend with. Doable if you are traipsing through the bleak winter snow, but not so great if you are sat at your office desk with no escape. If you haven’t got another underlying condition such as a serious infection, these intense bursts of heat or sweating will be a dead giveaway

4.Lack of Concentration

Credit: Giphy

You don’t know why but you just don’t feel like yourself. You can’t concentrate, tasks take longer, and focus feels like something only spoken of in books. Yup, could well have perimenopausal symptoms. Be kind to yourself and try to set some time each day for meditation. Mindfulness will help you to regain clarity and restore some peace to your world.

5. Mood Swings

Credit: Giphy

Perimenopause affects everyone differently. Some people breeze through it whilst others feel like they are on a never-ending rollercoaster in the depths of hell. Are your emotions all over the place without any reason? Do you find yourself freaking out in fits of anger or sobbing? You could be nearing the menopause (oh joy).

As previously mentioned, make a point of giving yourself some TLC. Get some space, light candles, go for a walk on the beach or meditate. When you feel yourself slipping into negative thinking, quickly replace those thoughts with positive ones. Keep doing this and your transition will be faster and far less exhausting. Remember our thoughts manifest into reality, so stay positive.

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How To Prepare Your Dog For Life After The Lockdown

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Adapting to ‘lockdown life’ has taken its toll on people and their pets. No one was prepared for the pandemic. An existence of normality and routine were banished. As a consequence, some dog owners have noticed their pooch acting clingy and being overly territorial. Now change is coming again. Fortunately, there are some plans we can devise that will reduce any anxiety or stress a pet may be experiencing. Read on to discover how to prepare your dog and ease the transition from living in the lockdown into a new, yet happy normality.

1.Create ‘No Dog’ Rooms

Credit: Giphy

In preparation for the end of isolation, your dog must adapt to not having you there 24-7. Just ignoring the problem and believing that the morning you go back to work and leave your pooch will be totally fine is a big mistake. For your pet, this would be like going cold turkey! Making gradual, small changes will help significantly.

Make the upstairs out of bounds so that your dog gets used to being on its own for certain periods. This will help prepare your pet so going back to work will not feel like such a shock.

2.Join a Dog Club

Should your pet be acting clingy or over-territorial perhaps you could consider signing him/her up to a dog club? Having that free time without you, where your dog does not have to think about protecting you, will do wonders for their self-esteem. Your pet will be able to relax and just be among other dogs. Think of it as some pet ‘me-time.’

3.The 5-Minute and Treat Trick Method

Credit: Giphy

This is a great way to prepare a super-clingy pet for easing out of the lockdown with minimal distress. Firstly, give your dog his toy, pet him/her and say, ‘good boy/girl,’ then leave the house. Wait outside for 5 minutes, then go back in and praise your pet, also offering a treat. The idea is to repeat the process, gradually increasing the time you are away until they are comfortable with the concept.

4. Visit a Dog Behaviourist

Just like us, some dogs may be feeling too anxious or distressed to cope with so much change. Should this be the case, it may be worth making an appointment with an animal behaviourist. Do your research and make sure you find one with good reviews, and your pooch will be back to his/her happy, waggy-tailed self in no time!

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This Is Why Oat Milk Should Be In Your Skincare Radar

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Oat milk offers such an array of skin-benefiting powers – so why, until recently, has this little gem of nature been overlooked? Read on to discover why oat milk should be in your skincare radar and the best products I’ve tried.

When it comes to helping out your skin, oat milk is proving to be quite a Godsend. Features (aka superpowers) include:

Anti-Aging Mission

Think of oat milk infused skincare as the ultimate anti-aging weapon, capable of taking down fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin faster and sleeker than The Avengers can sniff out a bad guy.

Super-Charged Anti-inflammatory Properties

 Inflammation and redness are quelled with undeniable ease. Furthermore, acne breakouts are squished before they get a chance to wreak havoc.

Warrior-Like Antioxidants

 Literally loaded with these skin nourishing, protecting and reparative bad boys. Pollution, lifestyle and UV rays are a piece of cake to deal with.

Humectant Abilities

Can retain crazy amounts of moisture.

Destroyer of Pigmentation

Oat milk greatly reduces pigmentation (and is way cheaper than some lux brands that offer the same results).

 Should you suffer from serious skin complaints that need more stringent attention and greater anti-inflammatory markers, colloidal oatmeal products may be a better option.

Although still new, the potential benefits of incorporating oat milk into your skincare seem too good to overlook. Here are some awesome oat milk products I have tried and loved:

1.Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturizer, $38 (48ml), www.milkmakeup.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Milk Makeup

The mix of beneficial ingredients in this product is blatantly clear. Literally, it can’t help but be awesome. Included is a blend of oat milk and fig milk. These work unequivocally well with the aloe, baobab, jojoba and melon, making it a powerhouse for tackling dryness and plumping mature skin types.

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner, £19 (180ml), www.feelunique.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Feel Unique

First Aid Beauty products came into my radar some time ago and each product I have tried has given incredible results (their oatmeal mask is amazing). Toner often gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. If you want to keep your beautiful skin balanced and even, a toner is kinda vital. Damaged, mature or sensitive skin types will benefit greatly from this super-hydrating and regenerating product.

3.Pai Instant Calm Redness Serum Sea Aster & Wild Oat, £46 (30ml), www.paiskincare.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Pai

Oh, will there be no end to the problems caused by pesky age? With this serum, it’s not such an issue. Aging leads to skin thinning, which in turn increases inflammation and redness. Not much fun. However, this serum works like a magic wand, quickly dealing with the concern. Fellow rosacea sufferers should definitely give this one a go.

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The Best Vegan Primers I’m Loving This Summer

Hey, Lovelies

#Vegan #primers #skincare #makeup #summer #hydration #inspo

Leaping from the background shadows into mainstream limelight is vegan makeup. I’m talking incredible vegan primers that will transform your makeup routine (and summer). When it comes to transparency within the beauty industry, the world is (thankfully) changing. Clean living is now of paramount importance and we are empowered to question whether products are ethically sourced, ensure they are cruelty-free and contain no nasties. The beauty industry has listened and jumped onboard. Now we can have amazing beauty and skincare items – and a clear conscience. Check out some of the incredible vegan beauty primers I am loving:

1.For Dry/Mature Vegan Beauty Fans: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, £41.52 (100ml), www.amazon.co.uk

best vegan primers i'm loving
Credit: Amazon

The scorching weather may be a Godsend (especially as most of us haven’t stepped on a plane for months), but it does mean that we really need a good primer to keep our makeup on our faces! If you have dry or mature skin, you are really going to need this iconic product.

It contains all those super-special ingredients your skin is crying out for right now. Including aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and some B vitamins thrown in for good measure, your complexion is going to be lavished in nourishing hydration. You could be forgiven for thinking this alone makes an awesome skincare treatment, but the best bit is next: Apply and within moments you can add your makeup safe in the knowledge it’s going nowhere until you remember to remove it at bedtime!

2.For The UltimateVegan Glow: Iconic London Prep Set Glow, £22 (120ml), www.lookfantastic.com

favourite vegan primers 2020
Credit: Iconic London

Iconic London is one of my ultimate ‘love it more than ever’ brands. Since trying their contour palette (cream version) when it first came out, I have quite literally never looked back. They make a mean contour palette that can’t be beaten. As far as I’m concerned, this brand can do no wrong. Behold, their dreamy 100% vegan Prep Set Glow. Expect a mist that offers superior refreshment, whilst simultaneously nourishing and revitalising the skin. Furthermore, it’s ingenious light-reflecting particles ensure your makeup is set with exceptional luminosity. Available in original, gold and glow shades.

3. Primer For Enlarged Pores Try Farsali Skintune Blur, $54(30ml), www.farsali.com

best vegan primer products
Credit: Farsali

This awesome vegan primer is quickly becoming an internet superstar. The part-primer, the part-serum product will leave you feeling somewhat dumbfounded as to its main use. Incredible for brightening, hydrating and providing a perfectly even skin tone, it also gets to work blurring out all imperfections like the best eraser, ever! Should you have enlarged pores or stubborn blemishes that won’t seem to budge, this is a must-have for you. Seriously good!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay safe. xx

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Now That’s Anti-Aging! The Best Oils That Deliver Amazing Results

Hey, Lovelies!

Sifting through the seemingly endless anti-aging facial oils on offer to find ‘the one’ can be a tad tiresome. Instead of having one that actually delivers incredible results, people often (and understandably) give up and settle for satisfactory.skin. However, like anything in life worth having, the key is perseverance. Don’t accept mediocrity – make sure you are using skincare that makes a difference. Layering with serums really provides transformative results. Check out the following natural facial oils that deliver wow-factor results.

A few points to firstly consider:

Facial oils can really up the anti-aging game, particularly when layered with rejuvenating serums. As they have a larger molecular structure, apply them after your serum. Like serums, anti-aging oils should contain certain ingredients. Look for:

Amino acids



Hyaluronic acid


Vitamins C & E

Facial oils that contain even a few of these will hold the key to skin stardom!

The following rejuvenating oils have passed the test with flying colours and work well with moisturisers and serums.

1. Beuti Sleep Elixir, £47(30ml), www.beutiskincare.com

the best anti-aging serums that deliver outstanding results that actually deliver outs
Credit: Beuti Skincare

This is my #1 facial oil that I can’t be without, like – ever! The vegan-friendly formula includes 14 plant-based oils that, (I have to wonder) may just have magical powers! The Duchess of Cambridge is a huge fan – as are beauty editors and experts from far and wide. Basically, if you try this, it will become your hero product. Aging skin needs added moisture. Furthermore, most could do with some anti-inflammatory action. Combined is a Caribbean coral extract which provides outstanding anti-inflammatory powers and even combats the pesky enzyme behind skin cell aging. Apply this potion in the am and pm, then sit back and wait for the compliments. You’re so welcome.

2.Inner Senses 7 Wonders Skin Panacea Face & Body Oil, 34, www.innersenses.co.uk

now that's anti-aging - the best serums that actually deliver
Credit: Inner Senses

Think therapy in a bottle and you won’t go far wrong. This natural product combines 7 skin-nourishing and rejuvenating oils (including Q10) that deliver precisely that. Should your skin be damaged, dry, rough, or just in need of some extra love, the multi-use facial oil is a must-have. I love using this after getting out of the bath as it soaks straight in and works like a dream. Prepare for the look and feel of gorgeousness!

3.Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night, £32.32 (10ml), www.amazon.co.uk

now thats anti-aging: the best serums that deliver utstanding results
Credit: Amazon

Natural is the name of the game and this is where Liz Earle always steps up to the mark. She offers amazing vegan-friendly formulas that bring about skin transformation worth your attention. Containing 100% natural and unequivocally nourishing ingredients such as argan and rosehip oil, the Superskin Concentrate repairs, rejuvenates and soothes with ease. This oil combines specifically chosen components that work in unison to create a youthful radiance like no other. Furthermore, you can expect the aroma of lavender and neroli to simultaneously soothe your mind, helping you drift off into a blissful sleep.

4.Omorovicza Facial Oil, £85 (30ml), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

anti-aging rejuvenating serums best
Credit: Cult Beauty

Think of this as an actual bottle of healing oil. Seriously – it’s THAT good. Combining natural and super-powerful minerals found in the healing waters of Omorovicza within a patented HEALING CONCENTRATE, this product is in a league of its own.

Alongside outstanding oils that are brimming with antioxidants and nutrient-rich properties, this formula also contains Bakuchiol. Sourced from the bakuchi seed, this ingredient is revered as the natural alternative to retinol. The results have shown to be remarkable in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. If you can’t get along with retinol, this facial oil should be at the top of your list.

All of these facial oils are outstanding, and I love them all. Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. xx

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How To Help A Loved One Who Is Being Emotionally Abused

Hey, Lovelies!

The pain of seeing a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship and feeling unable to help is incredibly hurtful. You love your daughter/friend/mum/sister. You can see what is happening and the ending, like you are watching the worst movie ever, but you can’t just get up and walk away. Meanwhiles, it’s as if they are blind.

They have an invisible bubble surrounding them and each time you try to help, you are pushed away and regarded as the enemy. Your loved one believes you are there just to burst this precious bubble. All you see is a toxic mess – certainly not something that should be treasured. Something that should be buried, but not because it is special. Because no one should ever have to experience it again.

The problem, as many of you will know only too well, you will not get through. Each attempt results in their turning on you. The manipulator has weaved a perfect web, played the long game and taken over her world. Constantly niggling, chipping away and planting seeds of doubt. Debasing you and them via little whispers every day.

Credit: Giphy.com

It’s a clever (but somewhat sickening) trick – give them a taste of bliss – of what pure love is and plant it. Water it a little and then rip it out the ground. The threat of them leaving leaves your loved one desperate and willing to accept anything they say. Even at the cost of the people who actually love them dearly. Self-esteem keeps dwindling as they question everyone and themselves, feeling so alone. So, what do you do if you are in this situation?

Credit: Giphy

I have been on both ends of the scale. I have suffered at the hands of a physically and psychologically abusive ‘partner’ for more years than I care to remember. One thing I can share is that this behaviour is enabled far longer than the point of realisation. Instead of escaping, time drags as the persecuted feel there is nowhere to turn, believing they deserve all they get. This turns into a self-perpetuating cycle (as so many things in life). Breaking that cycle is so hard, but it isn’t impossible. People hardly ever change. Patience, time and understanding are crucial factors in recovery.

This is an ongoing issue, so it is still a learning curve for me. I fear the worst and hope for the best. Having extensively researched ways to help, I put these practices in place. Sometimes they work a little, other times not so much. But what they do is press pause on anything deteriorating too much. If you don’t feed the anger, if you keep quiet and just listen when needed, there can be no ammunition when they are back in a brief cosy spell before the next episode. Here is my advice:

1. Don’t Speak Your Thoughts

Credit: Giphy

I know this sounds awful but hear me out. After countless times of seeing a loved one distraught and saying what I think, I concede this does not work. Also suggesting they leave or pointing out the obvious will end up biting you on the bum. Once peace between them is restored his ammunition gets an upgrade: “She wants us to split up because she is jealous.” This doesn’t end well. Only say what you think if asked, and even then, you must be as tactful as possible.

 2. Help by Listening

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Listening is undervalued, it really is. Just listening when they are upset will help. They know they can come to you, without judgement.

3. Be There for Your Loved One

Be there for them, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, let them know they can call you at any point and you will be there. Knowing this will give them a little support and confidence if the situation worsens.

4. Give Them Breathing Space

They will be feeling pressured, stressed and overburdened. The last thing you want to do is give a lecture. Give them space to breathe and reflect.

5. Keep Watch Over the Relationship

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Although becoming too involved will just add to the problem, this does not mean you should ignore things. Keep a slightly distant eye on what is going on and ensure there is always communication between you both. That way you are prepared to step in and act/assist as soon as you get the green light (or if you believe the relationship has reached a level that warrants outside intervention).

I will keep adding to this as events progress. When I discover anything that works or similarly anything that doesn’t, I will post. In the meantime, if anyone is going through this or knows someone who is, be strong. Be kind to yourself. Any thoughts, please leave a comment in the messages below. Stay safe. xx

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The Best Bronzers For Dehydrated, Dry, Or Mature Skin

Hey, Lovelies!

There’s nothing quite like a quick sweep of that perfect bronzer to make your inner summer goddess shine. That said, if your skin suffers from dryness or happens to be mature, you need to choose wisely. Apply the wrong one and your complexion will be saying less goddess and more ‘my skin issues are now available in widescreen.’

For those with dehydrated, dry or maturing skin, the advice is to steer clear of powders. Instead, you need to find a cream bronzer – and luckily, below is a list of the absolute best of the bunch. They instantly transform ‘meh’ into mesmerising. Seriously, the creators of these bronzers ought to be knighted. Ah, the sweet, sweet magic of makeup!

1.Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream Cream-Gel Bronzer, Universal, £37.80, www.johnlewis.com

the best bronzers for deydrated, dry, or mature skin
Credit: Chanel

Looking for that flawlessly natural sun-kissed glow? Nothing achieves it quite like Chanel (yup, I am a serious fan). Lightweight, luxurious and creating a gorgeous, glowing complexion; what more could you want? Better yet, the shade is ‘Universal’ meaning it suits everyone, no searching or stress required.

2.Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer, £36, www.chantecaille.co.uk

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry or mature skin
Credit: Chantecaille

This is such a great product. It gives you a natural luminosity whilst enriching your skin with much-needed moisture. The formula can be worn with or without foundation – enhancing your tan or providing a beautiful glow to fairer skin types, you can expect a radiant and smooth finish for a good 12 hours. Job done!

3.Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer, £28, www.spacenk.com

the best bronzing creams for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Space NK

I literally have the fairest skin in the world – which is a total pain in the ass and prevents me from ever tanning. However, since discovering Nars’ liquid bronzer, life is definitely better. The liquid bronzer has quite a cult following. It effortlessly blends into the skin, achieving an incredible golden and healthy complexion. Furthermore, the formula is loaded with antioxidants and hydrating properties that kick any dryness straight into touch. This is another great product that can be worn with or without your foundation. Perfect for days like these!

4.Essence Bronzer Brush, £3.50, www.feelunique.com

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Feel Unique

There are some fabulous (and pricey) bronzing brushes out there. However, you do not need to spend bags of wages on a good brush. This one from Essence enables Insta-worthy results that stand up to any by Benefit or Glossier. The money you save can go towards next year’s holiday.

All 3 of these cream bronzers are out-of-this-world awesome. However, I would have to say my favourite is the Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. It perfectly suits my skin tone and sweeps away any inkling of dryness in seconds!

Have you tried any of these and which one do you love the most? Leave me a message and as always, have a stellar Sunday. Stay safe.  Xx

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Retinol Product

Hey, Lovelies!

We all know that retinol is one of those vital ingredients to combat the signs of aging. So, you’ve done your research and now have the right retinol product and strength for your needs. However, this is not where the need-to-know stuff ends. The vitamin A derivative is a complex thing to master – but, knowledge is definitely power where this skincare ingredient is concerned. Understand it fully and retinol will become your new BFF. There are some key points to consider in order to get the best results (and avoid a skincare crisis). Read on to discover the ins and outs of retinol use and ensure you get the most out of your product.

1. How Often Should You Use Retinol?

Credit: Giphy

The answer to this question varies according to your individual skincare needs, and of course how long you have been using this little hero ingredient. Using retinol too regularly can have adverse effects on the skin.


Credit: Giphy

You should start thinking about using retinol in your thirties. The older you are, the thinner and less tolerant your skin will be. If you are used to your retinol product, it is okay to apply it a few times a week. Mature skin types should be using the ingredient no more than twice a week.

Retinol Newbies

Should you be new to this product; it is important to tread lightly. You will begin with low strength, testing the water, and only once per week. If you have no reactions, then gradually increase to twice per week, and so on.

Skincare Needs / Retinol Strength

 how to get the most out of your retinol products
Credit: L A Beauty

If you have developed signs of aging, the aim will be to gradually increase the strength. (SkinCeuticals 1%, £71.99, www.cosmedic-clinic.co.uk) is the highest non-prescription product that I consider safe to use). If that doesn’t measure up, visit your dermatologist who may be able to write a prescription. It is important you don’t buy higher-strength retinol products online as you can end up damaging your skin. For a higher dosage always consult a dermatologist to ensure you are using a good product and the right strength for you.

Miracle Facial Oil, £85 (30ml), www.omorovicza.com

How to get the most out of your retinol product
Credit: Omorovicza

Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

Those with these concerns should avoid retinol altogether. Try the natural alternative, bakuchiol. This ingredient is sourced from the bakuchi seed and works to enhance collagen production whilst simultaneously tackling fine lines and even deeper wrinkles. The results are impressive, and it is quickly gaining a cult following.

I love Omorovicza’s Miracle Facial Oil. Formulated with bakuchiol, oils of sea buckthorn berry. Rosehip and sweet almond, this product achieves maximum benefits. Furthermore, the oil (of which I will refer to as ‘raindrops from heaven’) also includes Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate. Basically, expect a seriously rejuvenated and smooth complexion.

2.Cleanse With AHAs

How to get the most out of your retinol products
Credit: Iherb.com

Studies have shown AHAs and retinol compliment each other and can dramatically enhance results. Try PCA Skin Facial Wash, £26.47 (70ml), www.uk.iherb.com I would opt for a lactic acid cleanser, as this is generally gentler on more mature skin types.

If your skin is slightly sensitive, it would be better to avoid this step. Instead, simply wash and dry your face before you apply your product.

3.Apply Moisturiser After Retinol

how to get best from retinol
Credit: Look Fantastic

Once you have applied your retinol product to your clean and DRY face, wait a few minutes and then add your moisturiser. I use CeraVe’s Facial Moisturising Lotion, £13 (52ml), www.lookfantastic.com

Opt for a moisturiser that doesn’t contain a plethora of ingredients. You need to be applying hyaluronic acid and perhaps ceramides/peptides, such as this all-singing formula. N.B: The product does not contain SPF.

 4.Apply SPF

spf for after retinol product
Credit: Amazon

Never forget this component! You shouldn’t anyway, but particularly so when you have used retinol, as your skin will need the extra protection. I love UltraSun’s Anti-Pollution Face Fluid SPF 50+, £20.20, www.amazon.co.uk.

Stay happy and safe. xx

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Best Me-Time Products To Keep Your World Totally Zen

Hey, Lovelies!

Check out the best me-time products to keep your world totally zen. Stress? What’s that?!

1.Meditation Aromatherapy Candle, £4.16, www.holisitcshop.co.uk

best me-time products to keep world totally zen
Credit: Holistic Shop

There’s nothing like a bit of aromatherapy for restoring some much-needed balance to your world. Whether you want to meditate or simply sit back and let the stresses of the week melt away, this candle offers some serious chill. Featuring essential oils that are proven to remove negativity and wrap you up in a blanket of nurturing calm, you are guaranteed to feel totally zen once more. Monday tomorrow – who cares?


Ylang ylang – Known for its calming and uplifting properties.

Bergamot – This ingredient offers anti-depressant capabilities and will restore balance to your life.

Clary Sage – Naturally cleansing all negativity, this component soothes and warms the soul.

Handmade and including 100% plant wax, this delicately scented candle will ensure your life is totally lit.

2.Muscle & Joint Massage and Body Oil, £8.98 (100ml), www.holisticshop.co.uk

best me-time products for totally zen world
Credit: Holistic Shop

Soothe away the tension of a long day with the help of this fabulous massage and body oil. The specifically formulated essential oils team up to quickly remove aches and tension, replacing them with ultimate relaxation. This rich spicy oil exudes an unmistakable scent of revitalisation and warmth. Included:

Ginger – Used for centuries for its many benefits such as relieving aching limbs and uplifting the mind.

Marjoram – This essential oil works to relax and then to revive the senses.

Black Pepper – Its Invigorating properties help the body and mind recover.

Rosemary – Another herb that has an array of healing properties. This oil promotes clarity, healing, love and protection.

The oil offers an empowering scent that you know will be beneficial before the massage even begins. If you’ve had a long day, ask your OH for a massage. N.B: Make sure you have done all your tasks for the day, because the only thing you will be doing after a massage with this oil, is sleep!

3.Silk Mask Mulberry Silk Gold, £20, www.dreamsilk.io

best me-time products for totally zen world
Credit: Dreamsilk

Since reviewing silk eye masks and pillowcases I understand the difference they make to a good night’s kip. Furthermore, they prevent (rather than encourage) the onset of facial lines. My one wish is that I had discovered them sooner! This one is made from 100% pure mulberry silk and has a silk filter. Even the elastic band is covered in silk!

3.Fat and The Moon Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95, www.liveinthelight.co.uk

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: Live in the Light

I cannot rate this product enough. Seriously, if you love a vivid dream, the Dream Weaver Mist is like bottled dream magic. It’s no surprise that the mist features Mugwort. used for centuries for its ‘magical’ and dream-evoking properties, it is also meant to banish evil spirits and any negativity.

Californian poppy is combined to thwart nightmares, whilst lavender and sage are combined to calm, cleanse and soothe the mind and spirit.

I LOVE this. Having reviewed the product 18 months ago, I have since purchased at least 5 bottles!

What are your best products to get the most out of your chill time? Let me know in the comments below and happy Monday people. Stay safe xx

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Favourite Beauty Products Of The Week

Hey, Lovelies!

#Favourite #Beauty Products #Makeup #Skincare

Here is my selection of favourite beauty products of the week. From new launches to long-lasting and timeless classics, the following products emit off-the-radar awesomeness!

1. Beauty Product For All: Bioderma ABC Derm Hydratant Moisturising Milk for Face & Body, £10.90 (200ml), www.cocooncenter.co.uk

Favourite beauty products of the week - bioderma hydratant
Credit: Cocoon Center

This product (although aimed for babies) offers outstanding hydrating and moisturising qualities for all the family. It is one of those essential items to go in your travel bag. It is ideal for those with extremely sensitive skin and perfect for calming, hydrating and nourishing dryness. Apply to all the family before your day on the beach and repeat. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free, this hydrating milk is the go-to product for summer. N.B: Do not apply to damaged/seeping areas. This should not be used in place of an SPF.

   2. Beauty Find For You: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, £19.50 (9 ml), www.lookfantastic.com

Best beauty items this week
Credit: L A Beauty

When it comes to providing a good concealer, MAC will always have you covered (a-hem, bad pun, I know). I have tried most of the concealers around, and this one is awesome. The only downside is there isn’t much for the price.

fave products week
Credit: L A Beauty

This concealer is available in 16 shades, making it almost impossible not to find one to match. Camouflaging all manner of pesky imperfections, the formula offers a gorgeous flawless and matte finish. It states that it stays in place for up to 15 hours. I have only kept the concealer on for 10 hours at most. However, I was surprised at how well it stayed put, without causing or enhancing any creases as is the case with many other camouflaging concealers. This is quite a feat, given that during this time I’ve had to apply and remove makeup and skin-destroying face masks throughout the duration. The skin feels soft and looks incredible ALL-DAY LONG!

3. Beauty Product To Keep Hidden From Everyone Else: Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 50+, £59 (30ml), www.harrods.com

Favourite beauty products of the week
Credit: Harrods

We all love an award-winning brand, and this is where Sarah Chapman’s products come up trumps. With another heatwave about to be bestowed upon the UK (thank you summer), our demands are simple. We need the coverage – but we want it to be lightweight, and without a streak in sight. Also, we need some serious protection.

Moving up a gear from the Skin Insurance SPF 30, Sarah Chapman’s new launch, Skin Insurance SPF 50+ provides everything your skin could wish for. So incredibly lightweight, the vegan formula ensures full protection from UVA, UVB, thermal and infrared radiation.

When applying to the skin, it melts in (as if it’s coming home), enhancing your complexion like nothing else. It looks as if you aren’t wearing any product but just have an amazing natural luminosity. Combining an array of antioxidants and skin-repairing components, you can rest in the knowledge that your skin not only looks beautifully healthy but is simultaneously being repaired, too! #Skingoals.

Have you tried any of these items and what do you think? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday evening. xx

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8 Cosmetic Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Do At Home

Hey, Lovelies!

Covid-19 seems to be here for the foreseeable. This means it may not be possible to visit our beloved skincare clinic for some time (HUGE SIGH!). But, wait – what about our 3-monthly Botox and that filler that looks increasingly tempting? Don’t worry friends. Whilst nothing beats a trip to the cosmetic clinic, there are some anti-aging measures we can take that will certainly make a difference. Think of it as your temporary filling until you can get the real thing.

1. Look For Ceramide Treatment: CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £4, www.lookfantastic.com

y best anti-aging beauty secrets - ceraVe moisturiser
Credit: Amazon

Ceramides are lipids that work in all kinds of wonderful ways. Key in the anti-aging mission, they support the formation of the skin’s barrier, retain moisture and even protect. Basically, they put two fingers up to Mr. Wrinkle. I love CeraVe’s Moisturising Cream, £4. Not only is cheap, but it contains the 3 main ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid. This is one of my ‘never, ever run out of’ products.

2. Reach For Hyaluronic Acid: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, £5.90 (30ml), www.cultbeauty.com

this is why the ordinary's hyaluronic acid + B5 serum is so good
Credit: L A Beauty

Extensive studies have proven this ingredient to be a true skin saviour. With its moisture-retaining superpowers, you can really plump up the skin. Make sure you buy a good product. The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid, £5.90  is a great and affordable option.

3. Peptides Work: Peptide Booster, £48 (20ml), http://www.paulaschoice.couk

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Paula’s Choice

Another aid in thwarting those irksome fine lines and other equally rubbish signs of aging, are peptides. The molecules are part-amino acids. These make proteins that then help to build and enhance essential collagen production – which is kind of vital when trying to avoid the A-word. A great one is Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster, £48. Featuring 8 peptides along with amino acids, the booster is an outstanding product to have in your skincare arsenal.

4. Invest In A Good Sun Cream, Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing SPF 50+, £20.40 (50ml), www.feelunique.com

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Feel Unique

Whether you are tackling the onset of age or not, this is one skincare tip no one should skip. You need a good product that offers SPF50 to ensure you are providing maximum protection for your complexion. I use Ultrasun’s Face Fluid. It’s lightweight, leave’s no residue and contains liposome which intensely hydrates and lessens the impact of age. Better yet, I know I am giving my face the ultimate assistance against harmful rays.

5.Upgrade Your Exfoliating Routine, Bee Peel by Deborah Mitchell, £109, www.shop.heavenskincare.com

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Heaven Skincare

I reviewed this peel some time ago and I am still as smitten with it today as the first time I had the joy of applying it to my face. Referred to as a ‘facelift in a jar,’ this peel has literal transformative qualities. The advanced exfoliator combines bee venom and glycolic acid that work in unison to effectively treat the skin.

Formulated with ABEETOXIN, organic coconut and raw cane sugar, it works by resurfacing the skin and treating all the usual villains that have the audacity to target our skin. This is a great exfoliation upgrade and a fab solution for inflammation and enlarged pores.

However, take note: this formula is strong and does sting a fair bit. You should only leave it on for a few minutes, tops. Those with sensitive skin should avoid using it.

6. Incorporate Retinol Into Your World, SkinCeuticals Retinol 1%, £70.79, www.cosmedic-clinic.co.uk

5 best beauty too good - retinol
Credit: L A Beauty

Before I continue, I need to mention that you should never use exfoliator in conjunction with retinol. If you are used to your retinol product, then it is fine to use both – but NEVER on the same day. I recommend leaving at least 5 days between using retinol and an exfoliator. Furthermore, if you have mature skin, you should not be exfoliating too regularly. Once a week would suffice.

That said, let me introduce you to the best non-prescription retinol product IN THE WORLD! I absolutely love it. Granted, it’s pricey but worth it. If you are like me and have tried various retinol products with dissatisfaction, you may be in need of a higher dose. In the long run, this investment will save you money. Don’t think this is an overnight solution – you need to be committed to ensuring long-term results.

However, whilst it can be a game-changer you need to make sure you can tolerate it before moving up a notch. If you are unsure on whether retinol is right for you, it may be worth speaking to your clinician (on Skype of course) or doing a little research first.

7. Use An Awesome Night Serum, Beuti Sleep Elixir, £47 (30ml), www.beutiskincare.com

8 cosmetic anti-aging treatments at home
Credit: Beuti Skincare

Yes, I know – you are probably sick of me banging on about this – but, it’s soo good I want everyone to share in the discovery. Loved by the royals and pretty much anyone who has tried it, the vegan-friendly serum totally rocks. Including a huge array of precious skin-loving plant-based oils, the elixir greatly reduces inflammation and goes after any sign of age! I have found that applying it with my Foreo achieves incredible results. LOVE!

8. Vitamin C Will Work Wonders, The Hero Project Glow Drops Dry Touch Facial Oul + Vitamin C, £19 (30ml), www.lookfantastic.com

Best items of week
L A Beauty

Whilst there are quite a few fabulous vitamin C products available, I really adore this one. Research has shown vitamin C to effectively thwart signs of aging, enhance luminosity and further protect. A good vitamin C product is perfect for staving off a sad reflection while you wait for the cosmetic clinic doors to open again.

Don’t get me wrong – when I am able to get to the clinic, I will be rushing through the door like a mad woman. However, by using these ingredients you will dramatically improve the overall look of your skin and life won’t feel like it’s on a permanent go-slow.

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It’s Summer, Let’s Glow!

Hey, Lovelies!

#summer #glow #luminosity #tan #skincare #beauty #happiness #radiance #bronzed

Summer is here and while you may not be packing your bag to go abroad, you can still glow like you’re on your hols! The mission, of which I chose to accept: Discover the perfect summer glow in a bottle. The task was not easy. I had to endure several days of painstaking self-pampering – but, I made it and came out the other side with wow-factor products in tow.

Check out these amazing summer beauty products, guaranteed to ensure some seriously sun-kissed luminosity. Think products so good they deserve their own safety deposit box. Who wants the hassle of airports and the worry about Covid-19, when you can sun it up in the UK? If it rains, who cares? With any of these skincare heroes in your beauty arsenal, you will look incredible for the foreseeable.

1.Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle, £21 (Was £30), www.lookfantastic.com

summer, time to glow
Credit: Time Bomb

Should you lust after the lightly bronzed (yet naturally acquired) complexion, this ‘sunshine in a bottle’ formula ticks every box. This is not a self-tanner. Containing micro-pigments that work to enhance your natural colour, the product sinks undetectably into the skin and almost feels like a moisturiser. The difference is that even if it’s raining your beautiful face will be one of radiant luminosity.

2. Iconic London Illuminator in Rose Gold, £30, www.iconiclondoninc.com

its summer and time to glow
Credit: Iconic London

I generally veer towards liquid products due to the fact that my skin is fairly dry. Since reviewing Iconic’s Illuminator some time ago I have remained a devout fan. It is a little pricey, but it lasts for-like-ever as you only need a tiny amount. The formula literally achieves instant glow and radiance, whilst offering a lifting effect too. Better yet, it’s vegan and available in 4 shades. I love this so much.

3.Tan-Luxe The Body Self-Tan Drops, £37.80, www.feelunique.com

its summer time lets glow
Credit: Feel Unique

Take the stress out of achieving a tan with the help of these tan drops. Not only do they quickly provide that much-sought-after tan, but they are formulated with nourishing and skin-loving ingredients, too! Simply add a few drops to your body oil (BTW it works really well with Inner Senses Body Oil, but I am sure it will suit any. Hey presto, filter-free Insta-pics. No problem.

4.NYX High Glass Primer £14, www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk

summer time luminosity
Credit: NYX cosmetics

I have a love-hate relationship with primers. I have discovered there’s very few that live up to their claims. Hence, when trying this one my expectations were not high. However, I should have given NYX the benefit of the doubt. As previously mentioned, my skin is dry, and this formula seems to be made especially for dry skin. Bonus. It creates a perfect base without causing any slide. I opt for the rose quartz shade (there are 3 shades available). The outcome is a supremely flattering glow that lasts. This primer is awesome.

5.Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Golden Shimmer Multi-Usage Dry Oil, £15.75, 50ml (Was £22,50), www.lookfantastic.com

illuminating beauty for summer
Credit: Look Fantastic

I like to think of this oil as created by angels especially for me. It’s THAT good. Featuring a blend of vitamin E together with plant oils and Tsubaki oil, the spray is a treasure to behold. The ingredients are specifically chosen for their nourishing, repairing and smoothening qualities. Combining 95.5% natural ingredients, it works as skin treatment as well, creating an undeniably envious summer shimmer. Simply apply to the hair and skin and wait for the compliments.

6. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream £42, www.chanel.com

radiance beauty products
Credit” Chanel

I don’t think you will find a beauty editor or makeup artist who say Chanel’s Bronzing cream is anything other than spectacular. It comes in a universal shade and its gel-like formula feels like you are applying some kind of luxury silk to your face. It feels magical, goes on seamlessly and instantly creates naturally bronzed perfection. Yes, obsessed!

Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below and have a stellar Sunday. xx


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Awesome Sunglasses For All The Family At Reduced Prices

Hey, Lovelies!

#The Best Sunglasses #Reduced Prices #fashion #lifestyle #family

Everyone fed up with the rain again? Don’t worry, we are about to see a return of el scorchio weather. In fact, it is set to be so warm you may actually be able to fry your bacon and eggs on the bonnet of your car. I’m sensing a slurry of YouTube videos commencing! With the heatwave in mind, you are going to need a good pair of sunnies. Before you go and splash out on a pricey pair – read on. These sunglasses are on-trend, offer the same protection and are totally affordable to boot. Why pay a fortune when you don’t need to? N.B: When buying your sunnies, make sure they are a category 3 or 4 protection.

1.For You (Or Me): Superdry San Sunglasses, £19.99 (Was £64.99), www.mandmdirect.com

Awesome sunglasses for all the family at reduced prices
Credit: Mand M Direct

Yet again Superdry comes up with the goods – this time it’s a pair of slick tortoiseshell sunnies you will love. With a category 3 protection and £40 off, you had better grab them while you can!

2.For Him: Mantaray Grey Metal Aviator Sunglasses, £20 (was £25), www.debenhams.com

Awesome and affordable sunglasses all family
Credit: Debenhams

Why not treat your fella to these awesome aviators that will never go out of style? The shades are category 3,  have polarised lens and come in a soft case. Plus, he will look gorgeous when you are chilling at the park. Win, win!

3.For Your Little One: John Lewis & Partners Boys’ Matte Sports Wrap Sunglasses In Navy, £7, www.johnlewis.co.uk

Awesome family sunglasses afforable reduced prices
Credit: John Lewis

Your lad will love these sporty sunglasses so much he will want to wear them all the time. Being 100% category 3 UV protection means you can rest assured that he has fully protective eyewear. Now you just need to worry about the hat, sunscreen and face masks! Argh!

4. For The Teenager: Hype Hypepilot Sunglasses Blue, £14.99 (Was £34.99), www.mandmdirect.com

best sunnies family cheap
Credit: Mand M Direct

These sunnies will look awesome at any festival, park outing with friends or trip to the beach. Category 3 sun protection and 100% UV400 protection, the sunnies are certain to be a hit. Available in blue, black, white and gunmetal.

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Favourite Beauty Products Of The Week

Hey, Lovelies!

Here is a list of this week’s favourite beauty products. These gorgeous products have my total seal of approval (and they are currently on offer, too)!

1.Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Crème Rainbow, £25, 50 ml (Was £31),www.qvc.com

favourite beauty products of the week
Credit: PRAI

I absolutely adore this brand and at the moment it’s up for grabs at a discounted price with QVC. We are all guilty of slathering on the face cream then ignoring our necks. Why? It’s time to stop because, people, the neck ages 20 times faster than the face. Argh.

This is where PRAI really comes to our aid. Studies have shown it to dramatically improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness. This cream really targets fine lines, wrinkles and sagging around the neck area. The hero product has a huge fan base for good reason; it works. Including the signature Sepilift ™ technology, along with hyaluronic acid, squalene, vitamins, and of course PRAI extract – the little jar of heaven is proven to visibly reduce signs of aging.

2.Hada Labo Tokyo Super Hydrating Lotion, £11.59 (Was £17.45), www.superdrug.com

favourite beauty products of the week
Credit: Superdrug

J-beauty fans rejoice for the cult brand Hada Labo has just been launched at Superdrug! #Dreams come true.

This awesome watery-like lotion goes straight to work on your skin. Combining 3 different types of hyaluronic acid (which includes an actual ‘Super Hyaluronic Acid,’ this formula will ensure optimal hydrating and plumping effects. Kiss goodbye to dry and flaky skin and hello to a new radiance. Bullet trains have nothing on the speed in which this lotion works! Love, love, love.

3. The Hero Project Glow Drops Facial Oil + Vitamin C, £19 (30ml) Was £24, www.lookfantastic.com

Best items of week
L A Beauty

I ran out of this a few weeks ago (along with a few other essentials) but this was third on my buy-or-die list. I seriously cannot be without it.

Should you wish for radiant luminosity (DUH!) then try this facial oil. It will not disappoint. Containing over 98% naturally sourced ingredients, this formula delivers exceptional nourishment straight into your skin. The included botanical essential oils and antioxidant-rich vitamin C transforms dry and weathered skin into a picture of health and beauty. I adore how quickly the oil absorbs into my skin. I feel nourished and pampered. This is basically a little mini spa in a bottle.

4.Ultrasun Anti-Pollution Face Fluid 50+, £28 (50ml), www.lookfantastic.com

favourite spf beauty week
L A Beauty

When it comes to using an SPF there should be no skimping on quality. Ultrasun is one of my most-cherished beauty products. In fact, I consider it essential.

This one is great If you are worried about pollution. Combining components such as Glycofilm Pollustop, works a treat in thwarting all kinds of damage and pollution. Providing outstanding broad-spectrum protection, and holding off future signs of aging, this SPF is a game-changer. Furthermore, it takes no time at all to absorb and avoids that nasty sticky finish. It’s one of the few sunscreens that allow you to apply your makeup without fear of it sliding off! Thank God.

Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below. Have a fantastic Wednesday all. x

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More Best Tips For Achieving At-Home Salon Treatments (Like A Pro)

Hey, Lovelies!

Continuing on from my previous article, ‘How To Achieve At-Home Beauty Salon Results,’ here are the next unmissable tips. Follow this guide, and your beauty goals will be acquired with ease, you will save yourself a fortune and feel like a total pro!

1. Exfoliating Body Scrub Try: Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish, £36, www.renskincare.com

More best tips for achieving salon results at home like a pro
Ren Skincare

We’ve looked at microdermabrasion for the face. Now it’s time to address the body. If (like me) you can’t get enough of roses, this is a must-have body scrub for you! Vegan-friendly, the gorgeous polish includes sugar particles, Moroccan Rose Otto oil and Paraguay tea extract. These ingredients team up to provide your skin in the best exfoliating, purifying and skin-smoothing results. Use this and you literally will come out smelling of roses!

2.Spa Treatment No. 2: Quartz Facial Roller, Vintage Cosmetics Rose Quartz Roller, £24.99, www.thevintagecosmeticcompany.com

rose quartz facial roller
Credit: L A Beauty

In a recent post, I mentioned just how invaluable a roller can be, particularly for reducing inflammation and stimulating blood flow. Pop this in the fridge until you need it, then apply and allow it to work its undeniable powers on your complexion. Since discovering the roller, it remains one of my most cherished beauty tools.

3. Pro Spa Treatment No.3: Eyebrow Tint, £12.99, www.lookfantastic.com

More best tips for achieivng at-home salon results like a total pro
Credit: Look Fantastic

Okay, so you may be a tad scared of going for the at-home eyebrow tint. You needn’t be. Products today make this job so fast and simple – even I can do it without hashing it up.

The best product I have used is Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Tint, £12.99. This lasts for about 3 days – so it’s great if you are planning a little getaway. However, if you really don’t feel ready to take the plunge, you could buy an eyebrow tinting pen. They work quite well but don’t seem to last as long. Also, they aren’t too difficult to reverse any mistakes made. As for full-on microblading – I would skip the YouTube tutorials and wait until you can get in at the beauty salon.

4.Salon Tip No.4: Eyebrow Shaping: Tweezerman Neon Pink Stainless Steel Mini Slant Tweezers, £13, www.amazon.co.uk

at home salon results like a pro
Credit: Amazon

There are so many people out there (including moi) with missing sections of eyebrow where the brow was once overplucked and has downright refused to grow back. Quick question: why the HELL does this only happen in areas you don’t want it to? Everywhere else, it comes back with a new targeted vengeance and you need to add a laser to your arsenal to stand a chance in defeating the dreaded evil hair nemesis.

The trick is, using your index finger, place it either side of your nose vertically, then mark lightly where your eyebrow should begin. Next, make a pencil mark on the centre and outer arch to ensure you are keeping to the matching plan. Never pluck above the eyebrow. Using a hot flannel, soften the lid area you wish to pluck. Then take your Tweezerman and in good lighting, you may begin. Go slowly, alternating eyebrows so you don’t end up with two that appear different. Make sure you get any tapering ends, too. Once you have achieved the eyebrow shape you desire, get an ice cube and rub over the lids gently to soothe. If you have aloe vera gel, apply this too.

5. Best Salon Tip No.5: Overnight Hair Conditioning Mask: Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, £30.60 (90ml) Was £36, www.lookfantastic.com

best tips achieve at-home salon results like a pro
Credit: Look Fantastic

It’s no secret just how awesome I think Kerastase is at offering hair transformative benefits. So, it will be no surprise I am recommending their 8H Magic Night Serum

Apply this at night before you sleep and within a few days you will be looking on at your reflection in slack-jawed amazement.

Have you tried any at-home beauty treatments and how did it go? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar (yet safe) Sunday. xx

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How To Achieve At-Home Beauty Salon Results Like A Pro

Hey, Lovelies!

Anyone else starting to climb the walls, waiting for beauty salons to reopen? I feel your pain. However, there are a few tricks to achieve at-home salon treatments like a total pro. Read on to discover how easy it is to attain those outstanding spa-treatments in the luxury of your own home. Hello, gorgeousness!

1.Begin With An Aromatherapy Bath, ESPA Detoxifying Bath Oil, £25 (Was £30), www.espaskincare.com

How to achieve at-home beauty salon results at home
Credit: ESPA

If you want to achieve that full-on spa experience, you have to start the right way. Set the mood. To do this an aromatherapy bath is in order. Essential oils not only treat the body but also relax and revive the senses. Win, win. I love to add ESPA’s vegan-friendly Detoxifying Bath Oil. Combining cypress, juniper berry, grapefruit and sweet almond, this oil thoroughly detoxifies, nourishes and softens the skin. All the while, it works on your senses, so you feel totally renewed once more. Yay!

2.Steam Facial

Steam facials are so beneficial and so easy to do. They open the pores ready for all those much-loved skincare ingredients to then be fully absorbed, working at ultimate efficiency. All you need is a kettle and a bowl (and water of course). Make sure your face is clean. Boil the kettle, fill a bowl and lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to keep in the steam. Stay there for 3 minutes (if you can take it). Then you will be ready for the mask.

3. Face Mask Treatment: Try Facetheory Pink Clay AHA Face Mask. £14.99 (60ml), www.facetheory.com