review: philip kingsley density thickening protein spray

Review: Philip Kingsley Density, Thickening Protein Spray

Of all the products we receive, Philip Kingsley’s Thickening Protein Spray is the one I’ve been frantic to try. One glance at my hair tragedy, and you will understand why. A foolhardy combo of chronic haircare laziness, and a slightly worrying obsession with heat styling, has left me with hair so damaged, it needs its own therapist.

Not ready to accept the scissored hand of fate leaves me in quite a predicament. Visualise, if you will, hair strands that break before touching a hairbrush, and locks with less volume than an e-book! Add heat protection spray to the mix, and – oh, dear God, no.

The Reason For Reviewing The Density Protein Spray

So, when Philip Kingsley’s team of expert trichologists created a blazing light of haircare power, I was transfixed. Designed to take straw hair, and spin it into a crowning glory of sheer gold, we (ahem, I) had to test it out.

review: philip kingsley density thickening protein spray

                                          Credit: Philip Kingsley

This review of Philip Kingsley’s Thickening Protein Spray is a must-read for anyone experiencing a similar haircare crisis. This article tells you everything you need to know about Philip Kingsley’s new Protein Spray. We explain exactly what this haircare saviour is, and which hair types it suits.

Scroll down to discover key ingredients and benefits of use. We reveal the pros and cons, and our final verdict of PK’s Density Thickening Protein Spray. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ’s section, for additional information, too!

But firstly, let’s look at why Philip Kingsley’s products are the answer to so many hair-related prayers.

Why Choose Philip Kingsley?

why choose pk haircare?

Is it down to clever marketing? Nope. The reason for Philip Kingsley’s multi-award-winning status, is knowledge.  Boasting a team of expert trichologists, and decades of experience, these haircare geniuses certainly know their stuff.  If you are in any doubt to the effectiveness of Philip Kingsley products, just take a gander at the many 5-star reviews.

What Is The Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Protein Spray?

From Philip Kingsley’s new Density range, comes a true at-home haircare hero. The Thickening Protein Spray is a super-charged hair volumizer. The formula boasts next-level hydrating, heat-protecting, hair strengthening and thickening abilities. Better still, it comes in one handy little bottle.

The protein spray increases hair density and health. Next, it forms a protective layer over each hair cuticle. Consequently, thermal damage (even from intense heat settings on your curlers) is thwarted.

Who Is The Thickening Protein Spray For?

who is philip kingsley density for

Although the protein spray is an ideal treatment for adding volume to fine hair types, it is suitable for, and will benefit all hair types. It works to thicken and strengthen weak and thinning hair, greatly improving hair texture as it goes. Basically, if your hair has taken a battering, and is subject to easy breakage and hair loss, this new haircare product is your solution.

Key Benefits

  • Intensely volumizes and strengthens damaged, fine, and fragile hair.
  • Provides unrivalled hydration, replacing dry strands to locks of healthy luminosity.
  • Fortifies weakened hair, whilst maintaining natural structure.
  • Outstanding heat protection of temperatures up to 250 degrees; thus, minimising further breakage.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan formula.

Award-Worthy Ingredients

be by pkst haricare range
  Credit: Philip Kingsley

This formula is loaded with super-smart vegan ingredients. These are clinically proven to provide instant volume to fine and limp looking hair. You can thank the futuristic-sounding components such as hyper-branched polymers, and hydrolysed pea peptides for the many incoming compliments.

Philip Kingsley’s Density Protein Spray also combines panthenol. This provides a surge of conditioning moisturising support. Expect lustre that lasts.


amazing haircare philip kingsley
  • Multitasking haircare treatment in one handy spray – Specially formulated ingredients team up, to significantly hydrate, strengthen, and thicken hair strands, whilst ensuring the ultimate in heat protection (straighteners, do your worst!).
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Scientifically tested and trichologist approved formula.
  • Immediate noticeable improvement to hair condition – hello, beautiful, shiny locks.
  • Eco-friendly packaging, and a cruelty-free, vegan formula.


  • Acquiring long-lasting shine requires time.
  • Not yet available in travel sizes.
  • Will eventually run out!

Final Verdict

award-winning haircare
Credit: Philip Kingsley

After a continual wave of mediocre hair products that all fell behind on their promises, this new launch felt like a pot of haircare gold. Philip Kingsley’s Thickening Protein Spray restored not only my hair, but also my faith in hair strengthening formulas.

This multitasking treatment is advanced haircare in action. The combined fortifying hair proteins work like magic. My hair is noticeably stronger and looking healthy again. But does it increase density, adding that much sought-after volume? We think so!

rachel friends hair, great


During the first week, I was disappointed that my hair didn’t match up to Jen Aniston’s level of shiny perfection. But I soon realised Philip Kingsley’s product doesn’t cater for head transplants. However, by the end of week two, my hair was becoming shiny. For hair that was so in need, that people were gifting me hats, this is quite a feat.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s no doubt this lightweight formula dramatically hydrates and nourishes the hair. You can see a visible improvement after just one use. Better yet, it doesn’t let you down when you reach for your straighteners. Having a hair product that offers high-level protection is priceless.

Review: philip Kingsley density range
Credit: Philip Kingsley 

Philip Kingsley gets extra points for their innovative design and planet-friendly packaging. The protein spray comes in a recyclable, sugarcane bioplastic bottle. However, its chic design makes it look like high-end luxury.

If you yearn for healthy hair that oozes radiance and volume, Philip Kingsley’s Thickening Protein Spray offers impressive results.

Philip Kingsley’s Density Thickening Protein Spray is priced at £36,  (120ml), and is available to buy at

For optimal results, use in conjunction with the Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Shampoo , and Thickening Conditioner, (£25.50 each).


1.Why choose Philip Kingsley?

Philip Kingsley has more than sixty years of experience and trichology expertise. The award-winning brand offer world-class haircare and are leaders in haircare advancements and innovations.

2.How does this differ from the Tricho Pro?

Density’s new launch offers new actives and technological advancements, for an even better volumizing boost. Expect healthier, smoother locks, and heat protection of up to a whopping 250 degrees!

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