Luxury Christmas Beauty Gadgets At A Cyber Monday Bargain

YES – we need luxury presents! What sort of question is that? Once you’ve successfully swiped the ‘angel of conscience’ off your shoulder, you can further appease any residual guilt with the knowledge these luxury Christmas beauty gifts can be grabbed at a Cyber Monday bargain. So, if you like them (and you will) you can buy two and keep one for yourself! Happy shopping!

1. Luxury IPL: Philips Lumea Prestige IPL £339.95 (Was £475),

the best luxury Christmas t beauty gadgets you can grab at a cyber Monday bargain
Credit: All Beauty

Choosing a good, effective at-home hair removal device can be a tricky business. There are so many available, but alas, only a few meet the grade. However, there are a few devices I rate highly. These include the Lumea and SmoothSkin.

It must be noted that the high-end gadget does not suit every skin type (so make sure you do your research first). However, by using the device bi-weekly, after a month you will see a good improvement.

A worthy at-home IPL hair removal device will set you back a fair amount and usually the Philips Lumea will cost you £££s! Fear not. If you have considered buying but changed your mind due to the cost – now is your time. This awesome IPL hair removal device is on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargains list.

This device works really well – but do not be under any illusions. An at-home IPL is not as strong as the dermatologist’s laser. This means it will take longer to deliver results. Taking a little longer and having a fab IPL hair removal at your disposal will save you endless money, time – and of course effort.

2. Luxury Anti-Aging Beauty Gadget: Nira Skincare Laser, £200 (Was £299),

the best luxury Christmas beauty gadget at a cyber moday bargain
Credit: Current Body

Should you or someone you love feel concerned about those pesky signs of aging, this is a device worth having. The top-class laser is clinically proven to improve the look of your skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. By using non-fractional laser technology, this clever little gadget delivers long-lasting results. Currently, on offer for Cyber Monday, you can actually bag this beauty for £100 less. Now, how to get down from this cloud…

3. The Luxury GHD Gold Styler, £119.20 (Was £149),

the best beauty gadgets at a cyber Monday bargain
Credit: Look fantastic

Fancy a heat-up time of just 25 seconds? Hell yes! This luxury Christmas beauty gadget ensures the dreamiest locks, ever! The hairstyling tool offers dual-zone technology and this super-fast heating speed. What you get is a truly professional salon-worthy result. Think sleek, Insta-goals of shiny gorgeousness. Well, they do say make yourself happy and THEN look after everyone else, don’t they?

4. Luxury Christmas Gadget: Current Body Oh My Glow Limited Edition Gift Set (Includes Skin LED Light Therapy Mask), £285 (Was £415),

Cyber moday beauty luxury gadget bargains
Current Body

Okay, if you can get past the idea that when wearing the mask, you are going to look as scary as hell, we need to look at what’s on the table here. What we have is a seriously luxury Christmas beauty gadget! A multi-award-winning anti-aging device that may as well have been taken from some parallel universe where these gadgets successfully diminished wrinkles forever!  Yes, LED light therapy is that good (incidentally, it is why all the A-listers use laser treatment).

The ultimate pampering Christmas gift set includes the highly effective rejuvenating gadget that will dramatically improve the appearance of skin over time. It has been shown to reduce wrinkles by 35% within 4 weeks, meaning you can look forward to encountering firmer and more youthful skin for 2021! Not only that, but you get an array of luxurious skincare saviours in with this dreamy kit, too!

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The Most Thoughtful Personalised Gifts For Her

Turnaround this year in a flash with some thoughtful personalised gifts for her. A personalised gift is a perfect way to make your loved one feel that extra bit special = and let’s face it = we all need a bit of TLC right now. Read on to discover some truly thoughtful personalised Christmas presents she will love.

1. Personalised Apothecary Candle by Norma & Dorothy, £16,

The most thoughtful personalised gifts for her
Credit: Not on the Highstreet

Should your friend, mum or sister love a candle (who the hell doesn’t?), this will be the most thoughtful gift of them all. These beautiful natural apothecary candles tick every box. Made from soy wax and featuring pretty lettering with a personalised message of your choice, the caring gift guarantees 25 hours of TLC for your loved one. Hand-poured in the UK; the only dilemma is choosing between the array of scents on offer. A few of the scents include Wild Fig and Cassis, Velvet Rose & Oud and Floral Blossom – to name a few! The sweet blissful aroma of tranquillity is coming your way for Christmas.

2.Personalised ‘Hug Across the Miles’ Locations Cushion by the Drifting Bear Co., £36.95,

the best thoughtful personalised gifts for her
Credit: Not on the High Street

There will be so many people apart from each other this Christmas (for obvious reasons), but you can still make sure they get a huge cuddle! This is the go-to gift to make her smile. Personalise the cushion with hers and your location, and how far the hug cushion has travelled in order to deliver some much-needed love. Add your name to the bottom (so there is no confusion as to whom sent the hug). For extra brownie points, you can even add a photo to the reverse side. Flowers are great and all that – but this gift is like having a hug that will last forever!

3.Personalised Adult Colouring Book, £9.99 (Plus Delivery),

Great gifts for her
Credit: Getting Personal

Right now, we are all searching for that go-to way to de-stress. What better way than a bit of colouring? For those of you who are scoffing at the thought – just give it a go. You will be amazed at how therapeutic it is! This year why not gift her something a little different with a personalised colouring book? Personalise the front with a message of your choice. The thoughtful present is a great way to show how much you care.

4.Engraved Silver Heart-Shaped Bookmark, £12.99,

best thoughtful gifts for her
Credit: Getting Personal

Let’s face it, the majority of us have a book on the go right now! When visiting your loved one is unlikely, the beautifully crafted bookmark will be a great reminder of how appreciated she is. Personalise the heart motif with a message of up to 28 characters. For added joy, the bookmark can come in a luxury gift box too – and for a mere £3 extra it is a total steal.

5.Engraved Silver Compact Mirror, £16.99,

great xmas presents her
Credit: Getting Personal

If you know anyone who constantly has their face in the mirror (and I think I might), this will be a fabulous gift. Each time they use the gift they will have a gentle reminder of how much you care. Personalise the front with a thoughtful message of your choice, I love this!

6.Engraved Silver-Plated Heart Trinket Box, £16.99,

amazing personal gifts
Credit: Getting Personal

Should you have a mum or nan who is forever losing their tiny, yet very important things on a daily basis, this is the ideal solution. With a velvet lining and featuring a message from you, the gift will let them know how much you love them forever more (or at least until it gets lost).

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The Best Black Friday Beauty Gift Sets You Can Buy Now

Black Friday is almost here, and some big brands are treating us to some early deal drops. This means (woohoo) it’s time to grab those beauty gift sets. A word of warning – some ‘deals’ aren’t actually much of a deal. There are brands who put up the prices before Black Friday and then reduce them on the day, so people believe they have a bargain. Having sifted through the deals on offer, the following are the best Black Friday beauty gift sets around that you can bag now!

1.Look Fantastic: Estee Lauder Beauty of the Night Skincare Set, £45 (Was £90),

the best Black Friday beauty gift sets you can buy now
Credit: Look Fantastic

This fabulous brand is one of my main one-stop shops for all things beauty related.  they are treating all beauty fanatics with early access with up to 30% off, using code: EARLYLF. Prepare to be dazzled with 25% off beauty gift sets and 25% of NuFace (yay!!). So, the struggle this year will be having the strength to part with them. Not sure I have the power…

Check out Estee Lauder’s Beauty of the Night Skincare Set worth £123. This is half price at a mere £45 (instead of £90).

Another fabulous find is Illamasqua’s Techno Lip Duo worth £30. This is priced at £12.50 (was £25). Yes!

2. Feel Unique: Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Trio Set, £46 (Was £84),

the best black friday beauty gift sets you cna buy now
Credit: Feel Unique

Feel Unique is another amazing online shopping site that offers awesome deals throughout the year. Their Black Friday sales have already begun.

Incredible deals include Givenchy’s Le Rouge Perfecto Trio Set, £46 (was £84) and Liz Earle’s Essentials skin Repair Gel Kit, £39.60 (was £49.50).

3. Debenhams: YSL Mascara Volume Effect Cils Eye Must-Haves Gift Set, £22.40 (was £28),

the best Black Friday beauty gift sets you can buy now
Credit: Debenhams

Debenhams began their deals on Monday 16 November – and boy, they’ve got some bargains to excite. Where to start? Okay, I should mention you can grab the YSL Mascara Volume Effect Cils Eye Must-Haves Gift Set, £22.40 (was £28). For the men, check out the Clinique for Men Skincare Set for Regular Skin, £39.10 (was £85).

Have you found any awesome beauty gift set deals? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. For more reading inspo try, “Discover the Best Camouflage Make-up Around: Estee Lauder.”

Make Your Christmas Tree Extra-Special With These Awesome Beauty Baubles

Looking for that extra-special bauble to make your Christmas tree (and you) dazzle this year? Beauty brands have truly spoilt us this yuletide with these awesome beauty baubles. Is it too much if they all go on one tree? Not this year! Being in a yearlong pandemic means we get carte blanche to totally indulge ourselves in gifts, chocolates and wine.

1.Caudalie Christmas 2020 Beauty Elixir Mini Mist Bauble, £12,

make your Christmas tree extra-special with these awesome beauty baubles
Credit: All Beauty

This bauble is a winner – total luxury that comes in 100% recyclable packaging. The superior face mist reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores, replacing them with a complexion of happy luminosity. The multi-tasking elixir gives your skin a super-boost and set your makeup in place for the day. Oh, Caudalie, how did you know?

2.Tan-Luxe The Glow Bauble, £15,

make your CHristmas tree extra-special with these beauty baubles
Credit: Cult Beauty

Tan-Luxe gives such an incredible streak-free glow, people will be scratching their heads, wondering how you managed to bypass the lockdown and spend 2 weeks in Mauritius. Their secret is the patented ‘Transparent Tanning’ technology. This sweeps away the stress of streaky tans and ensures you look your glowing best. #Gorgeousness

3. Essie Nail Polish Merry Mani Bauble, £25.72,

make your tree extra-special with awesome beauty baubles
Credit: Amazon

Why not treat your loved one to nails that dazzle this year? Inside this Essie bauble are two gorgeous nail polishes. Simply apply the Cocktail Bling and cover it with a Christmas magic-like sparkly topcoat. Perfect.

4.Dermalogica Christmas Small Bauble, £11.69,

tree beauty decorations presents
Credit: Essentials London

If you are looking for the look and feel of luxury, this year’s Dermalogica bauble will not disappoint. The exquisitely designed limited-edition bauble (get it while you can) offers added surprise as they are comprised with a lucky dip of awesome mini products. This brand is so good – you are guaranteed to be impressed with whichever products you find.

5.Real Techniques Mini Makeup Sponge Bauble, £5.99,

beauty decorations for the tree
Credit: Amazon

This Christmas bauble should be given out to all your beauty-obsessed loved ones. The makeup sponge comes in a handy travel size meaning if you do go anywhere you will be prepared. Seriously, most of us forget to pack it. Either that or lose/ruin the makeup sponge, making this little treat a real-life saviour. Simply pop it in your purse and go (in a socially distanced manner to a socially appropriate setting).

Have you got your eye on any of these baubles? Tell me which one is your favourite in the comments below. For more reading inspo try, “The best Christmas party games that cost nothing.”

4 Signs You Are Being ‘Cushioned’ And How To Deal

Emotionally cushioned you say? Ah, that sounds so lovely, supportive even. Wrong. Being cushioned is the term used to describe really crappy treatment by your SO. Basically, it describes being in a relationship and your OH is pursuing other love interests, keeping their options open. Yup, definitely not the loving the imagery this word evokes and certainly NOT something to ever tolerate. Read on to discover 4 signs you are being cushioned and how to deal.

1. Passive-Aggressive Signs

4 signs you are being cushioned and how to deal
Credit: Pixabay

Suddenly, your OH is acting out of character. Instead of being considerate and receptive, he is acting cold and making passive-aggressive comments. This is a sure sign that things aren’t peachy. Now, this could be down to a number of issues. You need to eliminate the other options and look for additional signals he is dipping his toe back into the pond.

2.Red Flag: He Goes off to Flirt With Someone When You Are Both Out

4 signs you are being cushioned how to deal
Credit: Giphy

Perhaps you are out together – let’s say at the supermarket – and he wanders off. You find him half an hour later being very flirty with another woman (and doesn’t even notice he’s been spotted). You approach, they grin and disperse. Then, when you ask who the person is, your SO becomes aggressive and causes a row. That alarm bell should be causing some temporary deafness right now. Unprovoked anger is a sign of guilt. The best form of defence is attack! Should this behaviour become a regular occurrence, you may want to re-evaluate the worth of your relationship.

3. Cushioned Sign if He Never Leaves His Phone Behind

4 signs you are being cushioned and how to deal
Credit: Mohamed /Pixabay

Should he go from acting laidback to taking his phone wherever he goes (even to the toilet), this is a definite sign he is cushioning you. Never wanting his phone to be viewed by you can only mean one thing. If he isn’t doing the dirty, it is on the cards. Sorry, but face up and move on. Stat.

4. Final Sign: Having 2 Facebook Accounts

4 signs you are being cushioned and how to deal
Credit: Simon Steinburger / Pixabay

If you happen upon this discovery, it’s time to start picturing those running shoes and far away hills.

How to Deal With Being Cushioned

Should your relationship be fresh and new there may be some room to manoeuvre. Many people go through this stage at the beginning of a relationship. However, once you are ‘official’ throwing your rod in and seeing what else you can catch is just not okay. Even if they haven’t full-on cheated, it is still being insincere, and you should not put up with it. Call him out on it. You could forgive and give a second chance – but if they are behaving this way, do you really believe the future looks bright. Time to take off the tinted glasses.

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Award-Winning Beauty For Every Adult’s Christmas List

This Christmas, most people will have a skincare or makeup product or two on their radar. There is nothing like an award-winning beauty product to make your loved one’s Christmas list complete. A great product that actually delivers on its promises literally can turnaround a blah mood into a day of feeling amazing! With this in mind, check out these award-winning beauty products, guaranteed to this Christmas list the best yet.

1.Weleda Skin Food Light, £7.95 (30ml),

Award-winning beauty products for everyones Christmas lisy, Weleda
Credit: weleda

Weleda’s moisturiser goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune for quality products. Particularly effective on dry skin, the multi-award-winning light-as-air moisturiser is immediately absorbed where it sets about replacing the parched look for one of utter radiance. Included in the formula Chamomile, calendula and wild pansy team up to provide super nourishing and soothing qualities, whilst simultaneously strengthening the skin’s barrier. This is an all-round outstanding moisturiser that achieves amazing results!

2.Liz Earle Circa Skin Restore Paste, £24.65 (50ml),

Award-winning beauty products that should be on every adults Christmas list
Credit: Liz Earle

Liz Earle is well-known for bringing us award-winning and natural skincare, but she really surpassed expectations when this one was created. The mask treatment hybrid works incredibly well, diminishing imperfections and providing a massive burst of hydration. The creamy (and other-worldly) formula contains the herb Centella Asiatica (CCICA)This is due to its long-standing ability to greatly rejuvenate and restore the skin to one of utmost health. Paired with this is bilberry and wild plum that greatly nourishes and soothe skin. Simply apply and leave on overnight, then awaken to be truly baffled at its beautifying powers!

3.Clinique ID Dramatically Different Moisturising BB-Gel, £36, (125ml),

best award-winning products Christmas list adult, clinique
Credit: Asos

The award-winning BB-gel comes with an Active Cartridge Concentrate for lines and wrinkles. Simply insert the cartridge into the hydration base and use just as if it were a moisturiser.  The reason it’s award-winning is it instantly (and dramatically) improves the look of your skin whilst also packing a hydration punch that diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The formula complements fair to medium skin tones. It achieves a veil of camouflage to match your natural skin tone. Expect an even and flawless complexion you will love!

4.Chanel Chance Perfume Crayons, £49.99 (4 x 1.2g),

best beauty products adult, chanel
Credit: Amazon

Now, these are crayons I can get on board with. The crayon sweeps over your skin with ease, providing you with an exquisitely irresistible scent to last all day long. Chic, classy and highly sought-after? The hard part is gifting them for someone else’s Christmas list goals (I’m thinking, nah).

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The Best Beauty Christmas Crackers For That Added Festive Sparkle

Let’s turnaround a crappy year wherever we can, starting with a truly awesome Christmas. For fellow-minded beauty fanatics, here are the best beauty Christmas advent calendars for those festive feelings of added sparkle!

1.Bomb Cosmetics Christmas 2020 Trio, £23.45 (Was £29.97),

best christmas crackers for added festive sparkle
Credit: All Beauty

There’s no way you and your family will be able to miss the festive spirit of a super-fun Christmas with these crackers nestled on the tree. Let’s face it – who doesn’t love a bath bomb? Combining 3 cheery crackers, each of which includes 3 tantalising bath bombe, get prepared for some seriously pampered and sweet-smelling luxury. All you have to worry about is the queue for the bath!

2.Benefit Makeup Shakeup Brow, Mascara & Tint Gift Set, £13.50,

the best Christmas crackers for that added festive sparkle
Credit: Cult Beauty

Get some serious feel-good factor into your festive season with Benefit’s awesome cracker. Including 3 hero products – BADgal BANG Mascara, Benetint and Gimme Brow – this treat is all you need to finish your flawless party makeup. Now all you need is somewhere that’s open! Oh yes, and did I mention you are saving 30% too?

3. NUXE Christmas Cracker Gift Set, £10,

best beauty christmas cracker add sparkle
Credit: Feel Unique

Spoil yourself or your loved ones this Christmas with this super-dreamy, uber gorgeous cracker. Included are some of NUXE’s favourites. Featuring:

Very Rose 3-in-1 Soothing Micellar Water (40ml)

Reve de Miel Face & Body Cleansing Gel (30ml)

NUXE Organic Skin Correcting Moisturising Fluid (15ml)

Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil (10ml)

I would buy it just for the dry oil (literally THE best oil out there!).

4.Tiffany & Co. Exclusive Tiffany & Love for Her and For Him Fragrant Cracker Gift Set, £49,

best beauty Christmas cracker, tiffany's
Credit: John Lewis

I couldn’t do a piece on the best in beauty without a shout out to one of my fave brands of all time. Yes, Tiffany’s has gone and given us the gift of true bliss, with their 6-cracker gift set. The set features 3 x, 5ml Tiffany, for Love Eau de Parfum For Her, and 3 x 5ml of Tiffany Love Eau de Toilette for Him.

Should you and your loved ones be fans of Tiffany’s (honestly, I can’t imagine such a strange world in which people disliked Tiffany’s), this cracker gift set will be a hit at your festive gathering (of only 6 of course, so this is perfect).

The delicate floral woman’s scent evokes visuals of the prettiest summer fields in bloom. The man’s eau de toilette, bursting with vitality and lemony zest for life is certain to become his signature scent.

5.Caudalie Vinosource Hydration Minis Crackers, £10,

beauty crackers festive sparkle
Credit: Space NK

Bag yourself a real bargain this festive season with one of the most loved beauty brands ever. This gorgeous cracker contains 3 fabulous mini skincare treats. Think pure luxury! Featuring:

Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (10ml)

Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet (15ml)

Lip Balm

If you are new to the wonders of Caudalie, this cracker is the perfect introduction. Combining treats that combat winter-infused skin, your complexion will be hydrated and plump again in no time!

Have you bought any of these and what do you think? I had great intentions of gifting them….those great intentions are just a distant memory. Pathetic, but happy and pathetic!

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Superfood Skincare That Should Be On Your Radar

We know the benefits of eating superfoods are huge – but what about using superfoods on our skin? Can they really offer the complexion transformation they promise? The short answer is yes. Choose the right superfood skincare product for your age, skin type and particular concerns and you will be amazed at what that bit of kale is capable of. Seriously, I knew there must be a better reason for having bad tasting veg in my life. Check out the following skincare superheroes.

1.Elemis Superfood Facial Oil, £45 (15ml),

Superfood skincare that should be on your radar
Credit: Elemis

Elemis has jam-packed this award-winning little beauty with 9 antioxidant-rich superfoods – all specifically combined to target dull, dry and mature skin. Once you have applied this oil for a week your complexion will revel in sheer radiant luminosity. Featuring broccoli, rosehip and flaxseed  (to name a few), these proven ingredients make light work of turning around dull and tired-looking skin in minimal time.

2.Sunday Riley Antioxidant + Superfood Facial Oil, £27 (15ml),

superfood skincare that should be on your radar
Credit: Net A Porter

This year has left most of us feeling somewhat lacklustre – and it shows on our skin. Sunday Riley’s Juno offers some pretty remarkable ingredients that will swiftly deal with such skin concerns. Where do I begin? This oil is bursting with star-quality components. From antioxidants to omega 3, 6 and 9, an array of super-nourishing oils, anti-inflammatory agents and vitamin C to boot – there’s no way your skin will be left looking and feeling anything other than exquisite by the morning!

3.Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, £50.68 (1.1 Fl. oz),

Superfood skincare that should be on everyones watch list
Credit: Amazon

Hell, yeah, we want a multi-tasking mask that gives the results with minimal effort. Behold, the 3-in-1 pumpkin enzyme mask. The included pumpkin enzyme peels with AHAs and aluminium oxide crystals provide intense skin resurfacing treatment. It actually leaves your skin feeling like rose petals. Dead skin cells, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone are all a thing of the past.  This is a fantastic microdermabrasion-like peel.

For more great product advice, read, “3 Game-Changing Cleansing Oils“.

The Best Facial Oils (For Dry Skin) To Suit Every Budget

Anyone who uses a face oil will know just what a precious skincare commodity they are – and big beauty brands know this. Ranging from acceptable pricing to downright outrageous, there is one thing that all face oils have in common; they all promise utter skin transformation. No matter how many amazing ingredients are in facial oils, they do not seep down into the skin to any significant depth – this means their ability to transform are somewhat limited. However, apply your hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C and then add your (worthy) facial oil and you will be super-impressed by the morning.

Now, some budget-friendly oils deliver as truly an impressive result as high-end luxury products. Then, there are others that cost the earth and do very little to help. Basically, you do not need to spend a fortune to reach those skincare goals. You just need to have the right skincare products and routine for your skin type and age. Here are the best face oils to treat dryness, for every budget.

1.Budget-Friendly:The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, £6.93 (30ml),

the best facial oils for dry skin on every budget
Credit: The Ordinary

Firstly, let me just say I am probably the biggest fan of roses and (almost) all rose sourced skincare. Subsequently, I have reviewed a lot and my expectations now are pretty high.

The Ordinary hasn’t let me down yet. Budget-friendly and effective – they remain to be an awesome skincare brand. The vegan formula uses 100% pure rosehip seed oil. It contains a rich supply of linoleic acid vitamin A. These massively beneficial ingredients usually diminish during the heated extraction process. Hence, why this is cold-pressed. The face oil is incredible. Fact. This oil is great for every skin type. However, it significantly improves my dry skin.

A top tip would be at bedtime, once you have cleansed, splash your face with water and then apply the rosehip oil. This will allow for optimal absorption. Then, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and rejoice. You’re welcome!

2.Medium Budget: Beauty Sleep Elixir, £47 (30ml),

the best anti-aging serums that deliver outstanding results that actually deliver outs
Credit: Beuti Skincare

If you’ve read some of my past posts, you may have seen this little beauty of a product pop up here and there. Seriously, this is one product I NEVER want to forget. It’s a favourite with the Duchess of Cambridge for a reason – it works like a dream. Combining 14 precious plant oils, this anti-inflamatory facial oil goes above and beyond.

Should you suffer from dry skin, simply use this for a week. There won’t be a smidge of evidence that dryness ever existed. I’ve learned that applying this with my Foreo ensures maximum efficacy of the ingredients. Try it – you will love! I have used this for years. Although results are meant to be limited (due to the fact that oil molecules cannot reach too far), the difference between using the oil (with my Foreo) and not using the oil is pretty remarkable.

3.Top-End of the Budget Spectrum: ESPA Replenishing Treatment Oil, £59 (30ml),

the best facial oils for dry skin on every budget
Credit: ESPA

Now, there are facial oils that reach the £100+ price tag – and yes, some of them are awesome. However, you do not need to go that far – and unless you are gifting someone a Christmas present or have bags of spare cash, why would you? I would consider ESPA’s Replenishing Treatment Oil to meet the high-end of luxury. If you are treating dry skin, using a facial oil will place you ahead of the game.

Using a facial oil like this one provides you with that crazy-good boost. Featuring an array of nourishing ingredients, that offer a wealth of benefits, this little bottle of bliss will tick every box. Think antioxidant, omega and vitamin-rich components. Vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types too!

For advice on budget-friendly moisturisers read, “Best Day Moisturisers For When You Are On A Budget”.

Have you tried any of these incredible facial oils and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay safe xx

5 Soothing Stocking Filler Gifts For The Stressed

Yes, it’s been a somewhat stressful year. Are we going to let it get us and our loved ones down? Hell no! The majority of us are feeling edgy right now, so a stocking crammed with soothing gifts to de-stress is an Einstein-worthy light bulb idea. I don’t know a person who wouldn’t be stoked to receive a bag full of pampering relaxation. Here are the best gifts for the most stressed. And breathe…

1.This Works Dream Team, £10,

5 soothing stocking filler gifts for the stressed
Credit: Space NK

No matter how frazzled you feel, a good night’s sleep always helps. Inside this beautifully packaged set is a super-soothing aromatherapy duo. The Stress-Check Roll-on features eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender to ensure an unequivocally blissful night’s sleep.

Next, spritz your pillow with the incredibly calming Pillow Spray. Combined are the specifically formulated ingredients lavender, camomile and vetiver oil. These work together, providing ultimate relaxation. Hello, cosy sleep!

2.Novelty Funny Face Stress Ball, £2.82,

5 soothing stocking filler gifts for the stressed
Credit: Amazon

That’s right – squeeze any anger or stress right out of the day with satisfaction. It amazes me just how much a stress ball actually works. It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you are feeling the angst, a stress ball is definitely a must-buy.

3.Sleep Headband, £15.99,

calming de-stress gifts
Credit: Amazon

Why not gift your loved one the best tool for falling to sleep? This multitasking present provides a sleep headband, sleep mask and sports headband all in one. The lightweight and exceptionally comfy band feature advanced Bluetooth technology. Whether you wish to listen on the move, meditate or drift off – this device will block out external noise.  You choose exactly what you hear as you drift off – erm, why didn’t I notice these sooner?

4.Grace & Stella Hot and Cold Gel Bead Eye Mask, £9,

calming relaxing presents
Credit: Amazon

Apply the soothing warm mask and let your anxiety and stress melt away. Or, cool the mask and relieve eye strain, eye bags and headaches. This is a perfect gift for every WFH Individual. After a long day staring at the screen and getting stressed, just whip the mask on, sit back and in 5 minutes you will feel like yourself again.

5.Relaxation, Wellbeing and Pampering Gift Set, £27.99,

relaxing gifts to de-stress
Credit: Amazon

Make way for the ultimate relaxation kit. Inside this box is everything a person may need to totally de-stress and find their zen. Featuring:

4 Relaxation Bath Melts (includes eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and sweet orange). These essential oils are specifically combined to achieve utter calm.

Lavender & Patchouli Bath Salts – unwind and forget anything that isn’t quiet happiness.

Wild Honeysuckle Soy Candle (23 hours burn time).

2 Soaps (lavender and clementine & prosecco)

All of these essential items are cruelty-free, vegan and handcrafted in the UK. This kit will transform anyone’s evening into one of heavenly spa-like quality.

Any of these gifts would be much appreciated by a stressed-to-hell loved one and may just take a tier-3 risk of a breakdown to a more reasonable tier-1 situation. Better buy me 3 of each.

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