Discover Whipped Butter Polish (And May All Your Dreams Come True)

Want a facial exfoliator that lavishes velvet-like luxury as it performs a dream-like polish? Look no further than Jane Scrivner’s Whipped Butter Polish. Wait, what? Can a butter formulation really deliver a powerful exfoliation and repair the skin? The answer is yes. Yes, it can. Award-winning skincare specialist, Jane Scrivner, has created an all-in-one exfoliator.... Continue Reading →

Hada Labo’s Facial Sheet Mask Is The Best Pre-Date Skincare Boost Around (And It’s Just Landed In The UK)

Facial sheet masks are the go-to treatment for that quick skincare boost. Fast, highly effective and very affordable - the sheet mask is a must-have for every bathroom cabinet. If you’ve been hankering after that date for…like…ever, you will want to look your best. Sound familiar? Brace yourselves people - we have just found the... Continue Reading →

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