5 Signs You May Be Perimenopausal

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As women, there is one thing we all face (apart from hair removal), and it goes by the name of the menopause. Perimenopause refers to when a woman’s ovary production decreases and she is nearing menopause (I say near, although this can last for years). Usually, perimenopausal symptoms begin around the age of 45 (you know it’s a big deal with there is a term given to the lead up to the medical eventuality). That said, it can occur earlier or later in life.

After reading about a girl who has gone through the menopause, aged just 15-years-old, we thought we would shine a light on this hideous time in every woman’s life. The process can cause a plethora of unwanted mental and physical problems, which may last for years. On the plus side – at least periods will be a thing of the past. In short, being forewarned can only be a good thing, and may answer a whole host of questions such as, ‘Am I losing my marbles?” Read on to discover 5 signs you may be premenopausal:

1.The First Perimenopausal Sign: Irregular Periods

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This generally is the first thing women notice – and definitely makes each week more interesting.

2.Dry or Thinner Skin and Hair Loss

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If you have noticed that your skin is so dry, you have contemplated using an emollient and it is looking thinner in areas, take note. Another red flag is hair loss or thinning. I know what you’re thinking – women are so lucky! Don’t despair – reach for a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, a bottle of Olaplex for your hair and a large glass of wine for your head.

3. Extreme Sweating

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According to the majority of people, this is one of the worst signs to contend with. Doable if you are traipsing through the bleak winter snow, but not so great if you are sat at your office desk with no escape. If you haven’t got another underlying condition such as a serious infection, these intense bursts of heat or sweating will be a dead giveaway

4.Lack of Concentration

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You don’t know why but you just don’t feel like yourself. You can’t concentrate, tasks take longer, and focus feels like something only spoken of in books. Yup, could well have perimenopausal symptoms. Be kind to yourself and try to set some time each day for meditation. Mindfulness will help you to regain clarity and restore some peace to your world.

5. Mood Swings

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Perimenopause affects everyone differently. Some people breeze through it whilst others feel like they are on a never-ending rollercoaster in the depths of hell. Are your emotions all over the place without any reason? Do you find yourself freaking out in fits of anger or sobbing? You could be nearing the menopause (oh joy).

As previously mentioned, make a point of giving yourself some TLC. Get some space, light candles, go for a walk on the beach or meditate. When you feel yourself slipping into negative thinking, quickly replace those thoughts with positive ones. Keep doing this and your transition will be faster and far less exhausting. Remember our thoughts manifest into reality, so stay positive.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Life After The Lockdown

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Adapting to ‘lockdown life’ has taken its toll on people and their pets. No one was prepared for the pandemic. An existence of normality and routine were banished. As a consequence, some dog owners have noticed their pooch acting clingy and being overly territorial. Now change is coming again. Fortunately, there are some plans we can devise that will reduce any anxiety or stress a pet may be experiencing. Read on to discover how to prepare your dog and ease the transition from living in the lockdown into a new, yet happy normality.

1.Create ‘No Dog’ Rooms

Credit: Giphy

In preparation for the end of isolation, your dog must adapt to not having you there 24-7. Just ignoring the problem and believing that the morning you go back to work and leave your pooch will be totally fine is a big mistake. For your pet, this would be like going cold turkey! Making gradual, small changes will help significantly.

Make the upstairs out of bounds so that your dog gets used to being on its own for certain periods. This will help prepare your pet so going back to work will not feel like such a shock.

2.Join a Dog Club

Should your pet be acting clingy or over-territorial perhaps you could consider signing him/her up to a dog club? Having that free time without you, where your dog does not have to think about protecting you, will do wonders for their self-esteem. Your pet will be able to relax and just be among other dogs. Think of it as some pet ‘me-time.’

3.The 5-Minute and Treat Trick Method

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This is a great way to prepare a super-clingy pet for easing out of the lockdown with minimal distress. Firstly, give your dog his toy, pet him/her and say, ‘good boy/girl,’ then leave the house. Wait outside for 5 minutes, then go back in and praise your pet, also offering a treat. The idea is to repeat the process, gradually increasing the time you are away until they are comfortable with the concept.

4. Visit a Dog Behaviourist

Just like us, some dogs may be feeling too anxious or distressed to cope with so much change. Should this be the case, it may be worth making an appointment with an animal behaviourist. Do your research and make sure you find one with good reviews, and your pooch will be back to his/her happy, waggy-tailed self in no time!

This Is Why Oat Milk Should Be In Your Skincare Radar

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Oat milk offers such an array of skin-benefiting powers – so why, until recently, has this little gem of nature been overlooked? Read on to discover why oat milk should be in your skincare radar and the best products I’ve tried.

When it comes to helping out your skin, oat milk is proving to be quite a Godsend. Features (aka superpowers) include:

Anti-Aging Mission

Think of oat milk infused skincare as the ultimate anti-aging weapon, capable of taking down fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin faster and sleeker than The Avengers can sniff out a bad guy.

Super-Charged Anti-inflammatory Properties

 Inflammation and redness are quelled with undeniable ease. Furthermore, acne breakouts are squished before they get a chance to wreak havoc.

Warrior-Like Antioxidants

 Literally loaded with these skin nourishing, protecting and reparative bad boys. Pollution, lifestyle and UV rays are a piece of cake to deal with.

Humectant Abilities

Can retain crazy amounts of moisture.

Destroyer of Pigmentation

Oat milk greatly reduces pigmentation (and is way cheaper than some lux brands that offer the same results).

 Should you suffer from serious skin complaints that need more stringent attention and greater anti-inflammatory markers, colloidal oatmeal products may be a better option.

Although still new, the potential benefits of incorporating oat milk into your skincare seem too good to overlook. Here are some awesome oat milk products I have tried and loved:

1.Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturizer, $38 (48ml), www.milkmakeup.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Milk Makeup

The mix of beneficial ingredients in this product is blatantly clear. Literally, it can’t help but be awesome. Included is a blend of oat milk and fig milk. These work unequivocally well with the aloe, baobab, jojoba and melon, making it a powerhouse for tackling dryness and plumping mature skin types.

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner, £19 (180ml), www.feelunique.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Feel Unique

First Aid Beauty products came into my radar some time ago and each product I have tried has given incredible results (their oatmeal mask is amazing). Toner often gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. If you want to keep your beautiful skin balanced and even, a toner is kinda vital. Damaged, mature or sensitive skin types will benefit greatly from this super-hydrating and regenerating product.

3.Pai Instant Calm Redness Serum Sea Aster & Wild Oat, £46 (30ml), www.paiskincare.com

this is why oat milk should be in your skincare radar
Credit: Pai

Oh, will there be no end to the problems caused by pesky age? With this serum, it’s not such an issue. Aging leads to skin thinning, which in turn increases inflammation and redness. Not much fun. However, this serum works like a magic wand, quickly dealing with the concern. Fellow rosacea sufferers should definitely give this one a go.

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

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Ever get that gut feeling you are being lied to by your partner? I’m not talking about little fibs – I mean explosive ‘change everything forever’ types of whoppers. The gut instinct develops within us from birth. Darwin’s fight or flight theory to help us stave off would-be predators. Granted, it is not always right. However, if you are in a relationship and you get the overwhelming feeling things aren’t right, they usually aren’t. Here are 5 red flags to look out for:


Credit: Giphy

Suddenly you are being insulted and shouted at for no reason whatsoever that you can imagine. As far as you remember, you didn’t torch his car or bury his favourite Xbox game. So, what’s the deal If he is being aggressive out of the blue? Generally, this is a sign he is feeling guilty about something and this is how is dealing with it. By keeping you at arm’s length and treating you this way there can be no intimate conversations and his behaviour can carry on with minimal thought.

2. Distance

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Unless you have been a total cow to him, or he has not been in your Corona bubble, the explanation may be that he is keeping things from you. He may be a bit blue or overburdened. However, if you add unusual distance to the other signs, it can be a red flag that he really doesn’t want to share. Thus, you are not getting the full story. He may want to end the relationship, or he may be hiding bad behaviour – either way, it shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Obvious Little Lies That Make No Sense

Credit: Giphy

If you are having a convo and he drops himself in it, with little lies for things that seem to have no point – it is often due to them being a cover-up for something far deeper. On the other hand, you could just be living with a compulsive liar – but then you would probably know that by now.

4. Blame

He is telling you his aggression is down to you – but you honestly cannot think of anything you have done that is different. If you keep being blamed, he is simply turning the tables back on you to avoid being under the spotlight. This is a sign he is not man enough to own whatever it is and definitely a sign there is zero respect. Move on.

5. Confusion

Credit: Giphy

This ties in with the other signs. You are completely dumbfounded at what could possibly be going on to warrant this alter ego, split personality attitude. It is total confusion and yet, still his bad behaviour continues. Put this red flag with the others and you have yourself a big problem. The solution? If you want it to work (really if he acts like this, why would you?) then give him the chance to spill. If he carries on, take it as your ticket to leave. There really is no future with a person who is willing to behave so badly. You deserve more!

The Best Vegan Primers I’m Loving This Summer

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Leaping from the background shadows into mainstream limelight is vegan makeup. I’m talking incredible vegan primers that will transform your makeup routine (and summer). When it comes to transparency within the beauty industry, the world is (thankfully) changing. Clean living is now of paramount importance and we are empowered to question whether products are ethically sourced, ensure they are cruelty-free and contain no nasties. The beauty industry has listened and jumped onboard. Now we can have amazing beauty and skincare items – and a clear conscience. Check out some of the incredible vegan beauty primers I am loving:

1.For Dry/Mature Vegan Beauty Fans: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, £41.52 (100ml), www.amazon.co.uk

best vegan primers i'm loving
Credit: Amazon

The scorching weather may be a Godsend (especially as most of us haven’t stepped on a plane for months), but it does mean that we really need a good primer to keep our makeup on our faces! If you have dry or mature skin, you are really going to need this iconic product.

It contains all those super-special ingredients your skin is crying out for right now. Including aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and some B vitamins thrown in for good measure, your complexion is going to be lavished in nourishing hydration. You could be forgiven for thinking this alone makes an awesome skincare treatment, but the best bit is next: Apply and within moments you can add your makeup safe in the knowledge it’s going nowhere until you remember to remove it at bedtime!

2.For The UltimateVegan Glow: Iconic London Prep Set Glow, £22 (120ml), www.lookfantastic.com

favourite vegan primers 2020
Credit: Iconic London

Iconic London is one of my ultimate ‘love it more than ever’ brands. Since trying their contour palette (cream version) when it first came out, I have quite literally never looked back. They make a mean contour palette that can’t be beaten. As far as I’m concerned, this brand can do no wrong. Behold, their dreamy 100% vegan Prep Set Glow. Expect a mist that offers superior refreshment, whilst simultaneously nourishing and revitalising the skin. Furthermore, it’s ingenious light-reflecting particles ensure your makeup is set with exceptional luminosity. Available in original, gold and glow shades.

3. Primer For Enlarged Pores Try Farsali Skintune Blur, $54(30ml), www.farsali.com

best vegan primer products
Credit: Farsali

This awesome vegan primer is quickly becoming an internet superstar. The part-primer, the part-serum product will leave you feeling somewhat dumbfounded as to its main use. Incredible for brightening, hydrating and providing a perfectly even skin tone, it also gets to work blurring out all imperfections like the best eraser, ever! Should you have enlarged pores or stubborn blemishes that won’t seem to budge, this is a must-have for you. Seriously good!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay safe. xx

Now That’s Anti-Aging! The Best Oils That Deliver Amazing Results

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Sifting through the seemingly endless anti-aging facial oils on offer to find ‘the one’ can be a tad tiresome. Instead of having one that actually delivers incredible results, people often (and understandably) give up and settle for satisfactory.skin. However, like anything in life worth having, the key is perseverance. Don’t accept mediocrity – make sure you are using skincare that makes a difference. Layering with serums really provides transformative results. Check out the following natural facial oils that deliver wow-factor results.

A few points to firstly consider:

Facial oils can really up the anti-aging game, particularly when layered with rejuvenating serums. As they have a larger molecular structure, apply them after your serum. Like serums, anti-aging oils should contain certain ingredients. Look for:

Amino acids



Hyaluronic acid


Vitamins C & E

Facial oils that contain even a few of these will hold the key to skin stardom!

The following rejuvenating oils have passed the test with flying colours and work well with moisturisers and serums.

1. Beuti Sleep Elixir, £47(30ml), www.beutiskincare.com

the best anti-aging serums that deliver outstanding results that actually deliver outs
Credit: Beuti Skincare

This is my #1 facial oil that I can’t be without, like – ever! The vegan-friendly formula includes 14 plant-based oils that, (I have to wonder) may just have magical powers! The Duchess of Cambridge is a huge fan – as are beauty editors and experts from far and wide. Basically, if you try this, it will become your hero product. Aging skin needs added moisture. Furthermore, most could do with some anti-inflammatory action. Combined is a Caribbean coral extract which provides outstanding anti-inflammatory powers and even combats the pesky enzyme behind skin cell aging. Apply this potion in the am and pm, then sit back and wait for the compliments. You’re so welcome.

2.Inner Senses 7 Wonders Skin Panacea Face & Body Oil, 34, www.innersenses.co.uk

now that's anti-aging - the best serums that actually deliver
Credit: Inner Senses

Think therapy in a bottle and you won’t go far wrong. This natural product combines 7 skin-nourishing and rejuvenating oils (including Q10) that deliver precisely that. Should your skin be damaged, dry, rough, or just in need of some extra love, the multi-use facial oil is a must-have. I love using this after getting out of the bath as it soaks straight in and works like a dream. Prepare for the look and feel of gorgeousness!

3.Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for Night, £32.32 (10ml), www.amazon.co.uk

now thats anti-aging: the best serums that deliver utstanding results
Credit: Amazon

Natural is the name of the game and this is where Liz Earle always steps up to the mark. She offers amazing vegan-friendly formulas that bring about skin transformation worth your attention. Containing 100% natural and unequivocally nourishing ingredients such as argan and rosehip oil, the Superskin Concentrate repairs, rejuvenates and soothes with ease. This oil combines specifically chosen components that work in unison to create a youthful radiance like no other. Furthermore, you can expect the aroma of lavender and neroli to simultaneously soothe your mind, helping you drift off into a blissful sleep.

4.Omorovicza Facial Oil, £85 (30ml), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

anti-aging rejuvenating serums best
Credit: Cult Beauty

Think of this as an actual bottle of healing oil. Seriously – it’s THAT good. Combining natural and super-powerful minerals found in the healing waters of Omorovicza within a patented HEALING CONCENTRATE, this product is in a league of its own.

Alongside outstanding oils that are brimming with antioxidants and nutrient-rich properties, this formula also contains Bakuchiol. Sourced from the bakuchi seed, this ingredient is revered as the natural alternative to retinol. The results have shown to be remarkable in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. If you can’t get along with retinol, this facial oil should be at the top of your list.

All of these facial oils are outstanding, and I love them all. Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. xx

How To Help A Loved One Who Is Being Emotionally Abused

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The pain of seeing a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship and feeling unable to help is incredibly hurtful. You love your daughter/friend/mum/sister. You can see what is happening and the ending, like you are watching the worst movie ever, but you can’t just get up and walk away. Meanwhiles, it’s as if they are blind.

They have an invisible bubble surrounding them and each time you try to help, you are pushed away and regarded as the enemy. Your loved one believes you are there just to burst this precious bubble. All you see is a toxic mess – certainly not something that should be treasured. Something that should be buried, but not because it is special. Because no one should ever have to experience it again.

The problem, as many of you will know only too well, you will not get through. Each attempt results in their turning on you. The manipulator has weaved a perfect web, played the long game and taken over her world. Constantly niggling, chipping away and planting seeds of doubt. Debasing you and them via little whispers every day.

Credit: Giphy.com

It’s a clever (but somewhat sickening) trick – give them a taste of bliss – of what pure love is and plant it. Water it a little and then rip it out the ground. The threat of them leaving leaves your loved one desperate and willing to accept anything they say. Even at the cost of the people who actually love them dearly. Self-esteem keeps dwindling as they question everyone and themselves, feeling so alone. So, what do you do if you are in this situation?

Credit: Giphy

I have been on both ends of the scale. I have suffered at the hands of a physically and psychologically abusive ‘partner’ for more years than I care to remember. One thing I can share is that this behaviour is enabled far longer than the point of realisation. Instead of escaping, time drags as the persecuted feel there is nowhere to turn, believing they deserve all they get. This turns into a self-perpetuating cycle (as so many things in life). Breaking that cycle is so hard, but it isn’t impossible. People hardly ever change. Patience, time and understanding are crucial factors in recovery.

This is an ongoing issue, so it is still a learning curve for me. I fear the worst and hope for the best. Having extensively researched ways to help, I put these practices in place. Sometimes they work a little, other times not so much. But what they do is press pause on anything deteriorating too much. If you don’t feed the anger, if you keep quiet and just listen when needed, there can be no ammunition when they are back in a brief cosy spell before the next episode. Here is my advice:

1. Don’t Speak Your Thoughts

Credit: Giphy

I know this sounds awful but hear me out. After countless times of seeing a loved one distraught and saying what I think, I concede this does not work. Also suggesting they leave or pointing out the obvious will end up biting you on the bum. Once peace between them is restored his ammunition gets an upgrade: “She wants us to split up because she is jealous.” This doesn’t end well. Only say what you think if asked, and even then, you must be as tactful as possible.

 2. Help by Listening

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Listening is undervalued, it really is. Just listening when they are upset will help. They know they can come to you, without judgement.

3. Be There for Your Loved One

Be there for them, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, let them know they can call you at any point and you will be there. Knowing this will give them a little support and confidence if the situation worsens.

4. Give Them Breathing Space

They will be feeling pressured, stressed and overburdened. The last thing you want to do is give a lecture. Give them space to breathe and reflect.

5. Keep Watch Over the Relationship

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Although becoming too involved will just add to the problem, this does not mean you should ignore things. Keep a slightly distant eye on what is going on and ensure there is always communication between you both. That way you are prepared to step in and act/assist as soon as you get the green light (or if you believe the relationship has reached a level that warrants outside intervention).

I will keep adding to this as events progress. When I discover anything that works or similarly anything that doesn’t, I will post. In the meantime, if anyone is going through this or knows someone who is, be strong. Be kind to yourself. Any thoughts, please leave a comment in the messages below. Stay safe. xx

The Best Bronzers For Dehydrated, Dry, Or Mature Skin

Hey, Lovelies!

There’s nothing quite like a quick sweep of that perfect bronzer to make your inner summer goddess shine. That said, if your skin suffers from dryness or happens to be mature, you need to choose wisely. Apply the wrong one and your complexion will be saying less goddess and more ‘my skin issues are now available in widescreen.’

For those with dehydrated, dry or maturing skin, the advice is to steer clear of powders. Instead, you need to find a cream bronzer – and luckily, below is a list of the absolute best of the bunch. They instantly transform ‘meh’ into mesmerising. Seriously, the creators of these bronzers ought to be knighted. Ah, the sweet, sweet magic of makeup!

1.Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream Cream-Gel Bronzer, Universal, £37.80, www.johnlewis.com

the best bronzers for deydrated, dry, or mature skin
Credit: Chanel

Looking for that flawlessly natural sun-kissed glow? Nothing achieves it quite like Chanel (yup, I am a serious fan). Lightweight, luxurious and creating a gorgeous, glowing complexion; what more could you want? Better yet, the shade is ‘Universal’ meaning it suits everyone, no searching or stress required.

2.Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer, £36, www.chantecaille.co.uk

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry or mature skin
Credit: Chantecaille

This is such a great product. It gives you a natural luminosity whilst enriching your skin with much-needed moisture. The formula can be worn with or without foundation – enhancing your tan or providing a beautiful glow to fairer skin types, you can expect a radiant and smooth finish for a good 12 hours. Job done!

3.Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer, £28, www.spacenk.com

the best bronzing creams for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Space NK

I literally have the fairest skin in the world – which is a total pain in the ass and prevents me from ever tanning. However, since discovering Nars’ liquid bronzer, life is definitely better. The liquid bronzer has quite a cult following. It effortlessly blends into the skin, achieving an incredible golden and healthy complexion. Furthermore, the formula is loaded with antioxidants and hydrating properties that kick any dryness straight into touch. This is another great product that can be worn with or without your foundation. Perfect for days like these!

4.Essence Bronzer Brush, £3.50, www.feelunique.com

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Feel Unique

There are some fabulous (and pricey) bronzing brushes out there. However, you do not need to spend bags of wages on a good brush. This one from Essence enables Insta-worthy results that stand up to any by Benefit or Glossier. The money you save can go towards next year’s holiday.

All 3 of these cream bronzers are out-of-this-world awesome. However, I would have to say my favourite is the Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. It perfectly suits my skin tone and sweeps away any inkling of dryness in seconds!

Have you tried any of these and which one do you love the most? Leave me a message and as always, have a stellar Sunday. Stay safe.  Xx

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