5 signs you may be perimenopausal

5 Signs You May Be Perimenopausal

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As women, there is one thing we all face (apart from hair removal), and it goes by the name of the menopause. Perimenopause refers to when a woman’s ovary production decreases and she is nearing menopause (I say near, although this can last for years). Usually, perimenopausal symptoms begin around the age of 45 (you know it’s a big deal with there is a term given to the lead up to the medical eventuality). That said, it can occur earlier or later in life.

After reading about a girl who has gone through the menopause, aged just 15-years-old, we thought we would shine a light on this hideous time in every woman’s life. The process can cause a plethora of unwanted mental and physical problems, which may last for years. On the plus side – at least periods will be a thing of the past. In short, being forewarned can only be a good thing, and may answer a whole host of questions such as, ‘Am I losing my marbles?” Read on to discover 5 signs you may be premenopausal:

1.The First Perimenopausal Sign: Irregular Periods

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This generally is the first thing women notice – and definitely makes each week more interesting.

2.Dry or Thinner Skin and Hair Loss

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If you have noticed that your skin is so dry, you have contemplated using an emollient and it is looking thinner in areas, take note. Another red flag is hair loss or thinning. I know what you’re thinking – women are so lucky! Don’t despair – reach for a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, a bottle of Olaplex for your hair and a large glass of wine for your head.

3. Extreme Sweating

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According to the majority of people, this is one of the worst signs to contend with. Doable if you are traipsing through the bleak winter snow, but not so great if you are sat at your office desk with no escape. If you haven’t got another underlying condition such as a serious infection, these intense bursts of heat or sweating will be a dead giveaway

4.Lack of Concentration

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You don’t know why but you just don’t feel like yourself. You can’t concentrate, tasks take longer, and focus feels like something only spoken of in books. Yup, could well have perimenopausal symptoms. Be kind to yourself and try to set some time each day for meditation. Mindfulness will help you to regain clarity and restore some peace to your world.

5. Mood Swings

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Perimenopause affects everyone differently. Some people breeze through it whilst others feel like they are on a never-ending rollercoaster in the depths of hell. Are your emotions all over the place without any reason? Do you find yourself freaking out in fits of anger or sobbing? You could be nearing the menopause (oh joy).

As previously mentioned, make a point of giving yourself some TLC. Get some space, light candles, go for a walk on the beach or meditate. When you feel yourself slipping into negative thinking, quickly replace those thoughts with positive ones. Keep doing this and your transition will be faster and far less exhausting. Remember our thoughts manifest into reality, so stay positive.

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