5 Tips For Reigniting Your Relationship

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What is it about time that causes everything valued to head south? Alas, relationships don’t seem to escape this gravitational pull. Stacking up the mileage can drain the colours until all you are looking at is a variety of grey. Don’t get me wrong; a long-term, committed and solid relationship can be the most incredible thing – but keeping it from turning stale takes consistent work. Finding someone you completely trust and not screwing it up is hard enough. So, should you have that, it is definitely worth investing in keeping it lit. Ensure you know these 5 crucial tips for relighting the fire.

1.Pay Attention

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One of the most overlooked things that fall by the wayside is to pay attention to your SO. Work-life monotony dictates the majority of conversational content to be more or less the same, which in turn, causes us to switch off. Add voicing some mutual petty grievances over the housework or bills to the mix and you very quickly have a dish no one wants to stomach. Okay, enough of the metaphors – avoid this rookie mistake by giving your OH undivided attention. Put your phone down, make them a cuppa and ask them about their day – then actually listen, like you are interested (even if you aren’t). Doing this will reform a connection, show interest and go a long way to start the sparks once more.

2. Dance & Drink

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Following the dredge of a long day’s work, the last thing we might feel like doing is glamming up and going out on the town. It’s far too easy to slip into the comfort of routine, especially if you have a busy week. That said, having a night out together, where you can have a drink and unwind offers a fast-track escape from the mundane and will put your relationship back in the red-hot zone. Dancing means you don’t need to worry about a conversation, you have to be close to each other, and it’s likely to be fun!

3. Lose the Serious

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2020 apocalypse-style features aside, when did life get so serious? Learn that worry and stress will not alter situations. All it will do is add angst to your personal life. Try to see the funny side of things and don’t get so worked up over the petty. Take some time for meditation or just some headspace to get life back into perspective. I’m not saying this is a magic cure, but it certainly helps.

4. Prioritise

Realise life is not, in fact, limitless and that stressing about whose turn it is to wash up doesn’t warrant an argument. Everything has its place, and do you really want a breakup or stress-induced stroke over last night’s dinner? Be more peaceful and let some things go.

5.Turn Off the News and Play Some Music

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Being inundated with doom and gloom provides no benefits. The news tends to wrap your world in a dark blanket of negativity. It is like bringing a fire extinguisher to happy relationships. It definitely isn’t conducive to the mood of lurrrve. Instead, turn off the TV and play some mutually loved music to bring on the flames of passion.

Okay, I could go on about the blatant things like buying some sexy underwear, stretch the boundaries a little in the bedroom and try some new moves, or toys, to spice up the sex. However, if the aforementioned tips are not being met, the sexy underwear is likely to stay in the drawer and you will be asleep before your gran!

The Best K-Beauty Buys Are Currently A Steal

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Anyone who has dipped their toes in the tantalising lagoon of K-beauty will know it offers a treasure chest of veritable skincare wealth. From sheet masks to snail serum, when it comes to innovative beauty, the Koreans are ahead of the game. Most of my favourite reviews are of K-beauty items – seriously they never fail to surprise and delight me! Read on to discover my current favourite K-beauty products that are massively discounted right now!

1.Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ £10.53, 60ml (Usually £26.32), www.yesstyle.com

Should you have sensitive skin, this water-based sunscreen is a must-have. The vegan-friendly formula contains Centella Asiatica, renowned for its incredible wound healing properties. The ingredient provides exceptional anti-inflammatory and skin-strengthening benefits.

Also combining diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl and Ethylhexyl triazone means that UVA rays are thwarted and UVA/UVB rays are further absorbed. Premature aging and environmentally caused skin issues can do one!

2. NEOGEN Surmedic Azulene Soothing Peptide Ampoule, £13.09 (Was £32.72) 80ml, www.yesstyle.com

the best k-beauty buys currently on offer
Credit: Yes Style

If you are looking for A-MAZING anti-aging skincare, look no further than this product. When applying ingredients, it’s a good idea to not use too many different components. This formula includes Centella Asiatica, making it a great ampoule to use with the above sunscreen.

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, there are some star ingredients that are proven to work – and yes, this takes its place on centre stage for having many of those wonderous properties. Blue capsules combining a rich supply of azulene and 10 kinds of peptides ensure your complexion is getting the love it needs. Furthermore, highly beneficial ceramides offer incredible moisturising and rejuvenating qualities. I’m in heaven!

3.Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, £3.49 (Was £8.72), www.yesstyle.com

The best k-beauty buys urrently on sale
Credit: Yes Style

As we transition into the next season and reach for the central heating dial, we also need to consider our changing skin needs. Harsh winds followed by indoor heating can play havoc, resulting in cracked, dry and totally unkissable lips. Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is the go-to treatment to keep your pout in perfect condition. Bursting with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients, you will feel nourished and pampered for the rest of the year. Grab it while it’s on offer!

4.Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Gold Eye Patch, £12.72 (60pcs), www.yesstyle.com

the best k-beauty buys currently on offer
Credit: Yes Style

I couldn’t talk about K-beauty without mentioning snail mucin! Combining this freakishly weird (yet bizarrely fascinating) ingredient to optimise regeneration, these 24k gold eye patches are worth the hype. Mizon has thought of and diverted away from every potential skincare disaster. The pads are formulated with bamboo, grapefruit and mushroom extracts to provide exceptional, brightening, moisturising and strengthening abilities. They have also enriched the pads with peptides for good measure! At £12.72, the pads are a steal. A great Christmas present to gift your beauty fanatic friend (better buy 2).


Happy Skincare days!

4 New Autumn Beauty Launches To Fall For

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Autumn may be bringing with it a grisly second helping of Covid-19 (which I’m sure wasn’t requested for September’s upcoming events). Fortunately, fall also scheduled some incredible beauty launches. Whilst it’s no vaccine, it does go some way in restoring that infinitely needed world balance. Read on to discover some awesome new beauty items, to ensure you keep feeling the love!

1.Wonderskin Wonder Blading Brow Masque and Applicator, $35.50 ($79.50 When Sold Separately), www.wonderskin.com

4 new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Wonderskin

If the blend of lockdown boredom and frustration ever had you teetering on the cliff edge of risqué, contemplating that at-home microblading kit you saw on Amazon, this kit may be worth your time. Effective, simple and quick to use, the Wonderskin package is foolproof (as long as you don’t attempt it after a few glasses of vino). The temporary tattoo lasts for up to 48 hours, providing incredible results that will have you feeling like a pro. Better yet, you don’t need to wait for weeks for that microblading appointment. You will also save enough cash to buy this year’s Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar. Pandemic – what pandemic?

Wonderskin is including their new Brow Pomade, Dual Brow Brush and Swiper Towel, too. The vegan-friendly, budge-proof, transfer-proof eyebrow saviour kit is available in 3 shades.

2.Nars Climax Extreme Mascara, £10 (Mini), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

4 new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Cult Beauty

The name of this product alone will have you wanting to log on and buy – I mean, who wouldn’t want extreme climax? Jokes aside, Nars is one of the brands who sit firmly on the ‘genius products’ shelf, making this mascara a top priority for all beauty fans, editors and makeup artists, alike. The Nars mascara launched on August 30th.

3.Milk Hydro Grip Setting & Refresh Spray, $36, www.milkmakeup.com

4 amazing new autumn beauty launches to fall for
Credit: Milk

The creators over at Milk get it so right, every time. Their awesome hemp-infused primer answered so many makeup-related prayers; it was a global sensation from the outset. Now, they’ve hit the internet’s golden buzzer again – this time with a setting spray of vegan dreams.

With anti-aging and skin supportive ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, and of course cannabis seed extract, it deserves its own star on the Walk of Fame. By omitting alcohol from the formula, the setting spray cleverly side-steps any of that dreaded amplified dryness. The outcome is a genuinely non-cakey, flawless luminosity that stays perfect for hours. Have we found the Holy One? I think we just might have!

4.Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain, £17, www.revolve.com

incredible september beauty products
Credit: Revolve

With the obligatory face mask law in place, it may be tempting to skip the lippy altogether. This is where the genius lip stain demonstrates its true purpose for creation. Once applied, Anastasia’s lip stain is on your pout to stay. Fulfilling its destiny to be totally unperturbed by threats of sabotage from face coverings. This beautiful new lip stain certainly has some staying power. Rest assured your lips will remain irresistible for many, many hours. N.B: It is available in 6 gorgeous shades and includes sodium hyaluronate.

Have you tried any of these awesome new products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message and happy Friday people. xx

6 Signs Of Controlling Behaviour That Slip Under The Radar

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Most people know the main signs of controlling behaviour such as aggression and isolating their partner. These often are the first and most obvious behaviours that are noticed. However, a true manipulator is in it for the long haul. This means that other equally destructive red flags can be operated in the background and over time, without obvious detection. Belittlement, mind games and questioning often are passed off as the consequence of a row – but the impact of consistently being on the receiving end is devastating. Read on to discover 6 signs of controlling behaviours that slip under the radar.

1. Control by Belittlement

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“Why don’t’ you get your hair and nails done for once?”

“You’ve been a disaster your whole life.”

“Why don’t you stop trying to do a job that’s impossible to achieve and get a normal job like everyone else?”

“You’re so soft on him, you are bringing him up to be a right…”

“Why are you eating that? Don’t buy it again.”

An occasional remark out of frustration is understandable, but constant little digs will eventually create a black hole in your soul. Keep an eye on this. Know that it is not your fault. He would be saying the same thing to any girlfriend. It is not personal, just his issues. However, do not accept this under any circumstances or it will change you.

2. Constant Questions Slip Under the Radar

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Let’s get this straight: if you say you are nipping to the shop and come home 6 hours later (unless you live in the Outer Hebrides) you should expect a question or two. However, if it’s more like this:

“It doesn’t take that long to get chips; you’ve been gone 9 minutes. Where else have you been?”

It means (quite clearly) you have a problem.

If it feels like you live with an officer and are constantly interrogated, this is a sign of controlling behaviour. Unless you have recently cheated and your partner is struggling to deal, constant questions are totally wrong.

3.Controlling Finances

6 signs of controlling behaviour that slip under the radar
credit: Wikipedia.org

This red flag is textbook controlling behaviour. He has bagged a huge slice of control if you have no money and need to ask. Under NO circumstances should you allow this. Get a savings account or give your family a pot, and put in a few pounds each week – until you are ready to get the hell out of there!

4. You’re Crazy

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Incessantly being told you are crazy, insane, totally paranoid will gradually wear you down. You will begin to think it, and your thoughts are what create our reality. Be careful here. Please do not believe a word of it and know how wonderful you are. This is simply their way of manipulating you or hiding their own misdeeds. Try spending 5 minutes each day thinking of some things that make you a lovely person and know this to be your truth.

5. It’s the Little Things

Aggression and control come in many forms. On their own comments about your cleaning, cooking, driving or ironing may not seem too out of hand. But if you are hearing nothing but complaints all the time, you are bound to feel worthless. Again, you must remember it is not actually about you. This is a huge insecurity issue your OH has all by himself. You do not need this in your life.

6.Defamatory Lies About You and To You

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Okay, this is a bad one whereby seed is planted in other peoples’ minds about you. Before you know wat’s happening (and with the help of social media) you are branded whatever they have chosen for you. Be it an abuser, alcoholic, crazy person – whatever. The worse thing is, by this point all the other controlling behaviours will have you acting totally out-of-character. This makes the lies more believable for those who don’t know you. It is often very difficult to get evidence or to source this, due to the time it takes to realise. Be on your guard, because if the other signs are there, this one may be lurking in the shadows too!

A Beauty Editor’s Evening Skincare Routine (For Tackling Dryness)

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As a beauty editor, I have the honour of trying and testing pretty much every beauty product that flashes a green light within my product-obsessed radar. As such, I get to know what’s worth the bucks…and the beauty items to avoid. As autumn approaches, my complexion is looking slightly dry and dull. It’s time to switch up my evening skincare routine – and these are the items that deliver fast and effective results.

1. Cleansing Skincare: Dr Felix Bertram’s Viliv, Clean Off the Day, £33 (200ml), www.cosmania.ni

dr felix clean off day cleanser, beauty editor evening skincare routine for dryness
L A Beauty

On the first day the Lord said, “Let there be light,” and then the leading Swiss skincare expert, Dr Felix Bertram created this incredible cleanser. No seriously, it is that good. The vegan formula works well on every skin type, thoroughly yet gently cleansing away all impurities and ensuring the skin (and the world) is restored to one of harmonious balance. September has brought me the delights of a dry and dull complexion(yay). Fortunately, I was able to reach in my beauty arsenal and grab this little gem.

Combining the exact natural ingredients to guarantee a healthy and nourished luminosity, the cleanser achieves a calm and balanced complexion everyone would love.

2. Serum For Skincare: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid +B5, £5.90, www.lookfantastic.com

the ordinary hyaluronic acid a beauty editors evening skincare routine
Credit: Amazon

Tackling dryness, dullness or premature aging is quite simple – the key component needed is moisture. Thus, your skincare routine needs to include this proven ingredient, whilst consuming more water and less coffee! Apply a good hyaluronic acid serum in the evening before adding your overnight mask or rich moisturiser. Give it a week and then enjoy some much-appreciated compliments.

3. Tackle Dryness With DHC Astaxanthin All-in-One Gel, £51.92 (120ml), www.yesstyle.com

a beauty editors evening skincare routine for dryness
Credit: Yes Style

If you haven’t yet heard of this wonder ingredient, listen up – because your skin will seriously love you for it! Studies have shown astaxanthin to greatly improve skin elasticity, whilst thwarting the dreaded signs of aging with impressive power. Sourced from green algae, it is 6000 times more potent than vitamin C, providing the ultimate in anti-aging and protective abilities. When combined with DHC’s included hyaluronic acid, the results are literally phenomenal. Expect any dryness, dehydration, dullness or general signs of aging to be replaced with a veil of ultra-hydrated radiance.

Have you tried any of these awesome products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. As always, stay safe guys xx

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