Review of Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

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The dreaded winter skin look appears to have taken up permanent residence on my face; thus, I couldn’t have been more excited to review Smashbox’s new Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. Just as I began to wonder if cosmetic procedures were needed, Smashbox’s foundation swooped in and actually delivered on its promised abilities. This foundation is SO impressive. Read on:

Ultra-lightweight, oh-so soft, this high-performance and oil-free foundation is definitely one to behold. You will find that just a little will go a long way, and with 40 shades from which to choose, along with a huge variety of undertones, you are certain to find the perfect match.

review smashbox 24 hour wear hydrating foundation
Credit: Tiger Room

I am a sucker for too much Red Bull and not enough water – and if my skin could talk it would be screaming, “Stop dehydrating me, NOW.”. Additionally, pores are my sworn enemy. For these reasons, Smashbox’s liquid formula really comes to my rescue. Fine lines, pesky pores and dehydrated skin fade into the shadows like a distant bad dream. The Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation ROCKS. It literally sinks into the skin, to morph and achieve that flawless second skin look with minimal effort required!

Key Features:

review smashbox studion skin 24 hour hydrating foundation
Credit: Smashbox

1. Ultra-lightweight

2. 40 Shades

3. Seamless blend

4. 24 Hour Wear

5. Hydrating

6. Does not settle into pores

7. Medium-to-full coverage

8. Oil-Free

9. Cruelty-free


smashbox foundation shade
Credit: Smashbox

Smashbox’s Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation actually delivers awesome results. Although I didn’t wear it for a full 24 hours, it lasted from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. the same day. By this time, I was exhausted, and my bed was calling. However, unlike other foundations, this formula worked like a total dream. I checked my reflection several times throughout the day/evening and there was no caking; my complexion looked just as perfect as when I had first applied it. One word – incredible!

smashbox photo finish pore minimizer
Credit: Tiger Room

For optimal results use alongside the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Pore Minimizer, £28,

Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation is priced at £29.50 (30ml) and is available at

Have you tried this foundation and are you as hooked as me? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Friday people xx

Make 2020 A Year Of Ultimate Beauty With These Awesome New Products

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I hope 2020 has got off to a great start for you all (despite the weather). If not, give yourself a boost and make this a year for ultimate beauty. Shake up your makeup bag and make way for some awesome new products. Because, let’s face it – work/life balance may suck – but it’s so much better when you look and feel amazing!

1.Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer, £32,

2020 awesome new beauty products hourglass concealer
Credit: Hourglass Cosmetics

Seriously, I swear Hourglass must’ve been thinking about me when they created this genie in a bottle concealer. Think seamless blending, imperfections well and truly hidden and flawless results. The weightless formula even contains micro spherical powders that fill in those pesky lines, providing a smooth luminous finish. Long-lasting, highly pigmented, full coverage, and available in 22 shades – what’s not to love?

2.Dr Sebagh Supreme Night Secret, £195 (50ml),

make 2020 a year of ultimate beauty with awesome products, dr sebagh secret night cream
Credit: Selfridges

Should the winter cause your skin to recoil like an unwanted snakeskin – you are not alone. These harsh conditions (not unlike the Artic) has got to the best of us, resulting in dryness on a whole new level. Behold, Dr. Sebagh’s Supreme Night Cream. Voted the best night cream by Harper Bazaar, this cream is in a league of its own. The formula combines advanced chronobiological cell stimulant to achieve cell renewal, thwarts aging of the cell’s nucleus and literally transforms your complexion. I don’t know how it does this, but it does and I love it! Pricey but WOW!

3.Sarah Chapman Liquid Facial D-Stress Super Active Mist, £42,

2020 ultimate products, sarah chapman skinesis d-stress mist
Credit: Sarah Chapman

Don’t lose the effects of the above-mentioned gorgeous night cream. Instead, check out Sarah Chapman’s amazing Liquid Facial D-Stress Mist. I absolutely adore her products. Achieving superior results with scientifically proven ingredients, Sarah Chapman’s skincare items never disappoint. This mist from the Skinesis collection, makes light work of rehydrating the skin with hyaluronic moisture magnets, peptides and skin soothing actives. The outcome is a complexion that is awakened, hydrated and looking amazing!

4. Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant, £36.40 (200ml),

new products this year, ultimate, kerasatas genesis nousrishing hair mask
Credit: Kerastase

OMG. If there’s one new haircare product you need to try, it is this one. Wave goodbye to the effects of over-heating and bracing cold climates mixed with pumped up heating systems blasting away any goodness. This nourishing and strengthening formula provide precious ingredients such as Edelweiss native cells, ginger root and Aquaxyl that deeply enrich your strands with unbelievable softness. You will discover less breakage, reduced hair-fall and supremely beautiful locks. Love this!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a fantastic Wednesday, all. xx



Neuropeptides: Why They Can Transform Your Skin

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Delving into the world of peptides and neuropeptides: Why they Can Transform Your Skin, NO BS!

Our mission: To keep our skin looking gorgeous for as long as possible, defying age. Or maybe time has marched on and you need something to turn back the clock? Luckily, there are a few key ingredients that are proven to help in our quest – peptides and neuropeptides are components not to ignore. They can literally transform your skin.

The majority of us know about the benefits of hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C. However, peptides and neuropeptides often are forgotten. This is bizarre, given the extensive studies that prove their anti-aging powers. Read on:

We are becoming increasingly aware of what ingredients actually help our skin and over the past few years peptides and neuropeptides have grown in popularity.

What are Peptides?

Basically, they are chains of amino acids that build protein (think of Lego). Proteins are fundamental in forming and maintaining healthy skin, hair, etc.

Amino acids aid in building proteins that achieve specific functions. Some are entirely for optimal skin tone and texture (damn, these must be the amino acids that missed the boat with my body!). Peptides are crucial in keeping your skin looking fabulous.

What Do They Do?

As regards to our skin, peptides strengthen proteins needed to maintain a healthy and youthful complexion. Although they naturally occur, nothing lasts forever, and aging causes their formation to slow down.

What Are Neuropeptides?

Neuropeptides are a little more complex. In skincare terms, they work by communicating with  skin cell and basically managing their function. Furthermore, they can affect the skin’s neurotransmitters, relaxing nerve cells and thus creating a more rejuvenated complexion.

When added to anti-aging products, neuropeptides are showing significant benefits. We are seeing just how successful they are in tackling the pesky signs of aging. Another few years and they will be as well-known as retinol for dealing with the dreaded age-factor.

The Best Neuropeptide And Peptide Products Are As Follows:

1.Perricone MD Neuropeptide Night Cream, $180,

neuropeptide cream perricone md
Credit: Perricone MD

This super-powerful product is literally in a league of its own. The combined neuropeptides work hard whilst you snooze, strengthening your skin’s defence system, blocking the communication pathways that cause the onslaught of wrinkles, and generally rejuvenating your complexion. This amazing night cream also comes with DMAE to effectively aid in tackling skin that is losing its firmness. It may come with a high price tag – but it is SO worth it! #Gorgeous!

2.The Ordinary, Buffet, £12.70 (30ml),

neuropeptides the ordinary skin transformation
Credit: The Ordinary

Pretty impressive on every level, this multi-peptide serum offers an outstanding variety of actual anti-aging benefits at the cost of a Costa with your friends. I’m not sure how the Ordinary achieve such incredible results at this price but achieve it they do.

Including 11 amino acids, hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000, you can expect some seriously good-looking skin.

3.MD3 Firm3 Neuropeptide Serum With Growth Factor (EGF), £14.99,

transform your skin with neuropeptide serum md3 firm serum
Credit: Amazon

When looking for the few products that provide neuropeptide properties, you will discover they generally come at a high price. Not so with this little gem. MD3’s formula contains the biomimetic peptide that triggers the youth hormone and EGF (a K-beauty favourite). These work in unison to noticeably improve the skin in every way. You will be amazed at the difference this serum will make.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday everyone. x

Achieve Flawless Contouring With Iconic London’s Multi-Use Cream Contour Palette

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Contouring is now a part of most peoples’ makeup routine. I don’t know about you, but when I have spent ages applying the correct skincare and makeup, I don’t want a faff – I want fast results that don’t leave me looking like someone has gone over my face with a road marker.

  Achieving that flawlessly contoured and highlighted look needn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Iconic London’s Multi-Use Cream Contour Palette ensures you create incredible, Insta-worthy results with minimal effort. This palette has to be one of the best I have reviewed (and I have reviewed A LOT).

A good contouring kit is one of the key items all beauty fanatics swear by. Should you be searching for your next contouring and highlighting palette, Iconic London’s is totally dreamy. (Powder alternative is also available, £33.50, (

iconic london multi-use cream contour palette to achieve flawless contouring
Credit: Tiger Room Blog

This much sought-after multi-use palette is adored by pretty much everyone –  celebs, make-up artists and the public. When it comes to sculpting some serious gorgeousness, look no further than Iconic London!

Despite being super creamy in texture, the six shades come in a highly pigmented form; thus, you only need to apply a little to achieve an awesome finish. Combining three shades to conceal, highlight and provide the perfect amount of luminosity, this kit will quickly become a cherished beauty possession. Also included are three shades that provide flawless contouring and definition. The luxuriously rich hues blend seamlessly, offering amazing results that last all night.


flawless look  iconic London multi-use cream contour palette
Credit: The Tiger Room

Highly Pigmented

Conceals, Highlights and Brightens

Contour, defines and Shades

Long-lasting Coverage

So Easy To Blend

Suits All Skin Tones

Flawless Results

This has to be my stand-out contouring palette. It works so well with drier skin types. Should you have oily skin, the powder palette may be more suitable.

Iconic London’s Multi-Use Cream Contour Palette is priced at £33.50 ( However, it is currently on offer at Feel Unique, priced £26.80. Grab it while you can! For optimal results apply with Iconic London’s vegan friendly Pro Evo Buffer Brush, £32.50, This Evo Brush is a literal game-changer.

evo brush for contour
Credit: Iconic London

Get ready for gorgeous cheekbones, unrivalled luminosity and general amazing-ness!

4 Of The Best Glycolic Acid Serums – And Why You Need Them In Your Life

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When it comes to aging and pigmentation, glycolic acid is a literal skin saviour. For exfoliating, tackling the dreaded pores and general skin concerns, these serums are the way forward. Here are some of the best that you need in your life right now:

1.Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum, £70 (30ml),

the best glycolic acid serums - sunday riley ceo brightening serum
Credit: Cult Beauty

Are you in need of effective treatment for pesky fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone? This outstanding product provides glycolic acid to exfoliate and deep delivery of the best ingredients. The outcome is radiant and smooth skin.  Furthermore, you will rejoice at your thoroughly rejuvenated complexion. This product is THAT GOOD!

2.Murad Active Radiance Serum, £80 (30ml),

glycolic acid serum murad advanced serum
Credit: murad

Yes, it’s a tad pricey – but my God, it is worth it. Combining glycolic acid and Resilient-C™ (a ground-breaking ingredient that is fifty times as powerful as vitamin C), you will love the optimal exfoliating, skin brightening and protective results this little gem of a serum will deliver. Within a week of using this product I was receiving compliments from pretty much everyone!

3.Alpha-H Liquid Gold, £33,

best glycolic acid alpha-h liquid gold
Credit: Look Fantastic

This multitasking formula works on so many levels. Basically, an exfoliator, a toner, moisturiser and serum in one – is there nothing this product can’t do? Combining glycolic acid and natural liquorice, this overnight resurfacing treatment offers rejuvenating results so good – you may think your skin has been sprinkled with magical fairy dust in the night. Expect some seriously radiant luminosity.

4.Rodial Glycolic Deluxe Booster Drops, £75,

best glycolic acid serum - rodial
Credit: Rodial

Should you want a product that targets signs of aging and works to resurface the skin – this is one of the best that I’ve had the joy of reviewing.. Containing 10% Glycolic Complex this potent formula successfully treats aging concerns, revealing a more rejuvenated and smoother complexion that boasts beautiful luminosity by morning!

Have you tried any of these 4 incredible serums?  Leave me a message in the comments below and have a fantastic Sunday all. Xx

Everything You Need To Achieve The ‘Glass Skin’ Look

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Yesterday has we all obsessed over the glass hair trend. Now it’s 2020 and K-Beauty has brought us fresh inspo in the form of ‘glass skin’. The trend sparked interest several years ago, but now the passion for ‘glass skin’ is trending across the globe. Read on to discover exactly what this new beauty trend entails and which products we need to get it.

What Is Glass Skin?

how to get the glass skin look

The term ‘glass skin’ basically refers to a super-clear, expensive looking and flawlessly polished face. The kind of complexion that would put a Disney princess to shame. I’m talking serious perfection. You are probably thinking, ‘yeah, right – as if!’. But with the help of these ingenious products and steps, you will be surprised at just how attainable the ‘glass skin’ look is!

1.Sleep Mask: Glow Recipe Watermelon+ AHA Sleeping Mask, £20.50 (30ml),

everything you need to achieve glass skin, glow recipe watermelon sleep mask
Credit: Cult Beauty

If you want to achieve the polished ‘glass skin’ look, a complexion that is totally clear and smooth is kind of vital. Behold Glow Recipe Watermelon + AHA Sleeping Mask. Apply this mask and it will remove those pesky dead skin cells. Next it will firm, hydrate and smooth the skin with natural amino acids and hyaluronic acid – all whilst you sleep! Awaken to sheer perfection, with no effort required. Now, that’s my kind of product.

2.In The Morning Double Cleanse: Neogen Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil, £40 (300ml),

best skincare products for the perfect double cleanse - neogen cica
Credit: Net-a-porter

When you are on a mission for clear and plump skin, reach for a cleanser that contains the much sought-after cica component. Featuring an array of hydrating qualities, the NeoGen Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil works a treat. Due to its remarkable results, cica is an ingredient that is quickly becoming a sensation amongst those in-the-know. Trust me, you will understand why, when you give this a go.

3.Hydrating Toner: Fresh Rose Deep Hydrating Facial Toner, £34 (250ml),

evrything to achieve glass skin, fresh rose deep hydrating toner
Credit: Space NK

Bursting with skin-loving hydrating and natural ingredients, this gentle toner effectively nurtures the skin, minimizes pores and achieves maximum moisture levels. Including ingredients such as angelica leaf, hyaluronic acid, rose petals and rosewater, this toner will help you achieve an incredible ‘glass skin’ finish. Expect to be overjoyed!

4.Hydrating Serum: Oskia Get Up And Glow Radiance And Energy Booster, £69,

everything you need for glass skin, Oskia et up and glow
Credit: Look Fantastic

Good Hydration and a surge of moisture are key to acquiring this look. So too, are light reflecting pigments to complete the sheer ‘glass skin’ complexion. Oskia may be slightly pricey – but their products are totally worth it. This amazing formula contains: hyaluronic acid for intense hydration; Riboxil to enhance oxygen delivery to cells; their household ingredient MSN to successfully firm and smooth; antioxidants to protect, and light-reflecting pigments to complete an optimal luminosity. Wow.

5.Drink The H2O

achive glass skin, drinki h2o

Yes, it’s a tough job trying to ditch the coffee in favour of plain old water. However, this one tip could not be more important. Not only will it help you achieve and maintain the ‘glass skin’ complexion, but you will look and feel healthier too!

Et voila – you have achieved a seriously gorgeous ‘glass skin’ look that needs no filter. Yay!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Have a lovely weekend all xx

The Best Beauty Products For The Perfect Double Cleanse

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The Best Beauty Products For The Perfect Double Cleanse (For Dry And Oily Skin Types)

Following my article, ‘Double Cleanse Your Way To Beautiful Skin,’ here are some of the best skincare products to achieve the best double cleanse and thus, amazing skin. The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser to rid the skin of pollutants and sebum. The second step is a water-based cleanser to diminish remaining dirt and impurities. Read on.

1.For The Lazy Girl Who Doesn’t Want The Hassle: The Inkey List Oil And Water Double Cleanser, £9.99,

double cleanse your way to beautiful skin inkey list double cleanser
Credit: Cult Beauty

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE The Inkey List. It offers straightforward products that deliver amazing results, without any unnecessary confusion. All this, without the hefty price tag attached. The forceful formula truly packs a punch in clearing away all impurities, whilst simultaneously restoring moisture levels. Combining sea buckthorn and sweet almond oils to effectively cleanse and panthenol to deliver moisture, this non-drying product provides next level brilliance for your skin!

2.Oil-Based Cleanser For Oily Skin Choose: Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil (PHA), $25,

double cleanse k-beauty skincare products -hanskin oil cleanser
Credit: So Ko Glam

Oily skin types often suffer more from breakouts. Therefore, you need this in your life. Combining PHA (polyhydroxyacids) this ingredient ensures effective exfoliation and in turn the reduction of blackheads and dead skin cells. The formula contains tea tree to successfully keep further spots at bay, and jojoba oil to gently hydrate and keep your skin looking luminous. Simply gorgeous.

2.Water-Based Cleanser For Oily Skin Choose: Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water, £16.32,

skincare products for double cleanse perfect, benton tea tree water
Credit: Look Fantastic

Tea tree is an amazing antibacterial ingredient that works literal wonders for skin that is susceptible to breakouts. Including 70% tea tree leaf water, this outstanding non-fragranced formula goes above and beyond its task of removing impurities. The component acts to infuse the skin with tea tree leaf extract oil that thwart the onset of acne with super-hero intent. The pH level is -6.

4.Oil-Based Cleanser For Dry Skin Choose: NeoGen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil, £41,

best skincare products for the perfect double cleanse - neogen cica
Credit: Net-a-porter

Calling out to all fellow dry skin sufferers – this is an absolute game- changer. Including micellar technology and one of the most sought-after K-beauty ingredients, cica, this is one formula not to be missed. Cica is receiving gold-standard reviews due to its exceptional hydrating and anti-inflammatory abilities.

5.Water-Based Cleanser For Dry Skin Choose: Son & Park Beauty Water, $30,

skincare products perfect double cleanse- son & park beauty water
Credit: So Ko Glam

This award-winning formula combines both cleansing water and toner. This hero product brings willow bark to the table to gently exfoliate and papaya extract to rid any remaining dead skin cells, so all you have is bright and clear skin. Furthermore, lavender water, rose water and orange fruit extract join forces to achieve optimal hydration and moisture!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave a message in the comments below. xx

Double Cleanse Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Hey Lovelies!

2020 is here and so too are some key beauty trends worth taking seriously. K-beauty brands were on the mark when they introduced the double cleansing formula for beautiful skin. Is it worth the hype and time? In short, the answer is a big fat YES, should you want beautiful and radiant skin. Discover what is meant be double cleansing and why you seriously need it in your life!

Why Double-Cleanse?

double cleanse for beautiful skin a gif o jim carrey
Credit: Giphy

Korea got it right with their skincare routine and introduced the rest of the world to the advantages of double cleansing. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but their 10-step routine proved too much for us lazy people to keep up with (well, for me anyway). So, as with all good intentions, the double cleanse took a back seat.

However, the benefits of double cleansing can’t be ignored and as we begin 2020, we re-ignite our passion for a flawless complexion. Welcome back, the double cleanse. You see, we live a life of pollution, even when we don’t want to – it’s unavoidable. Come the end of the day, should we not thoroughly rid our skin of nasty bacteria and pollutants, the result will inevitably be bad. Cue prematurely aging skin and all the crap that goes with that. Prevention is better than the cure.

What Is Double-Cleansing?

double cleanse your way to beautiful skin: a gif of cleansing
Credit: Giphy

For those of you who are not in the know, double cleansing is not some ritual to banish evil spirits (not this type anyway). It involves applying balms, micellar water or oil to rid the skin of impurities; then, we follow the step with an extra cleanse. This will be a water-based product that can then be delivered into deeper layers of skin providing optimal results. Furthermore, once this is complete, your much-loved beauty ingredients can then be added, achieving maximum delivery and efficacy.

Read my next article on the best double-cleansing products for that much sought-after complexion. Double cleansing will quickly become as beneficial and necessary as brushing your teeth!

The Best Toners For Every Skin Concern

Hey Lovelies!

You may wonder if we really need toner in our skincare routine. The answer is a firm yes. First and foremost, those with acne prone or oily skin should always reach for the toner. It will significantly aid in removing excess sebum and unclog pores. However, everyone can benefit from the right toner for their skin type. It helps to diminish enlarged pores (a plus for just about everyone); restore pH balance; can prevent ingrown hairs, and some offer a layer of protection too. Here are the best toners for every skin concern.

Some products in this article include affiliate links, meaning I may make commission on purchases made.

1.For The Best Anti-Aging Toner Choose: Obagi Nu-Derm Toner, £39.53 (200ml),

best toner for every skin concern
Credit: Skin Station

Obagi is probably the best skincare brand on the market. Offering massive anti-aging benefits that actually deliver impressive results, it’s no wonder this toner continues on its sell-out path. Additionally, the formula includes natural extracts such as aloe, calendula, sage and witch hazel to provide anti-inflammatory, plumping and protective qualities. Some key benefits include:

Targets dark spots.

Non-drying (unlike most toners).

Restores pH balance.

Tighten skin appearance, reducing look of pore size.

Preps the skin for deep delivery of skincare ingredients.

Provides optimal toning capabilities for clear and rejuvenated skin.

This was the first Obagi product I tried, and I have been hooked ever since!

2.For Pore-Trouble Try: Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizing Toner, £35,

best toners for every skin concern, perricone md pore minimizing
Credit: Perricone MD

Unless you are one of the very few in the world who are incredibly lucky (probably the same people who win the lottery), then pore size will be somewhere at the top of your skin hate list. The No-Rinse Intensive Pore Minimizing Toner combines DMAE, salicylic acid and a copper complex of which work in unison to gently exfoliate, remove excess sebum and reduce visibility of pores. Furthermore, DMAE has been shown to improve the quality of skin and achieve anti-aging benefits.

This is an incredible toner and one that remains on my firm fave list. Clinical studies show that 75% experienced an improvement in skin texture and pore size! I regularly use this toner and highly recommend anyone else suffering from a similar pore-plight to give it a whirl.

3.For A Vegan Formula That Offers Hydration Choose: Pure Rosewater by Poppy Austin, £15.49 (120ml),

best toner, pure rosewater
Credit: Amazon

I absolutely love this vegan-friendly toner! The benefits of rosewater are often overlooked – and boy, they shouldn’t be. Including 100% pure unrefined Moroccan rosewater is brimming with antioxidants and works on so many levels.

Such Benefits Include:

A healthy radiant glow.

Calm inflammation.

Restore pH balance.

Unblock and refine pore size.

This is one outstanding and very affordable toner.

Have you tried any of these toners and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have an awesome Wednesday xx

My Top Beauty Products Of All Time

Hey Lovelies!

Being a beauty editor means I get to review pretty much every beauty product available. So without further ado, here are my top beauty products of all time.

1.Beuti Sleep Elixir, £47,

top beauty products of all time, beuti sleep elixir
Credit: Beuti Skincare

If I was to be told I could only have one skincare product in the world (shudder in horror at the thought), I would have to choose this one. Bursting with a rainbow of beautifying and nurturing essential and natural ingredients, this facial oil literally transforms the skin. I look on mine as something truly magical, to be cherished until the end of time. Furthermore, it is fit for royalty, as apparently it is also a firm favourite in Kate Middleton’s skincare arsenal!

2.Living proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, £24 (118ml),

top beauty products living proof styling treatment
Credit: Look Fantaastic

My hair has been battered by bleach and over styling – and I have to say the outcome isn’t pretty. However, a little dab of this little gem and my dry, frazzled strands appear significantly improved. Living Proof achieves healthy-looking locks with minimal effort required. I LOVE THIS!

3.Oskia Rennaisance Cleansing Gel, £35 (100ml),

top beauty of all time - oskia rennaisance cleansing gel
Credit: Oskia Skincare

The Illuminating Vitamin Melting Cleanser is every bit as good as it sounds. This incredible gel-to-oil cleanser combines vitamins A, C & E, as well as Omega-6, starflower oil, pumpkin enzymes, chamomile and rose. My skin is often dehydrated and dry, and since discovering this cleanser, my skin has never looked so balanced and naturally luminous.

Ideal for all skin types (from dry to oily), this fabulous vegan gel is particularly great for so many skin concerns. Whether the problem is acne, aging, blemishes, dullness or pigmentation – you will find this cleanser offers an all-singing, all-dancing result. YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

4.Paula’s Choice Azelaic Acid, £37,

top beauty products azelaic acid, paulas choice
Credit: Paula’s Choice

This is a true hero of a multi-tasker. Combining powerful components such as azelaic acid, salicylic acid and plant extracts, it effectively targets brown spots, prohibits breakouts and brightens the skin. However, azelaic acid is a star component of which provides many more skin-loving benefits. Delivering potent antioxidant value, this ingredient works as a leave-on exfoliant and will even out skin tone, refining the surface of the skin with ease. Prepare to be amazed. Seriously.

5.Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer, £29,

top beauty perricone md concealer
Credit: Perricone MD

When you’ve been partying all night and you need to get to the office looking refreshed and alert, this multi-tasker is key. Another fabulous product, this vitamin C-rich concealer instantly awakens, triggers collagen production and fades out dark spots. One of the great things about this concealer is that it can be used as a concealer, eye primer or it can even be applied alone. Hiding all manner of sins and evidence of the night before, this has to be my go-to saviour.

6.SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, £135,

top beauty skinceuticals ce ferulic
Credit: SkinCeuticals

Yes, it is pricey – but boy is it worth it. SkinCeuticals remain one of my all-time favourite brands. The reason being, they deliver optimal transformative skincare results. Working tirelessly to thwart free radical damage, this serum provides incredible antioxidant protection, whilst simultaneously rejuvenating the skin, by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When I use this serum, my skin feels and looks healthier and firmer. A cult product.

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