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Double Cleanse Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Hey Lovelies!

2020 is here and so too are some key beauty trends worth taking seriously. K-beauty brands were on the mark when they introduced the double cleansing formula for beautiful skin. Is it worth the hype and time? In short, the answer is a big fat YES, should you want beautiful and radiant skin. Discover what is meant be double cleansing and why you seriously need it in your life!

Why Double-Cleanse?

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Korea got it right with their skincare routine and introduced the rest of the world to the advantages of double cleansing. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but their 10-step routine proved too much for us lazy people to keep up with (well, for me anyway). So, as with all good intentions, the double cleanse took a back seat.

However, the benefits of double cleansing can’t be ignored and as we begin 2020, we re-ignite our passion for a flawless complexion. Welcome back, the double cleanse. You see, we live a life of pollution, even when we don’t want to – it’s unavoidable. Come the end of the day, should we not thoroughly rid our skin of nasty bacteria and pollutants, the result will inevitably be bad. Cue prematurely aging skin and all the crap that goes with that. Prevention is better than the cure.

What Is Double-Cleansing?

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For those of you who are not in the know, double cleansing is not some ritual to banish evil spirits (not this type anyway). It involves applying balms, micellar water or oil to rid the skin of impurities; then, we follow the step with an extra cleanse. This will be a water-based product that can then be delivered into deeper layers of skin providing optimal results. Furthermore, once this is complete, your much-loved beauty ingredients can then be added, achieving maximum delivery and efficacy.

Read my next article on the best double-cleansing products for that much sought-after complexion. Double cleansing will quickly become as beneficial and necessary as brushing your teeth!

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