How To Help A Loved One Who Is Being Emotionally Abused

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The pain of seeing a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship and feeling unable to help is incredibly hurtful. You love your daughter/friend/mum/sister. You can see what is happening and the ending, like you are watching the worst movie ever, but you can’t just get up and walk away. Meanwhiles, it’s as if they are blind.

They have an invisible bubble surrounding them and each time you try to help, you are pushed away and regarded as the enemy. Your loved one believes you are there just to burst this precious bubble. All you see is a toxic mess – certainly not something that should be treasured. Something that should be buried, but not because it is special. Because no one should ever have to experience it again.

The problem, as many of you will know only too well, you will not get through. Each attempt results in their turning on you. The manipulator has weaved a perfect web, played the long game and taken over her world. Constantly niggling, chipping away and planting seeds of doubt. Debasing you and them via little whispers every day.


It’s a clever (but somewhat sickening) trick – give them a taste of bliss – of what pure love is and plant it. Water it a little and then rip it out the ground. The threat of them leaving leaves your loved one desperate and willing to accept anything they say. Even at the cost of the people who actually love them dearly. Self-esteem keeps dwindling as they question everyone and themselves, feeling so alone. So, what do you do if you are in this situation?

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I have been on both ends of the scale. I have suffered at the hands of a physically and psychologically abusive ‘partner’ for more years than I care to remember. One thing I can share is that this behaviour is enabled far longer than the point of realisation. Instead of escaping, time drags as the persecuted feel there is nowhere to turn, believing they deserve all they get. This turns into a self-perpetuating cycle (as so many things in life). Breaking that cycle is so hard, but it isn’t impossible. People hardly ever change. Patience, time and understanding are crucial factors in recovery.

This is an ongoing issue, so it is still a learning curve for me. I fear the worst and hope for the best. Having extensively researched ways to help, I put these practices in place. Sometimes they work a little, other times not so much. But what they do is press pause on anything deteriorating too much. If you don’t feed the anger, if you keep quiet and just listen when needed, there can be no ammunition when they are back in a brief cosy spell before the next episode. Here is my advice:

1. Don’t Speak Your Thoughts

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I know this sounds awful but hear me out. After countless times of seeing a loved one distraught and saying what I think, I concede this does not work. Also suggesting they leave or pointing out the obvious will end up biting you on the bum. Once peace between them is restored his ammunition gets an upgrade: “She wants us to split up because she is jealous.” This doesn’t end well. Only say what you think if asked, and even then, you must be as tactful as possible.

 2. Help by Listening

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship

Listening is undervalued, it really is. Just listening when they are upset will help. They know they can come to you, without judgement.

3. Be There for Your Loved One

Be there for them, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, let them know they can call you at any point and you will be there. Knowing this will give them a little support and confidence if the situation worsens.

4. Give Them Breathing Space

They will be feeling pressured, stressed and overburdened. The last thing you want to do is give a lecture. Give them space to breathe and reflect.

5. Keep Watch Over the Relationship

how to help a loved one in an emotionally abusive relationship

Although becoming too involved will just add to the problem, this does not mean you should ignore things. Keep a slightly distant eye on what is going on and ensure there is always communication between you both. That way you are prepared to step in and act/assist as soon as you get the green light (or if you believe the relationship has reached a level that warrants outside intervention).

I will keep adding to this as events progress. When I discover anything that works or similarly anything that doesn’t, I will post. In the meantime, if anyone is going through this or knows someone who is, be strong. Be kind to yourself. Any thoughts, please leave a comment in the messages below. Stay safe. xx

Favourite Beauty Products Of The Week

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#Favourite #Beauty Products #Makeup #Skincare

Here is my selection of favourite beauty products of the week. From new launches to long-lasting and timeless classics, the following products emit off-the-radar awesomeness!

1. Beauty Product For All: Bioderma ABC Derm Hydratant Moisturising Milk for Face & Body, £10.90 (200ml),

Favourite beauty products of the week - bioderma hydratant
Credit: Cocoon Center

This product (although aimed for babies) offers outstanding hydrating and moisturising qualities for all the family. It is one of those essential items to go in your travel bag. It is ideal for those with extremely sensitive skin and perfect for calming, hydrating and nourishing dryness. Apply to all the family before your day on the beach and repeat. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free, this hydrating milk is the go-to product for summer. N.B: Do not apply to damaged/seeping areas. This should not be used in place of an SPF.

   2. Beauty Find For You: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, £19.50 (9 ml),

Best beauty items this week
Credit: L A Beauty

When it comes to providing a good concealer, MAC will always have you covered (a-hem, bad pun, I know). I have tried most of the concealers around, and this one is awesome. The only downside is there isn’t much for the price.

fave products week
Credit: L A Beauty

This concealer is available in 16 shades, making it almost impossible not to find one to match. Camouflaging all manner of pesky imperfections, the formula offers a gorgeous flawless and matte finish. It states that it stays in place for up to 15 hours. I have only kept the concealer on for 10 hours at most. However, I was surprised at how well it stayed put, without causing or enhancing any creases as is the case with many other camouflaging concealers. This is quite a feat, given that during this time I’ve had to apply and remove makeup and skin-destroying face masks throughout the duration. The skin feels soft and looks incredible ALL-DAY LONG!

3. Beauty Product To Keep Hidden From Everyone Else: Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 50+, £59 (30ml),

Favourite beauty products of the week
Credit: Harrods

We all love an award-winning brand, and this is where Sarah Chapman’s products come up trumps. With another heatwave about to be bestowed upon the UK (thank you summer), our demands are simple. We need the coverage – but we want it to be lightweight, and without a streak in sight. Also, we need some serious protection.

Moving up a gear from the Skin Insurance SPF 30, Sarah Chapman’s new launch, Skin Insurance SPF 50+ provides everything your skin could wish for. So incredibly lightweight, the vegan formula ensures full protection from UVA, UVB, thermal and infrared radiation.

When applying to the skin, it melts in (as if it’s coming home), enhancing your complexion like nothing else. It looks as if you aren’t wearing any product but just have an amazing natural luminosity. Combining an array of antioxidants and skin-repairing components, you can rest in the knowledge that your skin not only looks beautifully healthy but is simultaneously being repaired, too! #Skingoals.

Have you tried any of these items and what do you think? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday evening. xx

Awesome Sunglasses For All The Family At Reduced Prices

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#The Best Sunglasses #Reduced Prices #fashion #lifestyle #family

Everyone fed up with the rain again? Don’t worry, we are about to see a return of el scorchio weather. In fact, it is set to be so warm you may actually be able to fry your bacon and eggs on the bonnet of your car. I’m sensing a slurry of YouTube videos commencing! With the heatwave in mind, you are going to need a good pair of sunnies. Before you go and splash out on a pricey pair – read on. These sunglasses are on-trend, offer the same protection and are totally affordable to boot. Why pay a fortune when you don’t need to? N.B: When buying your sunnies, make sure they are a category 3 or 4 protection.

1.For You (Or Me): Superdry San Sunglasses, £19.99 (Was £64.99),

Awesome sunglasses for all the family at reduced prices
Credit: Mand M Direct

Yet again Superdry comes up with the goods – this time it’s a pair of slick tortoiseshell sunnies you will love. With a category 3 protection and £40 off, you had better grab them while you can!

2.For Him: Mantaray Grey Metal Aviator Sunglasses, £20 (was £25),

Awesome and affordable sunglasses all family
Credit: Debenhams

Why not treat your fella to these awesome aviators that will never go out of style? The shades are category 3,  have polarised lens and come in a soft case. Plus, he will look gorgeous when you are chilling at the park. Win, win!

3.For Your Little One: John Lewis & Partners Boys’ Matte Sports Wrap Sunglasses In Navy, £7,

Awesome family sunglasses afforable reduced prices
Credit: John Lewis

Your lad will love these sporty sunglasses so much he will want to wear them all the time. Being 100% category 3 UV protection means you can rest assured that he has fully protective eyewear. Now you just need to worry about the hat, sunscreen and face masks! Argh!

4. For The Teenager: Hype Hypepilot Sunglasses Blue, £14.99 (Was £34.99),

best sunnies family cheap
Credit: Mand M Direct

These sunnies will look awesome at any festival, park outing with friends or trip to the beach. Category 3 sun protection and 100% UV400 protection, the sunnies are certain to be a hit. Available in blue, black, white and gunmetal.

Has The Lockdown Revealed The True State Of Your Relationship?

The lockdown has forced a spotlight on every relationship, revealing the true state of it (whether we want to look or not). Although difficult for some, in the long run, this should be regarded as a gift. Instead of viewing the lockdown time as misspent, we could potentially be saving ourselves from years of wasted precious time..

There’s nothing like being shut in a confined space with just your other half for 3 months to draw attention to unresolved issues or discovering new ones. In fact, given the insurmountable size of the elephant in the room, it is quite an astonishing level of avoidance you have mastered. Sound unpleasantly familiar? With a 40% increase in divorces, the pandemic has brought a plethora of harsh reality dishes to the global table. So, should the elephant be so big you can no longer escape the room, read on. Here are some common relationship situations and how to deal.

1.When You Should Wait and See How Your Relationship Progresses

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2020 has been one hell of a dive for everyone (apart from makers of disinfectant and face masks). Nothing is normal and stress is at an all-time high. Should you find yourselves at loggerheads and bickering over nothing, it may not be doom and gloom, just frustration. Being cooped up together with nothing else to focus on (other than hyped-up news reports), will cause the best-suited couples to fall out. If you feel you love each other, and the constant bickering is over nothing serious, just hang on in there. Take a breather in another room. Once life returns to its new normality, you will likely find so too will your relationship.

2. Relationship Truth: If You are Strangers Who Avoid Each Other

Has lockdown revealed the true state of your relationship?
Credit: Wiki

Scenario no.2: You both listen out for when the other person is about and wait for them to leave before going about your business. You manage to muster up a couple of forced pleasantries at best before dispersing into opposite ends of the house. You are 2 strangers with only space (and a twist of lemon) in between.  With a newfound face mask, you can’t be absolutely certain they are the person you moved in with (joke). Even though you are the only 2 people in your house and you have had zero human contact, you avoid each other. This is dire.

Life before lockdown enabled you to blanket over this stark situation. Work-life and hobbies were distractions. Now there are none and you are faced with reality. See this as a positive. In a sense, the lockdown has probably saved you years of future unhappiness in which you may have carried on pretending and muddling through. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt – life is too short to do this.

3. Relationship Over: You’ve Discovered He / She is Someone You Hate

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There is nothing like being stuck with someone 24/7 to uncover some truths. Have you? If you have found out his nasty ‘joke’ comments aren’t just down to a warped view of funny, but actually covering up a real sinister personality and you don’t feel safe, think on. If you are being blatantly lied to and you know there is a hidden agenda at play, run for the hills. Now is the time to be strong and reclaim your life. They have no right to take it. You deserve to be treated with real love. No one should have to live with a liar. No good can come of it. Be strong people, be strong.

4. Relationship in Question: You are Friends


If your relationship has slipped from in love to ‘having a love for,’ this is a cause for deep concern. A situation that’s so hard to deal because neither of you will want to hurt the other person. Had it not been for the lockdown you would have plodded on together. If you have become friends with no attraction anymore, it is time to call it a day. No matter how difficult a pill it is to swallow.

Make sure it is not just a case of losing the spark. Sometimes couples go through a dip. Add extreme stress to the mix, and it is a recipe for rubbish times. If you have tried to do the romantic nights, wine and talks, etc, and there truly is nothing left, you need to face facts. Sit down together and have that chat. At the end of the day, nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. In that sense, neither do bad situations. Once you deal with a situation life will begin to improve.

For more relationship articles, read ‘5 Tips for Reigniting your Relationship.’

Are You Making These Oral Health Mistakes?

Now, more than ever it is vital we maintain good oral health – after all, should you get a toothache, there’s no dentist around to save the day. It will be a case of Huckleberry Finn. Y’know a string tied to your tooth and the other end on a door, or something equally as nightmare-inducing. If your bad tooth happens to have long roots…well, let’s not go there. Instead, read on to make sure you are not making these oral health mistakes. Far less traumatic!

1.Brushing Incorrectly

Credit: Giphy

You may think brushing is pretty basic – but it is incredible how many people make this fundamental mistake. A man recently went to the dentist (for implants) at the age 0f 65 and was told he had brushed incorrectly his entire life! The trick is to brush at a 45-degree angle in circular motions – never up and down. Don’t forget to do the inside too!


are you making these oral health mistakes?
Credit: Wikimedia

Incredibly, over-brushing can cause more harm than good. You might think all that extra tooth attention can do no wrong – but, alas, this is not so. Over-brushing will lead to wearing down of enamel; thus, causing tooth and gum issues. So, 3 times is a charm people.

3.Brushing too Soon After Food and Drink

Are you making these oral health mistakes?

Never drink a Red Bull and then rush to the bathroom to brush. You will in effect, be brushing all that sugary content straight into your teeth. Ouchie.

4.Not Flossing

Credit: Giphy

Flossing is so important in preventing gum disease. A little blood loss is normal when flossing, so don’t panic that you have damaged your mouth.  Keep those gums healthy and grab the floss.

5.Not Bothering

Credit: Giphy

Yes, we have all been guilty of this from time to time. If you say this has never applied to you, we won’t believe it. However, neglecting your oral health (particularly during a lockdown) is a really bad idea. You may be absolutely exhausted after a boozy night or whatever – but find that inner willpower and get your toothbrush to the ready before you hit the sack.

Be Careful: J-Beauty Is Trending And You Are Going To Want These Products

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# J-Beauty Is Trending And You Are Going To Want These Products!

Yes, we want world-class skincare. As an obsessive beauty editor, there is always room for products that deliver on their promises. Being totally hooked on the wonder of K-beauty, my attention is now turning to J-beauty’s soaring popularity. Make space on your top shelf, like-minded beauty fans; these are the Japanese beauty products to know right now. Words like, ‘innovative’ and ‘geniuses’ spring to mind!

1.DHC Ultra-Moisturising & Soothing Lip Balm, £8.75,

be careful: j-beauty is trending and you are going to want to know these products - dhc
Credit: DHC

During the last few years the Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand, DHC has soared. Having reviewed most of their products, I can honestly say they deserve all the kudos, and then some.

Their insanely good lip balm is loaded with botanicals. These busily multi-task, providing a surge of hydration, soothing action, and protection. Furthermore, the included olive oil and aloe bring an array of antioxidant value to the table. Cracked, dry lips will quickly become a thing of the past. Apply this and get ready to pucker up with pride. This balm sells hotter than toilet roll during the peak of…y’know.

2.Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Face Mask, $8.49,

Be careful: j-beauty is trending and you are going to want these products
Credit: Amazon

Hada Labo has an unbelievable cult following. I mean, their products are a source of endless happiness for many. Once you try this cotton mask you will understand why they are so damn good at what they do. The mask is enriched with a potent blend of key ingredients that are proven to nourish the skin and tackle signs of aging head-on.  Featuring collagen, hyaluronic acid, soy peptides, and vitamin E, you can expect to look in the mirror in slack-jawed amazement. However, look in the mirror whilst wearing the mask and your reaction will be more along the lines of open-mouthed horror.

3.SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, $99,

Be careful: J-beauty is trending and you are going to want these products
Credit: SK-II

J-beauty couldn’t be discussed without mentioning their key product, the essence, or lotion. Formulated as a gel-like substance, the essence is applied before moisturising. This allows for the optimal absorption of your skincare ingredients. Should your skin be on the dry/lacklustre side, the essence will be a true hero.

SK-II Pitera™ Essence is so good that it sells every 2 seconds! Formulated exclusively in Japan, it contains over 90% Pitera (a natural bio-ingredient). The component is so much like the skin’s own moisturising factors, that it can be fully absorbed into the skin. Then sit back and wait for pure joy.

The benefits of this essence appear endless. Providing incredibly clear, even and soft skin, tackling signs of aging, and enhancing radiance – the award-winning essence may be pricey, but it’s so worth it!

Have you tried any of these products yet and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a great Thursday. XX

The Best At-Home Keratin Treatments To Achieve Serious Shine

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#The Best At-Home Keratin Treatments:

You don’t need to miss out on super-soft and shiny hair during the lockdown. Should you yearn for a mirror-like glossy shine (HELL, YEA), read on. These are the best at-home keratin treatments. Now you can enjoy hair that resembles lustrous locks that glisten in the sunshine! #HappyHairDays!

Although there are some awesome keratin-hair products that work really well, there’s nothing like a proper keratin treatment. Alas, the salons are closed and so our hopes were dashed…until now.

There’s no denying it – in-salon results will see your hair looking shiny for a good few weeks. The DIY outcome provides more of a coating, but as for staying power – they can win in a Pepsi challenge any day of the week. Basically, you are saving a packet by doing it at home. Check out some home keratin formulas that really make a difference.

1.For Dry/Damaged Hair: Farouk CHI Keratin Silk Healing Infusion, £15.90 (177ml),

the best at-home keratin treatments for serious shine - chi
Credit: Amazon

Wow – this amazing styling treatment actually includes keratin and silk to ensure that shiny, soft, and glossy effect. Apply and blow-dry; then look on at your reflection in wonder.

Dryness is replaced by moisture and shine. Hair looks soft and shiny However, I did have to reapply after several washes (my hair is coloured and quite damaged).

2.Easilocks SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment, £29.99,

the best at-home keratin treatments for serious gloss

Behold Easilocks SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment, by Shane O’ Sullivan.  The first-ever 12-week keratin blow-dry treatment. Priced at a mere fraction of the professional salon treatment, this at-home solution will set you back just £29.99. Yea, but surely, it is impossible to find. Nope, you can order online at Superdrug. Better yet, it’s not as difficult to get as hand sanitizer!

So, a totally affordable at-home treatment that can be achieved in the time it takes to drink a cuppa, and that will last for up to 12 weeks. Where’s the catch?

Included is a pair of gloves and sponge along with a pre-mixed solution. How can I mess that up? Well, yes, it’s me – so it is entirely possible. But, thankfully, all ran smoothly, and yippee – so did my hair! Love this!

3.ColorWow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray, £25 (200ml),

Color Wow dream coat spray anti-humidity
Credit: Color Wow

Okay, strictly speaking, this is not a keratin treatment, but it is my most favourite hair-shiners of them all. The outstanding formula acts like it’s got superhero powers. Think of it as an invisible veil of dreamy wonder. Thwarting frizz, protecting against humidity, and maintaining that super-soft shine, the Dreamcoat Spray ticks every box. N.B: You need to activate its’s hero potential through heat and tension (so hairdryer and hairbrush in hand).

Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Have an awesome day. xx

Banish Hyperpigmentation: 5 Treatments That Actually Deliver

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Hyperpigmentation can creep up on our beautiful faces without any warning whatsoever. One day you aren’t familiar with the word. The next you are being told you have it, and no, it doesn’t wash off! Fortunately, when it comes to banishing hyperpigmentation, there exist some treatments that actually deliver good results. Read on to find the treatments that actually rid us of the annoying skin issue. So, go ahead and restore balance to your world. I mean, seriously – we’ve had enough to contend with, without our skin freaking out and changing too!

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Omage of hyperpigmentation on body

Pigmentation basically means the colouring of skin. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to darken. Although some medical conditions can trigger this, it is usually harmless and just very annoying. As we age, we develop age spots. This type of pigmentation is often noticed on the cheeks. Over-exposure to sunlight, hormones, and aging can contribute to this pesky skin concern.

The Best Treatments For Hyperpigmentation (During Lockdown)

1.Best Cream: NeoStrata Pigment Controller, £60 (30ml),

NeoStrata pigment controller
Credit: NeosStrata

Are you sick and tired of waking up to notice uneven skin tone, dark patches, and discolouration? If so, this is the answer to your skin woes. Combining an array of proven complexion-saving ingredients, this outstanding formula provides transformative results. Featuring:

Retinol – Proven to treat uneven skin, dark spots, and lines/wrinkles.

NeoGlucosamine®  – This innovative component gently, yet effectively exfoliates.

SabiWhite -Containing superior antioxidant benefits.  Slows the process of melanogenesis, enabling skin lightening.

Alpine Plant Extracts – These plant extracts are shown to be highly beneficial in tackling tyrosinase. This otherwise produces melanin, and pigmentation.

Vitamin C – This amazing ingredient offers huge anti-aging and anti-inflammatory abilities.  It also thwarts the onset of melanin production, too. Vitamin C targets and lightens hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin E – Used in conjunction with vitamin C. The vitamins complement each other in achieving skin lightening results.

2.Best Peel: Caudalie Glycolic Peel, £22 (75ml)

Treatments that delievr results for pigmentation
Credit: Cult Beauty

Caudalie has to be one of my all-time favourites and their peel formula gives game-changing results. Glycolic peels are another good remedy for the problem of hyperpigmentation. This non-irritation resurfacing treatment will exfoliate, refine, and renew your complexion. Caudalie offers a noticeable brightening effect. Brimming with grape-sourced viniferine, the peel provides a bucketload of antioxidant value. Expect a complexion that’s nothing short of healthy luminosity!

3.Green Light Therapy – Talika Pigment Control Anti-Dark Spots Device, £80 (Was £89),

Banish hyperpigmentation: 5 treatments that actually feliver - talika
Credit: Current Body

The treatments mentioned here will improve hyperpigmentation. Should the problem remain, the Talika Device may be a better option. This is because topical benefits can only go so far. Ordinarily, for optimal benefits you may choose a dermatologist’s laser therapy. However, during this weird situation in which we find ourselves, an at-home device is the answer.

The Talika Pigment Control instrument is an anti-aging device that provides green light therapy. It targets dark spots on the face, décolletage, and hands. This device emits a 525 nm Wavelength, that regulates melanocyte processes. It’s ionic microcurrents stimulate the skin’s healing power and allows for maximum absorption of pigment controlling creams. The Talika has shown good overall results.

4.Retin-A: Tretinoin (Prescription Only)

Tretinoin is a prescription-only Retin-A product. Extremely powerful, this component greatly aids in dealing with acne, hyperpigmentation, and surface wrinkles. If you have tried retinol and other treatments don’t seem to work, this may help. However, those with sensitive skin do not tolerate this ingredient very well.

5.Microdermabrasion: Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish, £50.94,

leave lockdown what you need to know
Credit: Face The Future

I tried this face polish some time back and consider this to be as professional-grade as you can get at home. It may be due to the professional grade crystals included. Combining glycolic acid and papaya extract, the incredible formula provides superior resurfacing results. The treatment: brightens, evens skin tone, polishes, and generally transforms the look and feel of the skin. I would be amazed if you tried the face polish and were disappointed.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Xx

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown, Continued

Hey Lovelies!

Following on from my recent article (here) that looks at the best things I’ve discovered during lockdown – this article explains the worst discoveries I’ve made thus far. Brace yourselves people.


the best and worst things discovered lockdown, regret gif
Credit: Giphy

Of course, there’s a downside to having so much alone time. You spend a lot of time recalling things you said or done in the past that you aren’t proud of. Wishing you could change the last time you spoke to someone and knowing it’s cemented into time, means a bucket load of regret. This calls for a shed load of chocolate, but hang on…?

2.The case Of The Vanishing Galaxy Bars


This brings me to my next (and no less valuable) point – where the HELL has all the Galaxy gone? There’s never been a more urgent time for Galaxy. You can get all except the best plain milk chocolate bars – the almost family size but not so big you still can get away with eating it all bars. Coronavirus appeared and Galaxy chocolate vanished. Probably the worst swap EVER!

3.Wasted Time

gif, time, worst discoveries made during pandemic
Credit: Giphy

Being scared sucks. Pretending things aren’t real doesn’t change anything, it just wastes time. Time is something nobody has a lot of. The irony is although many people see the lockdown as wasted time, it forces me to evaluate how much time I have really wasted – and it’s a lot! The predicament is, how to change this?

4.I Don’t Exercise Enough

gif simpsons worst discoveries lockdown
Credit: Giphy

Probably coming off a little vain here, but whatever. I’ve realised to my horror that I do actually need to exercise regularly if I don’t want my body to go to absolute shit faster than a pesky pandemic can spread itself across the globe. Maybe not the best analogy, but it’s true. If I don’t tone, gravity is on me like a literal tonne of bricks. This makes me truly sad. Probably a good thing that the Galaxy has vanished from the face of the earth, after all!

What are your discoveries during lockdown? Share your thoughts below xx

The Do’s And Don’ts For Rosacea Sufferers

Hey Lovelies!

Following my recent article discussing the best products to treat rosacea, I have compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. There is no point buying incredible products and then splashing something onto your face that will destroy all the benefits. Here are some key points rosacea sufferers should keep in mind to ensure the annoying redness stays the HELL away!

1.Avoid Alcohol

do's and don'ts for rosacea sufferers - absolutely fabulous programme, alcohol
Credit: Giphy

Before you break into a cold sweat, I don’t mean that a few shots of Jameson’s on Friday night are off the table (phewsie). It is important to avoid alcohol-based skincare products, as this will further dry and irritate your skin.

2.Essential Oils Are A No-Go

rosacea sufferers - don't think about it gif
Credit: GIphy

Sadly, essential oils (which can be so beneficial for some) can further exacerbate the skin condition. Being a huge fan of essential oils and a fellow rosacea sufferer, this is particularly annoying for me (sigh).



do's and don'ts rosacea - lemon
Credit: WIkipedia

Unfortunately, this can also cause skin irritation and worsen the condition.

4.Hardcore Scrubs

rosacea do's and don'ts cookie monster gif
Credit: Giphy

We don’t want to anger the monster – and even though we want that facial scrub to deliver its youth-inspired promise, it won’t. Ditch the abrasive scrub in favour of a gentle exfoliant (BHA is best). In the same breath a face brush is a no-no, too.

5.Fragranced Skincare Products

They may smell divine, but your face is guaranteed to protest.

What You Can Do

Rosacea do's and don'ts - gif, lindsay lohan
Credit: Giphy

Antioxidants Please

Buy a lightweight moisturiser brimming with antioxidants (and retinol if your skin can tolerate it). Look for vitamin E to offer optimal repair as well.

Use An SPF

This should be a given regardless of a skin condition. When buying your SPF try to get one that is formulated with zinc oxide as it works incredibly well in reducing the problem.

Apply A Leave-On BHA Treatment

Try to apply this daily. BHAs work for a variety of skin issues, in particularly rosacea.

Careful Cleansing

When cleansing, opt for a really gentle one that is non-drying.

Take these steps and I promise you will be amazed at the degree rosacea is reduced. However, a little word of warning – once you have rosacea, if you don’t address it, the nasty skin complaint will spread.

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