the best and worst things i've discovered during lockdown

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown, Continued

Hey Lovelies!

Following on from my recent article (here) that looks at the best things I’ve discovered during lockdown – this article explains the worst discoveries I’ve made thus far. Brace yourselves people.


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Of course, there’s a downside to having so much alone time. You spend a lot of time recalling things you said or done in the past that you aren’t proud of. Wishing you could change the last time you spoke to someone and knowing it’s cemented into time, means a bucket load of regret. This calls for a shed load of chocolate, but hang on…?

2.The case Of The Vanishing Galaxy Bars


This brings me to my next (and no less valuable) point – where the HELL has all the Galaxy gone? There’s never been a more urgent time for Galaxy. You can get all except the best plain milk chocolate bars – the almost family size but not so big you still can get away with eating it all bars. Coronavirus appeared and Galaxy chocolate vanished. Probably the worst swap EVER!

3.Wasted Time

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Being scared sucks. Pretending things aren’t real doesn’t change anything, it just wastes time. Time is something nobody has a lot of. The irony is although many people see the lockdown as wasted time, it forces me to evaluate how much time I have really wasted – and it’s a lot! The predicament is, how to change this?

4.I Don’t Exercise Enough

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Probably coming off a little vain here, but whatever. I’ve realised to my horror that I do actually need to exercise regularly if I don’t want my body to go to absolute shit faster than a pesky pandemic can spread itself across the globe. Maybe not the best analogy, but it’s true. If I don’t tone, gravity is on me like a literal tonne of bricks. This makes me truly sad. Probably a good thing that the Galaxy has vanished from the face of the earth, after all!

What are your discoveries during lockdown? Share your thoughts below xx

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