Has The Lockdown Revealed The True State Of Your Relationship?

The lockdown has forced a spotlight on every relationship, revealing the true state of it (whether we want to look or not). Although difficult for some, in the long run, this should be regarded as a gift. Instead of viewing the lockdown time as misspent, we could potentially be saving ourselves from years of wasted precious time..

There’s nothing like being shut in a confined space with just your other half for 3 months to draw attention to unresolved issues or discovering new ones. In fact, given the insurmountable size of the elephant in the room, it is quite an astonishing level of avoidance you have mastered. Sound unpleasantly familiar? With a 40% increase in divorces, the pandemic has brought a plethora of harsh reality dishes to the global table. So, should the elephant be so big you can no longer escape the room, read on. Here are some common relationship situations and how to deal.

1.When You Should Wait and See How Your Relationship Progresses

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2020 has been one hell of a dive for everyone (apart from makers of disinfectant and face masks). Nothing is normal and stress is at an all-time high. Should you find yourselves at loggerheads and bickering over nothing, it may not be doom and gloom, just frustration. Being cooped up together with nothing else to focus on (other than hyped-up news reports), will cause the best-suited couples to fall out. If you feel you love each other, and the constant bickering is over nothing serious, just hang on in there. Take a breather in another room. Once life returns to its new normality, you will likely find so too will your relationship.

2. Relationship Truth: If You are Strangers Who Avoid Each Other

Has lockdown revealed the true state of your relationship?
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Scenario no.2: You both listen out for when the other person is about and wait for them to leave before going about your business. You manage to muster up a couple of forced pleasantries at best before dispersing into opposite ends of the house. You are 2 strangers with only space (and a twist of lemon) in between.  With a newfound face mask, you can’t be absolutely certain they are the person you moved in with (joke). Even though you are the only 2 people in your house and you have had zero human contact, you avoid each other. This is dire.

Life before lockdown enabled you to blanket over this stark situation. Work-life and hobbies were distractions. Now there are none and you are faced with reality. See this as a positive. In a sense, the lockdown has probably saved you years of future unhappiness in which you may have carried on pretending and muddling through. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt – life is too short to do this.

3. Relationship Over: You’ve Discovered He / She is Someone You Hate

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There is nothing like being stuck with someone 24/7 to uncover some truths. Have you? If you have found out his nasty ‘joke’ comments aren’t just down to a warped view of funny, but actually covering up a real sinister personality and you don’t feel safe, think on. If you are being blatantly lied to and you know there is a hidden agenda at play, run for the hills. Now is the time to be strong and reclaim your life. They have no right to take it. You deserve to be treated with real love. No one should have to live with a liar. No good can come of it. Be strong people, be strong.

4. Relationship in Question: You are Friends


If your relationship has slipped from in love to ‘having a love for,’ this is a cause for deep concern. A situation that’s so hard to deal because neither of you will want to hurt the other person. Had it not been for the lockdown you would have plodded on together. If you have become friends with no attraction anymore, it is time to call it a day. No matter how difficult a pill it is to swallow.

Make sure it is not just a case of losing the spark. Sometimes couples go through a dip. Add extreme stress to the mix, and it is a recipe for rubbish times. If you have tried to do the romantic nights, wine and talks, etc, and there truly is nothing left, you need to face facts. Sit down together and have that chat. At the end of the day, nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. In that sense, neither do bad situations. Once you deal with a situation life will begin to improve.

For more relationship articles, read ‘5 Tips for Reigniting your Relationship.’

5 Lockdown Gifts Guaranteed To Bring A Smile

Hey, Lovelies

Everyone is trying to come to terms with the loneliness of lockdown and the ensuing new not-so-normal, normal. Why not make your loved one’s day that much brighter? Discover 5 gifts that are guaranteed to make your loved one smile during the lockdown.

1.Crystals: Rose Quartz Healing Heart Crystal, £8.99, www.thepsychictree.co.uk

5 awesome lockdwon gifts to bring a smile - crystal
Credit: The Psychic Tree

Okay, some may call this hippie. However, crystals have been used for centuries, due to their healing properties. Many people swear by them and their popularity keeps soaring. Celebs such as Adele, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow keep them close to hand, for all occasions. Whether you think its tosh or are a firm believer, gifting a healing crystal is certain to make your loved one smile. I just gifted my children, mum and nan crystals – they didn’t cost much but their smiles were priceless.

2. A Face Mask: Boden 3-Pack Multicolour, £20, www.boden.co.uk

5 awesome lockdown gifts to bring a smile
Credit: Boden

The government state that face masks must now be worn. Why not cheer up your family member or friend with a super pretty one? There is now a wide variety from which to choose, but I love this set from Boden. £5 from each sale goes to the charity Helpforce too, so you are doing a bit to help.

3.Aery Positive Energy Candle, £24.99, www.totem.com

5 gifts for lockdown
Credit: Totem

This vegan candle is encompassed in delicate essential oils. These are specifically combined to unite and enlighten your senses with positive vibes – and is certain to make that someone special’s day.  The gorgeous 100% natural soy candle includes amber, pink grapefruit, lemon, mint, woody vetiver and violet leaf.  This beautiful candle creates a feeling of ultimate wellbeing to uplift even the most fed up of moods.

4.Birth Flower Seed Box, £23, By the Gluttonous Gardener, www.notonthehighstreet.com

5 awesome gifts lockdown
Credit: Not On The Highstreet

What a cool gift for anyone!. Cheer up your children, nan, or those who you feel need that extra boost with this inspirational and motivational pressie. Inside you will find a packet of seeds to grow their birthday flowers. The gift also features an engraved slate with the recipients’ name and birthday to hang in their soon-to-be blooming garden. Although this is down as a birthday gift, I think it would be great to receive any time of year. This will give your loved one a smile and something else to think about for a while.

5. Personalised ‘Things We Love About’ Our Friend Print, by Coconut Grass, £9.95, www.notonthehighstreet.com

awesome gifts to bring a smile
Credit: Not On The Highstreet

Nothing gives someone a boost like letting them know why you value them. Simply enter the reasons (funny or caring), into each box and the name of that incredible someone in your life. Hey presto, a perfect gift guaranteed to make them smile!

5 Amazing Beauty Products To Carry You Through Lockdown With A Smile

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Feeling a little frazzled from the lockdown? This weekend, give yourself some TLC with these amazing beauty products, guaranteed to carry you through lockdown with a smile. Rest assured that by Sunday, your mind and body will look and feel totally rejuvenated and able to cope. with anything. Take that, Corona. #Beautifullychill! Read on:

1.Bentonite Clay Mask, £12.98 (2kg), www.amazon.co.uk

5 amazing beauty products to carry you through the lockdown with a smile - bentonite clay
Credit: Amazon

Formed from volcanic ash, this clay is an incredible skin saviour.  used for thousands of years, this component still retains is credibility for outstanding beauty benefits today. Brimming with nutrients and having the ability to absorb excess oils and bacteria, the ingredient is fantastic for creating a healing DIY mask or adding to your bath to infuse your body with utter nourishment and TLC. Also, this bag will outlast the pandemic (hopefully).

Should you suffer from breakouts, create a mask by mixing a tablespoon of bentonite clay with a few drops of tea tree oil.

If the lockdown heating system has caused dryness or redness, simply mix a tablespoon of clay with a tablespoon of honey and drop of water – and hello radiance!

2.The Ordinary 5% Granactive Retinoid and Squalene, £11.90 (30ml), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

5 amazing beauty products to carry you through lockdown with a smile
Credit: Cult Beauty

For those of you who are well acquainted with retinol, this may seem like a step back. However, if you are a retinol newbie, have a bad reaction to retinol, or suffer from acne, this product may be a must-have. The Ordinary’s fabulous Granactive Retinold 5% with Squalene serum combats acne, will help to even out skin tone, whilst simultaneously hydrating and nourishing your complexion. What’s more, it is totally affordable. Take note as with all retinol or retinoid products, results are NOT immediate. You need to use this consistently and check in with your skin after a couple of months before you see good improvements.

3.SkinCeuticals 1% Retinol Cream, £74.55 (30ml), amazon.co.uk

5 amazing beauty products, lockdown, skinceuticals 1% retinol
Credit: Amazon

Should your skin be accustomed to retinol and of late, it just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard, you may need to up your game. Yes, SkinCeuticals is pricey, but it is SO worth it. Like Obagi, SKinCeuticals offer outstanding skincare results. Containing 1% pure retinol, this is the most potent non-prescription retinol you can get your hands on – and it is like gold dust! Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, problematic pores will soon become nothing more than a bad dream.

Furthermore, there’s never been a better time to jump on the retinol train. As you may know, you can react to this ingredient and your complexion looks a tad worse before it begins to transform. So why not make the most out of the not going out situation and give it a go? As previously mentioned, don’t expect to slap on the product and wake up to a complexion of your dreams. You need to be in this for the long haul – but believe me, you will glad you did!

4.The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, £5.99, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

5 beauty products carry through lockdown, hyaluronic acid
Credit: Cult Beauty

Everyone’s skin benefits from moisture, and hyaluronic acid is that golden ingredient waiting to give your skin that much-needed moisture boost. This ingredient is awesome for all skin types currently suffering from dry lockdown skin. Additionally, each year we age, the need for extra moisture grows that little bit more. I love The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid for several reasons:

It combines 3 strengths of hyaluronic acid to achieve optimal absorption and efficacy.

It Contains B5 to offer extra skin nourishing and smoothing results

At £5.90, it is totally affordable and provides incredible results.

5.CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £13 (30ml), lookfantastic.com

CeraVe facial moisturiser
Credit: Look Fantastic

Another can’t live without product is this Moisturising Cream by CeraVe. Including 3 key ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, this amazing product is my go-to night-time moisturiser. Literally, it combines everything my skin needs to help it achieve optimal restoration whilst I sleep.

I begin with some retinol and then apply this and sleep, knowing my skin is receiving the best care during slumber time. As with The Ordinary, I can’t rate CeraVe highly enough. Not only does it tick all the right skincare boxes, but it is also so cheap – just £13 for 30ml! Life may be a lockdown, but right now, life is good. Now, I just need to find a new hair dye…

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and has a stellar Saturday people xx

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown, Continued

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Following on from my recent article (here) that looks at the best things I’ve discovered during lockdown – this article explains the worst discoveries I’ve made thus far. Brace yourselves people.


the best and worst things discovered lockdown, regret gif
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Of course, there’s a downside to having so much alone time. You spend a lot of time recalling things you said or done in the past that you aren’t proud of. Wishing you could change the last time you spoke to someone and knowing it’s cemented into time, means a bucket load of regret. This calls for a shed load of chocolate, but hang on…?

2.The case Of The Vanishing Galaxy Bars

Credit: tigerroomblog.com

This brings me to my next (and no less valuable) point – where the HELL has all the Galaxy gone? There’s never been a more urgent time for Galaxy. You can get all except the best plain milk chocolate bars – the almost family size but not so big you still can get away with eating it all bars. Coronavirus appeared and Galaxy chocolate vanished. Probably the worst swap EVER!

3.Wasted Time

gif, time, worst discoveries made during pandemic
Credit: Giphy

Being scared sucks. Pretending things aren’t real doesn’t change anything, it just wastes time. Time is something nobody has a lot of. The irony is although many people see the lockdown as wasted time, it forces me to evaluate how much time I have really wasted – and it’s a lot! The predicament is, how to change this?

4.I Don’t Exercise Enough

gif simpsons worst discoveries lockdown
Credit: Giphy

Probably coming off a little vain here, but whatever. I’ve realised to my horror that I do actually need to exercise regularly if I don’t want my body to go to absolute shit faster than a pesky pandemic can spread itself across the globe. Maybe not the best analogy, but it’s true. If I don’t tone, gravity is on me like a literal tonne of bricks. This makes me truly sad. Probably a good thing that the Galaxy has vanished from the face of the earth, after all!

What are your discoveries during lockdown? Share your thoughts below xx

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown

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I hope you are all staying safe and well (and not too bored) during this Goundhog Day-esque lockdown. How are you coping? Some days I hate it, other days it’s not that bad. I thought I would share the best and worst things I’ve discovered during this freakishly weird global experience. This article looks at the best:

The Best

1.Realising What Matters, Really

the best and worst things discovered during lockdown - gif of the matrix
Credit: Giphy

Daily life ties the best of us in knots of trivialities. For a while I have felt overwhelmed with worries about how other people view me (due to some mean people on social media). Social distancing has allowed me breathing space to see none of it matters. Space allows us to reprioritise the things that really matter and refocus energy in a positive way.

2.Time With My Children / Live In The Present

best and worst things discovered on lockdown - gif of friends
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Amidst all this globally felt angst, we must know that worry changes nothing. Each day we have the chance to live in the present moment. When will this ever happen again? My daughter is between two addresses so although I don’t see her enough, when I do it means so much to me. I think how proud of her I am.

Spending time with my son every day is wonderful. Yes, it can be a little stressful at times (ahem, home schooling and the dreaded fractions) but I am thankful of each and every day.


the ebst things discovered, gif of dr who david tennant
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This situation forces each and every one of us to look within. This can only be good. People don’t change, even when they are shown things about their lives, that they hate. These extraordinary times offer us the power to be different. We can trash all the things in life that don’t help us and make a choice to change our future. Whether that is seeking help, changing careers, or re-evaluating relationships – there’s never been a better time than now.

The Best (And Worst) Films To Watch During Lockdown

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There’s one thing everyone will be doing during lockdown – and that’s watching a lot of films. Here are the best (and the worst) movies to watch during the lockdown situation. Make sure you have ample amounts of chocolate, wine and tissues (and a Netflix subscription, obvs).

1.For A Moving Tear-Jerker: The Sixth Sense

the best films to watch during lockdown - the sixth sensering lockdown -
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Starring Bruce Willis, this slightly eerie plot with a truly tragic twist is a real tear-jerker. The film is based on a boy with the ability to see the dead and his struggle with the subsequent bullying and turmoil this life presents. On the off-chance someone reading hasn’t yet seen it; I won’t disclose the ending. However, I will say make sure you watch this with a box of tissues close-by. So sad!

2.For Lots Of Laughs: Deadpool

the best and worst films lockdown - deadpool
Credit: Wikipedia.org

When it comes to endless hilarity, nothing beats Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) is a supercool superhero who basically kills everyone. This film has to be one of the funniest and it NEVER gets old. I’ve seen it 6 times and still laugh throughout the entirety of the movie. Great mood-lifter – and is it wrong to think Ryan Reynolds is just as sexy like this? I can’t even blame it on lockdown!

3.For Some Male Eye Candy: Oceans Eleven

best and worst films on lockdown - oceans eleven
Credit: Wikipedia.org

I never tire of watching Brad Pitt, George Cooney or Matt Damon – and lucky for me, the Oceans films (until the recently tragic change of actors) star all 3 of these gorgeous and very cool guys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this, but it is definitely a lot. The movie is about a clever casino heist and is action-packed, a great plot and smooth moves. Everything a lonely girl could wish for on lockdown!


1.Worst Idea Ever: Contagion (Seriously, what was I thinking?)

best and worst films during lockdown - contagion
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Contagion also features Matt Damon. Albeit an older Matt Damon who is battling a virus not unlike the one we are currently experiencing. In fact, the similarities are so freakishly familiar, the deaths and terror all too real, that deciding to watch this film is probably the worst idea, ever. Don’t do it people.

2.Emoji Movie

Should you want to put a film on to watch with your child, don’t opt for this one. Seriously, if you don’t already feel suicidal, you soul will literally be in the pits of despair by the end of this hideously painful movie. Instead, give the new Sonic movie a go – starring Jim Carrey as the bad guy, this film is actually worth the watch.

5 Luxury Sheet Masks For An Utterly Pampered Lockdown

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We may not be able to do anything about the lockdown, but we can indulge ourselves in pampered bliss with these luxury sheet masks. Seriously, who needs a trip to the spa?

A sheet mask is the #1 Korean skincare gem, for good reason – they offer bespoke targeted treatments for pretty much all skin concerns. A sheet mask can work wonders for your complexion, and it means there’s no need to spend into your overdraft at the beauty clinic to achieve great results. At times like these, a great sheet mask is the answer (even if it is for a short while). So, why not bag yourself some pampered luxury, light a candle and forget all about the craziness that is the world for a while?

1.For Dry or Mature Skin Choose: Dr. Jart Ceramidin Sheet Mask, £5, www.selfridges.com

5 luxury sheet masks for an utterly pampered lockdown- dr. Jart ceramidin
Credit: Selfridges

Should you be in need of some serious hydration, look no further than Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Sheet Mask. Ceramides are key proven ingredients that help form a protective barrier, retain moisture and offer anti-aging benefits. This mask may be just £5, but don’t let that fool you. With an instantly plump and radiant complexion you will feel seriously pampered.

2.For Dull Skin Choose: MZ SKIN Hydra Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask, £90 (Pack of 5), www.feelunique.com

sheet mask luxury - mz skin gold
Credit: Feel Unique

Since reviewing MZ Skin’s Lift & Lustre Antioxidant Serum, I have been well and truly hooked! So sad when I couldn’t squeeze any more product from the pipette, but now I have this. The mask is sheer luxury. A blissful formula that boasts Nanoparticles of gold, collagen, niacinamide and vitamin C – the mask provides clinically proven results. Expect reduced hyper-pigmentation and skin that is lifted, smoother and bursting with luminosity. On a lockdown, my tip would be to soak in an aromatherapy-infused bath, mask on face, eyes closed, and listening to your favourite chill music. Heaven!

3.For Eyes In Need Of Assistance Opt For: Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Masks, £62, www.shieido.co.uk

5 luxury sheet masks for utterly pampered lockdown - shiseido eye masks
Credit: Shiseido

I feel we may all be suffering from a lack of sleep at present and our eyes are under some strain. Give your eyes some love and a little luxury with these incredible sheet masks. You will see a noticeable difference after just one application. Bags fade, wrinkles appear reduced and your eyes transform from that of a dulled zombie into, well, your sparkly peepers once more. Yay!

4.For De-Stressing and Super Nourishment: FIND Anti-Stress Sheet Mask, £18.05 (Pack of 10), www.amazon.co.uk

luxury sheet mask - find anti-stress
Credit: Amazon

These sheet masks are the go-to treatment for everyone right now. The formula combines: aloe vera to calm, hydrate and smooth; Atlantic algae extract to detoxify, relax and surge nutrients, whilst natural collagen and vitamin E repairs and protects. Your complexion and your soul will feel totally rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever life dishes out. Take that Coronavirus.

5.For Anti-Aging Choose: Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion, £46 (Pack of 4), www.cultbeauty.co.uk

luxury sheet mask utterly pampered - sarah chapman
Credit: Cult beauty

As we age it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain moisture. Behold, Sarah Chapman’s 3D Moisture Infusion Sheet Mask. This bespoke mask enables us to achieve her exclusive skincare treatments from the comfort of home, minus the eye-watering price. Her incredible formula includes low-molecular hyaluronic acid for deeper absorption, a complex of pentavitin, rosewater and specific minerals to ensure your complexion if fully rejuvenated. You can sit back and bask in the glory of truly amazing skin. Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we can’t take those filter-free selfies.

Have you tried any of these luxury sheet masks and what are your thoughts? Stay safe and keep smiling. xx


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