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The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown

Hey Lovelies!

I hope you are all staying safe and well (and not too bored) during this Goundhog Day-esque lockdown. How are you coping? Some days I hate it, other days it’s not that bad. I thought I would share the best and worst things I’ve discovered during this freakishly weird global experience. This article looks at the best:

The Best

1.Realising What Matters, Really

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Daily life ties the best of us in knots of trivialities. For a while I have felt overwhelmed with worries about how other people view me (due to some mean people on social media). Social distancing has allowed me breathing space to see none of it matters. Space allows us to reprioritise the things that really matter and refocus energy in a positive way.

2.Time With My Children / Live In The Present

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Amidst all this globally felt angst, we must know that worry changes nothing. Each day we have the chance to live in the present moment. When will this ever happen again? My daughter is between two addresses so although I don’t see her enough, when I do it means so much to me. I think how proud of her I am.

Spending time with my son every day is wonderful. Yes, it can be a little stressful at times (ahem, home schooling and the dreaded fractions) but I am thankful of each and every day.


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This situation forces each and every one of us to look within. This can only be good. People don’t change, even when they are shown things about their lives, that they hate. These extraordinary times offer us the power to be different. We can trash all the things in life that don’t help us and make a choice to change our future. Whether that is seeking help, changing careers, or re-evaluating relationships – there’s never been a better time than now.

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