Wave Goodbye To Frizz And Hello To Gloss With Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray:

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Should you want to wave goodbye to frizz for good (er, who the hell doesn’t?) and replace it with gloss as your new bezzie mate, you need to check out this review of Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

My obsession with hair products and tools means one thing – BAD hair.  Relentlessly dyed too, my locks now just protest as a matter of course. The annoying tendency to just frizz out the moment I step out of the house is a given.

I have found a few products to work – but alas, nothing beats the test of time (like a full day). What I constantly yearn for, is glossy, shiny hair. A weightless hair care product that can thwart frizz (the bane of my life), take control of moisture levels, whilst smoothing each fibre like a pro.

Just as I resigned myself to that pitiful point of defeat, I discovered Color Wow. After reading what it proclaims to achieve, I was slightly dubious as to any hair product being THAT good. However, there remained a ray of hope in the fact that it is an award-winning formula. This is what I found:

Color Wow’s Dream Coat is great for everyone but particularly helpful for those who suffer from the hell that is frizz. Additionally, should you be trying and failing to achieve the ‘glass hair’ look, this is a must-have. Taking inspiration from innovative textile technology, it veils hair strands with an invisible waterproof coat (superheroes would be impressed).


Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeousness
Credit: Amazon

1. Hair is incredibly glossy, sleek and smooth.

2. Lasts for 3-4 shampoos or 72 hours.

3. Invisible and weightless formula that protects against humidity and kills frizz.

4. Heat-activated polymer tightens and seals strands.


Color WOw Dream COat Supernatural Spray bye to frizz hello to gorgeous
Credit: Amazon

The secret to this serum working is in the application. Activated by heat, it is vital you saturate your hair with the product all the way from root to tip. Once you have done this, take your dryer and brush and get to work. Using a little tension and heat, my hair that would only look right on a scarecrow (and not a new one either) is literally transformed into advert-worthy (think L’Oréal) locks. Seriously people, when it comes to awesome hair products, the Dream Coat Spray will go down as one of the greats.

Dr Joe Cincotta, PhD and Chief Chemist, Color Wow says:

Color Wow dream coat spray anti-humidity
Credit: Color Wow

“The key to fighting frizz is all about controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible. Unlike typical serum or oil-based humidity-fighting formulas that lay down a heavy coat on hair’s surface, (which deflate volume and leave the hair greasy) Dream Coat uses a groundbreaking, heat-activated polymer technology that is lighter than a feather. Dream Coat scatters teeny droplets randomly on hair’s surface. When heated with your blow-dryer these droplets connect and crosslink, forming an invisible, hydrophobic matrix that does two things:

1) Compresses each strand into a sleek, silky, supple shape
2) Sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture.”

Directions for Use:

Shampoo, condition, towel dry hair, divide into sections. 

Saturate evenly on damp hair. Color Wow states not to apply other styling products to damp hair.

Blow-dry each section using a brush to hold hair taut allowing for friction.

For optimal results apply every 3-4 shampoos.

ColorWow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is priced at £25 (200ml), available at Amazon.co.uk


7 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets That Actually Work

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There’s no getting away from it (believe me I’ve tried); aging comes to us all. This is where the beauty industry can come to our aid. Certain anti-aging beauty concepts that work in theory, actually turn out to be a really bad idea (such as going for a heavy foundation). Read on to discover 7 anti-aging beauty secrets that actually work.

1.Use An Hydrating Moisturiser: CeraVe AM Facial Moisturiser, £12.99, www.amazon.co.uk

7 best anti-aging beauty secrets that actually work
Credit: Amazon

One of the lovely side effects of aging is dry skin (yay). Untreated dry skin causes some makeup to accentuate this irksome problem, as well as amplify lines and wrinkles. One of the best beauty tips is to ensure your moisture levels are kept at optimal capacity. That means, drink loads of water, apply an overnight moisturiser and use day serums/moisturisers with hyaluronic acid. This wonder component is hugely effective in retaining those much-needed moisture levels, thus keeping the dry, shrivelled look at bay!

There are some amazing products out there. However, in these financially crappy times, you can’t go wrong with CeraVe. It has everything your skin needs (precious ceramides and hyaluronic acid) and it is only £12.99! I can’t go without my coffee so generally; I drink a cup of water each time I have coffee (that way I’m not missing out, but stay hydrated). The only downside here is frequently running to the loo!

2.A Great Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing, £28, http://www.smashbox.co.uk

smashbox photo finish pore minimizer
Credit: Tiger room

Primers can be a literal Godsend for blurring and hiding those pesky signs of getting older. Sadly let’s just say that more pronounced pores, go hand-in-hand with age. I have dry skin and being in quarantine has recently made me aware of several (what I can only call) pot holes on my face! How the Hell did they sneak there? There are only a handful of primers that really work for me. One of my favourites is Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer Pore Minimizer. Should my plight ring any bells with anyone out there, I would recommend giving this little gem a shot.

3.CC Creams / Lightweight Hydrating Foundation: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, £32, www.itcosmetics.co.uk

7 anti-aging beauty secrets that actually work - it cosmetics cc cream
Credit: It Cosmetics

Although the reasoning behind using a high coverage concealer and foundation to cover the lines; I reality it has the opposite result. At the end of the day, our faces aren’t cakes and DO NOT look more enticing the more toppings we pile on (yep, on the off chance I was wrong, tried this too). Doesn’t work. Instead, do a little research and find yourself a good hydrating CC cream or hydrating and lightweight foundation. The outcome is far more appealing.

I am smitten with IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. Brimming with hydrating and skin-loving benefits that are perfect for tackling the age-factor (think vitamins A, C and E), this lightweight yet full coverage cream is the stuff of dreams. Ideal for hiding redness too, it will ensure your complexion appears beautifully radiant and NEVER cakey! #Beautifuldays!

This CC cream is available in 12 shades, is SPF50 and suitable for all skin types.

4.Makeup Sponge (Damp): Iconic London Pro-Evo Buffer Brush, £32.50, www.iconiclondoninc.com

7 anti-aging beauty secrets that work - iconic london brush
Credit: Iconic London

One little trick some people may not know is apply your makeup with a damp sponge, patting in rather than rubbing with your fingers. You achieve a seamless non-streaky finish every time. The Pro-Evo Buffer Brush by Iconic London has been one of my most cherished beauty tools, since I was lucky enough to review it over a year ago. It is, without a doubt, one of my never-be-without items. Love this!

5.Neutral Tones: Mac Amber Times Nine Eye Shadow Palette, £26, www.maccosmetics.co.uk

best anti-aging beauty mac eye shadow
Credit: mac cosmetics

Whilst bright colours are fine for occasional use, the general rule of thumb is to lean towards more neutral shades. This is more flattering for more mature skin and doesn’t draw attention to creases or drooping skin. MAC’s eye shadow x 9 is so gorgeous, it has to be my choice of the month.

6.The Softer The Better (Eyeliner and Eyebrows)

gif of teachers tv funny eyebrows
Credit: Giphy

Okay, so you over-plucked your brows and now they don’t look like eyebrows. This will put years on any face. Microblading is a great solution (make sure you do you research people – you do not want to pay big bucks to be stuck with permanently dodgy-looking brows! Failing that, after applying eyeshadow primer (Perricone MD No Makeup Eyeshadow, £29 is fab), use a fine eyeshadow powder and soft eyebrow pencil. Avoid harsh black at all costs.

For Eyeliner:

Should you have droopy lids steer clear from thick eyeliner. If you love the liner, create a thin line across the top lash line and avoid the lower lash line altogether.

7. Fuller Lips

7 anti-aging beauty secrets fillerina lip volume
Credit: Amazon

Lips decrease in size as we age. Luckily there are some fabulous lip plumping products out there – I love Fillerina Lip Volume Treatment Gel with 6 Hyaluronic Acids, £64.99, www.amazon.co.uk. It doesn’t provide injectable-like results, but it does noticeably improve the appearance of your pout. I tried this for several months and was impressed with how full my lips appeared. Out of all the lip volume treatments I have tested, I would pay the extra and opt for this one.

When applying lipstick use a foundation first to prevent migration of lip products. Next line and fill the lips with a soft pencil and follow with a lipstick.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below and stay safe everyone. xx

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown, Continued

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Following on from my recent article (here) that looks at the best things I’ve discovered during lockdown – this article explains the worst discoveries I’ve made thus far. Brace yourselves people.


the best and worst things discovered lockdown, regret gif
Credit: Giphy

Of course, there’s a downside to having so much alone time. You spend a lot of time recalling things you said or done in the past that you aren’t proud of. Wishing you could change the last time you spoke to someone and knowing it’s cemented into time, means a bucket load of regret. This calls for a shed load of chocolate, but hang on…?

2.The case Of The Vanishing Galaxy Bars

Credit: tigerroomblog.com

This brings me to my next (and no less valuable) point – where the HELL has all the Galaxy gone? There’s never been a more urgent time for Galaxy. You can get all except the best plain milk chocolate bars – the almost family size but not so big you still can get away with eating it all bars. Coronavirus appeared and Galaxy chocolate vanished. Probably the worst swap EVER!

3.Wasted Time

gif, time, worst discoveries made during pandemic
Credit: Giphy

Being scared sucks. Pretending things aren’t real doesn’t change anything, it just wastes time. Time is something nobody has a lot of. The irony is although many people see the lockdown as wasted time, it forces me to evaluate how much time I have really wasted – and it’s a lot! The predicament is, how to change this?

4.I Don’t Exercise Enough

gif simpsons worst discoveries lockdown
Credit: Giphy

Probably coming off a little vain here, but whatever. I’ve realised to my horror that I do actually need to exercise regularly if I don’t want my body to go to absolute shit faster than a pesky pandemic can spread itself across the globe. Maybe not the best analogy, but it’s true. If I don’t tone, gravity is on me like a literal tonne of bricks. This makes me truly sad. Probably a good thing that the Galaxy has vanished from the face of the earth, after all!

What are your discoveries during lockdown? Share your thoughts below xx

The Best (And Worst) Things I’ve Discovered During Lockdown

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I hope you are all staying safe and well (and not too bored) during this Goundhog Day-esque lockdown. How are you coping? Some days I hate it, other days it’s not that bad. I thought I would share the best and worst things I’ve discovered during this freakishly weird global experience. This article looks at the best:

The Best

1.Realising What Matters, Really

the best and worst things discovered during lockdown - gif of the matrix
Credit: Giphy

Daily life ties the best of us in knots of trivialities. For a while I have felt overwhelmed with worries about how other people view me (due to some mean people on social media). Social distancing has allowed me breathing space to see none of it matters. Space allows us to reprioritise the things that really matter and refocus energy in a positive way.

2.Time With My Children / Live In The Present

best and worst things discovered on lockdown - gif of friends
Credit: Giphy

Amidst all this globally felt angst, we must know that worry changes nothing. Each day we have the chance to live in the present moment. When will this ever happen again? My daughter is between two addresses so although I don’t see her enough, when I do it means so much to me. I think how proud of her I am.

Spending time with my son every day is wonderful. Yes, it can be a little stressful at times (ahem, home schooling and the dreaded fractions) but I am thankful of each and every day.


the ebst things discovered, gif of dr who david tennant
Credit: Giphy

This situation forces each and every one of us to look within. This can only be good. People don’t change, even when they are shown things about their lives, that they hate. These extraordinary times offer us the power to be different. We can trash all the things in life that don’t help us and make a choice to change our future. Whether that is seeking help, changing careers, or re-evaluating relationships – there’s never been a better time than now.

Awesome DIY Face Masks To Try During Lockdown

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You are on lockdown, stuck at home and almost through your savings – but you want to give your skin some love. Should this sound familiar, check out these awesome DIY face masks. One comes recommended by stunning 53-year-old Halle Berry herself and it’s very likely you won’t even need the Coop! (Phew, because they have nothing in anyway).

1.Anti-Aging/Halle Berry Recipe

awesome diy face masks to try on lockdown - halle berry
Credit: Instagram/Re-Spin

Halle Berry took to social media to share her much-loved DIY anti-aging face mask of which features:

2 Tbsp Green Tea

1 Pinch Turmeric Powder

1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

¼ Cup Of Plain Yoghurt

Mix well, lather all over the face and neck. Leave for several minutes, then add some more and leave for a further 10 minutes. Rinse well and moisturise. Hey presto – firmer, tighter and younger looking skin that glows with sheer radiance. All for a few quid! If it’s good enough for Halle, then it’s good enough for us!

2.My Anti-Inflammatory/Skin Glow Formula

awesome diy face masks
Credit: Tiger Room

This is my go-to DIY mask:

1/3 Banana

2 Tbsp Aloe Vera

¼ Cup Of Plain Yoghurt

1 Teaspoon Manuka Honey

face mask diy
Credit: Tiger Room

The face mask offers incredible anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing benefits. Furthermore, it will give your complexion that much sought-after Hollywood glow that’s so good that had it not been a global lockdown, people would believe you’ve just been to a luxury skin clinic. When you tell them what a banana can achieve, they will be amazed! Furthermore, the honey contained in the formula provides incredible antiseptic properties to help heal and thwart acne.

Mix well until it’s more or less a paste, then simply slap it on and go watch the next episode of your chosen binge TV series (mine is currently Person of Interest, again). I have literally tried almost every mask there is, and this one always stays in my top 5 most awesome masks. Bored, fed up, try this out – you will LOVE.

3.Moisturising And Rejuvenating: Milk Mask

face amsks to try during lockdown
Credit: Wikipedia.org

The Romans used to bathe in the stuff – and for good reason – it fully moisturises and rejuvenates the skin. Better yet, it is so easy to make:

¼ Cup Of Powdered Milk (Why Not Try Soy Milk?)


All you need to do is mix enough water with the powdered milk to form a paste and then apply to your face. However, with supplies running low, perhaps leave the milk bath until normality resumes!

Wait until the past dries and rinse off with warm water. Voila, a beautifully balanced and revitalised complexion. Hooray!

Go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it. xx


The Best (And Worst) Films To Watch During Lockdown

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There’s one thing everyone will be doing during lockdown – and that’s watching a lot of films. Here are the best (and the worst) movies to watch during the lockdown situation. Make sure you have ample amounts of chocolate, wine and tissues (and a Netflix subscription, obvs).

1.For A Moving Tear-Jerker: The Sixth Sense

the best films to watch during lockdown - the sixth sensering lockdown -
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Starring Bruce Willis, this slightly eerie plot with a truly tragic twist is a real tear-jerker. The film is based on a boy with the ability to see the dead and his struggle with the subsequent bullying and turmoil this life presents. On the off-chance someone reading hasn’t yet seen it; I won’t disclose the ending. However, I will say make sure you watch this with a box of tissues close-by. So sad!

2.For Lots Of Laughs: Deadpool

the best and worst films lockdown - deadpool
Credit: Wikipedia.org

When it comes to endless hilarity, nothing beats Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) is a supercool superhero who basically kills everyone. This film has to be one of the funniest and it NEVER gets old. I’ve seen it 6 times and still laugh throughout the entirety of the movie. Great mood-lifter – and is it wrong to think Ryan Reynolds is just as sexy like this? I can’t even blame it on lockdown!

3.For Some Male Eye Candy: Oceans Eleven

best and worst films on lockdown - oceans eleven
Credit: Wikipedia.org

I never tire of watching Brad Pitt, George Cooney or Matt Damon – and lucky for me, the Oceans films (until the recently tragic change of actors) star all 3 of these gorgeous and very cool guys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this, but it is definitely a lot. The movie is about a clever casino heist and is action-packed, a great plot and smooth moves. Everything a lonely girl could wish for on lockdown!


1.Worst Idea Ever: Contagion (Seriously, what was I thinking?)

best and worst films during lockdown - contagion
Credit: Wikipedia.org

Contagion also features Matt Damon. Albeit an older Matt Damon who is battling a virus not unlike the one we are currently experiencing. In fact, the similarities are so freakishly familiar, the deaths and terror all too real, that deciding to watch this film is probably the worst idea, ever. Don’t do it people.

2.Emoji Movie

Should you want to put a film on to watch with your child, don’t opt for this one. Seriously, if you don’t already feel suicidal, you soul will literally be in the pits of despair by the end of this hideously painful movie. Instead, give the new Sonic movie a go – starring Jim Carrey as the bad guy, this film is actually worth the watch.

The Best Face Masks For Dry Or Distressed Skin

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Face masks should be regarded as essential in a skincare routine. They can literally transform even Freddy Kruger-like dehydration into a complexion of health and radiance (well, maybe not in Freddy’s case, but you get my drift). Should you suffer from dry skin, read on. Here are the best masks to try. Who said lockdown can’t be fun?

1.First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, £17.50 (56.7g), amazon.co.uk

best face masks for dry distressed skin - first aid beauty ultra repair
Credit: Amazon

If you search the world over, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mask that treats dry or irritated skin like this one does. Combining ingredients such as: oatmeal (a fantastic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich component), oat bran (hugely nourishing natural yet gentle cleanser), and shea butter (for intensely moisturising benefits). Simple and effective, this mask makes light work of turning dry skin into a complexion of radiant beauty.

2.Kypwell BLACK GOLD Carob Superfood Mask, £55 (50ml), www.kypwell.com

best face masks - kypwell
Credit: Kypwell

I was lucky enough to try out Kypwell’s awesome skincare products a year ago and I have been a solid fan ever since. When it comes to hydration and regeneration, Kypwell’s Carob Superfood Mask packs one hell of a punch. This mask is revered for its intense healing properties, making it ideal for those who have undergone laser therapy or non-cosmetic procedures. This incredible formula combines a blend of peptides, a vast array of plant extracts and essential oils. The outcome is an outstanding transformation for your skin. So much so, you may look on at your reflection in slack-jawed amazement. Seriously, it’s THAT good. Better yet, the mask is vegan too!

3.Jart Cryo Rubber With Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, $14 (Single Use Mask), www.us.drjart.com

best face masks dry distressed skin - dr. Jart
Credit: Dr Jart

I’m sure K-beauty fans everywhere will agree that this mask is at the top of it’s game and is perfect for an instant revitalising pick-me-up. The 2-step hydrating mask, inspired by cryo therapy, is especially good for dry or aging skin. Basically, the mask lowers the temperature of the skin, thus boosting circulation to enable optimal absorption of active ingredients. The result is an impeccably gorgeous and radiant complexion. Yay!

The Mask Features:

A rubber mask made from algae and clay to fully hydrate and calm the skin.

An ampoule gel/serum loaded with actives and prebiotics complex.

The Cryo Rubber Mask contains hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture and kelp extract to provide a super-boost of moisture retaining abilities. Moisture loss is prohibited and skin is softened.

If you haven’t yet tried this mask, now’s your chance to enjoy something truly heavenly!

Anti-Aging Skincare Doesn’t Get Better Than Eclat’s EGF Night Moisturiser

Hey Lovelies!

Eclat’s EGF Night Moisturiser is a truly transformative skincare product of which many people are still unaware. This powerful anti-aging formula is packed with highly beneficial ingredients that work in unison to deliver exceptional benefits for the skin. Read on to discover what EGF actually is and why Eclat’s Night Moisturiser is so effective.

What Is EGF?

eclat egf night moisturiser so effective - egf protein
Credit: Wkipedia.org

Given Korea’s love of EGF, K-beauty fans will be aware of this potent component. EGF (epidermal growth factor) is basically a protein that occurs naturally within the body. This amazing ingredient’s sole purpose is to heal the skin (if only it could heal Covid-19). It does this by sending signals, telling your skin cells to repair. It also sends healing signals for the repair of certain wounds, too. This ingredient should be up for an award for its outstanding benefits!

How Eclat’s EGF Night Moisturiser Transforms The Skin

Eclat egf night moisturiser so effective
Credit: Tiger Room

When it comes to intense hydration (essential for mature skin types), and skin smoothing abilities, this moisturiser is at the top of its game. Eclat’s night moisturiser is unique as it is formulated with SH-Oligopeptide-1. The component has an identical chemical structure to an epidermal growth factor, thus enhancing the rate of skin renewal. Furthermore, it is loaded with incredible ingredients that work hand-in-hand to provide targeted results for your skin.

Key Ingredients:

eclat egf
Credit: Tiger Room

1.Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient, essential in maintaining youthful skin is found literally everywhere. Pretty much all anti-aging products include it. Naturally occurring, yet sadly diminishing with age, Eclat’s hyaluronic acid is provided as sodium hyaluronate (a smaller hyaluronic acid molecule). The smaller molecule enables deeper penetration within the skin, allowing optimal hydrating and plumping results.


hat has an identical chemical structure to an epidermal growth factor. Epidermal growth factor works to increase the rate of skin renewal, achieving that much sought-after youthful appearance whilst staving off pesky lines and wrinkles.

3.Japanese Tea Oil

An outstanding ingredient that is bursting with antioxidant value, this component offers high protection against free radical damage.

4.Shea Butter

This is included due to its superior moisturising and softening abilities. Additionally, it contains vitamins E, A and F, that further protect the skin from free radical damage.

5.Argan Oil

Packed with fatty acids that achieve optimal skin softening results.

Key Features:

eclat egf night moisturiser
Credit: Tiger Room

Smooths skin 

Enhances skin renewal 

Boosts skin hydration

Reduces the look of lines/wrinkles

Oil complex fully moisturises

5 natural extracts, oils, minerals and butters

5 anti-aging active ingredients

This moisturiser literally looks and feels like whipped cream. Luxurious yet lightweight, the fast-absorbing product penetrates the skin and works its magic whilst you sleep. I have been using this night moisturiser religiously for 3 weeks and my skin looks and feels awesome. Seriously, I can’t rate this enough!

Eclat’s EGF Night Moisturiser is priced at £32.50 (usually £65), and is available at www.eclatskinlondon.com

Have you tried this product and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below.

This Is Why The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Serum Is So Good

Hey Lovelies!

Today I’m featuring The Ordinary’s Outstanding Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Serum. There are several reasons this product should be at the top of everyone’s skincare list. Read on to discover why this product is so good.

Hyaluronic acid is one of those vital skincare components when it comes to ensuring your complexion remains one of enviable beauty. Loaded with proven anti-aging and moisture-retaining properties, this ingredient works like a dream for skin.

Whilst it is an important ingredient, not all products out there deliver amazing results. In order to get the optimal benefits, the ingredient must be provided in certain molecular weights. The Ordinary’s know this, and as such have formulated hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights to achieve a deeper and more intense effect on the skin. The outcome is a more plump and smooth-looking complexion that takes on a rose petal softness you will love.

this is why the ordinary's hyaluronic acid + b5 is so good
Credit: The Tiger Room

B5 is included due to its exceptional skin regenerating and strengthening qualities. It supports the skin’s barrier’s abilities; thus, reinforcing the skin. Damaged areas are significantly improved and for a moment the world isn’t so bad.

This super-lightweight serum absorbs quickly into the skin and wastes no time in its #1 mission of transformation. Within a week you will be staring at the bottle (and your face) in wonder. Half of this wonder will be just how The Ordinary manage to provide the public such an awesome product for so little money. Perhaps there is a subtle message here that could reach other skincare brands (particularly in the present climate).

Key Features:

this is why the ordinary's hyaluronic acid + B5 serum is so good
Credit: The Tiger Room

Lightweight Serum

Hyaluronic Acid in 3 Molecular Weights For Maximum Impact

B5 To Aid Repair and Strengthen

Incredibly Affordable

Outstanding Results


This product should be applied morning and evening, followed by your fave moisturiser.

The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid (2%) +B5 is priced at £6.20 (30ml) and is available at: www.lookfantastic.com.

Have you tried this yet, and what are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below and stay safe. xx

the ordinary serum, hyaluronic acid
Credit: The Tiger Room

Get Ready For Easter And The Best Beauty Egg Collection, Ever!

Hey Lovelies!

Each year beauty brands are bringing us increasingly fabulous beauty Easter eggs – and this one is going to be by far the best. Get ready for Easter with the best beauty egg collection ever! Read on:

1.Look Fantastic The Beauty Egg Collection, £65 (Worth £284), www.lookfantastic.com

Get ready for Easter and the best
Credit: Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic create amazing beauty advent calendars and beauty Easter eggs. This year’s egg collection is so good, if I had to choose between chocolate and this, I would choose this. That is a bold statement given my insane love of Galaxy! Check out what’s inside – but be warned – pre-order now so you don’t miss out! Containing 7 full-size and must-have products, this collection features:

Rodial Vit C Glow Tonic (200ml)

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (30ml)

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (50ml)

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (15ml) 

Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts (250ml)

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask (50ml)

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (100ml) 

For a minute there, I totally forgot I was on lockdown…

2.Babor Easter Egg 2020, £46.90 (37% Price Saving), www.babor.com

best beauty easter egg collection ever
Credit: Babor

Should Babor be the brand that makes your heart skip a beat, then this is an egg you won’t want to miss. Including 14 powerful concentrates that offer an outstanding bespoke 2-week treatment for your skin. By the end of lockdown your complexion will be nourished, rejuvenated and transformed into one that brings you sheer delight. Including:

Hydra PlusIntensely Moisturises

Stress Control – Thwarts Stress-induced Aging

Beauty Rescue – Strengthens Skin

Perfect Glow – For Luminosity.

Pollution Protect – Activates Skin’s Inner Protective Against UV Rays and Pollution

Active Night –Overnight Rejuvenation3D Firming To Firm And Support.

      3 Grand Cru – For Added Youthful Luminosity.

3.Glossybox Limited Edition Easter Egg, £30 (Worth £75), http://www.glossybox.co.uk

ready for the best beauty easter egg collection
Credit: Glossybox

Love makeup and skincare more than anything else, ever? Well, here is a special treat just for you. Glossybox has launched their limited-edition egg that includes products from some of the best brands around. Open the egg and you will discover 10 much-loved items, such as:

 Patchology Downtime Eye Gels

Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick (Meteor)

GlamGlow Instamud 60-Second Pore Refining Treatment

Barry M Nail Paint

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish

Q&A Ginger Root Moisturiser

bareMinerals Lashtopia Mascara

Minimo Candy Lip Scrub

St. Tropez Self-Tan Purity Vitamins Body Mist

St. Tropez Dual Sided Velvet Luxe Mitt

Have a beautifully happy Easter. Xx



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