Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeousness

Wave Goodbye To Frizz And Hello To Gloss With Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray:

Hey Lovelies!

Should you want to wave goodbye to frizz for good (er, who the hell doesn’t?) and replace it with gloss as your new bezzie mate, you need to check out this review of Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

My obsession with hair products and tools means one thing – BAD hair.  Relentlessly dyed too, my locks now just protest as a matter of course. The annoying tendency to just frizz out the moment I step out of the house is a given.

I have found a few products to work – but alas, nothing beats the test of time (like a full day). What I constantly yearn for, is glossy, shiny hair. A weightless hair care product that can thwart frizz (the bane of my life), take control of moisture levels, whilst smoothing each fibre like a pro.

Just as I resigned myself to that pitiful point of defeat, I discovered Color Wow. After reading what it proclaims to achieve, I was slightly dubious as to any hair product being THAT good. However, there remained a ray of hope in the fact that it is an award-winning formula. This is what I found:

Color Wow’s Dream Coat is great for everyone but particularly helpful for those who suffer from the hell that is frizz. Additionally, should you be trying and failing to achieve the ‘glass hair’ look, this is a must-have. Taking inspiration from innovative textile technology, it veils hair strands with an invisible waterproof coat (superheroes would be impressed).


Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - say goodbye to frizz and hello to gorgeousness
Credit: Amazon

1. Hair is incredibly glossy, sleek and smooth.

2. Lasts for 3-4 shampoos or 72 hours.

3. Invisible and weightless formula that protects against humidity and kills frizz.

4. Heat-activated polymer tightens and seals strands.


Color WOw Dream COat Supernatural Spray bye to frizz hello to gorgeous
Credit: Amazon

The secret to this serum working is in the application. Activated by heat, it is vital you saturate your hair with the product all the way from root to tip. Once you have done this, take your dryer and brush and get to work. Using a little tension and heat, my hair that would only look right on a scarecrow (and not a new one either) is literally transformed into advert-worthy (think L’Oréal) locks. Seriously people, when it comes to awesome hair products, the Dream Coat Spray will go down as one of the greats.

Dr Joe Cincotta, PhD and Chief Chemist, Color Wow says:

Color Wow dream coat spray anti-humidity
Credit: Color Wow

“The key to fighting frizz is all about controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible. Unlike typical serum or oil-based humidity-fighting formulas that lay down a heavy coat on hair’s surface, (which deflate volume and leave the hair greasy) Dream Coat uses a groundbreaking, heat-activated polymer technology that is lighter than a feather. Dream Coat scatters teeny droplets randomly on hair’s surface. When heated with your blow-dryer these droplets connect and crosslink, forming an invisible, hydrophobic matrix that does two things:

1) Compresses each strand into a sleek, silky, supple shape
2) Sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture.”

Directions for Use:

Shampoo, condition, towel dry hair, divide into sections. 

Saturate evenly on damp hair. Color Wow states not to apply other styling products to damp hair.

Blow-dry each section using a brush to hold hair taut allowing for friction.

For optimal results apply every 3-4 shampoos.

ColorWow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is priced at £25 (200ml), available at


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