Discover The A-Lister Craze: Algae Beauty

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Since A-listers such as Victoria Beckham and Lea Michele announced their love of  OSEA Malibu’s Undaria Algae Oil (Buy It, £40.80, last year, the trend for algae-based skincare was reborn and soared. Absolutely loaded with super-nutrient properties waiting to transform your skin, it’s no wonder this ingredient is a hit. Get in on the craze and discover some amazing vegan skincare formulas for your face and body and hair (2 of which are massively reduced in price). Apply. Pamper. Smile.

1.For The Body: OSEA Malibu Undaria Algae Oil, £40.80 1oz (WAS £68),

Discover the a-lister craze: algae beauty
Credit: Ninth Avenue

We can begin with the celeb-adored body oil. Why do they love it so? Well, let me tell you:

This vegan-friendly aromatherapy oil offers an exceptionally high-quality infusion of seaweed (macroalgae). Brimming with antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, the incredible oil ensures optimal hydration, moisture and nourishment. Stretch marks appear reduced and the skin gleams with a new youthful luminosity. Enjoy!

2.For The Face: Omorovicza Budapest Miracle Facial Oil, £59.95 30ml (Was £80),

Discover the a-lister skincare craze: algae beauty
Credit: All Beauty

I cannot rate this facial oil enough and should you try it just once – you will know what I’m talking about. If your face is dry or mature, it works. Similarly, should you suffer from breakouts or lacklustre skin, this should be your bag. Basically, it’s a dream.

This oil features winged kelp extract. The antioxidant and mineral-rich algae will rehydrate and lock in moisture, whilst helping to detoxify.

Boasting an array of skin transformative properties in addition to algae, the oil can do no wrong. For those who are sensitive to retinol, bakuchiol is included. This outstanding ingredient tackles fine lines and wrinkles, whilst other components like sea buckthorn berry and sweet almond oil thoroughly nourish, soften and protect.

3.For The Hair: Bumble and bumble Seaweed Shampoo, £22.50 (250ml),

discover a-lister craze: algae beauty
Credit: Look Fantastic

Feed your locks to some serious nourishment with Bumble and bumble’s Seaweed Shampoo. Their gorgeous formula offers a moisturising and nutrient super boost for your hair and scalp. Expect some bouncy, shiny happy locks.

Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message and have a happy Wednesday people. Stay safe. xx

Are You Making These Oral Health Mistakes?

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Now, more than ever it is vital we maintain good oral health – after all, should you get a toothache, there’s no dentist around to save the day. It will be a case of Huckleberry Finn. Y’know a string tied to your tooth and the other end on a door, or something equally as nightmare-inducing. If your bad tooth happens to have long roots…well, let’s not go there. Instead, read on to make sure you are not making these oral health mistakes. Far less traumatic!

1.Brushing Incorrectly

Credit: Giphy

You may think brushing is pretty basic – but it is incredible how many people make this fundamental mistake. Someone I know went to the dentist (for implants) at the age 0f 65 and was told he had brushed incorrectly his entire life! The trick is to brush at a 45-degree angle in circular motions – never up and down. Don’t forget to do the inside too!


are you making these oral health mistakes?
Credit: Wikimedia

Incredibly, over-brushing can cause more harm than good. You might think all that extra tooth attention can do no wrong – but, alas, this is not so. Over-brushing will lead to wearing down of enamel; thus, causing tooth and gum issues. So, 3 times is a charm people.

3.Brushing Too Soon After Food and Drink

Are you making these oral health mistakes?

Never drink a Red Bull and then rush to the bathroom to brush. You will in effect be brushing all that sugary content straight into your teeth. Ouchie.

4.Not Flossing

Credit: Giphy

Flossing is so important in preventing gum disease. A little blood loss is normal when flossing, so don’t panic that you have damaged your mouth.  Keep those gums healthy and grab the floss.

5.Not Bothering

Credit: Giphy

Yes, we have all been guilty of this from time to time. If you say this has never applied to you, I won’t believe it. However, neglecting your oral health (particularly during a lockdown) is a really bad idea. You may be absolutely exhausted after a boozy night or whatever – but find that inner willpower and get your toothbrush to the ready before you hit the sack.

My All-Time Favourite Cleansers

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Everyone knows a good cleanser can literally make or break your complexion goals. The problem lies in being bombarded with unlimited amounts of products – and they all promise to deliver. So, which one should you choose? If you are a fan of the K-beauty cleansing routine, you will need an oil and a water-based cleanser. Personally, since the lockdown, I finally got off my butt and made a determined effort with the double-cleanse. Result being, my skin looks A-Mazing (for once). I highly recommend giving it a go! So, without further ado, here is my pick of the ultimate oil and water-based cleansers that tackle a multitude of concerns.

1.For Those Who Don’t Want The Hassle: The Inkey List Oil And Water Double Cleanser, £9.99 (150ml),

My all-time fave cleansers - the inkey list double cleanse
Credit: Selfridges

If you can’t be bothered with the hassle of searching for the right water and oil-based cleanser, this little gem will be just the ticket. This all-singing, all-dancing product ticks all the boxes and delivers results in one foul swoop. Featuring naturally sourced sea buckthorn and sweet almond oil in this awesome formula, you can expect a gentle, nourishing and yet thorough cleanse. Furthermore, moisture is instantly locked in. Panthenol is included, ensuring your complexion is purified to the max without any of that nasty tight after-effect you may otherwise experience. Double cleanse = no issue!

2.For Anyone: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter, £17 (100ml),

my all-time fave cleansers
Credit: Look Fantastic

Liz Earle provides the highest grade of highly researched and naturally sourced ingredients. The outcome is your skin looks simply incredible. I had the delight of reviewing Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish several years ago. Let me tell you guys, I have been hooked ever since. If you haven’t tried this and you are on the lookout for a new cleanser, I suggest giving this one a chance. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Skin transformation? I’ll take it!

3. For Acne/Pigmentation: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £35 (100ml),

my all-time fave cleansers - gel cleanser oskia
Credit: Oskia

Oh my God, this is one gel cleanser that should NEVER go under anyone’s radar. Called ‘Illuminating Vitamin Melting Cleanser’ this is a nutrient-loaded product that offers unbelievable results. I have been using it religiously and my complexion has never looked better. Oskia is a tad pricier, but it is SO worth it. When you apply, simply add a little water and it melts in deliciously, beginning it’s purifying and nourishing magical wonder. To give you an idea: my tube of Oskia has pretty much run out and this morning I actually cut the end off, just to squeeze out the last bit! Love, love and love some more!

4.For Dry, Mature Skin: BeBaredFaced Mineral Cleansing Balm, £10.99,

my favourite beauty products of the week - bebarefaced
Credit: L A Beauty

This is another incredible cleanser that I cannot speak of highly enough. Packed with a multitude of skin-loving nutrients such as rose clay minerals, coconut and sweet almond oil, the formula is in a class of its own. Seriously. Expect detoxification, exfoliation and some super-regen powers. When applied to the face with water, this balm becomes an oil that treats your skin to spa-like pampering.

These are my all-time fave cleansers. Have you tried them yet and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and happy Tuesday people. xx

Smart Face Masks And 3-D Makeup: 2020 Sees Beauty And Tech Unite

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2020 may suck as you could never imagine – but there’s one area where it definitely doesn’t suck. That is the beauty world. This year there is another revolution – one whereby tech shakes things up. What a treat for all beauty lovers out there, and with Botox clinics closed, it couldn’t come a moment too soon. Check out the new gadgets of 2020 and do a little dance of joy!

1.Mink Portable 3-D Makeup Printer, $295

beauty and tech unite 2020 smart face masks and 3-d makeup
Credit: 3s Natives

Behold, the first makeup printer. All you need to do is upload the image you want from social media or wherever, and it will print off customised makeup. This is great if you are constantly on the move as it will save you so much baggage and time. It can produce over 6.7 million FDA-approved colours. Wow.

This beauty tech is set to launch in Autumn and you can pre-order!

2.Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer, $149,

2020 best beauty and tech unite amazing gadgets
Credit: Sephora

A facial steaming device in the comfort of your own home. The idea is to steam whilst cleansing. Next, you are advised to exfoliate. Following this, you steam once more while applying your skincare products (serum, moisturiser). There’s no denying the benefits that come with steaming your face. But, what’s up with a bowl of steaming water and a towel?  I’m thinking this may be a little faddy and likely to grow cobwebs at the back of the cupboard after the week of novelty has passed. Gees, if I can’t be bothered with my Foreo more than once a week, what hope is there?

3.MZ Skin Golden Therapy Light Treatment Mask, £385,

amazing beauty devices 3d makeup and smart masks, 2020 tech
Credit: MZ Skin

I was introduced to this brand a couple of years ago when I was asked to review Dr. Maryam Zamani’s MZ Skin Lift & Lustre Serum. This looked and felt like a little bottle of the most precious liquid gold ever. Seriously, it was so good, I almost didn’t want to open it. Bursting with antioxidants and nutrients waiting to transform my skin into a complexion of wondrous glory, each time I applied this serum felt like a dream. The serum was next-level awesomeness and I kept hold of the bottle long after I ran out as a slightly sad momentum!

Anyway, I digress. My point being, having tried that, I am 100% on-board with anything else MZ Skin-related.

The mask delivers light therapy in 5 settings and addresses varying skin concerns. Light therapy has been a hit amongst the A-listers for a while now and many swear by its transformative benefits. However, clinical light therapy treatments aren’t really an option (unless you happen to have celebrity cash status). This device may set you back some dollar, but it lasts, making the light therapy treatment a realistic option in which to invest. Luxurious pampering and rejuvenation, please!

So, choose this if you worry about aging (err, who doesn’t?), pigmentation (yup, again), and never quite achieving that glass skin luminosity. Seriously, how much primer and glass spray do you squirt on your face before conceding defeat?

  1. Simplehuman Triple Mirror, £349.95,
smart mask 3d makeup 2020 gadgets beauty tech
Credit: Simplehuman

Of all the new gadgets out there, this one will benefit me the most. Recently I paid stupid money for a beautiful bathroom mirror, complete with built-in LED lighting. It was the worst decision, ever. I swear it’s got it in for me. No matter the time of day, if I use this mirror to apply makeup, it looks flawless. It seems to say, ‘Go out, you look incredible.’ No. just no.

I can’t tell you how many times I left the house before I realised this was not actually true. Happening to glance at my reflection before exiting my car (upon return I might add), I saw to my HORROR the foundation/concealer was so streaky I looked like someone had thrown it at me for fun – eyeshadow, same, and eyeliner, oh dear Lord. So never was there ever a greater need for me to own this new-fangled gadget. For the sake of avoiding PTSD.

The TRU-LUX sensor perfectly mimics natural sunlight and offers 5x magnification, so you can see every last gory detail whilst putting on your slap. Yes, this does mean it may take a while, but at least you won’t leave looking like a clown. Furthermore, the mirror boasts smart features such as built-in Alexa so you can get ready in the harmony of your playlist. There are also 50,000 variations of colour. Lockdown you say? I hadn’t noticed!

Have you heard of or tried any of these gadgets and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below and have an amazing day. xx

These Amazing Sheet Masks Cost Less Than A Coffee!

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Ah, don’t you just hate that the world of luxury beauty pampering comes at a cost? Worry no more, my friends. Sheet masks, known and beloved by us all, can transform your skin and make you feel utterly amazing (and spoilt). Read on to discover some truly magical masks that cost less than a coffee! Perfect for reviving your skin after a day of the dreaded ‘obligatory’ face mask.

1.For Anti-Aging: Malie Snail Sheet Mask,  87p (£13.99 Pack of 16),

amazing sheet masks that cost less than coffee - snail
Credit: L A Beauty

Acclaimed for its retinol-like ability to rejuvenate and resurface the skin, it is no wonder the K-beauty snail trend keeps climbing. Snail filtrate is loaded with all kinds of key nutrients that mature skin types crave. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides ensure your complexion is nothing short of outstanding (even if it is temporary).

Dry and maturing skin types need as much moisture as possible and this mask certainly provides. After using this mask which takes 25 minutes, my complexion looked and felt plumper, rejuvenated and thoroughly pampered.

2.For Clear And Protected Skin: Red Ginseng Sheet Mask, 87p (£13.99 Pack of 16),

best sheet masks - less than coffee cost
Credit: L A Beauty

Considered as Korea’s ultimate medicine, the benefits of red ginseng also extend to providing care topically. The antioxidant-rich ingredient supports many skin concerns. Some of these include ensuring optimal skin cell health, maintaining elasticity and protection. Think of it as a brief pause button on the great clock of life. Perfect for guaranteeing your complexion keeps in first-class condition. Love, love, love!

3.For Acne/Damage/Inflammation: Malie Green Tea Sheet Mask, 87p (13.99 Pack of 16),

amazing sheet masks that cost less than a coffee = green tea
Credit: L A Beauty

Okay, for those of you who (like me) suffer from inflamed skin and redness, the green tea mask will be your saviour. (Also true for people with acne and blemishes). Green tea is a true healer. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a real game-changer and can even help to heal minor wounds! I absolutely love this mask. Often acne and blemish treatments can dry out the skin – but this one is unbelievably moisturising. Seriously, I can’t fault it. An ideal quick-fix solution for when your skin is red, sore or suffering at all.

Have you tried any of these Malie Masks and which is your favourite? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday people xx

The Best At-Home Micro-Needling Tools For Every Skin Concern

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Lockdown has seen us extend our beauty regime legs that bit further. We have tried new products and at-home procedures. Yet still, I have only completed the K-beauty 10-step skincare trend once (what the HELL is wrong with me?). Aaanyway, you may have now moved on to the whole micro-needling challenge. Let’s face it – micro-needling has received a ton of glory for achieving incredible skincare results. Think, destination transformation.

Before you rush to your laptop to order, read on. You need to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly. After all, we are talking about inserting loads of tiny needles into your skin. There are some micro-needling tools that will cause more harm than good. Then there are some that are so ineffective they aren’t worth a penny.

Furthermore, you need the correct size device for your particular skin concern. Should you be considering taking the leap into the at-home micro-needling world, these are the devices that are actually worthwhile. For those who may be unsure about the benefits of micro-needling, you can read up on it here.

1.For Acne Scars / Deep Wrinkles: 1mm. Try Skinmedix Derma Roller 1mm, £22.68 (Was €51.87),

best at-home microneedling tools
Credit: Skinmedix

This safe skin roller therapy tool combines 192 of the highest-grade stainless-steel microneedles. These offer almost painless (a slight tingle occurs) penetration into the surface of the skin. Micro-channels open and allow for maximum absorption of skincare products. For acne or scar concerns, this size needle head ensures the premise for enhanced collagen and elastin production; thus, the healing process can go ahead and begin. YASS!

Before continuing, I need to mention that this should only be used once each week. Should you suffer from very sensitive skin or rosacea, this sized tool should be avoided. Lastly, those using laser, microdermabrasion or peels need to wait until the skin has recovered before using the micro-needling device.

2.For Enlarged Pores / Sun Damage: 0.5mm. Try Swiss Clinic 3-In-1 Skin Roller, £79),

best microneedling device
Credit: Face The Future

I absolutely adore this brand and rate their derma roller as one of the best at-home devices you can buy. Maximise your skincare potential with a safe yet highly successful tool. The kit offers 3 different heads that deal with a variety of needs.

Featuring Japanese surgical steel microneedles with 3 heads:

0.2mm head for young or very sensitive facial skin

0.5mm head for treating enlarged pores

0.5mm head for the body – wider needle head for larger areas.

Swiss Clinic’s 3-in1 product allows you to build up treatment gradually, whilst addressing several skin issues and ensuring optimal efficacy of skincare components. Should sun damage be particularly severe, you may want to opt for a .75mm needle head. This tool allows for optimum absorption of your chosen products’ active ingredients. Try ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides – but allow your face to recover before applying retinol.

However, as with all micro-needling devices, if you are new to the procedure, tread carefully. Should you experience any problems, stop the treatment.

3.For Hyperpigmentation: 0.75mm: Ame Pure CIT Micro-Needling Treatment, £37.29,

the best microneedling tools - ame pure
Credit: Amazon

This is a fantastic derma roller for combatting hyperpigmentation. Hand-made with surgical stainless-steel micro-needles, the tool is safe and offers incredible results. Using the product allows the absorption of skincare ingredients to increase by 1000 times! Collagen production is greatly improved and over time the results will speak for themselves.

Using a micro-needling device should be seen as a long-term treatment. Used correctly, you can expect a dramatically rejuvenated glow. Enjoy!

5 Best Beauty Finds Of The Week

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Another week of lockdown simply means another week of finding some of the best beauty products around. Beauty items that, had I been busier, may have slipped under the radar. Nah, probably not. However, I do have extra time for more intensive reviews (thus, extra me-time)! Here is my pick of the products that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

1. Best Candle Find: Simon & Tom Luxury Green Rose Scented Candle, £12.90,

best beauty finds of the week - soy candle
Credit: L A Beauty

This has to be one of my all-time fave candles, ever! Vegan-friendly, no added nasties so you can actually relax and breathe in the scent without dread of inhaling toxins (big plus there, guys). The best bit is the divine scent of this heavenly soy candle. If you are like me and love roses, this will feel like your room is ablaze with sheer joy. Chill time awaits, people. You can never have too much me-time!

2.Best Roller Find: Vintage Cosmetic Co. Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £24.99,

rose quartz facial roller
Credit: L A Beauty


Over recent years I have reviewed quite a few things by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. From hair clips to rose-plated tweezer sets – this brand brings quirky and class into an awesome partnership. Beauty tools are fun, you feel like you have added luxury at little cost. (Always a good thing.) Their Rose Quartz Derma Roller (in case you are noticing a trend here – yes, I love all things rose-related) can take a Pepsi challenge any day of the week against top price branded rollers. Effective and affordable equals perfection. Especially during difficult economic times such as these, when there is yearning for some pampering amidst global worry about the cost.

Worry no more, just relax and spoil yourself a little.

3.Incredible Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish, £2.99,

best beauty finds week - rimmel nail
Credit: L A Beauty

How cheap is this nail polish? Ordinarily, I veer towards higher-priced polishes as they seem to last longer and are generally more pigmented. This one has completely changed my perspective. Not only is it less than I paid for my latte with double expresso this morning, but it will also last a hell of a lot longer. No chipping, great hue, means a win-win. No, I don’t need to add a little acetone to the sorry looking remnants in my last bottle of red. Hooray!

This polish is available in 6 gorgeous summer shades.

4. Best Serum Discovery: Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic, £69.99 (Was £120 – £50 off Right Now),

aox ferulic serum
Credit: Face The Future

Pure vitamin C and E usually comes with a very high price tag. This is because they are 2 essential ingredients for tackling the irksome aging issue that faces us all. Thankfully we can postpone the nightmare with the help from best-selling serums such as these. Usually priced at a whopping £169, but it is currently on offer at £50 less. And it is so worth it. So, if you have run out of your vitamin C and E and want to invest, grab yourself an amazing bargain. The serum should last you at least for several months, and you won’t be wondering whether to replace it with another brand – the results will speak for themselves. Sunshine and happy days for your beautiful complexion. Yay.

5. Best Tanning Find: UTAN & Tone Coconut Tanning Mist, £18,

UTAN and Tone Tanning Mist
Credit: L A Beauty

Looking for a natural-looking tan that glows with just the right luminosity? Look no further. This multi-award-winning tanning water is the stuff of dreams, I tell you. Vegan-friendly, so hydrating and infused with vitamins. Simply spray your face after applying your makeup in the morning. By lunchtime, you will be good to go. The reasons I love this are three-fold:

It’s so easy to use and achieves flawless results

It’s vegan

There’s no mess.

After testing and falling deeply in love with their bronzing spray, I didn’t think I could want another tanning mist more. Then I tried this and OMG. Love, love, love!

N.B: If your skin is dry, this is a product you will truly appreciate.

Have you tried any of these products and do you love them as much as I do? Leave me a message below.

Yes, You Need A Facial Roller. Here’s Why:

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Facial rollers may seem like a bit of a fad. However, if you struggle to get control of a puffy face, this little tool will feel like the work of angels. The Chinese have made great use of the skincare gem for hundreds of years. The rest of the world, however, has taken a tad longer to jump on board. Nevertheless, now we are all on the same page and facial rollers, be it amethyst, jade or quartz, continue to grow in popularity.

Scientific research is missing; thus, the jury is still out on their anti-aging effectiveness. That said, there can be no denying this tool’s ability to achieve lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation. In turn, this will result in more oxygenated skin cells (an anti-aging essential). Lymphatic drainage can be nothing but helpful in reducing the puffy tired look, too. When it comes to choosing a roller, the choice of gemstone makes no real difference in the effectiveness of this tool. Given that jade rollers and rose quartz are by far the cheapest, these are the ones I would opt for. Read on to find the ones I love the most.

1.The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £24.99,

yes you need a derma roller: heres ehy - cosmetic company rose quartz
Credit: The Vintage Cosmetic Co.

Rose quartz offers healing and positivity – it is one of my most cherished crystals. Therefore, a rose quartz facial roller has my blessing – especially if it isn’t overpriced! This fabulous one will calm, soothe and refresh like any of the rollers that come with a huge price tag! Simply glide over your skin in upwards and outwards motions. Allow your much-loved serums to soak in and do an amazing job! You will feel incredible!

2.Jade Stone Massage Roller And Gua Sha Scraper by LDREAMAM, £13.99,

yes you need a derma roller, here's why" - jade massage roller
Credit: Amazon

I absolutely love this facial roller. Not only is it cost-effective, but it works tremendously well. Pop the roller in the fridge and the cooling sensation maximises soothing and toning abilities. This tool depuffs areas of concern in an instant. Jade is also known for its natural healing qualities, making the facial roller a little more special!

heres why you need a facial roller
Credit: Amazon

It also comes with a Gua Sha scraper (meant to help with inflammation). If you are new to using this, I suggest doing a little research first, as some people (particularly those with sensitive skin) have bad reactions. There is a knack to using the scraper and you should expect some bruising.

Enjoy some serious soothing and restorative bliss!

N.B:  Facial rollers are often referred to as derma rollers. However, this can cause confusion given that microneedle tools are called derma rollers, too. For this reason, I keep the term ‘facial roller’.

5 Lockdown Gifts Guaranteed To Bring A Smile

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Everyone is trying to come to terms with the loneliness of lockdown and the ensuing new not-so-normal, normal. Why not make your loved one’s day that much brighter? Discover 5 gifts that are guaranteed to make your loved one smile during the lockdown.

1.Crystals: Rose Quartz Healing Heart Crystal, £8.99,

5 awesome lockdwon gifts to bring a smile - crystal
Credit: The Psychic Tree

Okay, some may call this hippie. However, crystals have been used for centuries, due to their healing properties. Many people swear by them and their popularity keeps soaring. Celebs such as Adele, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow keep them close to hand, for all occasions. Whether you think its tosh or are a firm believer, gifting a healing crystal is certain to make your loved one smile. I just gifted my children, mum and nan crystals – they didn’t cost much but their smiles were priceless.

2. A Face Mask: Boden 3-Pack Multicolour, £20,

5 awesome lockdown gifts to bring a smile
Credit: Boden

The government state that face masks must now be worn. Why not cheer up your family member or friend with a super pretty one? There is now a wide variety from which to choose, but I love this set from Boden. £5 from each sale goes to the charity Helpforce too, so you are doing a bit to help.

3.Aery Positive Energy Candle, £24.99,

5 gifts for lockdown
Credit: Totem

This vegan candle is encompassed in delicate essential oils. These are specifically combined to unite and enlighten your senses with positive vibes – and is certain to make that someone special’s day.  The gorgeous 100% natural soy candle includes amber, pink grapefruit, lemon, mint, woody vetiver and violet leaf.  This beautiful candle creates a feeling of ultimate wellbeing to uplift even the most fed up of moods.

4.Birth Flower Seed Box, £23, By the Gluttonous Gardener,

5 awesome gifts lockdown
Credit: Not On The Highstreet

What a cool gift for anyone!. Cheer up your children, nan, or those who you feel need that extra boost with this inspirational and motivational pressie. Inside you will find a packet of seeds to grow their birthday flowers. The gift also features an engraved slate with the recipients’ name and birthday to hang in their soon-to-be blooming garden. Although this is down as a birthday gift, I think it would be great to receive any time of year. This will give your loved one a smile and something else to think about for a while.

5. Personalised ‘Things We Love About’ Our Friend Print, by Coconut Grass, £9.95,

awesome gifts to bring a smile
Credit: Not On The Highstreet

Nothing gives someone a boost like letting them know why you value them. Simply enter the reasons (funny or caring), into each box and the name of that incredible someone in your life. Hey presto, a perfect gift guaranteed to make them smile!

3 Mental Health Conditions That Turn People Into Dicks

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Finally, people are waking up to the fact that the majority of people will suffer from mental health issues at some point in life. Why, then, do people turn into such dicks when confronted with a person suffering from a mental health condition?  You would think that given the fact we are plummeting into a mental health black hole; an upcoming era consumed by this neglected crisis – people might be a little kinder. But, alas, when faced with a situation that makes a person uncomfortable, most people are just mean.

                                                                        Credit: Giphy

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying dealing with people with varying issues is easy. The instinctive defend/attack reactions are inevitably stirred. All I am saying is, knowing you may just find yourself in a similar terrible headspace one day, don’t be a dick. Take a minute before jumping to conclusions. Give yourself the gift of thought before making snap judgements and take to social media to destroy a person (and probably their family too).

To those who react in this way: Your opinions are harsh and based on little fact. You have probably had little interaction with the person you are demonising. But if you have, then shame on you. Maybe you live in a small town and jumped on the gossip train. Or perhaps you thrive on being drip-fed crap on social media – by a Facebook group who have a combined IQ smaller than that of an unfertilised egg. That said, once a seed of contempt has been planted in people’s minds, there’s not much that can be done to stop it.

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

I spent a long time wondering if there was much point in writing this. It would definitely offend quite a few. But there is a real injustice going on. The amount of people whose only crime is a mental health disorder. People who are treated so badly and called all kinds of hideous things often end up committing suicide. I feel I have no choice but to point out some disorders and reasons people react like such dicks. If one person stops acting like they are leading a witch hunt in the early 1900s. If one mental health sufferer reads this and understands these people aren’t worth one tear – then it is so worth it.


Credit: Giphy

Staring can occur due to OCD behaviour and is often triggered by extreme past trauma and anxiety. It is very rarely due to that person wanting to kill you or kidnap your child/dog or steal your bag.

If you notice someone and they appear to be staring in your or your family’s direction for longer than is deemed sociably acceptable, try not to judge. I know it is uncomfortable and therefore it is understandable that people can react badly. But, imagine how awful it must be for the person living with that daily hell and be kind instead.


    Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

Those who suffer from anxiety are going through enough without having to deal with being treated unfairly. If someone doesn’t answer you or avoids eye contact, often they aren’t being rude or pyscho. They are struggling massively. Fear and dread can be all-consuming. The sufferer who appears to be acting strangely is just wishing they could run the hell away and hide. Nothing sinister and not worth your hate.


Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

This illness affects so many people and yet, somehow people still act like dicks around sufferers. ‘He looks like fun, not!’ and, ‘Look at her just staring at the ground.’ Some of the comments that precede abuse across social media or via Chinese whispers. Before you know – it’s become a free-for-all. Vultures savagely ripping a sufferer’s life apart with all kinds of accusations. As if life isn’t hard enough.

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If you take something away from this article, let it be this: People suffering don’t choose to act differently. In general, the last thing they want is to upset you. Often in an over-the-top attempt to be accepted, their conditions cause them to behave in a more socially unacceptable fashion.

However, whatever crap you feel from momentarily feeling embarrassed/freaked out/uncomfortable, I can assure you the sufferer will be feeling an infinite amount worse about themselves. Don’t be malicious. Would you be able to look yourself in the mirror if you heard of their suicide, their children devastated? How would you feel when it turned out they were a loving parent who just suffered from a condition that made them act a bit weird?

In an age where we are all struggling, can’t people make a bit of an effort to take a break from being a dick? After all, one day, it might be you.

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