here's why you need a derma roller

Yes, You Need A Facial Roller. Here’s Why:

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Facial rollers may seem like a bit of a fad. However, if you struggle to get control of a puffy face, this little tool will feel like the work of angels. The Chinese have made great use of the skincare gem for hundreds of years. The rest of the world, however, has taken a tad longer to jump on board. Nevertheless, now we are all on the same page and facial rollers, be it amethyst, jade or quartz, continue to grow in popularity.

Scientific research is missing; thus, the jury is still out on their anti-aging effectiveness. That said, there can be no denying this tool’s ability to achieve lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation. In turn, this will result in more oxygenated skin cells (an anti-aging essential). Lymphatic drainage can be nothing but helpful in reducing the puffy tired look, too. When it comes to choosing a roller, the choice of gemstone makes no real difference in the effectiveness of this tool. Given that jade rollers and rose quartz are by far the cheapest, these are the ones I would opt for. Read on to find the ones I love the most.

1.The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £24.99,

yes you need a derma roller: heres ehy - cosmetic company rose quartz
Credit: The Vintage Cosmetic Co.

Rose quartz offers healing and positivity – it is one of my most cherished crystals. Therefore, a rose quartz facial roller has my blessing – especially if it isn’t overpriced! This fabulous one will calm, soothe and refresh like any of the rollers that come with a huge price tag! Simply glide over your skin in upwards and outwards motions. Allow your much-loved serums to soak in and do an amazing job! You will feel incredible!

2.Jade Stone Massage Roller And Gua Sha Scraper by LDREAMAM, £13.99,

yes you need a derma roller, here's why" - jade massage roller
Credit: Amazon

I absolutely love this facial roller. Not only is it cost-effective, but it works tremendously well. Pop the roller in the fridge and the cooling sensation maximises soothing and toning abilities. This tool depuffs areas of concern in an instant. Jade is also known for its natural healing qualities, making the facial roller a little more special!

heres why you need a facial roller
Credit: Amazon

It also comes with a Gua Sha scraper (meant to help with inflammation). If you are new to using this, I suggest doing a little research first, as some people (particularly those with sensitive skin) have bad reactions. There is a knack to using the scraper and you should expect some bruising.

Enjoy some serious soothing and restorative bliss!

N.B:  Facial rollers are often referred to as derma rollers. However, this can cause confusion given that microneedle tools are called derma rollers, too. For this reason, I keep the term ‘facial roller’.

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