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5 Best Beauty Finds Of The Week

Hey, Lovelies!

Another week of lockdown simply means another week of finding some of the best beauty products around. Beauty items that, had I been busier, may have slipped under the radar. Nah, probably not. However, I do have extra time for more intensive reviews (thus, extra me-time)! Here is my pick of the products that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

1. Best Candle Find: Simon & Tom Luxury Green Rose Scented Candle, £12.90,

best beauty finds of the week - soy candle
Credit: L A Beauty

This has to be one of my all-time fave candles, ever! Vegan-friendly, no added nasties so you can actually relax and breathe in the scent without dread of inhaling toxins (big plus there, guys). The best bit is the divine scent of this heavenly soy candle. If you are like me and love roses, this will feel like your room is ablaze with sheer joy. Chill time awaits, people. You can never have too much me-time!

2.Best Roller Find: Vintage Cosmetic Co. Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £24.99,

rose quartz facial roller
Credit: L A Beauty


Over recent years I have reviewed quite a few things by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. From hair clips to rose-plated tweezer sets – this brand brings quirky and class into an awesome partnership. Beauty tools are fun, you feel like you have added luxury at little cost. (Always a good thing.) Their Rose Quartz Derma Roller (in case you are noticing a trend here – yes, I love all things rose-related) can take a Pepsi challenge any day of the week against top price branded rollers. Effective and affordable equals perfection. Especially during difficult economic times such as these, when there is yearning for some pampering amidst global worry about the cost.

Worry no more, just relax and spoil yourself a little.

3.Incredible Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish, £2.99,

best beauty finds week - rimmel nail
Credit: L A Beauty

How cheap is this nail polish? Ordinarily, I veer towards higher-priced polishes as they seem to last longer and are generally more pigmented. This one has completely changed my perspective. Not only is it less than I paid for my latte with double expresso this morning, but it will also last a hell of a lot longer. No chipping, great hue, means a win-win. No, I don’t need to add a little acetone to the sorry looking remnants in my last bottle of red. Hooray!

This polish is available in 6 gorgeous summer shades.

4. Best Serum Discovery: Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic, £69.99 (Was £120 – £50 off Right Now),

aox ferulic serum
Credit: Face The Future

Pure vitamin C and E usually comes with a very high price tag. This is because they are 2 essential ingredients for tackling the irksome aging issue that faces us all. Thankfully we can postpone the nightmare with the help from best-selling serums such as these. Usually priced at a whopping £169, but it is currently on offer at £50 less. And it is so worth it. So, if you have run out of your vitamin C and E and want to invest, grab yourself an amazing bargain. The serum should last you at least for several months, and you won’t be wondering whether to replace it with another brand – the results will speak for themselves. Sunshine and happy days for your beautiful complexion. Yay.

5. Best Tanning Find: UTAN & Tone Coconut Tanning Mist, £18,

UTAN and Tone Tanning Mist
Credit: L A Beauty

Looking for a natural-looking tan that glows with just the right luminosity? Look no further. This multi-award-winning tanning water is the stuff of dreams, I tell you. Vegan-friendly, so hydrating and infused with vitamins. Simply spray your face after applying your makeup in the morning. By lunchtime, you will be good to go. The reasons I love this are three-fold:

It’s so easy to use and achieves flawless results

It’s vegan

There’s no mess.

After testing and falling deeply in love with their bronzing spray, I didn’t think I could want another tanning mist more. Then I tried this and OMG. Love, love, love!

N.B: If your skin is dry, this is a product you will truly appreciate.

Have you tried any of these products and do you love them as much as I do? Leave me a message below.

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