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The Best At-Home Micro-Needling Tools For Every Skin Concern

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Lockdown has seen us extend our beauty regime legs that bit further. We have tried new products and at-home procedures. Yet still, I have only completed the K-beauty 10-step skincare trend once (what the HELL is wrong with me?). Aaanyway, you may have now moved on to the whole micro-needling challenge. Let’s face it – micro-needling has received a ton of glory for achieving incredible skincare results. Think, destination transformation.

Before you rush to your laptop to order, read on. You need to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly. After all, we are talking about inserting loads of tiny needles into your skin. There are some micro-needling tools that will cause more harm than good. Then there are some that are so ineffective they aren’t worth a penny.

Furthermore, you need the correct size device for your particular skin concern. Should you be considering taking the leap into the at-home micro-needling world, these are the devices that are actually worthwhile. For those who may be unsure about the benefits of micro-needling, you can read up on it here.

1.For Acne Scars / Deep Wrinkles: 1mm. Try Skinmedix Derma Roller 1mm, £22.68 (Was €51.87),

best at-home microneedling tools
Credit: Skinmedix

This safe skin roller therapy tool combines 192 of the highest-grade stainless-steel microneedles. These offer almost painless (a slight tingle occurs) penetration into the surface of the skin. Micro-channels open and allow for maximum absorption of skincare products. For acne or scar concerns, this size needle head ensures the premise for enhanced collagen and elastin production; thus, the healing process can go ahead and begin. YASS!

Before continuing, I need to mention that this should only be used once each week. Should you suffer from very sensitive skin or rosacea, this sized tool should be avoided. Lastly, those using laser, microdermabrasion or peels need to wait until the skin has recovered before using the micro-needling device.

2.For Enlarged Pores / Sun Damage: 0.5mm. Try Swiss Clinic 3-In-1 Skin Roller, £79),

best microneedling device
Credit: Face The Future

I absolutely adore this brand and rate their derma roller as one of the best at-home devices you can buy. Maximise your skincare potential with a safe yet highly successful tool. The kit offers 3 different heads that deal with a variety of needs.

Featuring Japanese surgical steel microneedles with 3 heads:

0.2mm head for young or very sensitive facial skin

0.5mm head for treating enlarged pores

0.5mm head for the body – wider needle head for larger areas.

Swiss Clinic’s 3-in1 product allows you to build up treatment gradually, whilst addressing several skin issues and ensuring optimal efficacy of skincare components. Should sun damage be particularly severe, you may want to opt for a .75mm needle head. This tool allows for optimum absorption of your chosen products’ active ingredients. Try ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides – but allow your face to recover before applying retinol.

However, as with all micro-needling devices, if you are new to the procedure, tread carefully. Should you experience any problems, stop the treatment.

3.For Hyperpigmentation: 0.75mm: Ame Pure CIT Micro-Needling Treatment, £37.29,

the best microneedling tools - ame pure
Credit: Amazon

This is a fantastic derma roller for combatting hyperpigmentation. Hand-made with surgical stainless-steel micro-needles, the tool is safe and offers incredible results. Using the product allows the absorption of skincare ingredients to increase by 1000 times! Collagen production is greatly improved and over time the results will speak for themselves.

Using a micro-needling device should be seen as a long-term treatment. Used correctly, you can expect a dramatically rejuvenated glow. Enjoy!

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