Review Of Kate Somerville Transformative Turnaround Firm & Brighten

Should you be a fan of beauty and transformative skincare, you may have heard of world-renowned skincare expert, Kate Somerville. Her exclusive clinic, the Skin Health Clinic, can be found in Hollywood. Due to Kate’s innovative and highly effective products and bespoke treatments, her popularity continues to soar. Now she has a long list of celebrity clients including Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore.

Kate Somerville offers a range of fantastic products. Today we are reviewing her iconic and totally fabulous Transformative Turnaround Cream, Firm & Brighten.

About Kate Somerville’s Transformative Turnaround Cream, Firm & Brighten, £77 (50ml),

kate somerville transformative moisturiser
L A Beauty

Ever since its launch, this luxurious overnight moisturiser has been flying off the shelves. The best-selling cream contains two key skincare ingredients, retinol and vitamin C. These components are proven to offer an array of anti-aging and skin-nourishing abilities, both immediately and long-term.

The reason this is such a sought-after night moisturiser is due to its outstanding brightening, firming and regenerative properties – and the fact that it is a lazy girl’s dream. You simply need to apply the magical formula and go to sleep. The star ingredients get together to beautify your complexion whilst you are busy dreaming about Thor!


Retinol is a vital anti-aging component, but it is important to use a good source. The Transformative Turnaround Cream is great for retinol newbies as it is unlikely to cause noticeable dryness. For people in their twenties, Kate Somerville’s advice is to apply the moisturiser 1-2 times per week. For thirty-somethings’ use 3 times per week, and so on. However, it is important to always listen to your skin. Should your complexion seem irritated, reduce accordingly.

Kate Somerville and her team combined a powerful blend of pure retinol within this moisturiser. The result is a faster cell turnover, reduction of discolouration/pigmentation. Furthermore, you will notice significantly fewer fine lines.

Vitamin C

kate somerville transformative turnaround cream brighten
Credit: L A Beauty

Another superhero component, vitamin C, is shown to greatly brighten and smooth the skin. This amazing cream includes pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Provided in a stabilised clinical formulation, it delivers incredible firming and softening results. The outcome is a complexion of sheer radiance.

Hyaluronic Acid

Pretty much everyone is aware of the secret skincare weapon, hyaluronic acid. This is included due to its ability to lock in moisture; thus, achieving a firmer and plumper complexion.

Wild Gooseberry Extract

Kate somerville review moisturiser - transformative turnaround cream brighten and firm
Credit: Kate Somerville

Wild gooseberry extract is overflowing with antioxidants, ensuring your skin is thoroughly protected from free radical damage. Furthermore, the incredible skin-soothing properties diminish redness and signs of sensitivity.

The scent of the moisturiser itself is all-empowering. Should you love oranges, this zesty aroma will be right up your street. As you apply the luxurious treatment you just know it is going to be something special – and you won’t be wrong!


We applied the cream twice per week for several weeks. During this time skin showed a noticeable improvement. The texture and overall appearance are notable.

This moisturiser is definitely worth the investment for those concerned with aging or discolouration. However, to continue experiencing great results, it should be incorporated into your night-time routine and used over time.

We love this overnight moisturiser. It is great for those new to retinol and for those who want simple, yet effective results without the faff!

kate somerville goat milk cleanser
Credit: Kate Somerville

For a fantastic cleanser that is super gentle on your skin, why not try the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser? This is priced at £32 and available at

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Life-Changing Skincare Products That Defy Winter (And Make You Smile)

There’s no doubt about it – winter wrecks the skin. Now, is the time we really need life-changing skincare products that defy the effects of UK weather. Maybe my face isn’t so bad that people mistake it for a Halloween mask.  But I can tell you, it hasn’t looked its best of late. In fact, just today my son likened my skin to that of an elderly person (worse day ever!).

Sadly, harsh elements outdoors, followed by similarly damaging elements indoors mean your skin doesn’t get a break. For me, (and probably many of you too) my complexion is mirroring a combo of cold weather effects, insomnia and a huge dollop of stress. It’s incredible how just a week of not bothering and too much Red Bull can make you look like total crap! But, thanks to my son’s wily observations and the following super-duper products, these life-changing skincare ingredients worked their magic. Now, my complexion is back to its beautiful and not old radiant self. Phew!

Should you be going through a similar scenario, these skincare products will quickly change the picture back to one with a smile!

1. Vitamin C Serum Fragrance-Free £43 (20ml),

transformative skincare products that defy winter and make you smile
L A Beauty

We need ingredients we know will work and this serum ticks every box. Combining the clinically proven anti-aging components such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, the vegan-friendly serum delivers transformative results. Fine lines and hyperpigmentation are greatly reduced, and your skin receives some next-level protection. And thanks to the inclusion of glycerine and sodium PCA that offer massive moisture-retaining abilities, the transformation is complete!

2.Avant Harmonising Rose Quartz Revitalising and Firming Cream, £59.25, 50ml (Was £79),

skin transformative products that defy winter and make you smile
L A Beauty

This time of year, we need a great mask that means business. Should unsightly pores be an issue (let’s face it, when aren’t they?) this mask will go a long way to resolving the problem. However, it must be used religiously. Whilst the mask isn’t a magic wand, it does offer significant (but temporary) benefits.

The super creamy mask comes as a luxurious, thick texture loaded with those life-changing and weather-defying skincare ingredients. These include vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and rose. The rose provides a gentle (much-needed right now), yet effective exfoliation. The hyaluronic acid works on those lines, wrinkles and moisture absorption. Lastly, vitamin E supports the skin with super-power healing and protective abilities. Love, love, love!

3.Omorovicza Silver Skin Saviour, £69 (50ml),

transformative skincare products that defy winter and make you smile
L A Beauty

Omorovicza continues to be one of my all-time fave brands. This is the go-to weekly mask for those with age, blemish, stress and weather-related skin concerns. Silver is well-known for its immense antibacterial and healing qualities. Silver and niacinamide work in unison, overcoming all of the above annoyances with ease.

Niacinamide has been shown to be a great ingredient for tackling aging, breakouts, hydration, hyperpigmentation, whilst improving skin texture. The hero component (vitaminB3) even aids in the protection against free radical damage.

Also added to the specifically formulated mask are glycolic and salicylic acids. Together, they make light work of eradicating blemishes, returning your complexion to one of health and radiance.

The mask feels thick yet somehow velvety with a strong scent. Apply and leave on for about 10 minutes and then wash away. This treatment should only be used once per week. Those with sensitive skin should apply for 5 minutes. Increase the time accordingly if all goes well. The multi-tasking skin treatment is a true game-changer.

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It’s all about the smiles!

Have you tried any of these superior powerhouse products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Saturday. xx

These Foods Will Help To Shield You From Cancer

Did you know that certain foods are proven to thwart the onset of cancer?  Some can greatly support you in shielding from the disease. But right now, our minds are focused on COVID-19 and finances. As the pandemic spreads under the ever-watchful spotlight, other diseases are running riot. Whilst we are distracted, cancer is rampaging, with as much mayhem as a monkey in a banana factory.

People aren’t checking, or they are, and they aren’t asking a doctor or cannot get an appointment. Listen up, because now is the time we should all be thinking of ways to help ourselves and others. The following foods can help to shield you from cancer Make sure your situation doesn’t worsen – eat these superfoods:


these foods will shield you from cancer
Credit: Pixabay

However, you eat them (fresh or from the can) think of them as your new BFF. Loaded with Phyto-nutrients, these components provide great protection from acquiring most cancers. Furthermore, if you already have cancer, studies show the ingredient to slow its growth. Wow! Anyone for beans on toast?

2.Fruit and Veg

these foods will help you shield from cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Okay, the deal is the more colour, the better it is for you. Dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach and fruits such as blueberries and strawberries contain key cancer-fighting nutrients. Try to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables as often as possible.

3. B Vitamins

these foods will help shield you from cancer
Credit: Pixabay

The B vitamins (particularly folate) are well-known for their cancer-preventative properties. Studies have shown they are especially beneficial in shielding you from colon cancer. I know which one I would opt for – pass the scrambled eggs and Rice Krispies, please!

4.Tomatoes (Even Ketchup)

these foods help prevent cancer
Credit: Pixabay

This is one ingredient that has proven its star quality in our ongoing fight against cancer. Whether you eat fresh tomatoes or tinned ones, tomato puree or Ketchup, the component massively helps to protect you from the cruel ‘c; word.

5. Red Grapes

these foods will shield you agianst cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Red grapes or red wine should be on everyone’s shopping list. Containing the hugely powerful antioxidant resveratrol, it goes a long way to thwarting the environment for cancer to hatch (so to speak). Resveratrol is the latest buzz word amongst scientists. Whether it is used in skincare to prevent signs of aging, or nutritionally to fight disease and inflammation, this antioxidant has true super-hero powers.

6. Turmeric

these foods fight cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Studies on the benefits of this spice are ongoing, but so far, the results have been so promising. In fact, one woman reported she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. That was several years ago. She puts her recovery down to consuming turmeric one daily basis. Tests have shown the spice to thwart a variety of cancers from progressing, but more research is needed.

The Shortlist For The Best Blurring Primers of 2020 are…

Let’s take a moment to forget about the hideousness that is 2020. Instead, rejoice over some beautiful products that make life (and our faces) brighter. A good primer can transform your look. However, choosing the right one amongst the vast amounts available can feel as likely as winning the lottery. Don’t panic, here comes the beauty cavalry. Should your skin concern be fine lines, pores and uneven skin tone, this is your lucky day. Here are the best blurring primers of 2020 – and they are worth every last penny.

1.For Lines: Amazing Cosmetics Line Smoother + Primer, £32.34,

the shortlist for the best blurring primers
Credit: Amazon

Check out this product of sheer awesomeness and see just how much effort has gone into ensuring its total perfection. Designed with teeny weeny metal roller balls for optimal delivery of those super-important skincare ingredients, you KNOW this brand is the biz!  It also provides award-winning Neodermyl technology, ensuring incredible results. Combining those all-important botanicals, ceramides and peptides to treat pesky age-related concerns, the product leaves no stone unturned.

This is treatment and coverage all in one easy step. If (like me) you find your foundation uses your lines as a comfy sofa, this primer will have you breathing a HUGE sigh of relief (instead of one of woe). Just make sure you wait for a few minutes before applying your makeup, or it won’t work.

2. Charlotte Tilbury WONDERGLOW Face Primer, £39,

shortlist for best blurring primers of 2020
Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury’s WONDERGLOW truly is a force to be reckoned with. The formula includes a powerhouse of superior ingredients, designed to create a perfectly flawless canvas for your makeup. Discover their florescent Core Light Diffuser and soft focuses which blur and diminish the appearance of imperfections. Also combined within this luxurious primer are outstanding skincare ingredients. Components such as bionymph peptide, wild pansy extract and HA further tackle lines and wrinkles and aid in rejuvenation. Better yet, WONDERGLOW contains my fave component – rosehip oil – which transforms the look of any complexion into one of utter radiance.

3.Urban Decay Complexion Optical Illusion Primer, £24 (28ml),

shortlist for best blurring primers 2020
Credit: Look Fantastic

This all-singing, all-dancing vegan primer is the stuff of dreams – the best dreams, ever. It feels like you are applying sheer luxury to your face! Should you have fine lines, imperfections and pores you would rather not see, this fabulous primer is your bag. Expect delivery of high-class ingredients and next-level technology. They team up to achieve optimal moisturising, nourishing and protective qualities, before moving on to blur out of all those pesky age-induced concerns. Woo-hoo! This amazing formula is suitable for all skin types and also contains argan, rosehip and meadowfoam oils. Suddenly the sun is shining again.

5 Signs You May Be Perimenopausal

Hey, Lovelies!

As women, there is one thing we all face (apart from hair removal), and it goes by the name of the menopause. Perimenopause refers to when a woman’s ovary production decreases and she is nearing menopause (I say near, although this can last for years). Usually, perimenopausal symptoms begin around the age of 45 (you know it’s a big deal with there is a term given to the lead up to the medical eventuality). That said, it can occur earlier or later in life.

After reading about a girl who has gone through the menopause, aged just 15-years-old, we thought we would shine a light on this hideous time in every woman’s life. The process can cause a plethora of unwanted mental and physical problems, which may last for years. On the plus side – at least periods will be a thing of the past. In short, being forewarned can only be a good thing, and may answer a whole host of questions such as, ‘Am I losing my marbles?” Read on to discover 5 signs you may be premenopausal:

1.The First Perimenopausal Sign: Irregular Periods

Credit: Giphy

This generally is the first thing women notice – and definitely makes each week more interesting.

2.Dry or Thinner Skin and Hair Loss

Credit: Giphy/Always Sunny In

If you have noticed that your skin is so dry, you have contemplated using an emollient and it is looking thinner in areas, take note. Another red flag is hair loss or thinning. I know what you’re thinking – women are so lucky! Don’t despair – reach for a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, a bottle of Olaplex for your hair and a large glass of wine for your head.

3. Extreme Sweating

Credit: Giphy/Sex and the City

According to the majority of people, this is one of the worst signs to contend with. Doable if you are traipsing through the bleak winter snow, but not so great if you are sat at your office desk with no escape. If you haven’t got another underlying condition such as a serious infection, these intense bursts of heat or sweating will be a dead giveaway

4.Lack of Concentration

Credit: Giphy

You don’t know why but you just don’t feel like yourself. You can’t concentrate, tasks take longer, and focus feels like something only spoken of in books. Yup, could well have perimenopausal symptoms. Be kind to yourself and try to set some time each day for meditation. Mindfulness will help you to regain clarity and restore some peace to your world.

5. Mood Swings

Credit: Giphy

Perimenopause affects everyone differently. Some people breeze through it whilst others feel like they are on a never-ending rollercoaster in the depths of hell. Are your emotions all over the place without any reason? Do you find yourself freaking out in fits of anger or sobbing? You could be nearing the menopause (oh joy).

As previously mentioned, make a point of giving yourself some TLC. Get some space, light candles, go for a walk on the beach or meditate. When you feel yourself slipping into negative thinking, quickly replace those thoughts with positive ones. Keep doing this and your transition will be faster and far less exhausting. Remember our thoughts manifest into reality, so stay positive.

The Best Vegan Primers I’m Loving This Summer

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Leaping from the background shadows into mainstream limelight is vegan makeup. I’m talking incredible vegan primers that will transform your makeup routine (and summer). When it comes to transparency within the beauty industry, the world is (thankfully) changing. Clean living is now of paramount importance and we are empowered to question whether products are ethically sourced, ensure they are cruelty-free and contain no nasties. The beauty industry has listened and jumped onboard. Now we can have amazing beauty and skincare items – and a clear conscience. Check out some of the incredible vegan beauty primers I am loving:

1.For Dry/Mature Vegan Beauty Fans: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, £41.52 (100ml),

best vegan primers i'm loving
Credit: Amazon

The scorching weather may be a Godsend (especially as most of us haven’t stepped on a plane for months), but it does mean that we really need a good primer to keep our makeup on our faces! If you have dry or mature skin, you are really going to need this iconic product.

It contains all those super-special ingredients your skin is crying out for right now. Including aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and some B vitamins thrown in for good measure, your complexion is going to be lavished in nourishing hydration. You could be forgiven for thinking this alone makes an awesome skincare treatment, but the best bit is next: Apply and within moments you can add your makeup safe in the knowledge it’s going nowhere until you remember to remove it at bedtime!

2.For The UltimateVegan Glow: Iconic London Prep Set Glow, £22 (120ml),

favourite vegan primers 2020
Credit: Iconic London

Iconic London is one of my ultimate ‘love it more than ever’ brands. Since trying their contour palette (cream version) when it first came out, I have quite literally never looked back. They make a mean contour palette that can’t be beaten. As far as I’m concerned, this brand can do no wrong. Behold, their dreamy 100% vegan Prep Set Glow. Expect a mist that offers superior refreshment, whilst simultaneously nourishing and revitalising the skin. Furthermore, it’s ingenious light-reflecting particles ensure your makeup is set with exceptional luminosity. Available in original, gold and glow shades.

3. Primer For Enlarged Pores Try Farsali Skintune Blur, $54(30ml),

best vegan primer products
Credit: Farsali

This awesome vegan primer is quickly becoming an internet superstar. The part-primer, the part-serum product will leave you feeling somewhat dumbfounded as to its main use. Incredible for brightening, hydrating and providing a perfectly even skin tone, it also gets to work blurring out all imperfections like the best eraser, ever! Should you have enlarged pores or stubborn blemishes that won’t seem to budge, this is a must-have for you. Seriously good!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay safe. xx

8 Cosmetic Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Do At Home

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Covid-19 seems to be here for the foreseeable. This means it may not be possible to visit our beloved skincare clinic for some time (HUGE SIGH!). But, wait – what about our 3-monthly Botox and that filler that looks increasingly tempting? Don’t worry friends. Whilst nothing beats a trip to the cosmetic clinic, there are some anti-aging measures we can take that will certainly make a difference. Think of it as your temporary filling until you can get the real thing.

1. Look For Ceramide Treatment: CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £4,

y best anti-aging beauty secrets - ceraVe moisturiser
Credit: Amazon

Ceramides are lipids that work in all kinds of wonderful ways. Key in the anti-aging mission, they support the formation of the skin’s barrier, retain moisture and even protect. Basically, they put two fingers up to Mr. Wrinkle. I love CeraVe’s Moisturising Cream, £4. Not only is cheap, but it contains the 3 main ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid. This is one of my ‘never, ever run out of’ products.

2. Reach For Hyaluronic Acid: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, £5.90 (30ml),

this is why the ordinary's hyaluronic acid + B5 serum is so good
Credit: L A Beauty

Extensive studies have proven this ingredient to be a true skin saviour. With its moisture-retaining superpowers, you can really plump up the skin. Make sure you buy a good product. The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid, £5.90  is a great and affordable option.

3. Peptides Work: Peptide Booster, £48 (20ml), http://www.paulaschoice.couk

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Paula’s Choice

Another aid in thwarting those irksome fine lines and other equally rubbish signs of aging, are peptides. The molecules are part-amino acids. These make proteins that then help to build and enhance essential collagen production – which is kind of vital when trying to avoid the A-word. A great one is Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster, £48. Featuring 8 peptides along with amino acids, the booster is an outstanding product to have in your skincare arsenal.

4. Invest In A Good Sun Cream, Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing SPF 50+, £20.40 (50ml),

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Feel Unique

Whether you are tackling the onset of age or not, this is one skincare tip no one should skip. You need a good product that offers SPF50 to ensure you are providing maximum protection for your complexion. I use Ultrasun’s Face Fluid. It’s lightweight, leave’s no residue and contains liposome which intensely hydrates and lessens the impact of age. Better yet, I know I am giving my face the ultimate assistance against harmful rays.

5.Upgrade Your Exfoliating Routine, Bee Peel by Deborah Mitchell, £109,

8 cosmetic treatments you can do at home
Credit: Heaven Skincare

I reviewed this peel some time ago and I am still as smitten with it today as the first time I had the joy of applying it to my face. Referred to as a ‘facelift in a jar,’ this peel has literal transformative qualities. The advanced exfoliator combines bee venom and glycolic acid that work in unison to effectively treat the skin.

Formulated with ABEETOXIN, organic coconut and raw cane sugar, it works by resurfacing the skin and treating all the usual villains that have the audacity to target our skin. This is a great exfoliation upgrade and a fab solution for inflammation and enlarged pores.

However, take note: this formula is strong and does sting a fair bit. You should only leave it on for a few minutes, tops. Those with sensitive skin should avoid using it.

6. Incorporate Retinol Into Your World, SkinCeuticals Retinol 1%, £70.79,

5 best beauty too good - retinol
Credit: L A Beauty

Before I continue, I need to mention that you should never use exfoliator in conjunction with retinol. If you are used to your retinol product, then it is fine to use both – but NEVER on the same day. I recommend leaving at least 5 days between using retinol and an exfoliator. Furthermore, if you have mature skin, you should not be exfoliating too regularly. Once a week would suffice.

That said, let me introduce you to the best non-prescription retinol product IN THE WORLD! I absolutely love it. Granted, it’s pricey but worth it. If you are like me and have tried various retinol products with dissatisfaction, you may be in need of a higher dose. In the long run, this investment will save you money. Don’t think this is an overnight solution – you need to be committed to ensuring long-term results.

However, whilst it can be a game-changer you need to make sure you can tolerate it before moving up a notch. If you are unsure on whether retinol is right for you, it may be worth speaking to your clinician (on Skype of course) or doing a little research first.

7. Use An Awesome Night Serum, Beuti Sleep Elixir, £47 (30ml),

8 cosmetic anti-aging treatments at home
Credit: Beuti Skincare

Yes, I know – you are probably sick of me banging on about this – but, it’s soo good I want everyone to share in the discovery. Loved by the royals and pretty much anyone who has tried it, the vegan-friendly serum totally rocks. Including a huge array of precious skin-loving plant-based oils, the elixir greatly reduces inflammation and goes after any sign of age! I have found that applying it with my Foreo achieves incredible results. LOVE!

8. Vitamin C Will Work Wonders, The Hero Project Glow Drops Dry Touch Facial Oul + Vitamin C, £19 (30ml),

Best items of week
L A Beauty

Whilst there are quite a few fabulous vitamin C products available, I really adore this one. Research has shown vitamin C to effectively thwart signs of aging, enhance luminosity and further protect. A good vitamin C product is perfect for staving off a sad reflection while you wait for the cosmetic clinic doors to open again.

Don’t get me wrong – when I am able to get to the clinic, I will be rushing through the door like a mad woman. However, by using these ingredients you will dramatically improve the overall look of your skin and life won’t feel like it’s on a permanent go-slow.

Smart Face Masks And 3-D Makeup: 2020 Sees Beauty And Tech Unite

Hey, Lovelies!

2020 may suck as you could never imagine – but there’s one area where it definitely doesn’t suck. That is the beauty world. This year there is another revolution – one whereby tech shakes things up. What a treat for all beauty lovers out there, and with Botox clinics closed, it couldn’t come a moment too soon. Check out the new gadgets of 2020 and do a little dance of joy!

1.Mink Portable 3-D Makeup Printer, $295

beauty and tech unite 2020 smart face masks and 3-d makeup
Credit: 3s Natives

Behold, the first makeup printer. All you need to do is upload the image you want from social media or wherever, and it will print off customised makeup. This is great if you are constantly on the move as it will save you so much baggage and time. It can produce over 6.7 million FDA-approved colours. Wow.

This beauty tech is set to launch in Autumn and you can pre-order!

2.Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer, $149,

2020 best beauty and tech unite amazing gadgets
Credit: Sephora

A facial steaming device in the comfort of your own home. The idea is to steam whilst cleansing. Next, you are advised to exfoliate. Following this, you steam once more while applying your skincare products (serum, moisturiser). There’s no denying the benefits that come with steaming your face. But, what’s up with a bowl of steaming water and a towel?  I’m thinking this may be a little faddy and likely to grow cobwebs at the back of the cupboard after the week of novelty has passed. Gees, if I can’t be bothered with my Foreo more than once a week, what hope is there?

3.MZ Skin Golden Therapy Light Treatment Mask, £385,

amazing beauty devices 3d makeup and smart masks, 2020 tech
Credit: MZ Skin

I was introduced to this brand a couple of years ago when I was asked to review Dr. Maryam Zamani’s MZ Skin Lift & Lustre Serum. This looked and felt like a little bottle of the most precious liquid gold ever. Seriously, it was so good, I almost didn’t want to open it. Bursting with antioxidants and nutrients waiting to transform my skin into a complexion of wondrous glory, each time I applied this serum felt like a dream. The serum was next-level awesomeness and I kept hold of the bottle long after I ran out as a slightly sad momentum!

Anyway, I digress. My point being, having tried that, I am 100% on-board with anything else MZ Skin-related.

The mask delivers light therapy in 5 settings and addresses varying skin concerns. Light therapy has been a hit amongst the A-listers for a while now and many swear by its transformative benefits. However, clinical light therapy treatments aren’t really an option (unless you happen to have celebrity cash status). This device may set you back some dollar, but it lasts, making the light therapy treatment a realistic option in which to invest. Luxurious pampering and rejuvenation, please!

So, choose this if you worry about aging (err, who doesn’t?), pigmentation (yup, again), and never quite achieving that glass skin luminosity. Seriously, how much primer and glass spray do you squirt on your face before conceding defeat?

  1. Simplehuman Triple Mirror, £349.95,
smart mask 3d makeup 2020 gadgets beauty tech
Credit: Simplehuman

Of all the new gadgets out there, this one will benefit me the most. Recently I paid stupid money for a beautiful bathroom mirror, complete with built-in LED lighting. It was the worst decision, ever. I swear it’s got it in for me. No matter the time of day, if I use this mirror to apply makeup, it looks flawless. It seems to say, ‘Go out, you look incredible.’ No. just no.

I can’t tell you how many times I left the house before I realised this was not actually true. Happening to glance at my reflection before exiting my car (upon return I might add), I saw to my HORROR the foundation/concealer was so streaky I looked like someone had thrown it at me for fun – eyeshadow, same, and eyeliner, oh dear Lord. So never was there ever a greater need for me to own this new-fangled gadget. For the sake of avoiding PTSD.

The TRU-LUX sensor perfectly mimics natural sunlight and offers 5x magnification, so you can see every last gory detail whilst putting on your slap. Yes, this does mean it may take a while, but at least you won’t leave looking like a clown. Furthermore, the mirror boasts smart features such as built-in Alexa so you can get ready in the harmony of your playlist. There are also 50,000 variations of colour. Lockdown you say? I hadn’t noticed!

Have you heard of or tried any of these gadgets and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below and have an amazing day. xx

These Amazing Sheet Masks Cost Less Than A Coffee!

Hey, Lovelies!

Ah, don’t you just hate that the world of luxury beauty pampering comes at a cost? Worry no more, my friends. Sheet masks, known and beloved by us all, can transform your skin and make you feel utterly amazing (and spoilt). Read on to discover some truly magical masks that cost less than a coffee! Perfect for reviving your skin after a day of the dreaded ‘obligatory’ face mask.

1.For Anti-Aging: Malie Snail Sheet Mask,  87p (£13.99 Pack of 16),

amazing sheet masks that cost less than coffee - snail
Credit: L A Beauty

Acclaimed for its retinol-like ability to rejuvenate and resurface the skin, it is no wonder the K-beauty snail trend keeps climbing. Snail filtrate is loaded with all kinds of key nutrients that mature skin types crave. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides ensure your complexion is nothing short of outstanding (even if it is temporary).

Dry and maturing skin types need as much moisture as possible and this mask certainly provides. After using this mask which takes 25 minutes, my complexion looked and felt plumper, rejuvenated and thoroughly pampered.

2.For Clear And Protected Skin: Red Ginseng Sheet Mask, 87p (£13.99 Pack of 16),

best sheet masks - less than coffee cost
Credit: L A Beauty

Considered as Korea’s ultimate medicine, the benefits of red ginseng also extend to providing care topically. The antioxidant-rich ingredient supports many skin concerns. Some of these include ensuring optimal skin cell health, maintaining elasticity and protection. Think of it as a brief pause button on the great clock of life. Perfect for guaranteeing your complexion keeps in first-class condition. Love, love, love!

3.For Acne/Damage/Inflammation: Malie Green Tea Sheet Mask, 87p (13.99 Pack of 16),

amazing sheet masks that cost less than a coffee = green tea
Credit: L A Beauty

Okay, for those of you who (like me) suffer from inflamed skin and redness, the green tea mask will be your saviour. (Also true for people with acne and blemishes). Green tea is a true healer. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a real game-changer and can even help to heal minor wounds! I absolutely love this mask. Often acne and blemish treatments can dry out the skin – but this one is unbelievably moisturising. Seriously, I can’t fault it. An ideal quick-fix solution for when your skin is red, sore or suffering at all.

Have you tried any of these Malie Masks and which is your favourite? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday people xx

The Best At-Home Micro-Needling Tools For Every Skin Concern

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Lockdown has seen us extend our beauty regime legs that bit further. We have tried new products and at-home procedures. Yet still, I have only completed the K-beauty 10-step skincare trend once (what the HELL is wrong with me?). Aaanyway, you may have now moved on to the whole micro-needling challenge. Let’s face it – micro-needling has received a ton of glory for achieving incredible skincare results. Think, destination transformation.

Before you rush to your laptop to order, read on. You need to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly. After all, we are talking about inserting loads of tiny needles into your skin. There are some micro-needling tools that will cause more harm than good. Then there are some that are so ineffective they aren’t worth a penny.

Furthermore, you need the correct size device for your particular skin concern. Should you be considering taking the leap into the at-home micro-needling world, these are the devices that are actually worthwhile. For those who may be unsure about the benefits of micro-needling, you can read up on it here.

1.For Acne Scars / Deep Wrinkles: 1mm. Try Skinmedix Derma Roller 1mm, £22.68 (Was €51.87),

best at-home microneedling tools
Credit: Skinmedix

This safe skin roller therapy tool combines 192 of the highest-grade stainless-steel microneedles. These offer almost painless (a slight tingle occurs) penetration into the surface of the skin. Micro-channels open and allow for maximum absorption of skincare products. For acne or scar concerns, this size needle head ensures the premise for enhanced collagen and elastin production; thus, the healing process can go ahead and begin. YASS!

Before continuing, I need to mention that this should only be used once each week. Should you suffer from very sensitive skin or rosacea, this sized tool should be avoided. Lastly, those using laser, microdermabrasion or peels need to wait until the skin has recovered before using the micro-needling device.

2.For Enlarged Pores / Sun Damage: 0.5mm. Try Swiss Clinic 3-In-1 Skin Roller, £79),

best microneedling device
Credit: Face The Future

I absolutely adore this brand and rate their derma roller as one of the best at-home devices you can buy. Maximise your skincare potential with a safe yet highly successful tool. The kit offers 3 different heads that deal with a variety of needs.

Featuring Japanese surgical steel microneedles with 3 heads:

0.2mm head for young or very sensitive facial skin

0.5mm head for treating enlarged pores

0.5mm head for the body – wider needle head for larger areas.

Swiss Clinic’s 3-in1 product allows you to build up treatment gradually, whilst addressing several skin issues and ensuring optimal efficacy of skincare components. Should sun damage be particularly severe, you may want to opt for a .75mm needle head. This tool allows for optimum absorption of your chosen products’ active ingredients. Try ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides – but allow your face to recover before applying retinol.

However, as with all micro-needling devices, if you are new to the procedure, tread carefully. Should you experience any problems, stop the treatment.

3.For Hyperpigmentation: 0.75mm: Ame Pure CIT Micro-Needling Treatment, £37.29,

the best microneedling tools - ame pure
Credit: Amazon

This is a fantastic derma roller for combatting hyperpigmentation. Hand-made with surgical stainless-steel micro-needles, the tool is safe and offers incredible results. Using the product allows the absorption of skincare ingredients to increase by 1000 times! Collagen production is greatly improved and over time the results will speak for themselves.

Using a micro-needling device should be seen as a long-term treatment. Used correctly, you can expect a dramatically rejuvenated glow. Enjoy!

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