these foods will shield you agianst cancer

These Foods Will Help To Shield You From Cancer

Did you know that certain foods are proven to thwart the onset of cancer?  Some can greatly support you in shielding from the disease. But right now, our minds are focused on COVID-19 and finances. As the pandemic spreads under the ever-watchful spotlight, other diseases are running riot. Whilst we are distracted, cancer is rampaging, with as much mayhem as a monkey in a banana factory.

People aren’t checking, or they are, and they aren’t asking a doctor or cannot get an appointment. Listen up, because now is the time we should all be thinking of ways to help ourselves and others. The following foods can help to shield you from cancer Make sure your situation doesn’t worsen – eat these superfoods:


these foods will shield you from cancer
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However, you eat them (fresh or from the can) think of them as your new BFF. Loaded with Phyto-nutrients, these components provide great protection from acquiring most cancers. Furthermore, if you already have cancer, studies show the ingredient to slow its growth. Wow! Anyone for beans on toast?

2.Fruit and Veg

these foods will help you shield from cancer
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Okay, the deal is the more colour, the better it is for you. Dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach and fruits such as blueberries and strawberries contain key cancer-fighting nutrients. Try to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables as often as possible.

3. B Vitamins

these foods will help shield you from cancer
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The B vitamins (particularly folate) are well-known for their cancer-preventative properties. Studies have shown they are especially beneficial in shielding you from colon cancer. I know which one I would opt for – pass the scrambled eggs and Rice Krispies, please!

4.Tomatoes (Even Ketchup)

these foods help prevent cancer
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This is one ingredient that has proven its star quality in our ongoing fight against cancer. Whether you eat fresh tomatoes or tinned ones, tomato puree or Ketchup, the component massively helps to protect you from the cruel ‘c; word.

5. Red Grapes

these foods will shield you agianst cancer
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Red grapes or red wine should be on everyone’s shopping list. Containing the hugely powerful antioxidant resveratrol, it goes a long way to thwarting the environment for cancer to hatch (so to speak). Resveratrol is the latest buzz word amongst scientists. Whether it is used in skincare to prevent signs of aging, or nutritionally to fight disease and inflammation, this antioxidant has true super-hero powers.

6. Turmeric

these foods fight cancer
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Studies on the benefits of this spice are ongoing, but so far, the results have been so promising. In fact, one woman reported she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. That was several years ago. She puts her recovery down to consuming turmeric one daily basis. Tests have shown the spice to thwart a variety of cancers from progressing, but more research is needed.

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