Nurse Jamie’s Dermascrape Offers An At-home A-List Treatment For All

Beauty salons may be closed, but thanks to Nurse Jamie’s Innovative new Dermascrape, we can all get a bit of A-list luxury at home. The Dermascrape is the latest genius beauty creation to join Nurse Jamie’s highly acclaimed beauty tools. Nurse Jamie’s products achieve such incredible rejuvenating results that her Hollywood clientele list continues to rise. Some clients include Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and the Kardashians. Nurse Jamie is fast becoming a global sensation.

After hearing about the soaring popularity of Nurse Jamie’s latest beauty tool, we could not wait to try it for ourselves. Behold, the Dermascrape. The all-singing, all-dancing beauty gadget offers a multitude of skin-enhancing benefits. Prepare to be amazed!

What is Nurse Jamie’s Dermascrape Skin Scrubbing, Skincare Enhancing Tool?

Nurse Jamie Dermascrape brings a-list beauty treatment to your home
Credit: Nurse Jamie

This multitasking device ensures your skin receives a spa-like professional treatment – without you needing to step foot out of the door (luckily). Cleansing, exfoliating and helping your skin to absorb the optimal benefits from your skincare ingredients are swift work for the ultrasonic tool.

Why is Nurse Jamie’s Dermascrape so Impressive?

Nurse Jamie Dermascrape beauty tool offers a-list luxury at home
Credit: Nurse Jamie

The 3-in-1 Dermascrape beauty tool is ideal for anyone who wants to step-up their cleansing and exfoliation routine and ensure maximum efficacy of their skincare ingredients. The gadget is the ultimate busy lady’s dream. The fast and highly effective tool removes the faff, hassle and wasted time from your beauty routine. Instead, you have one game-changing multi-tasking gadget that creates a beautifully rejuvenated complexion in minimal time.

How Does it Work?

Nurse Jamie's Dermascrape beauty tool offers an at-home a-list treatment for allt
Credit: Nurse Jamie

The Dermascrape has three settings: cleanse, extract and enhance.


Created with an innovative spatula head and ultrasonic technology, this mode achieves gentle yet effective cleansing for use with your most-loved cleanser.


This clever setting employs ultrasonic technology to remove any debris or dirt without the need for harsh scrubs (a particularly useful alternative for those with dry or sensitive skin). The extracting mode gets every last bit of dirt with minimal effort.


This mode on the Dermascrape has to be our favourite as the improvement is so dramatic and instantaneous! Apply your fave skincare ingredients to aid in thorough exfoliation. Next, use this mode with your most cherished serum or cream and experience optimal delivery and efficacy. You will be amazed at the results.


beauty gadget gives celebrity beauty treatment
Credit: Nurse Jamie

The Tool Cleanses, Enhances and Extracts With Ultrasonic Technology

Innovative Design Means Maximum Results Without Harsh Scrubbing

Convenient USB Charge

Suitable for Most Skin Types


Nurse Jamie’s brand new Dermascrape Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing and Skincare-EnhancingTool provides next-level skincare in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to cleansing, exfoliating and rejuvenating, this gadget is a true game-changer. You will see an amazing improvement to your skin after just one use. Yes, it is THAT good!

Should you wish to give yourself some A-lister treatment, look no further than the Dermascrape. After use, look in the mirror and expect a complexion of beautiful luminosity (and a beaming smile).

The Dermascrape is priced at £70 and is available to buy at




St. Moriz Spray Tan In A Can May Achieve The Best Self-Tan In The World!

Hands up who needs extra pampering (preferably with some self-tan luminosity) right now? Yup, that’s pretty much all of us then! Iconic tanning brand, St. Moriz has solved our tanning woes, guaranteeing to effortlessly redefine your reflection.Bypassing all the usual tanning obstacles, this may just achieve the best self-tan…in the world! Pure Beauty Gold award winner for the best new vegan product of 2020, the Spray Tan in a Can has received some serious kudos. Certain to take the faff out of self-tanning, the vegan formula offers a fast and simple way to get that much sought-after gorgeous summer glow. No-fuss, no mess, no streaks…and no suspiciously overpowering biscuit smell lingering in the air!

A Clear Spray Tan in a Can

St. Moriz spray tan in a can may achieve the best self-tan in the world
Credit: St Moriz

The multi-award-winning brand launched the Spray Tan in a Can. Within their Advanced Pro Formula Range, this vegan self-tanner is every bit as good as we had hoped. The innovative 360-degree spray design removes any concerns over not achieving a streak-free finish. This makes a welcome change to the frequently experienced outcome. Y’know the one – when a patchy tan begins to materialise, but it’s too late to do anything about it! If you love to self-tan but feel a tad hesitant at the possibility of a looming disaster, worry no more. This will quickly become an absolute necessity in your tanning arsenal. We tried it and with open-mouthed amazement, fell madly in love! Read on:

What Makes St. Moriz Spray Tan in a Can so Special?

Short answer: it works. You are looking at complete tanning perfection – in a can.

Spray Tan in a Can Features:

A Golden Glow

St. Moriz Spray Tan in a Can sprays on as a clear mist and develops to provide the skin with an enviable golden glow. This is an ultimate mood boost for those who are mourning the loss of a vacay. Achieving a golden bronze hue that looks so natural you may get a knock on the door from the local rozzers for flouting lockdown rules.


St Moriz spray tan in a can may achieve the best self tan in the world
Credit: St Moriz

Gone are the days when applying a self-tan means plastic sheet proofing the room. The mess and hassle-free design offer a 360-degree spray so no area will be missed.

Fast Drying

Another reason we love St. Moriz’s Spray Tan in a Can is its drying time. It literally takes a matter of minutes to develop and dry (big bonus points here). You do not need to rub in the formula. Simply spray on the mist, allow to dry et voila!

Development Time

The tan begins to develop from one hour and continues to build for up to eight hours.

Biscuit-Free Fragrance

You will be very relieved to know that the St. Moriz tan does not reek like a biscuit factory. Instead, you can enjoy their ‘mood-enhancing’ fragrance Happy days.


St. Moriz Advanced Pro Range offers vegan-friendly formulas. When we are in the midst of Veganuary and looking for healthier and more ethical alternatives, this is hugely important.


This awesome formula has yet another little trick up its sleeve – it will not transfer onto your clothes. Phew.

St. Moriz Spray Tan in a Can is priced at £7.75 (150ml) and available from

For optimal results use in conjunction with the St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer, £3.95, (for use the day before). Also, St. Moriz Tan Enhancer, £3.95 (200ml), This will keep your gorgeous, tanned glow at max for longer.

St Moriz Top Tips:

st moriz may just be the best spray tan in the world
Credit: St. Moriz

For problematic areas such as ankles, elbows, knees and wrists, first, apply the St. Moriz Moisturising Tan Enhancer. This will ensure even coverage.

Always exfoliate the day before you intend to self-tan

Moisturise regularly

Shave at least 24 hours prior to application

Shake the Spray Tan in a Can before use.

To apply, spray in a light and even fashion, in a continuous sweeping motion. St. Moriz recommends keeping the spray 15-30cm from the face and body.

Do not wash your body whilst your tan is developing.

Avoid spraying near the eyes (obvs.).

Maintain your tan for longer with the St. Moriz Tan Enhancer


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The Best And Most Affordable Vegan Beauty To Try This ‘Veganuary’

‘Veganuary’ is here – and there’s never been a greater need to feel healthy (and also, totally pampered). We need affordable and guilt-free, ethical beauty products we can truly enjoy. Yet again, beauty brands we adore have come to our rescue. Read on to find the very best vegan beauty items. Having passed the test on affordability, ethics and incredible results – all you need to do is choose, buy, indulge…and relax!

1.Glossier Soothing Face Mist, £13 (95ml),

the best and most affordable vegan beauty to try this veganuary
Credit: Glossier

Don’t let pesky face masks get the better of your complexion. Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist allows you to refresh, rehydrate and soothe your skin. The vegan formula contains aloe and rosewater (two skin-loving ingredients). You can opt for a hands-free spritz – or should you need extra TLC, spritz and then apply your serum and moisturiser. This will provide an extra layer of locked-in hydration. Although Glossier is moving towards being totally vegan, there are few products awaiting transition (of which include beeswax or lanolin). Bear this in mind when shopping for vegan products.

2.The Hair Boss The Scalp Scrub, £7.99 (150ml),

begin veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

A proper detox means from head to toe – so let’s begin with the scalp. The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub is nothing short of incredible. Affordable, vegan and truly effective, the treatment will tackle scalp concerns such as dandruff, revitalise your head and encourage those luscious locks to grow! For a full review, check out ‘Begin Veganuary the Right Way.

3.Pura Cosmetics Blissful Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £4.99,

the best and most affordable vegan beauty to try this veganuary
Credit: Pura Cosmetics

We absolutely LOVE these lip scrubs – honestly, the scent is utter heaven in a jar! Why not try out the Blissful Bubblegum or Revitalising Raspberry (we’re totally obsessed with)? They effectively smooth and rejuvenate your lips, leaving an irresistibly kissable pout for hours to come. Simply gorgeous!

4.St. Moriz Advanced Pro No Mess Spray Tan in a Can, £7.75 (150ml),

the best and most affordable vegan beauty to try this veganuary
Credit: Feel Unique

Right now, we need clean beauty with minimal fuss – and that’s exactly what you get with the St. Moriz Spray Tan in a Can. Developed to create an enviable glow within hours and drying within minutes, this vegan tan formulation works like a dream. We have tried so many self-tans, and this one has to be one of the best. The can is designed with a 360-degree spray, meaning you will reach those places previously unobtainable. Y’know, the places you blindly spray, hoping for the best! This clear spray does everything you need it to do (and you won’t smell like you’ve been attacking the biggest biscuit barrel in the world)!

5. Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub, £9.99 (125ml),

best vegan products to test
Credit: Sukin Naturals

When it comes to clean beauty, Sukin know their stuff. This brand has been high on our radar for some time. Each product tested has come up trumps. For a ‘Veganuary’ super skin boost, why not try Sukin’s Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub? Super green is the buzz word for 2021. There is a reason that celebrities are falling over themselves for a natural super green skin treatment – these ingredients really offer a complexion upgrade. Combining kale, spirulina and parsley (to name a few), this scrub will clean, refresh and smooth your skin like no other.

Happy detoxing!

Begin ‘Veganuary’ The Right Way With The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub

Never has there been a greater need to turn January into ‘Veganuary’ than now. Given that no one wants to add dandruff and lacklustre hair to the list of concerns, we turn to the high impact vegan brand, The Hair Boss for help. This hugely popular haircare brand will ensure you give your locks and scalp a thorough detox this Veganuary, with their incredible Scalp Scrub.

Who Would Benefit From The Scalp Scrub?

begin veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

Should you find your scalp is particularly flaky or itchy at present, the Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub should be your go-to solution.

Additionally, should you be a big fan of dry shampoo (who isn’t?), then a good scalp detox will help to free you from the frequent build-up; thus, giving your scalp a chance to breathe again. This little step is so underrated.  Just by applying a regular scalp detox, you will find that your hair becomes healthier, stronger and ‘have to run my fingers through it’ awesome, in minimal time.

How to Use The Scalp Scrub

begin Veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

We should treat our scalps and hair with the same TLC as we do our faces. Think of the Scalp Scrub as an ideal pre-wash exfoliator. The scrub effectively removes all the build-up and debris left behind from all the products we love.

The Scalp Scrub should be used weekly in order to maintain beautiful and healthy locks and keep your scalp in tip-top condition.


This vegan formula is the perfect detox treatment for your hair. Featuring natural components such as rosebay extract and tea-tree oil, these ingredients team up to diminish signs of dandruff, leaving your scalp clean and clear. Better yet, it enhances the ‘natural ecosystem’ of the scalp. Should you have any stubborn makeup lines around the edge of your hairline (umm, yup), this multitasker will also work to swiftly remove the issue.


begin Veganuary the right way with the hair boss scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

A good scalp scrub is more important than people realise. Should you have hair or scalp concerns, the first point of call is to ensure your scalp is healthy. We absolutely love The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub. Pesky dandruff is no longer an issue and it dramatically improves the overall health and look of your hair.

The Scalp Scrub is the must-have haircare detox that everyone should incorporate into their Veganuary. Totally affordable, the Scalp Scrub is priced at just £7.99 (150ml). You can purchase The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub at

For particularly destrssed scalp issues, try The Scalp Soothing Tonic, £7.99 (100ml),

detox scalp tinic
Credit: The Hair Boss

Review Of Kate Somerville Transformative Turnaround Firm & Brighten

Should you be a fan of beauty and transformative skincare, you may have heard of world-renowned skincare expert, Kate Somerville. Her exclusive clinic, the Skin Health Clinic, can be found in Hollywood. Due to Kate’s innovative and highly effective products and bespoke treatments, her popularity continues to soar. Now she has a long list of celebrity clients including Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore.

Kate Somerville offers a range of fantastic products. Today we are reviewing her iconic and totally fabulous Transformative Turnaround Cream, Firm & Brighten.

About Kate Somerville’s Transformative Turnaround Cream, Firm & Brighten, £77 (50ml),

kate somerville transformative moisturiser
L A Beauty

Ever since its launch, this luxurious overnight moisturiser has been flying off the shelves. The best-selling cream contains two key skincare ingredients, retinol and vitamin C. These components are proven to offer an array of anti-aging and skin-nourishing abilities, both immediately and long-term.

The reason this is such a sought-after night moisturiser is due to its outstanding brightening, firming and regenerative properties – and the fact that it is a lazy girl’s dream. You simply need to apply the magical formula and go to sleep. The star ingredients get together to beautify your complexion whilst you are busy dreaming about Thor!


Retinol is a vital anti-aging component, but it is important to use a good source. The Transformative Turnaround Cream is great for retinol newbies as it is unlikely to cause noticeable dryness. For people in their twenties, Kate Somerville’s advice is to apply the moisturiser 1-2 times per week. For thirty-somethings’ use 3 times per week, and so on. However, it is important to always listen to your skin. Should your complexion seem irritated, reduce accordingly.

Kate Somerville and her team combined a powerful blend of pure retinol within this moisturiser. The result is a faster cell turnover, reduction of discolouration/pigmentation. Furthermore, you will notice significantly fewer fine lines.

Vitamin C

kate somerville transformative turnaround cream brighten
Credit: L A Beauty

Another superhero component, vitamin C, is shown to greatly brighten and smooth the skin. This amazing cream includes pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Provided in a stabilised clinical formulation, it delivers incredible firming and softening results. The outcome is a complexion of sheer radiance.

Hyaluronic Acid

Pretty much everyone is aware of the secret skincare weapon, hyaluronic acid. This is included due to its ability to lock in moisture; thus, achieving a firmer and plumper complexion.

Wild Gooseberry Extract

Kate somerville review moisturiser - transformative turnaround cream brighten and firm
Credit: Kate Somerville

Wild gooseberry extract is overflowing with antioxidants, ensuring your skin is thoroughly protected from free radical damage. Furthermore, the incredible skin-soothing properties diminish redness and signs of sensitivity.

The scent of the moisturiser itself is all-empowering. Should you love oranges, this zesty aroma will be right up your street. As you apply the luxurious treatment you just know it is going to be something special – and you won’t be wrong!


We applied the cream twice per week for several weeks. During this time skin showed a noticeable improvement. The texture and overall appearance are notable.

This moisturiser is definitely worth the investment for those concerned with aging or discolouration. However, to continue experiencing great results, it should be incorporated into your night-time routine and used over time.

We love this overnight moisturiser. It is great for those new to retinol and for those who want simple, yet effective results without the faff!

kate somerville goat milk cleanser
Credit: Kate Somerville

For a fantastic cleanser that is super gentle on your skin, why not try the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser? This is priced at £32 and available at

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5 Tools For Achieving Positivity

The need for achieving positivity is highest when we are feeling weary – and boy, we are feeling it right now. These simple tools will help you achieve positivity and revive the right mindset to move forwards. Whether you are stuck indoors with someone that could give Darth Vader a run for his money or experiencing general malaise over the pandemic, we have the perfect tools to comfort you.

1.Crystal Healing. Try: Black Onyx Power Bead Braclet, £5.49,

the best tools to achieve positivity
Credit: crystal age

This purifying crystal works by absorbing negativity, turning bad situations into better ones. The properties enable you to eliminate negativity and make the best out of unhealthy situations. Umm, 100, please! This bracelet evokes feelings of safety, diminishes anxiety and helps to draw in positivity.

2.Quartz Crystal:: JSDDE Silver Alloy Natural Quartz Stone Pendant, £9.99,

best tools for achieving positivity
Credit: Amazon

It is said that wearing a crystal offers the most benefits. Quartz is considered the queen of them all. Utterly purifying, it rids you of negativity and holds onto positive energy or thoughts. You can choose a piece of jewellery or use a pendant or worry stone.

3.White Sage Incense: Satya Nag Champa White Sage, £3.75,

great items to uplift mood
Credit: Amazon

Burning or ‘smudging’ white sage provides an array of benefits. The ancient ritual (we can thank native American tribes for) offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; thus, pesky bacteria and viruses (we’re looking at you Covid)), are kept well and truly at bay. Phew.

Additionally, reports claim that white sage can improve respiratory conditions. Those with said conditions should wait until you have finished burning the incense before entering the room).

Furthermore, white sage has been used for centuries to cleanse your environment of negative energy. Studies have actually shown this compound to alleviate anxiety, lift the mood and improve sleep! All of this for £3.75. Cheaper than your morning latte!

4.Positive Energy Candle by Aery, £24.95,

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Aery

As you may have noticed from the previous article, this is one of the best candles for inducing positivity. Aromatherapy can be so useful in times of stress and is well worth the time. Essential oils are an invaluable resource for transforming a negative mood into one of happiness. Use aromatherapy candles and bath oils for achieving a maximum effect (try Aromatherapy Associates).

5.Silk Eye Mask and Sleep Spray: Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95,

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: Live in the Light

Make your bed cosy and warm, have your bath infused with essential oils and then climb into bed with your meditation soundtrack or a playlist. Now, all you need to achieve a complete state of bliss and positivity is a silk eye mask. Spritz some sleep spray onto your pillow for awesome dreams, apply luxurious silk eye mask and drift off. Happy days!

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The Best Vegan Candles For An Incredibly Positive 2021

 Commence 2021 as we mean to go on – that is with incredibly positive vibes. Discover the best non-toxic vegan candles that ensure your senses and surroundings are a place of utter calm and happiness.

1.Gratitude Meditation Candle, £16,

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Pure Thoughts

If you have read ‘The Secret’ you will know what a positive power that having gratitude can bring. With this in mind, lighting the vegan Gratitude Meditation Candle is the first step towards achieving the ideal environment and state of mind for happiness. This hand-poured soy wax candle is infused with essential oils such as pure lemongrass; thus, promoting perfect meditation and dispelling all negativity. Remember, you manifest your thoughts – so positive thinking is vital.

2.ESPA Positivity Candle, £35,

these things will help you welcome in new year
Credit: ESPA

Breathe in this aromatherapy candle and feel your spirit immediately lifted. Yes, it is that good. The hand-poured soy candle includes essential oils such as gardenia, jasmine and rose geranium. These are specifically combined to create an unequivocally happy and uplifted state. It will be impossible to stay blue with ESPA’s unique Positivity Signature Blend. Expect feelings of pampered luxury and ultimate peace.

3.Aery Positive Energy Candle, £24.95,

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Yoga Matters

After the crippling effects of 2020, we all need a serious positivity boost. Aery’s gorgeous blend of pink grapefruit, vetiver and mint with hints of amber, violet and lemon guarantee your mind, body and soul are once again, rebalanced. This natural soy wax candle infused with key essential oils can bring forth a much-needed overhaul of the senses. Enjoy the re-energising aroma and allow your senses to come alive with happiness and health.

4.Elm Rd. Happiness Natural Aromatherapy Candle, £30,

the best vegan candles for a great 2021
Credit: Amazon

With the help of this beautiful natural vegan candle, it is impossible to feel anything but good vibes. Combining an innovative blend of 11 natural oils such as bergamot, neroli, rosewood, citrus and pine, the scent swiftly removes anxiety and negativity, replacing your senses with a veil of uplifted vitality and feelings of renewal.

All of these candles evoke incredible feelings of happiness and positivity. Start the new year the way you mean to go on. We all deserve some happiness.

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True Transformation Is Achieved With Vichy’s Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches

The majority of us can agree that 2020 has bestowed upon us many things (including seemingly permanent eye bags). Fear not, for Vichy’s Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Eye Patches offer a true transformation. Read on to discover how Vichy achieves such outstanding results, view before and after pictures – then grab your phone and order some before they run out of stock. We are planning on a truckload delivery option! Seriously, if eye bags and puffiness are an issue, this skincare treatment will feel like a Christmas miracle!

About Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Eye Patches

true transformation vichy eye patches
Credit: Vichy

We all know hyaluronic acid’s star anti-aging qualities. The ingredient is proven to plump and rejuvenate the skin. Vichy has harnessed the power of the key component and taken it up several notches, offering remarkable skin-transformative abilities. By using microneedle technology, each patch consists of 160 micro-cones that work to gently dissolve into the skin. This provides a targeted treatment, delivering 100% hyaluronic acid with precision.

As you will see from the pictures below, the results demonstrate a dramatic improvement to the entire eye area. The patches are designed to tackle pesky crow’s feet, lines, wrinkles and general puffiness – and wow, we are impressed.

These outstanding patches should be used as a weekly added step to your skincare routine. Included in the formula is hyaluronic acid and Vichy Mineralizing Water.

Before Picture:

true transformation with vichy specialist liftactiv micro hyalu eye patches
Credit: L A Beauty


acvhieve true transformation with vichy liftactiv eye patches
L A Beauty


After Picture:

true transformation after applying vichy liftactiv micro hyalu eye patches
L A beauty


Key Features:

Reduces Appearance of Eye Bags, Lines and Wrinkles

Fully Rehydrates Eye Area

160 Micro-Cones of Hyaluronic Acid Provide Targeted Approach

Clinically Tested

Fast Results


Having tested almost all eye treatments available, the Vichy Liftactiv 2 Micro Hyalu Patches are firm winners and have a well-earned place in the top 5 eyecare products of 2020!

Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches are priced at £20 and available at

Now we know we can get blind drunk on New Year’s Eve and still look pretty fabulous the following day (even if we don’t feel it).

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The Best Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Beauty Obsessives

Should your loved one enjoy beauty products as much as we do, read on. Here is a compilation of the very best beauty stocking filler gift ideas. These amazing presents are certain to be every beauty obsessive’s dream.

1.First Aid Beauty Catch Your Glow Gift Set, £15 (Was £20),

the best stocking filler gift ideas for beauty obsessives
Credit: Feel Unique

This limited-edition set is guaranteed to bring joy. Included in the gift set is First Aid’s incredible Facial Radiance Pads (serious game-changing product). Also combined is their Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Matte Primer. Should you wish to gift a loved one radiant luminosity (without spending a fortune) this is the way to go.

2. The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss, £14.99,

Achieve salon-worthy results with the hair boss clear shine gloss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Do you wish your hair was glossy and sleek all the time and without the need for frequent and costly visits to the hairdressers? We all do! Why not gift someone the beauty finds of the century with The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss? The semi-permanent product achieves amazing results for just £14.99! The gift of beautiful shiny locks may just be magic wand amazing.

3. Pura Cosmetics Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub, £4.99,

Get the perfect pout and smiles with pura cosmetics lip scrub
Credit: Pura Cosmetics

Buy one of Pura Cosmetics lip scrubs or duo gift sets and you will be giving a nod to helping the planet and ensuring the lucky recipient has the smoothest, sweetest smelling lips of them all. We love the Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub (£4.99) and the fun-loving Prosecco Bubbles and Lip Balm Duo Gift Set, £8.99.

4.Spacemasks (Pack of 5), £15,

the best stocking filler gift ideas for beauty fans
Credit: Cult Beauty

We can all agree that this year, stress has messed about with our sleep patterns somewhat – making this beauty gift a real treasure for just about anyone. Each mask is infused with jasmine to soothe away your worries. Together, with its air-activated self-heating abilities, the mask ensures you can drift off to your world of happy slumber with ease.

5.Thumbs Up Hollywood Light Up Mirror, £16.99,

great presents for christmas
Credit: Asos

There’s never been a more needed time for a mirror, like this one. With Zoom meetings coming out of our ears, making sure our eyebrows match and the lippy is where you thought you applied it is kind of vital. Worry no more. This awesome Hollywood Light Up Mirror will keep you looking your absolute best before every meeting. Phew!

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Happy shopping and have an amazing Christmas!

A Pura Cosmetics Lip Scrub Will Give You The Perfect Pout And All The Smiles!

Winter weather may be abrasive and harsh, but armed with the secret weapon of a Pura Cosmetics Lip Scrub, your pout can stay perfectly luscious. Lip TLC is so important – after all, this Christmas more than ever we need that perfect pout (for kissing within our delegated bubble, of course). Discover Pura Cosmetics Lip Scrubs and fall in love with their ability to instantly transform. Replace cracked and dry lips with a super-soft kissable pout wrapped up in the dreamiest of scents imaginable. Get ready to pucker up because your lips will be irresistible all Christmas!

Who Are Pura Cosmetics?

get the perfect pout and smiles with pura cosmetics lip scrub
Credit: Pura Cosmetics

Loved by beauty editors, influencers and the general public, Pura Cosmetics are fast becoming an internet sensation. Their natural ingredients, super-fun flavours and amazing results make them the go-to brand for all. The vegan formula offers natural ingredients at an affordable price. Pura Cosmetics provide cruelty-free products that are plastic-free and which are handmade in the UK. Basically, these lip scrubs are a true find!

The Pura Cosmetics Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub

get the perfect pout with the pura cosmetics lip scrubs
Credit: Pura Cosmetics

Yes, this lip scrub is every bit as good as it sounds. This best-selling scrub is like heaven on your lips. Inside the pretty packaging, you will find a little jar (think cute mini jam jars you get in a hotel, and steal). Open the lid and you are hit with a truly delicious scent. Brimming with an aroma of raspberries that smell so good, you could close your eyes and believe you are inhaling a punnet of the best berries in town. This scrummy sweet-smelling scrub gently yet effectively exfoliates away winter-damaged skin. Cracked and dry lips will quickly become a thing of the past. Instead, enjoy moisturised lips that stay happy all day long!

Having tried this oh-so-yummy smelling lip scrub, I am seriously impressed. Not only does it remove all dead and dry skin in an instant, but the following morning lips looked fuller, smoother and more youthful (without any need for filler). I will take a pot in every flavour, please!

The Pura Cosmetics Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub is priced at £4.99 (

Lip Scrub Flavours Include:

Get the perfect pout and smiles with pura cosmetics lip scrub
Credit: Pura Cosmetics

Blissful Bubblegum

Classic Coconut

Mojito Madness

Mmmm Mango

Passionfruit Martini

Pick Me Up Peppermint

Pina Colada

Prosecco Bubbles

Revitalising Raspberry

Sex on the Beach

Sweet Strawberry

Zingy Lemon

Why not complete the luscious lip look with Pura Cosmetics Fruits of the Forest Lip Balm, (£3.99)? Should you be looking for the perfect Christmas present, these lip scrubs and lip balms are also available in a gorgeous duo gift sets, priced at £9.99.

For more information or to bag yourself one of these oh-so-yummy lip scrubs, head over to

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