save £££s at the beauty clinic with these skincare products

Forget Botox: These Two Products Will Save You £££s At The Salon

When trying to save due to a cost of living crisis, one of the first things to go is Botox and those precious trips to the beauty salon. Well, needs must, right? 

We read the recent commentary about ‘anti-aging’ now being viewed as a bad term. We hear people say we need to embrace age, complete with lines and wrinkles and tell ourselves that we should accept the accompanying aesthetic gracefully and focus on feeling good. Um!

Forget Botox: these two products will save you £££s at the salon. Shitz Creek

Even though that’s all very well and noble, the truth is that anti-aging skincare and treatments are a multi-billion dollar industry for good reason – most of us dislike pesky lines, wrinkles and gravity-stricken skin. Our reflection in the mirror doesn’t reflect what we really feel inside. I don’t mean everyone wants to be so plastic that they end up in a coffin with only bones, silicone, and bumps. I just mean the truth of the matter – we feel better when we look our best. And we’ll go the extra mile to achieve this.

Products That Save £££s At The Salon

Luckily, we’ve found a solution that doesn’t make a dent in your wallet. Launched by Symphony Beauty, the K-beauty-inspired brand, Purifect brings us two natural serums that, when used in conjunction, offer tremendous rejuvenating results for your complexion. Better yet, when used long-term, the results continue to improve (unlike the anti-aging injections, which require 3-monthly top-ups and a spare credit card!

Review Of Purifect’s Two Anti-Aging Products: Niacinamide And Retinol

Forget Botox: these two products will save you £££s at the salon
Credit: Symphony Beauty

To discover whether these products achieve optimal rejuvenating results, we thoroughly tested the two products for five weeks. This article shares complete insight into Purifect’s Correcting Niacinamide + Vitamin E Serum and Purifect Rejuvenating Retinol Facial Serum.  Learn all the must-know facts, who can benefit from their use, the pros and cons, and our conclusion. 

Spoiler alert -. Make way for radiant and youthful skin and a surge of compliments! Be amazed. Be. Very. Amazed.

Purifect Niacinamide + Vitamin E Serum, £15.99 (30ml),

Forget Botox: these two products will save you £££s at the salon
Credit: Symphony Beauty

Better Than Botox And Dermabrasion? The Benefits Of Niacinamide


Anyone who struggles with patchy or uneven skin and blemishes will significantly benefit from its use. This ingredient thwarts acne production and reduces signs of lines and wrinkles.

The beauty of niacinamide is that it is proven to rejuvenate the skin and tackle pesky concerns such as enlarged pores and pigmentation. Moreover, it aids in forming ceramides to regenerate skin further. Better yet, this super-powerful antioxidant works alongside all serums or creams and is safe to use without fear of irritation.

When combined with retinol and vitamin C, it thwarts the onslaught of pigmentation with profound superiority. Niacinamide prohibits the enzyme tyrosinase from causing damage by means of hyperpigmentation. This is because tyrosinase is responsible for producing melanin. 

Save Money And Achieve Optimal Rejuvenation

The 90% natural Correcting Niacinamide + Vitamin E Serum boasts multitasking anti-aging benefits that offer undeniable rejuvenating results. Anyone who struggles with the bane of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and the general onslaught of aging will love Purifect’s formula. This miracle serum combines niacinamide with other scientifically-proven anti-aging ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, willow bark extract and vitamin E. These components team up to provide unrivalled exfoliating, pore-minimizing, and skin-repairing support.


money saving and facial rejuvenation instead of salon treatments
Credit: Symphony Beauty


1. Ceramide production – it greatly enhances the production of ceramides that are building blocks for the skin. The result is repaired, strengthened, conditioned skin and a thoroughly rejuvenated complexion.

2. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – these powerful properties ensure minimal irritation when using retinol and boast exceptional repair capabilities.

3. Use any other skincare product safely.

4. Includes a unique blend of niacinamide with sodium hyaluronate, willow bark extract and vitamin E to ensure optimal rejuvenation.


1. It runs out eventually.


Purifect Niacinamide + Vitamin E Serum has earned a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet. This potent blend of niacinamide and vitamin E works like a dream for improving a dull and less-than-sunny complexion. What sets this serum apart is its multitasking properties. Niacinamide helps minimize the appearance of pores, enhances even skin tone, and diminishes dark spots, while vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and promotes a healthy complexion.

After consistent use, my skin appears brighter, smoother, and more radiant. Purifect’s Niacinamide + Vitamin E Serum is a game-changer for those seeking a revitalized and healthy-looking complexion.

Purifect’s Retinol Serum,£15.99(30ml),

forget botox: these two products ill save you£££s at the salon
Credit: Symphony Beauty

Anti-aging skincare is nothing without a good retinol product, and Purifect’s Rejuvenating Retinol Serum is well worth the buy. Combining a natural yet potent blend of retinol and nourishing components, expect to switch up your skin from blah to bloody incredible.

What Makes Purifect’s Rejuvenating Retinol + Vitamin E Serum So Good?

This lightweight formula contains natural retinol and specific botanicals proven to deliver skin-transformative results. Unlike the majority of retinol products, Purifect’s Retinol Serum is surprisingly gentle on the skin. Not only does it work on reducing lines and wrinkles, but its powerhouse of natural ingredients significantly improve skin texture and tone.

Who Can Benefit From Purifect’s Rejuvenating Retinol Serum?

Save yourself £££s at the salon and forget botox with these two products
Credit: Amazon

This retinol facial serum is ideal for those looking to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity and tone. Expect a complexion that sparkles with youthful radiance.


1. Diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

2. Improves elasticity and tone.

3. Vitamin E offers antioxidant-rich support, repairing and strengthening the skin whilst providing further protection against free radical damage.

4. Naturally-sourced ingredients and minimal irritation to the skin.


1. We couldn’t find any cons to this outstanding product!


Forget Botox and use these products instead
Credit: Symphony Beauty

Upon applying Purifect’s Rejuvenating Retinol Serum for a month, team L A Beauty was blown away by the results. This serum targets and treats fine lines and wrinkles, guaranteeing a noticeable improvement to the skin. This serum even works on those with sensitive skin.

The serum ensures a more even-toned, radiant, youthful complexion, which continues improving over time. We love this!

Alas, sooner or later, aging will take us all. Like it or not, in the 40+ age group, rejuvenation is the buzzword. Thankfully, these key skincare products greatly help our mission to upgrade our rejuvenation game. 

Since its launch in 2015, the Korean natural skincare brand has amassed a considerable following for providing highly effective skincare products at affordable prices. We loved reviewing the Purifect range. These products live up to the many 5-star claims. Our quest to find the best anti-aging formula for those of us ‘on that side of 40’ led us to Purifect.

Purifect’s natural serums contain carefully formulated and proven ingredients that effectively target just about every skin concern. Purifect’s collection of ceramide serums, peptide serums, and even hair growth serums ensure you look and feel your best. Better yet, choosing the natural skincare route over a lack of facial expressions will save enough money to splurge on that gorgeous dress!

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