6 tips for incredible microneedling results at home

6 At-Home Microneedling Tips For Incredible Results

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At-home microneedling gets a bad rap. However, done correctly it can be hugely beneficial offering incredible results. Before reading on, a little advice: should you have active acne, rosacea or sensitive skin, at-home dermarolling will not be for you. However, for those who have acne scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines and uneven skin texture, microneedling will like unearthing some secret treasure!

What Is Microneedling?

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Microneedling (or dermarolling) is the process of using a microneedlng tool to encourage collagen and elastin production. The roller is covered in tiny needles that penetrate the skin. It sounds hideous – but actually, the at-home devices don’t hurt. Expect a red-looking face and an irritating tingling sensation. The idea is for skin, in an effort to heal, will produce more collagen and elastin.  The result is a firmer, smoother, and more youthful complexion. Hooray!

Professional treatments offer great results. These are done with larger needles and comes with necessary downtime. However, done correctly (and with a good tool), you can achieve an amazing outcome in the comfort of your own home. Incorporate micro-needling into your weekly skincare routine and transform your complexion.

Why Do People Have Bad Reactions To Microneedling?

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Some people report having really bad reactions. This can be for several reasons: If you have skin concerns as mentioned above; if you purchase a tool that isn’t initially sanitised/or isn’t from a good supplier; applying a serum after micro-needling that causes a reaction, and incorrect usage of the derma roller.

Tips For Effective Usage:

1. Buy from A Reputable Supplier

6 tips for incredible microneedling results at home
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There are many cheap derma rollers available online. However, they may be ineffective or cause unwanted reactions. It is better to do your research and invest in a reputable skincare brand/source. I love Swiss Clinic’s Microneedling Treatment, £125, www.swissclinic.com

2.Apply To Clean Skin

Ensure your skin is clean before using a derma roller. There should be no residue of anything on your face.

3.Apply Correctly/Do Not Rub In

Gently roll the micro-needling device in strokes over your face in one direction. Next, follow the same steps in the opposite direction. DO NOT rub hard or dig the tool into the skin.

4. Always Keep Microneedle Tool Clean

6 tips at home microneedling incredible results
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After use, always clean your device and put it safely away in the casing provided.

5. Be Careful What Skincare Products You Apply After Use

My advice would be to steer clear of products such as peels or retinol after using the device. Ceramides, hyaluronic acid and peptides are a great option. Use the derma roller last thing at night, applying your skincare and allow the skin to recover.

6. Do Not Over-Use / Use Correct Size

At most, the device should be used no more than twice a week – once is preferable depending on the size. Although the needles are not as long as a clinician’s device, they still penetrate the skin and should be used with care. Remember different sized heads treat varying concerns. My advice is to start small (0.25) and work your way up. Never go above 1.5mm unless you are being treated in a clinician’s office.

What are your thoughts on at-home micro-needling? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay safe and happy people. xx

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