4 Motivation Hacks for When You Have The Lockdown Blues

The amazing John Lee Hooker would certainly help us indulge our lockdown blues in irrefutable style. However, that doesn’t boost our motivation when there’s a shedload of work to be done. So how do you shake it off, so you feel ready to deliver some kick-ass work for the boss? Well, you do it like this: The following quick and easy motivation hacks will ensure you quickly revive your badass self.

1. Funny Viral Videos, Try Daily Dose of Internet: www.youtube.com

4 motivational hacks for when you have the lockdown blues
Credit: Pixabay

Yes, it’s true! Spend 10 minutes each day (when you are most stressed) watching something hilarious. This generally means seeing people injure themselves whilst doing a ridiculous task that is doomed from the outset. Just doing this will reset your mood and motivation.

2.Music For Motivation, Try: www.youtube.com

4 motivation hacks for when you have the lockdown blues
Credit: Pixabay

Okay, if you’re feeling like it’s all a bit much then step away from My Chemical Romance, Coldplay and Nirvana. Instead, look for something fun and upbeat like the Scissor Sisters. Rest assured, playing a happy song will change your mood in a flash.

3.Tea and Cake Motivation: Try Sass and Belle Positivitea, £12.08, www.amazon.co.uk

4 motivation hacks for when you have the lockdown blues
Credit: Amazon

Forget about the protein bar. There’s nothing like making a pot of tea and having a huge slab of cake for raising your spirits and spurring you on (at least until the sugar crash). No seriously, a pot of tea will draw on happy memories of tea-drinking days with your nan. Then you will feel spurred on to make your day productive.

4. Mindfulness for Motivation, Try Mindfulness With Marisa Peer: www.youtube.com

tips for success
Credit: Pixabay

Even without the motivational drive, practising mindfulness for a short time each day can really help our mental health. Focus on breathing, on being in the moment and be thankful. Imagine living in your dream house as if you are already there. Spending 10 minutes doing this each day will bring unbelievable benefits to your life. Motivation will soon be a breeze.

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Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts To Remember

Do you want to shower your loved one in luxury this Valentine’s Day? Should you be lucky enough to have a partner who has been your rock throughout the pandemic and really deserves some pampering, read on: Here are some of the best luxury Valentine’s Day gifts to remember.

1.Medium Round Hat Box, £99, www.amarantelondon.com

Luxury Valentine's Day gifts to remember
Credit: Amarante London

Why not gift utter perfection? The handmade hat box of exquisite infinity roses offers just that. Chic, stunning and certain to set your loved one’s heart on fire, they are a gift to remember. These roses are sourced from Ecuador and picked with long-lasting freshness in mind. Each hat box contains 12-14 roses and is available in every beautiful colour imaginable.

2.Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath Scented Candle, £45, http://www.selfridges.com

Luxury Valentine's Day gifts to remember
Credit: Selfridges

Indulge, indulge and then (yup, you guessed it), more indulgence. This candle is the ultimate gift for all bath lovers. Spoil your partner on this day of love with the gorgeous bubble bath scented candle. Including an evocative scent of bergamot, lavender and rose (to name a few), this candle will relax, soothe and put the most stressed person in a happy mood. Erm, we’ll take 10, please. The Bubble Bath Scented Candle provides 40 hours of burn time.

3.Harvey Nichols Valentine’s Day Hamper, £100, www.harveynichols.com

Luxury Valentine's Day gifts to remember
Credit: Harvey Nichols

Treat your S.O to this gift and you will cover every possible desire needed to make the day a memorable one. Harvey Nichols has literally thought of everything! Including irresistible items that command the utmost desire, Valentine’s Day hamper ensures a recipe for unsurmountable love. With luxury champers, chocolates, coffee and even a jelly heart, you can guarantee a day and night of lockdown bliss! By the morning, you will be so glad of Harvey Nichols choice of coffee!

4.Nura Teardrop Eternity Diamond Ring, £295, www.monicavinader.com

Luxury VAlentine's Day gifts to remember
Credit: Monica Vinader

Pamper the lucky lady in your life with something truly stunning. The Nura Teardrop Eternity Diamond Ring is bursting with emotion that tells of thousand love stories – without the need to say a word. The luxury ring will truly be one to remember. This Valentine’s Day gift her this ring and she will be smiling for the next 5 Valentine’s Days (pandemic or not).

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Valentine’s Day Beauty Prep Essentials

There’s one thing we can all still enjoy and that’s Valentine’s Day. Should you gearing up for a night of passion and romance, you are going to need to prepare with some beauty prep essentials. Read on to discover Valentine’s Day preparation must-haves. These little items will guarantee you look and feel your best for a night of dreamy perfection.

1.Must-Have Shine: Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss, £14.99, www.superdrug.com

achieve salon-worthy results with the hair boss clear shine gloss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Remember the glass hair trend we all craved (and still do)? There’s nothing like beautiful shiny locks to complete your look. Behold, The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss. The transparent formula achieves gorgeous, shiny locks without the need of visiting a hair salon. Once you try this fabulous treatment you will be smitten with The Hair Boss! Affordable, fuss-free and gorgeous locks – what’s not to love?

2.Essential Lumnosity: Iconic London Illuminator, £30, www.iconiclondon.com

Valentine's Day Prep beauty Essentials
Credit: Iconic London

No one does a radiant glow quite like cult brand, Iconic London. When it comes to illuminators, they’re at the top of their game. A few drops of this magical potion and you will be the picture of radiant luminosity. Yay! This incredible illuminator is 100% vegan and available in 5 shades (we love Peachy Rose Gold).

3.Essential Skin Prep: Inner Senses,7 Wonders Panacea Skin & Body Oil, £34, www.innersenses.co.uk

Valentine's Day Beauty Prep must-haves
Credit: Inner Senses

Should you be on the lookout for an out-of-this-world face and body oil, we highly recommend the organic beauty brand, Inner Senses. Their award-winning 7 Wonders oil has to be one of THE BEST oils you will ever encounter. Bursting with exceptionally nourishing, skin-loving ingredients, the oil ensures transformative results. Loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamins, the components work in unison to significantly improve dry, tired and mature skin. This velvety oil is a must-have for a luxuriously pampering experience, too. We love!

4. Must-Have Glow: Moriz Fake Tan in a Can, £12.99, www.boots.com

St. Moriz spray tan in a can may achieve the best self-tan in the world
Credit: St Moriz

A self-tan does wonders for that feel-good factor and St. Moriz has got your back (and front, and legs…). This self-tan will ensure you turnaround the pasty, tired look with ease. For optimal results, don’t forget to exfoliate and shave 24-hours before application and remember the few hours of developing time, too!

5. Essential Scent: Gucci Bloom, £48.90 (100ml), www.notino.co.uk

Valentine's Day beaty Prep must-haves
Credit: Notino

Don’t forget the power of a beautiful scent. Harness your inner goddess, appeal to his senses with a perfume that will send him wild with desire. Gucci Bloom never fails to impress!

Now all you need are some sensual gifts, a good movie and wine.

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Don’t Let Oral Issues Wreck Your Valentine’s Day!

Heads out of the gutter people – the oral issues of paramount concern this Valentine’s Day are of a dental nature. Let’s face it, the 2-metre rule is pretty helpful if you have a partner with awful breath! We know the pandemic hasn’t exactly helped the oral health (or love life) of the country. Should you be one of many, concerned about bad breath or broken fillings wrecking your Valentine’s Day, read on. These trusted products will quickly resolve any oral issues, so you can focus on a night of love (instead of a broken heart and teeth).

1.Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Dental Repair Kit, £6, www.boots.com

Dont let oral issues wreck your valentines day
Credit: Dentemp

Most people will have experienced the agony that comes with a lost filling or loose caps/crowns. Honestly, there really is nothing as bad as tooth pain. Don’t let the problem ruin your Valentine’s Day. Renowned brand, Dentemp offer a dentist-developed solution. Their Loose Cap & Lost Filling Dental Repair Kit quickly and effectively works to provide a temporary solution – so you can keep smiling until the Dentist is back in town! The Dentemp Repair Kit is a literal lifesaver (no need to reach for the whiskey).

2.Glo32 Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, £10 (100ml) www.boots.com

Don't let oral issues wreck your valentines day
Credit: Glo32

Ensure your smile stays sparkly, white and irresistible no matter what you are tucking into during a night of romance. Garlic and wine are no big deal if you have a tube of the Glo32 toothpaste in your bathroom cabinet. Formulated with gentle, yet highly effective ingredients such as coconut oil, you can rest assured your teeth will look amazing (without the painful side effects some other whitening products can cause).

3.Glo32 System Whitening £30, www.boots.com

Don't let oral issues wreck your Valentine's Day
Credit: Glo32

We are all about healthier living and Glo32 System guarantees a perfect smile without any nasty side effects or sensitivity. The kit includes a 14-day treatment of whitening strips, as well as an on-the-go stilo for (if and when) you are dining out. Formulated with coconut oil, this cruelty-free and vegan product provides a healthy and natural way to whiten your gnashers.

N.B: Those with tooth sensitivity should reduce the dosage accordingly. People suffering from broken gums, mouth ulcers or who have undergone recent dental surgery should avoid this and any other whitening products.

4.The Humble Co. Bamboo Interdental Brushes, £4 (0.7mm 8 Pack), www.boots.com

Dont let oral issues wreck your Valentine's Day
Credit: The Humble Co.

When it comes to clean and sustainable living, the Humble Co. are at the top of their game. Check out their Interdental Brush. The handle is made from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and nylon bristles from DuPont – making this the go-to alternative to the regular floss!

For anyone who is sick of the sight of their partner, but sadly cannot swerve Valentine’s Day – we suggest buying these and saving them for a less rainy day!

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Crystals To Boost Your Mood And Create Inner Peace

We can all agree that right now we need that extra something to boost our mood – and crystals may just be our secret ‘happiness’ weapon. Consider them as the ultimate mood-boosting, inner peacemakers, if you will. Everything is energy, and crystals emit a signal just in the way our energy will. Acting as our own personal mood enhancer, different crystals are said to create a variety of support for a person’s wellbeing.

Crystal power has been cherished for centuries. Their ability to draw unequivocally positive benefits means they remain just as popular today. Although unbacked by science, the excitement and love for these magical wonders can be found the world over. From celebrities to editors and your next-door neighbours – it seems everyone understands and embraces their mood-boosting powers. Read on to discover which crystals help to dispel apathy and reset your mood.

1.Anxiety and Stress: Red Jasper, £9.69 (for 2), www.amazon.co.uk

crystals to boost mood and create inner peace
Credit: Amazon

This stone offers beautiful balancing properties in times of anxiety, anger and stress. Should you be feeling anxious or negative, the energy of this crystal will ensure it’s removal. You will feel rebalanced, calm and positive once more. Keep this one in a coat pocket.

2.Concentration and Self-Esteem: Haematite

crystals to boost your. mood and create inner peace
Credit: Wikipedia.org

If the concentration is lacking and your work is taking a direct hit, bag one of these little treasures. Renowned for creating feelings of self-confidence as well as enhancing the strength of the mind, you will be back to your refocused and determined self in no time at all.

3. Protection: Turquoise

crystals to boost your mood and create inner peace
Credit: Wikipedia

We could all do with feeling a little more protected right now. Take a look at Turquoise. This precious stone is said to provide unmeasurable protective properties. Also, this it comes with luck-generating properties – but don’t feel too bad should you not win the lottery. Something good will happen.

4. For Motivation to Get Out of Your Pjs: Carnelian

precious stones for wellbeing
Credit: Wikipedia

The eye-catching orange within this crystal brings about motivation and feelings of joy. So, should you be struggling to get out of your pj’s (or bed), gift yourself one of these little beauties, quick!

5.For Love: Rose Quartz

crystals for happiness
Credit: Wikipedia

Love makes the world go round, but sadly, many of us aren’t feeling it right now. Love starts from within – so use the heart-linking gem to conjure up some self-appreciation and kindness. Once you have that you will automatically magnetise others towards you. Just make sure you only attract a good guy (maybe grab a black tourmaline crystal too).

6.Banish Negativity Before It Gets to You: Black Tourmaline

precious stone wellbeing
Credit: Pixabay

Wow, this has to be the most cherished of them all. Black tourmaline is said to repel badness or negative energies before they get close enough to do any damage. Currently ordering 10!

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Begin ‘Veganuary’ The Right Way With The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub

Never has there been a greater need to turn January into ‘Veganuary’ then now. Given that no one wants to add dandruff and lacklustre hair to the list of concerns, we turn to the high impact vegan brand, The Hair Boss for help. This hugely popular haircare brand will ensure you give your locks and scalp a thorough detox this Veganuary, with their incredible Scalp Scrub.

Who Would Benefit From The Scalp Scrub?

begin veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

Should you find your scalp is particularly flaky or itchy at present, the Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub should be your go-to solution.

Additionally, should you be a big fan of dry shampoo (who isn’t?), then a good scalp detox will help to free you from the frequent build-up; thus, giving your scalp a chance to breathe again. This little step is so underrated.  Just by applying a regular scalp detox, you will find that your hair becomes healthier, stronger and ‘have to run my fingers through it’ awesome, in minimal time.

How to Use The Scalp Scrub

begin Veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

We should treat our scalps and hair with the same TLC as we do our faces. Think of the Scalp Scrub as an ideal pre-wash exfoliator. The scrub effectively removes all the build-up and debris left behind from all the products we love.

The Scalp Scrub should be used weekly in order to maintain beautiful and healthy locks and keep your scalp in tip-top condition.


This vegan formula is the perfect detox treatment for your hair. Featuring natural components such as rosebay extract and tea-tree oil, these ingredients team up to diminish signs of dandruff, leaving your scalp clean and clear. Better yet, it enhances the ‘natural ecosystem’ of the scalp. Should you have any stubborn makeup lines around the edge of your hairline (umm, yup), this multitasker will also work to swiftly remove the issue.


begin Veganuary the right way with the hair boss scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

A good scalp scrub is more important than people realise. Should you have hair or scalp concerns, the first point of call is to ensure your scalp is healthy. We absolutely love The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub. Pesky dandruff is no longer an issue and it dramatically improves the overall health and look of your hair.

The Scalp Scrub is the must-have haircare detox that everyone should incorporate into their Veganuary. Totally affordable, the Scalp Scrub is priced at just £5.32(150ml). You can purchase The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub at www.superdrug.com.

For particularly distressed scalp issues, try The Scalp Soothing Tonic, £5.32 (100ml), www.superdrug.com

detox scalp tinic
Credit: The Hair Boss

5 Tools For Achieving Positivity

The need for achieving positivity is highest when we are feeling weary – and boy, we are feeling it right now. These simple tools will help you achieve positivity and revive the right mindset to move forwards. Whether you are stuck indoors with someone that could give Darth Vader a run for his money or experiencing general malaise over the pandemic, we have the perfect tools to comfort you.

1.Crystal Healing. Try: Black Onyx Power Bead Braclet, £5.49, www.crystalage.com

the best tools to achieve positivity
Credit: crystal age

This purifying crystal works by absorbing negativity, turning bad situations into better ones. The properties enable you to eliminate negativity and make the best out of unhealthy situations. Umm, 100, please! This bracelet evokes feelings of safety, diminishes anxiety and helps to draw in positivity.

2.Quartz Crystal:: JSDDE Silver Alloy Natural Quartz Stone Pendant, £9.99, www.amazon.co.uk

best tools for achieving positivity
Credit: Amazon

It is said that wearing a crystal offers the most benefits. Quartz is considered the queen of them all. Utterly purifying, it rids you of negativity and holds onto positive energy or thoughts. You can choose a piece of jewellery or use a pendant or worry stone.

3.White Sage Incense: Satya Nag Champa White Sage, £3.75, www.amazon.co.uk

great items to uplift mood
Credit: Amazon

Burning or ‘smudging’ white sage provides an array of benefits. The ancient ritual (we can thank native American tribes for) offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; thus, pesky bacteria and viruses (we’re looking at you Covid)), are kept well and truly at bay. Phew.

Additionally, reports claim that white sage can improve respiratory conditions. Those with said conditions should wait until you have finished burning the incense before entering the room).

Furthermore, white sage has been used for centuries to cleanse your environment of negative energy. Studies have actually shown this compound to alleviate anxiety, lift the mood and improve sleep! All of this for £3.75. Cheaper than your morning latte!

4.Positive Energy Candle by Aery, £24.95, www.aeryliving.com

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Aery

As you may have noticed from the previous article, this is one of the best candles for inducing positivity. Aromatherapy can be so useful in times of stress and is well worth the time. Essential oils are an invaluable resource for transforming a negative mood into one of happiness. Use aromatherapy candles and bath oils for achieving a maximum effect (try Aromatherapy Associates).

5.Silk Eye Mask and Sleep Spray: Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95, www.liveinthelight.co.uk

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: Live in the Light

Make your bed cosy and warm, have your bath infused with essential oils and then climb into bed with your meditation soundtrack or a playlist. Now, all you need to achieve a complete state of bliss and positivity is a silk eye mask. Spritz some sleep spray onto your pillow for awesome dreams, apply luxurious silk eye mask and drift off. Happy days!

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Everything You Need To Welcome In The New Year

As we are all looking towards 2021 from behind closed doors, this new year celebrations will be somewhat limited. Yes, it may be marginally quieter – but it can still be fun. Read on to discover everything you need to welcome in the new year, in style.


toasting new year - everything you need
Credit: Free Photos/Pixabay

There’s no denying it – for most, the new year celebration goes hand-in-hand with alcohol. Why not bring the bar to you? Get all your favourite booze, or ingredients to make cocktails and have a laugh recreating the movie ‘Cocktail’.  Buy yourself some nibbles to go with your drinks and you are set for some good times.


poker - everything you need to celebrate the new year
Credit: Pixabay

Card games (i.e., poker) can be loads of fun. Play for clothes, dares or money.


everything you need to welcome new year in style
Credit: Pixabay

You can still have a laugh with your nearest and dearest – just grab your laptop and meet for some friendly banter and drinks (at a distance). The good thing about this is at least if the convo gets boring you can ‘lose connection’ without losing a friendship.


everything you need welcome in new year
Credit: Pixabay

Picking up a cheap mic and conducting a sing-a-thon karaoke with your family is loads of fun. Just remember that if its particularly loud, you still have to bypass your neighbours in the morning. Another time the 2m rule is advantageous.


everything you need to welcome new year in style
Credit: Pixabay

Okay, you can either watch the firework celebrations on the TV or you can buy a few and set them off in your back yard (with safety measures in place obvs). Second thoughts, maybe the tele is a better option…(thinking of the neighbours’ fence).

6.Candles: Try ESPA Energising Candle, £35, www.espaskincare.com

these things will help you welcome in new year
Credit: ESPA

Set the mood with an energising candle to provide the much-needed aroma of a fresh and positive new year. Check out ESPA’s totally luxurious hand-poured soy candle. Bursting with aromatherapy ingredients that team up to infuse your room and your senses with energy, positivity and generally awesome vibes. YES!

7.Great Food

everything you need welcome in new year
Credit: Pixabay

Nip out and buy some of your tastiest treats to feast on and see the new year in, in style. I’m thinking Chinese takeaway – no effort and delicious.

8.Awesome Movies

everything needed for 2021 celebration
Credit: Pixabay

When the alcohol has run out and the clock says 1 am, wind down with your loved one and chill out to an awesome movie or two.

9.Great Soundtracks

festivities for 2021
Credit: Pixabay

Put your fave party playlist on and set the mood for fun and games. Nothing changes moods more quickly than a good song. No one can stay moody if you have a good playlist.

And with these little tips, we hope you all have a stellar New Year’s Eve and cheers to a positive 2021!

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6 Ways To Be A Nicer Person

Here is the second lockdown and with it comes a second chance to re-evaluate and maybe find ways to be a nicer person. With all the best intentions in the world and promises we make, people don’t change. It’s not in their nature. This makes altering key flaws quite a task, but it isn’t impossible.

In a society where people’s behaviours are readily mistaken and quickly judged, it makes trying to change for the better even more difficult. For example, a person who appears rude because they have extreme anxiety. Or a person’s strange behaviour due to OCD/PTSD that causes others to exclude them or brand them derogatory labels. Such conditions can affect an individual’s motivation to try and change for the better. Because, what’s the point? It can feel like an uphill battle on a landslide. Well, as my nan says, “Never give up.” That is the point. It’s a domino effect. Being nicer helps you and others become happier; it has a knock-on effect. Ultimately, we are all the same. We are all here to be the best we can be. Here are 6 ways I have found that have helped me to be a better person.

1.Squash the Negative

Credit: Giphy

If you are feeling the negativity creep in and spiderweb over your thoughts, squash it. Immediately recognise it for just being negativity and, instead, replace it with a positive thought. Should you be in an environment that makes you feel down, grab your coat and go and get some exercise. It’s amazing how much this can change your outlook, and therefore your day. In turn, your attitude towards others will improve.

2. If You Don’t Like Someone

Credit: Giphy

This can be tricky as there are many reasons for not liking a person. Take a step back and think about the main reason and see if it can be resolved. Should it be a case of just annoyance, think of something they do that is nice. Each time you feel agitated, look for a positive about that person to balance it out. Failing that, avoidance is key.

3. If You Can’t Say Anything Nice.

6 ways to be a nicer person
Credit: Pixabay

As my mum always told me “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t speak.” It is so true. Waking up grumpy and snappy is not someone else’s fault. Being in lockdown may mean you wake up moody as the person you are stuck with has betrayed you or made you feel angry. You can’t change them, but you can change how you deal. You don’t have to sink or let their actions change you into a passive-aggressive nightmare. Keep calm, take deep breaths and focus your mind on important things in the day. Don’t let negativity get an advantage. If it surfaces, keep it zipped. You do not need to say anything – it will only make everyone’s situation worse.

4.Think of Ways to Help

Credit: Giphy

I don’t mean start a campaign or cook for the street. However, there are little things you can do. Perhaps pick a paper up and deliver it to a neighbour or relative who is isolating. Buy someone some flowers and make their day. Ask people if they are okay. Make someone a card and post it. All of these things go a long way – and definitely make you feel like a nicer person.

5.Listen and Give Time

Credit: Giphy

Even in a lockdown, we are still consumed with ourselves. Just giving someone that bit of time, listening to them will help so much. Take an extra half hour to read more to your child at bedtime or give your family member a call and let them know you are thinking of them.

6. Question Yourself

It’s time to be brutally honest with yourself. Think about ways you feel you could improve yourself. Maybe be kinder or more thoughtful. Or think of the things that make others dislike you. Even if you are unfairly judged, get over it and work out what causes people to think a certain way in the first place. Then try to take steps to change this, so people can view you in the way you feel you deserve.

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How To Effectively Deal With Social Media Trolls

This year we are dealing with a massive pandemic that is eating its way through society. But there is another deadly virus causing just as much damage to peoples’ lives and it is referred to as ‘trolls’. The nasty people infected with the trolling parasite use social media, online chat and discussion forums to destroy a person’s character with lies. They write the ugliest accusations and incite rage in anyone willing to listen.

Generally, not particularly intelligent, they play on peoples’ emotions until they believe they have effectively grown seeds of hate – enough to cause optimal damage. Sometimes, the person they are pursuing ends up committing suicide or self-destructing slowly over time. The pain filters to the victim’s family who are also affected.

Other times, enraged people who recognise the bullied individual decide to target them and inflict physical attacks. Typical examples of this would be strangers abusing me ‘because she’s that person on Facebook,’ while waiting to see if I look in a direction of a person – any person – so they can accuse me of being some sex attacker or pyscho! Then there are trolls making a teenager’s school life hell or attacks on those with mental health conditions. Often bred from confusion, it then escalates rage on social media  There’s never a good reason for these vile things to do what they do, and they need to be weeded out. The sooner the better. If (like me) you are a victim of trolling, read on to see how to effectively handle them.

1.Pretend They Don’t Exist

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

At the end of the day, you know who you are. You know you are a good person and they are the ones that need assessing. This doesn’t take away the mental anguish it causes. One of the best ways to deal, simply is to ignore them. Often, they will grow tired and move on to find something else to hate. Be strong.

2. Detective Work

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

Try and do some digging. Find out who they are, who their family is and if they know what they are up to. Make logs, take screenshots and gather as much data as possible.

3. Go to the Police

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

When you have enough evidence go the police and make a formal complaint.

4. Contact Social Media Channels

How to handle social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

Advise social media channels who these people are and what nasty shit they are up to. Name them and shame them and let them see just what it feels like to be put in the spotlight. The only difference is they are guilty as hell and actually deserve to be judged.

If you are on the receiving end of these stains on humanity, try not to let it affect you. If you can, try not to read any of it. Get a family member to help you. Remember these are sad, sad individuals, full of inner anger they cannot deal with. That is why they don’t care about the truth, they only care about inflicting pain. Take solace in the knowledge their actions will take them to the depths of hell.


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