boost mental health with these amazing wellbeing products

Boost Your Mental Health With These Amazing Well-Being Products

As the pandemic loses its grip on the UK, another epidemic steps up. As a nation, our mental health has taken a beating. Many of us are searching for new and effective ways to boost our mental health, without resorting to tablets. Luckily, there are some amazing well-being products that will help to restore balance. Check out some of the best well-being products to bring sunshine into your life.

1. Saskia’s Flower Essences, Calm and Confident Combination Essence, £10 (30ml),

boost mental health with these amazing wellbeing products
Credit: Saskia’s Flowers

Essence therapy uses the energies of flowers and plants to aid emotional wellness. Many believe physical health is governed by the state of the mind. Flower essences (tinctures) are widely considered to provide huge benefits and their popularity continues to soar.

Saskia Marjoram’s expert knowledge of plants and flowers, together with an unwavering devotion to her work ensures her essences offer truly remarkable results.

The award-winning Calm and Confident Essence is fantastic for easing anxiety, fear and panic. Take 2 drops under the tongue in times of stress and feel your balance and confidence return. Included are borage, buttercup, cherry plum, wild garlic, rock rose and walnut essences. These ingredients are specifically combined to offer optimal emotional support and well-being, helping you better deal with life’s little hurdles.

Saskia’s Flower Essences are totally natural and safe to use.

2. The Positive Day Planner, £10,

boost your wellbeing with these amazing products
Credit: The Positive Day Planner

Should positivity feel as likely as winning the lottery, you need this book in your life. Award-winning entrepreneur Leanne Pero created the Positive Day Planner after surviving cancer. Leanne found that by writing daily gratitude, hopes and positive affirmations, she was able to better cope with her situation. Realising the incredible benefits of this, the Positivity Planner was launched.

By finding positives in each day, you can change your mindset and begin to create a happier, more optimistic future. This is an incredibly effective tool for boosting your mental health and overall well-being.

The Positive Day Planner is a 21-day mental health must-have, in which you practice daily gratitude, note down self-affirmations and set goals. Oh, and there is also a place for you to dispose of the negative thoughts that are holding you back. The planner is available in 5 different styles. The Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planner (£15) donates 40% of its profits to breast cancer charities.

You can also bag yourself a 30-day Mini-Gratitude Journal, £6 and Rose Quartz Crystal, £3 (used for its healing energy). All available at

3.Wish Bracelet, £3,

boost mental health with these amazing products
Credit: The Positive Day Planner

The Wish Bracelet is a beautiful gift idea for anyone in your life. For those in need of a little hope and support, the Wish Bracelet is guaranteed to bring joy. Simply slip on the bracelet, make your wish, and wait. Each day you will notice the bracelet, and therefore think about your wish. Remember, thoughts manifest reality, so by thinking of your positive wish you are automatically drawing in a happier and more optimistic thought process (without even trying). It’s that simple!

4.Neal’s Yard Balancing Room Spray, £25 (100ml)

Boost mental health amazing natural products
Credit: Bower Collective

Spritz the balance straight into your life with Neal’s Yard Balancing Room Spray. The spray features100% natural and the finest quality essential oils. These ingredients are specifically formulated to bring forth some Zen. Evoking a calming and balancing sensory experience, this spray will help to keep life in check. Bag yourself a bottle for the home and one for days in the office!

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