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Introducing The Eyelash Emporium Pro Studio Strip Lash Range

A great pair of false eyelashes will transform your look from ‘meh’ to magical in moments. Introducing the luxury vegan brand Eyelash Emporium and their PRO. Studio Strip Lash range. These beautiful luxury eyelashes were created by makeup artists and wow, they have nailed the look. Featuring 11 gorgeous designs from which to choose, there is a pair to suit every eventuality and mood.

Unlike other false lashes, there is no fear of being told that half your eyelash is hanging off (mid-meeting…shudder). You won’t find hard-to-fit stubborn eyelashes that refuse to stick (big phew). When creating the lashes, this inclusive brand focused on eye shape to ensure a perfect fit for all. Consequently, the application is seamless, whether you are a beginner or a false lash pro,

introducing the yelash emporium pro strip lash range
Credit: Eyelash Emporium/Get the Angle

We tested the Studio Strip Lash in Dusk ’til Dawn (see below). However, there wasn’t an all-nighter to attend, and we decided against going to sleep in them. Instead, we wore them from dawn ’til dusk and totally bossed the look. Withstanding strong winds, a blizzard and extensive travel to and from a meeting, the strip lashes stayed firm, strong and simply stunning.

Introducing the eyleash emporium pro strip lash
Credit: Eyelash Emporium /Dusk til Dawn

We are true lovers of the false lash look, but concerns over a lash crisis made wearing them less appealing, until now. We gazed at the results in slack-jawed amazement. Eyelash Emporium PRO. Studio range makes you feel like you are in falsie heaven. Once you have tried these amazing eyelashes and experienced their staying power, you are guaranteed to join team Eyelash Emporium.

Each strip lash is 3D, faux mink, and a total luxury to wear. The Dusk ’til Dawn lash creates our most-cherished, dramatic and winged-effect finish. This look is ideal for deep-set or upturned eye shapes. Furthermore, you can rest assured the vegan lashes are made from the highest quality of synthetic fibres. This means that with care, they are reusable up to 20 times. Now that is value for money!

Our Faves Include:

Act Natural

Dusk ’til Dawn

Extra AF

So Dramatic

Thank U. Next

Walk of Fame

Should you have trouble deciding, the brand has your back. Just head on over to their site’s Strip Lash Guide.

introducing the eyleash emporium pro strip lash range
Credit: Eyelash Emporium/’After party’

Check out their highly effective cleanser (£5.96), No Dramas Studio Strip Lash Applicator (£5.29) and Double Act 2-in-1 Latex-Free Strip Lash Glue (£6.79).

Should you be on the lookout for the perfect false lashes, we highly recommend the Eyelash Emporium PRO. Studio Strip Lash range. Priced at £6.71 (was £8.95) and available at www.eyelashemporium.com

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