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Thoughtful Wellbeing Gifts For The Family

It’s certainly been a long slog and it’s not over yet. As such, ensuring wellbeing remains to be of paramount importance. What better way to give your family support than by treating them to a gift? Read on to discover some amazing wellbeing gifts that will make your family feel loved and happy

1. For Nan: Little Butterfly House, £15,

thoughful wellbeing gifts for the family
Credit: Kikkerland

If ever there was a time to gift your nan something truly thoughtful, this is it. Make your nan’s year by surprising her with this beautiful Little Butterfly House. With springtime approaching, your nan can look forward to counting the varieties of butterflies with ease, enjoy the garden and look to a bright and positive Covid-free future. The Little Butterfly House would make the perfect present and is certain to bring hours of joy.

2. Wellness for Grandad: Sudokube, £6.99,

thoughtful gifts for the family
Credit: Prezzybox

Should your gramps love a sudoku puzzle, this gift will be right up his street. Ideal for days while nan is in the garden, the Sudokube will keep him busy for hours. Consider it to be an upgrade on the usual sudoku puzzle. The fast-selling gadget works in the same way as the Rubix cube – except, you have to line up numbers (sudoku style) rather than the colours. The Sudokube is a fantastic boredom thwarter.

3. For Your Child: Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens, £14.99,

thoughtful gifts wellbeing family
Credit: Marvins Magic

Looking for a cost-effective present that will keep your child entertained (and does not include a screen)? We hear you. The Amazing Magic Pens may just be the solution. Create secret messages; design 3D lettering; draw incredible rainbow signs and make amazing pictures. You can even watch them vanish! A gift of colour-changing pens with a hint of magic will guarantee lots of smiles all round. For more gifting inspo check out

4.  For Child #2: Huckleberry Morse Code Flashlight, £15,

considerate presents for wellness
Credit: Kikkerland

The ideal present for budding secret agents. Discover the Morse Code Flashlight and learn how to send secret messages in morse code. This incredibly cool retro style Morse Code Flashlight features a metal casing with an adjustable hook. Use the hook as a stand or flip it back when you want to hang the torch instead. The light comes with red and green filter settings that signal an emergency or for enhanced night vision.

The flashlight offers an easy and fun way of learning morse code, guaranteed to boost confidence boost and wellbeing. It provides an on, off and flashing light button, complete with the morse code translation ingrained on the back. Your child will quickly become a master of morse code.

5. For Your Teenager: Bluetooth Sound Asleep IMusic Pillow, £39.95,

considerate presents wellness
Credit: Prezzybox

This pillow is the go-to gift for most teenagers who can’t be separated from their tunes. Gift them the dreamiest present and let their wellbeing surge (and their sleep health improve). This super-comfy bedtime must-have enables a wire-free connection to phones; consequently, less faffing around and more time to simply relax and doze off into a restful slumber. The IMusic Pillow works so well, you may even begin to see your teenager before lunchtime.

6.For Mum’s Ultimate Wellbeing: No.1 Illume Silk Exfoliating Gloves, £15.99,

Wellbeing gifts for all
Credit: No.1 Illume

Those with dry, rough or sensitive skin will love these exfoliating gloves. Created with 100% silk viscose, they make light work of transforming problematic skin, so you feel incredibly smooth and soft (and look like the epitome of sheer radiance). Once you’ve tried the Silk Exfoliating Gloves the only thing to annoy you will be the fact you didn’t discover them sooner!

7. For Dad: Aztex Personalised Luxury Hooded Robe in Egyptian Cotton, £50,

wellness gifts for everyone
Credit: Amazon

This robe ensures he will be feeling like the king of wellbeing. Cosy, soft and warm – the dressing gown provides immediate TLC and bundles of snuggly happiness.

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