This International womens day celebrate these truly inspirationl females

Celebrate These Truly Inspirational Females On International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, 2021 we are shining a light on some truly inspirational females. Read the stories behind their incredibly successful brands and missions. Learn what spurred these women on to become the inspirational women of 2021 and why they should be celebrated on International Women’s Day.

1. This Women’s Day We Love Leanne Pero, Founder of Black Women Rising,

international womens day truly inspirationsl female founders
Credit: The Leanne Pero Foundation

This International Women’s Day we can celebrate females like Leanne who have gone above and beyond to help others. At 30-years-old, Leanne discovered she had breast cancer. It soon became clear how little knowledge there was amongst the WOC community. Worse still, the number of negative reactions was alarming.

In response to this, Leanne set up her own charity, The Leanne Pero Foundation and the Black Women Rising Project. Dedicated to helping BAME cancer patients and survivors, these charities are a huge success. Her core mission is helping BAME women by educating and drawing opportunities. The idea is for BAME women to connect and talk without feeling shame, and to enable them to feel empowered to succeed.

2. Louise Wilkins is Another Women’s Day Star: Founder of No. 1 Illume Silk Exfoliating Glove, £15.99, 


Celebrate international womens day with these truly inspirational female founders
Credit: No. 1 Illume

Accountant, Louise Wilkins is another of our International Women’s Day favourites. She found a solution to an ongoing skincare problem and turned it into a successful business. Louise created the 100% silk viscose exfoliating gloves in 2020. They proved to be extremely effective in treating certain skin concerns. Louise knew that people everywhere would benefit from such a fabulous product.

Silk is incredibly gentle and kind to the skin. It is also textured and therefore provides deep exfoliation. The result is transformative. Dead skin cells are removed, revealing skin that is beautifully smooth and rose petal soft!

We tried the No.1 Illume Exfoliating Silk Gloves. Should you suffer from bumpy, rough skin, these gloves are a must-buy. Consider them as the #1 tool for treating this skin concern. You will be amazed. No.1 Illume Exfoliating Silk Gloves are priced at £15.99 and are available to buy at

3. Fides Baldsberger, Owner and CEO of Rubis is a True Boss. Buy the Slanted Rubis Tweezer, £21.50, at

fides business wner and ceo
Credit: Rubis

This woman is a literal superhero and definitely deserves recognition for International Women’s Day. Fides decided to run Rubis (a small tweezer company) following her father’s death. Very quickly, she had set up a sales and marketing department and brought in new customers. Fides improved the company’s efficiency, created new products and ensured a factory was built.

During that time, there were no high-quality cosmetic, precise tweezers. Fides changed all of that. She transformed the company into a global business. Today, her tweezers are considered to be THE BEST. She has even been named Entrepreneur of the Year, twice! That’s some feat.

4. An International Business Icon: Rosie Khandwala, Founder of Sugar Coated, Sugar Coated Waxing Pack, £20,

Rosie founder and successful business owner
Credit: Sugar Coated

Another lady who made it all happen is Rosie. She grew up in Tanzania where the only form of hair removal was sugar waxing. Upon moving to the UK, she realised this just wasn’t an available option. Seeing a gap in the market, Rosie took action. She decided to make and sell her own. Before long, the Body Shop became a buyer where Renee Zellweger discovered it and became a fan! Not bad.

Following this, Rosie further improved the wax and began her own company, Sugar Coated. This was the first wax of its kind to not include citric acid. In an era of clean living, Sugar Coated thrived. It is now a much sought-after product. Her 100% natural wax contains pure sugar syrup and water. It is highly effective, gentle on the skin and biodegradable, too.  Rosie is a pioneer for ethical beauty. Her sugar wax is available to buy online at Feel Unique and on her website,

5. Hannah Chapman, Founder of Ava May Aromas Proves you can Achieve Your Dreams. Buy the Wax Melt Heart Burner, £10, at

celebrate truly successful women, hannah chapman
Credit: Ava May Aromas

Introducing an inspirational female we can all learn from. At just 25 years-old, Hannah Chapman owns a multi-million-pound wax melt and candle business, named Ava May Aromas. Like all great skyrocketing businesses, Hannah began the wax melt company from her parents’ kitchen.

Furthermore, she did it without any financial help whatsoever. Against advice, Hannah founded and persevered with the wax melt business. The lady was right because the company has sold over half a billion wax melts in under 2 years! Additionally, she employs over twenty people.

Hats off to these fabulous and truly inspirational ladies on International Women’s Day!

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