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Treat Yourself To Something Special This Singles Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day may be upon us – but so is Singles Awareness Day, (February 15th). If you are single, you can now officially celebrate the fact. So, go on, treat yourself to something special. Check out these awesome gifts that will guarantee you see the day out on top form.

1.Iconic London Illuminator, £30,

Singles Awareness Day treat yourself to something special
Credit: Iconic London

There’s nothing quite like an irrefutably gorgeous glow to make your inner goddess shine. Illuminate your life this Singles Awareness Day. Simply add a few drops of the hero formula to your complexion and watch your mood become transformed into one of confident luminosity. The Illuminator is vegan-friendly and available in 4 beautiful shades.

2. Ignite Lavender CBD Bath Bomb – Relax, £8,

This Singles Awareness Day treat yourself to soething special
Credit: Ignite

This Singles Awareness Day, immerse yourself in unrivalled relaxation, peace and quiet. With a full-on topical CBD experience, that works in unison with essential oils, and aromatic salts – and no one to annoy you, the day will be a total winner.

3.Buster & Punch Machined Brass Vase, £109,

Treat yourself to something special this Singles Awareness Day
Credit: Buster & Punch

If your inner interior decorator has blossomed during the lockdown, gift yourself something to complement any chic and stylish home. This creative design encapsulates a solid brass machined plate with a hand-blown glass vase. This innovative and unique vase by much-sought-after brand, Buster & Punch should be seen as high-class art. The constantly evolving brand collaborates with fashion designers and street artists. The outcome is the creation of true statement pieces that stand out from the crowds. Who needs a bouquet from the nearest garage when you have a vase like this one? The vase is also available in solid brushed steel and stunning black metal.

4.Patch Plants – 10cm-20cm (Spike) Cactus, £6,

pamper yourself with a gift singles dat
Credit: Patch Plants

If you happen to be one of those people who struggle to keep a plant alive for longer than a month – you need this in your life. Focusing on looking after a plant can be hugely therapeutic (particularly when they don’t die). Behold, the Patch Plant. The cute but spiky cactus is incredibly easy to care for. The plant won’t mind, should you forget to water it for a week. If you feel like you want to share the love this week, give one of these cacti space on your shelf. Far less hassle!

5.Little Butterfly House, £15,

presents for singles day
Credit: Kikkerland

Don’t dwell on the past. Instead, start looking forward to springtime and treat yourself to the cutest little butterfly house of them all. The beautifully designed house will be irresistible to all butterflies. By springtime, you will be welcoming an array of butterflies to your back garden. Add some of your favourite plants and some solar lights; thus, your backyard will be transformed into a secret garden of magical wonder. Perfect.

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