ignite ultimate calm with these amazing candles

Ignite Ultimate Calm With These Amazing And Natural Aromatherapy Candles

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Right now, we may feel alone. But we’ve never been more globally united as we are now. Don’t let the burden of lockdown get the better of you. Here are some of the best clean and natural aromatherapy candles. The toxin-free candles are guaranteed to soothe away stress and replace it with ultimate calm. I’ll take two of each!

1.Calm Aromatherapy Soy Candle, £22 (170g), www.madebycoopers.com

ignite ultimate calm with these amazing natural aromatherapy candles - calm coopers
Credit: Made by Coopers

Let there be light! (With natural yet affordable soy candles.) Key essential oils shown to destress, reduce anxiety, and bring on the calm are combined in this vegan-friendly soy candle.


Bergamot – Shown to relieve anxiety and stress, whilst enhancing good moods (phew).

Frankincense – There won’t be many houses that are free of negative energy at present. Thankfully, this essential oil will eradicate anything that pulls you down – making it a great meditation aid.

Lavender – Well-known for its excellent calming properties, it is highly effective in reducing depression and stress, so you can drift off into a happy sleep.

Rosemary – Used for centuries for its cleansing and protective abilities. Apparently, the herb also improves cognition and self-confidence, too. I will have a bowl of it for tea then.

Ylang-Ylang – The delicate floral notes induce the ultimate calm.

With 34 hours of burn time – that’s a lot of headspace for your Wonga. Bargain

2.UMA Pure Calm, £68, www.amazon.co.uk

ignite ultimate calm with amazing natural aromatherapy candle -uma
Credit: Amazon

Lockdown has meant a reduction of harmful emissions in the environment. This would be pretty pointless if we went indoors and struck a match to a carcinogen-omitting candle in an effort to reduce stress! Luckily there are some incredible clean candles such as this beautiful one by UMA. Created from soy wax, it conjures up a blend of lavender, rose and sandalwood- and an almost tangible tranquillity you can enjoy for many carefree hours.

3.Tranquil Spa Candle, £22, www.wildheartorganics.co.uk

ignite ultimate calm with these amazing candles
Credit: Wild Heart Organics

You need to relax – but how much can a candle do, really? When you breathe in this magical scent you will experience its transformative powers. Inside the 100% natural and non-toxic creation are 12 essential oils specifically chosen for their outstanding therapeutic qualities. Combining pure essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, neroli orange blossom, and sandalwood – it provides 30 hours of aromatherapy. Expect nothing less than blissful peace.

4.Organic Aromatherapy Candle, £35, www.nealsyardremedies.com

amazing aromatherapy candle
Credit: Neal’s Yard Remedies

I’m totally smitten with this scent of this dreamy candle. Featuring delicate rose and geranium essential oils, you are immediately transported to a state of utter calm. Relax and allow this gorgeous creation to keep you feeling comforted and safe. Made from natural beeswax and plant oil, the new formula of hand-poured aromatherapy will keep all feelings of stress on the other side of the door.

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