Be Careful: J-Beauty Is Trending And You Are Going To Want These Products

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# J-Beauty Is Trending And You Are Going To Want These Products!

Yes, we want world-class skincare. As an obsessive beauty editor, there is always room for products that deliver on their promises. Being totally hooked on the wonder of K-beauty, my attention is now turning to J-beauty’s soaring popularity. Make space on your top shelf, like-minded beauty fans; these are the Japanese beauty products to know right now. Words like, ‘innovative’ and ‘geniuses’ spring to mind!

1.DHC Ultra-Moisturising & Soothing Lip Balm, £8.75,

be careful: j-beauty is trending and you are going to want to know these products - dhc
Credit: DHC

During the last few years the Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand, DHC has soared. Having reviewed most of their products, I can honestly say they deserve all the kudos, and then some.

Their insanely good lip balm is loaded with botanicals. These busily multi-task, providing a surge of hydration, soothing action, and protection. Furthermore, the included olive oil and aloe bring an array of antioxidant value to the table. Cracked, dry lips will quickly become a thing of the past. Apply this and get ready to pucker up with pride. This balm sells hotter than toilet roll during the peak of…y’know.

2.Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Face Mask, $8.49,

Be careful: j-beauty is trending and you are going to want these products
Credit: Amazon

Hada Labo has an unbelievable cult following. I mean, their products are a source of endless happiness for many. Once you try this cotton mask you will understand why they are so damn good at what they do. The mask is enriched with a potent blend of key ingredients that are proven to nourish the skin and tackle signs of aging head-on.  Featuring collagen, hyaluronic acid, soy peptides, and vitamin E, you can expect to look in the mirror in slack-jawed amazement. However, look in the mirror whilst wearing the mask and your reaction will be more along the lines of open-mouthed horror.

3.SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, $99,

Be careful: J-beauty is trending and you are going to want these products
Credit: SK-II

J-beauty couldn’t be discussed without mentioning their key product, the essence, or lotion. Formulated as a gel-like substance, the essence is applied before moisturising. This allows for the optimal absorption of your skincare ingredients. Should your skin be on the dry/lacklustre side, the essence will be a true hero.

SK-II Pitera™ Essence is so good that it sells every 2 seconds! Formulated exclusively in Japan, it contains over 90% Pitera (a natural bio-ingredient). The component is so much like the skin’s own moisturising factors, that it can be fully absorbed into the skin. Then sit back and wait for pure joy.

The benefits of this essence appear endless. Providing incredibly clear, even and soft skin, tackling signs of aging, and enhancing radiance – the award-winning essence may be pricey, but it’s so worth it!

Have you tried any of these products yet and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a great Thursday. XX

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