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6 Tips For Kicking Age In The Ass

If only we knew how to stop time. While we may not (yet) have the answers to the universe, we do know a thing or two that can help us kick age in the ass! Those years may be totting up on our faces, but all is not lost. It’s time to celebrate the years we’ve lived and bask in the glory of this newfound knowledge. Beauty and wisdom? We likey.

1.Exfoliation (But Not Too Much). Try: Nassif MD Detox Pads, £25,

6 Tios for Kicking Age in the ass
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Exfoliation is vital for promoting cell turnover, getting rid of debris, and preparing your face for lovely ingredients. However, too much of a good thing will have a detrimental effect. Keep it to twice per week. Also, make sure you are using the right exfoliator for your age, skin type, and concerns. Do your research people.

We tried the Nassif MD Detox Pads and we are totally obsessed. These all-singing, all-dancing pads do everything, and then some! Boasting a precise blend of glycolic and salicylic acids and a proprietory retinol-like product (but without any potential side effects), the pads ensure optimal cleansing and exfoliation with minimal effort. This super gentle yet oh-so-powerful formula doesn’t mess around. Say hello to beautiful radiance and super soft skin.

2.Facial Exercises: Try NuFace Mini Facial Toner, £140,

6 tips fpr kicking age in the ass
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Exercising the facial muscles does wonders for maintaining a youthful complexion. Basically, if you don’t use it…y’know, you lose it. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you keep up with some face-fit goals. These do look a bit weird (and are highly amusing to watch your friend attempt). If facial exercises don’t grab you, buy yourself an awesome facial toner such as NuFace’s Facial Toner. This will do all the hard work for you, and you look less silly too.

3.Key Ingredients Applied with The Right Tools. Try Nurse Jamie’s Dermascrape Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing and Skincare Enhancing Tool, £70,

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As we age collagen production slows and we need a little help to achieve the same results. Make sure your skincare routine includes antioxidants, ceramides, peptides, Q10, retinol, and vitamins C and E. Also, the way we apply our skincare makes a huge difference to the results. Our team has found Nurse Jamie’s Dermascrape makes a massive difference, delivering truly impressive results.

Furthermore, it has 3 settings for cleansing, extracting, and enhancing – and boy, does it pack a face-plumping punch. You can discover more about the Dermascrape here.

3.Slugging: Try Sudocrem, £4 (400g),

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Slugging is the term given for sealing your skincare products firmly in place so they can be optimal for longer. Lovely people, this truly works. Once you have applied your most-cherished products, scoop up a lump of Sudocrem or E45 and cover your face. The only issue is making your pillow a tad messy or scaring your S.O half to death – but it’s so worth it.

5. SPF: Try SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF50, £45,

anti-aging products and tips
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SPF is key to staving off the onslaught of wrinkles (and deadly skin cancer). Wear it, reapply it regularly and never forget to use it. We are huge fans of SkinCeuticals. Although a little pricey, they consistently provide outstanding skincare products!


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Hydration can push aside the years like nothing else. Dehydration will age you quicker than can imagine. It’s simple – drink more water.

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