6 Signs You May Be Emotionally Exhausted And How To Deal

Feeling emotionally exhausted is totally understandable, given the hideousness that has been the past year. Now, the sun is beginning to emerge from those clouds – so why TF do some of us feel as fragile as an egg in the hands of Mr Clumsy? You may just be dealing with some life shit, or perhaps you are emotionally exhausted. Read on to discover 6 signs emotional exhaustion has got a hold on you – and how to deal.

1.Crying/Sobbing Like a Baby, A Lot.

6 signs you may be emotionally exhausted
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Should a slightly emotional TV advert pop up and despite having seen it, like 1000 times, it’s got you sobbing into your sleeve like a baby. Ordinarily, the advert has no impact other than being irritating. Newly found over-sensitivity, tears and meltdowns may indicate you are at your wit’s end. Take a breather, get the meditation app on and chill.

2.Indifference/Loss of Interest

6 signs you may be emotionally exhausted
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Scenario: You wrote a book and after 200 rejections you finally get the nod from a huge literary agency. Instead of feeling insurmountable excitement, you haven’t returned your second draft – and the clock’s ticking. Apathy splashes its dull grey emptiness all over the place and you couldn’t care less. This may be a tell-tale sign you are experiencing emotional and mental exhaustion. Play some music, go for a walk and reflect.

3.Social Avoidance

symptoms of being drained
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If you no longer enjoy the idea of spending time with your friends (despite seeing no one for a good year), it could indicate emotional weariness on a new level. Should social anxiety be a new problem and the other points seem worryingly familiar, it’s time to give yourself some self-care. Be kind to yourself. Consider whether it is down to problematic events or people. If you can’t shake this feeling, you may be emotionally sucked dry and in need of support. Talking things through with your doctor or a counsellor will help you gain a better perspective. Never be afraid to seek help.

4.You Struggle to Find Happiness

indicators of emotional weariness
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People have noticed you aren’t your usual happy self. Finding anything enjoyable is a struggle and lately, nothing makes you laugh or smile. If this sounds like you, emotional exhaustion may be rearing its ugly head. Painful life events or mental health issues can cause this state of mind (obvs). Give yourself some time, talk to a loved one and evaluate how to move forward. Making plans can give you distraction and focus so you can begin to feel happy again.


emotional exhastion key signs
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Yes, sudden irritability can be the result of dinner with your boss. But it can also reveal another unwanted dinner guest – emotional exhaustion. Becoming frequently angry or easily irritated is a sign you need to book yourself a spa day and relax. After all, you don’t want to scare people like grumpy cat (anyone else thinks it looks like it’s plotting to kill you?).


wellness check symptoms and advice
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Does anyone else feel like that puppy? We’re talking extreme tiredness (like all the time). You struggle to sleep, frequently wake up and have to drag yourself out of your pit every single day. Yep, you guessed it, this totally drained demeanour may point to emotional exhaustion.

How to Deal With Emotional Exhaustion

how to deal with feelings
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It is likely your loved ones will already be aware you are struggling and talking things through is the first step to take. Never ignore these signs or it will take longer and be more difficult to overcome. Consider keeping a diary of how you are feeling and potential triggers. Give yourself an hour each day to unwind. Start doing things that make you feel good again. Now the lockdown is ending you can begin to plan for the future.

You may just need some me-time to recalibrate following what’s been a train wreck of a year. Emotional exhaustion can be sorted – you need to be kind to yourself, take time out to revive your soul. A little TLC and you should be back to your outgoing sparkly self once more

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