Help your Child Celebrate Spring With Plum Discovery

Gosh, it’s been an arduous year, but take a breath because spring is fast-approaching, bringing a positive outlook (oh, thank God). Help your child recover from the effects of the lockdown. Plum® Discovery’s incredible playhouses will enable your child to celebrate spring and outdoor fun once more. Bringing education and insurmountable fun to your back yard, these outdoor playsets will be a worthwhile investment for ensuring long-lasting happiness. Discover the best outdoor pieces for encouraging learning and bringing all the smiles!

The Plum® Discovery Woodland Treehouse, £479.99,

help your child celebrate spring with Plum Discovery
Credit: Plum Play

The Plum® Discovery Woodland Treehouse achieves ultimate wellbeing through play. There is nothing quite like being outdoors for enhancing positivity. Featuring a mini eco-centre in the built-in potted garden, your child will have fun learning about the environment and grow their own flowers, plants or vegetables. The mini garden even comes equipped with a pail, pulling rope and gardening tools.

help your child embrace spring with plum discovery
Credit: Plum Play


This Discovery set offers everything to keep your child’s attention for hours on end. The Treehouse includes active play with a climbing area and slide, creative play with a Create and Paint and the Mini Eco Centre to encourage learning.

Plum® Discovery Treehouse provides hours of fun, no matter what the weather brings. Learning about minibeasts and nature, the treehouse is the perfect combination of active and educational play.

For more fabulous outdoor play options, such as the award-winning Plum® Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen (£269.99), check out

The Discovery range is made from FSC® sustainably sourced wood.

About Plum

help your child embrace spring with plum discovery
Credit: Plum Play

Plum is a family run business and offers over 30 years of experience. Founders, Jonathon and Dianne Schaffer understand the importance of active play. Providing tools to enable your little ones’ imaginations to thrive, whilst encouraging learning through play is the motivation behind developing such amazing outdoor playsets. No wonder the team have won so many awards!

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