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Yes, Stress Shows On The Skin! Here’s How To Deal…

We all know the impact stress has on our mental health, but many aren’t aware it can present itself in a myriad of other ways, too. Stress can show itself on the skin, hair, and even your mouth. Should you spot any of the following signs, it may be your body asking for a little help. Read on to discover unlikely ways stress can manifest and how to effectively deal.

1. Stressed Hair and Scalp: try The Hair Boss Scalp Scrub, £7.99 (150ml),

begin veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

You can generally tell the amount of stress a person is experiencing by glancing at their hair. Stress is one of the key reasons for problematic hair concerns. Being stressed causes hormones to trigger inflammatory chemicals. This imbalance thwarts the normal functioning of the scalp; thus, chaos ensues.  The UK’s most awarded and profiled hair colourist and owner of the Hair Boss, Lisa Shepherd further explains why healthy hair is only possible if your scalp is in optimal condition:

Hair issues can appear in several different ways depending on the individual. Some may have issues with a greasy scalp, others may be the complete opposite with a dry scalp, whilst an itchy & flaky scalp may be the prominent concern for many. Most hair issues start with the scalp. This is because each hair grows from, and through, an individual follicle that surfaces on your scalp. Sebum is produced by each individual follicle and some people may have more natural sebum than others. It’s crucial that the follicle and the scalp remain clean and healthy, not full of sebum or blocked by dead skin, as this can result in dandruff or infection, ultimately impacting the quality of hair growth.

Opt for a good scalp treatment, such as The Hair Boss, Scalp Scrub, £7.99,

Combining specifically formulated and proven ingredients such as tea tree and rosebay extract, this vegan formula works like a dream. Concerns such as dandruff and excess sebum are dealt with swiftly, reviving beautiful flake-free locks once more. Furthermore, sugar crystals are included to ensure a gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Thus, hair and scalp will remain in tip-top condition. Yay!

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2. Anxiety-Induced Mouth Sores: Try The Humble Co. Mouthwash Fresh Mint, £8.99 (500ml), www.thehumbleco.

stress shows on the skin, heres how to deal
Credit: The Humble Co.


Mouth sores are more prevalent when we are run down and stress is rampant. That’s no coincidence. Dentist and the Humble Co. founder, Noel Abdayem tells us the reason:

“Stress affects our health in general and oral health because the mouth is particularly sensitive to what is going on in our bodies. Mouth sores, aphthous ulcerations, swollen gums are all signs that our body’s physiology has been upset by stress. However, these symptoms can also be caused by other factors so it is very important to be seen by a dentist if any oral changes persist for more than a week or two.”

It is crucial to keep on top of your oral hygiene. Should you spot any of these issues, nip them in the bud. A great product for ensuring optimal oral health is The humble Co. Mouthwash Fresh Mint, £8.99 (500ml), www.thehumbleco.

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3. Stressed Skin Appears Dry/Dull: Try St. Moriz Professional Natural Glow Daily Face  Moisturiser, £4.99 (75ml),

stressed skin that shows try st moriz
Credit: St. Moriz

Continuous anxiety and stress directly impact our skin. Prolonged elevated stress hormones have a detrimental effect, that can quickly lead to the appearance of dry patches and a dull complexion.

Replace your coffee with water and regularly apply a good moisturiser with key proven ingredients to nourish and rehydrate. Look for components such as vitamins A, C & E. These deliver rejuvenation, repair, and optimal protection.  A great choice is St. Moriz Professional Daily face Moisturiser, £4.99, Featuring aloe vera, vitamins A, C & E, as well as an innovative blend of tanning agents, this moisturiser ticks all the boxes. Expect a skin transformation and a beautifully glowing complexion.

For optimal results, why not try St. Moriz Beauty Sleep Tanning Moisturiser, £4.99,

4.Cavities From Stress-Eating: Try Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair Kit, £6,

Dont let oral issues wreck your valentines day
Credit: Dentemp

We all know the scene – stressed out of your mind and shoveling chocolates down like you have only 3 minutes left to live. Alas, the things we love tend to have the most detrimental effects on our health (why, oh why is that, oh cruel world?).

Sugar means cavities and given dentist unavailability, it’s a case of ‘good luck with that.’ There’s very little that compares to the pain of a toothache. Be prepared and stock up on some Dentemp. As we all know, the time the pain strikes is always on a Sunday night when no chemist is open!

Dentemp’s Repair Kit is the #1 selling dental repair product in the USA. Thankfully, it has recently launched in the UK at Boots (phew).

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