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4 Affordable Sheet Masks For Entire Body Pampering In Lockdown

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Lockdown has meant we can take a little more time for ourselves. A little pampering such as choosing a bath over the shower, or opening the sheet mask that’s been stashed away in your drawer. But, if only there was a sheet mask for every bit of you. Well, those genius beauty companies have foreseen this troubling dilemma. You can actually buy a sheet mask for just about anywhere that may necessitate one (well, almost). Read on to find some affordable and totally awesome sheet masks that are worth the time.

1.Oh, K Peppermint Leg Mask, £7,

4 sheet masks for entire body pampering during lockdown
Credit: Debenhams

Do your legs feel generally tired and in need of love? This mask will help, whether you strained your muscles, are recuperating, or just worn the heels for too long. The hugely fun Oh, K Leg Mask will be your lockdown hero. Created to cool, re-energize and help stressed and tired skin, the sheet mask will also aid muscle fatigue. Including chamomile and peppermint, the K-beauty fave will be a hit all summer long. Better yet, they won’t slide off either! Affordable, fun and utterly pampering.

2. Plantifique Natural Superfoods Foot Peel Mask, £17.99 (2 Pairs),

5 sheet masks for entire body pamperingin lockdown
Credit: Amazon

If your feet or anything like mine, they will be in serious need of some attention. Summer is fast-approaching. The heat has already dictated our foot-baring wardrobe for the foreseeable. This means only one thing – we must deal with the feet.

Now, you could spend £25 on the Baby Foot Mask which is great – or you could pocket the extra £7 and bag yourself these equally fantastic Natural Superfoods Foot Peel Mask.


Natural Botanical Extracts – loaded with exceptional natural nutrients, this scrub works away at layers of rough skin.

Milk (Lactic Acid), Acai, Aloe, Papain and Strawberry – means calluses, cracked and dead skin will no longer be an issue. Quickly and painlessly targets and treats until your feet are rose petal-soft.

The pair of exfoliating masks are ideal for men and women alike, and one size fits all. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day and give your feet the care they deserve. No more concerned glances at your nan’s open-toe sandals whilst tallying up your age difference in fear!

3.Timeless Truth Firming Bio-Cellulose Breast Mask, £11.19,

timeless biocellulose breast sheet mask
Credit: Perfectly Basics

A sheet mask for your boobs now and then is a really good idea. Sweating and overheating can irritate and cause breakouts. This can be fixed with a good mask. On the other hand, if (like me) you feel like you are piling on the years faster than the launch of the Space X, you will need a mask with other ingredients. Key components like antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are kinda important here. This sheet mask by Timeless Truth treats both skin concerns. Result!


Kigelia African Fruit Extract – provides outstanding skin-tightening qualities, whilst simultaneously aiding skin suffering from acne and sun damage.

Hyaluronic Acid – Intensely hydrating and skin-restoring. This ingredient targets and diminishes the unwanted crepey look. Oh, Happy Days.

Olive Oil = Brimming with antioxidants and fatty acids. Expect faster cell turnover, increased elasticity, intense nourishment and protection!

4. Bawdy Beauty Butt Mask, Bite It $9,

sheet masks lockdown body pampering
Credit: Bawdy Beauty

Okay, so let’s be clear – this mask won’t whisk away cellulite or restore gravity. It will, however, ensure your tooshie is super soft in texture. Immensely-hydrating and toning, this butt mask will be a hit. Furthermore, the sunny weather may be great, but a spotty botty is always on the cards. No one wants that. This pampering pleasure will resolve the issue.


Aloe Leaf – to tackle acne and spots, whilst nourishing.

Chamomile – To calm and soothe.

Plant-Based Collagen – to tone and plump

Sodium Hyaluronate – Offering a surge of moisture for youthful cheeks.

Have you tried any of these? Guess what my plans for tomorrow entail? No postie, I cannot open the door!

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