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The Best Face Masks For Dry Or Distressed Skin

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Face masks should be regarded as essential in a skincare routine. They can literally transform even Freddy Kruger-like dehydration into a complexion of health and radiance (well, maybe not in Freddy’s case, but you get my drift). Should you suffer from dry skin, read on. Here are the best masks to try. Who said lockdown can’t be fun?

1.First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, £17.50 (56.7g),

best face masks for dry distressed skin - first aid beauty ultra repair
Credit: Amazon

If you search the world over, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mask that treats dry or irritated skin like this one does. Combining ingredients such as: oatmeal (a fantastic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich component), oat bran (hugely nourishing natural yet gentle cleanser), and shea butter (for intensely moisturising benefits). Simple and effective, this mask makes light work of turning dry skin into a complexion of radiant beauty.

2.Kypwell BLACK GOLD Carob Superfood Mask, £55 (50ml),

best face masks - kypwell
Credit: Kypwell

I was lucky enough to try out Kypwell’s awesome skincare products a year ago and I have been a solid fan ever since. When it comes to hydration and regeneration, Kypwell’s Carob Superfood Mask packs one hell of a punch. This mask is revered for its intense healing properties, making it ideal for those who have undergone laser therapy or non-cosmetic procedures. This incredible formula combines a blend of peptides, a vast array of plant extracts and essential oils. The outcome is an outstanding transformation for your skin. So much so, you may look on at your reflection in slack-jawed amazement. Seriously, it’s THAT good. Better yet, the mask is vegan too!

3.Jart Cryo Rubber With Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, $14 (Single Use Mask),

best face masks dry distressed skin - dr. Jart
Credit: Dr Jart

I’m sure K-beauty fans everywhere will agree that this mask is at the top of it’s game and is perfect for an instant revitalising pick-me-up. The 2-step hydrating mask, inspired by cryo therapy, is especially good for dry or aging skin. Basically, the mask lowers the temperature of the skin, thus boosting circulation to enable optimal absorption of active ingredients. The result is an impeccably gorgeous and radiant complexion. Yay!

The Mask Features:

A rubber mask made from algae and clay to fully hydrate and calm the skin.

An ampoule gel/serum loaded with actives and prebiotics complex.

The Cryo Rubber Mask contains hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture and kelp extract to provide a super-boost of moisture retaining abilities. Moisture loss is prohibited and skin is softened.

If you haven’t yet tried this mask, now’s your chance to enjoy something truly heavenly!

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