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The Best (And Worst) Films To Watch During Lockdown

Hey Lovelies!

There’s one thing everyone will be doing during lockdown – and that’s watching a lot of films. Here are the best (and the worst) movies to watch during the lockdown situation. Make sure you have ample amounts of chocolate, wine and tissues (and a Netflix subscription, obvs).

1.For A Moving Tear-Jerker: The Sixth Sense

the best films to watch during lockdown - the sixth sensering lockdown -

Starring Bruce Willis, this slightly eerie plot with a truly tragic twist is a real tear-jerker. The film is based on a boy with the ability to see the dead and his struggle with the subsequent bullying and turmoil this life presents. On the off-chance someone reading hasn’t yet seen it; I won’t disclose the ending. However, I will say make sure you watch this with a box of tissues close-by. So sad!

2.For Lots Of Laughs: Deadpool

the best and worst films lockdown - deadpool

When it comes to endless hilarity, nothing beats Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) is a supercool superhero who basically kills everyone. This film has to be one of the funniest and it NEVER gets old. I’ve seen it 6 times and still laugh throughout the entirety of the movie. Great mood-lifter – and is it wrong to think Ryan Reynolds is just as sexy like this? I can’t even blame it on lockdown!

3.For Some Male Eye Candy: Oceans Eleven

best and worst films on lockdown - oceans eleven

I never tire of watching Brad Pitt, George Cooney or Matt Damon – and lucky for me, the Oceans films (until the recently tragic change of actors) star all 3 of these gorgeous and very cool guys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this, but it is definitely a lot. The movie is about a clever casino heist and is action-packed, a great plot and smooth moves. Everything a lonely girl could wish for on lockdown!


1.Worst Idea Ever: Contagion (Seriously, what was I thinking?)

best and worst films during lockdown - contagion

Contagion also features Matt Damon. Albeit an older Matt Damon who is battling a virus not unlike the one we are currently experiencing. In fact, the similarities are so freakishly familiar, the deaths and terror all too real, that deciding to watch this film is probably the worst idea, ever. Don’t do it people.

2.Emoji Movie

Should you want to put a film on to watch with your child, don’t opt for this one. Seriously, if you don’t already feel suicidal, you soul will literally be in the pits of despair by the end of this hideously painful movie. Instead, give the new Sonic movie a go – starring Jim Carrey as the bad guy, this film is actually worth the watch.

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