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The Best At-Home Keratin Treatments To Achieve Serious Shine

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#The Best At-Home Keratin Treatments:

You don’t need to miss out on super-soft and shiny hair during the lockdown. Should you yearn for a mirror-like glossy shine (HELL, YEA), read on. These are the best at-home keratin treatments. Now you can enjoy hair that resembles lustrous locks that glisten in the sunshine! #HappyHairDays!

Although there are some awesome keratin-hair products that work really well, there’s nothing like a proper keratin treatment. Alas, the salons are closed and so our hopes were dashed…until now.

There’s no denying it – in-salon results will see your hair looking shiny for a good few weeks. The DIY outcome provides more of a coating, but as for staying power – they can win in a Pepsi challenge any day of the week. Basically, you are saving a packet by doing it at home. Check out some home keratin formulas that really make a difference.

1.For Dry/Damaged Hair: Farouk CHI Keratin Silk Healing Infusion, £15.90 (177ml),

the best at-home keratin treatments for serious shine - chi
Credit: Amazon

Wow – this amazing styling treatment actually includes keratin and silk to ensure that shiny, soft, and glossy effect. Apply and blow-dry; then look on at your reflection in wonder.

Dryness is replaced by moisture and shine. Hair looks soft and shiny However, I did have to reapply after several washes (my hair is coloured and quite damaged).

2.Easilocks SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment, £29.99,

the best at-home keratin treatments for serious gloss

Behold Easilocks SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment, by Shane O’ Sullivan.  The first-ever 12-week keratin blow-dry treatment. Priced at a mere fraction of the professional salon treatment, this at-home solution will set you back just £29.99. Yea, but surely, it is impossible to find. Nope, you can order online at Superdrug. Better yet, it’s not as difficult to get as hand sanitizer!

So, a totally affordable at-home treatment that can be achieved in the time it takes to drink a cuppa, and that will last for up to 12 weeks. Where’s the catch?

Included is a pair of gloves and sponge along with a pre-mixed solution. How can I mess that up? Well, yes, it’s me – so it is entirely possible. But, thankfully, all ran smoothly, and yippee – so did my hair! Love this!

3.ColorWow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray, £25 (200ml),

Color Wow dream coat spray anti-humidity
Credit: Color Wow

Okay, strictly speaking, this is not a keratin treatment, but it is my most favourite hair-shiners of them all. The outstanding formula acts like it’s got superhero powers. Think of it as an invisible veil of dreamy wonder. Thwarting frizz, protecting against humidity, and maintaining that super-soft shine, the Dreamcoat Spray ticks every box. N.B: You need to activate its’s hero potential through heat and tension (so hairdryer and hairbrush in hand).

Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts? Have an awesome day. xx

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