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The Do’s And Don’ts For Rosacea Sufferers

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Following my recent article discussing the best products to treat rosacea, I have compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. There is no point buying incredible products and then splashing something onto your face that will destroy all the benefits. Here are some key points rosacea sufferers should keep in mind to ensure the annoying redness stays the HELL away!

1.Avoid Alcohol

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Before you break into a cold sweat, I don’t mean that a few shots of Jameson’s on Friday night are off the table (phewsie). It is important to avoid alcohol-based skincare products, as this will further dry and irritate your skin.

2.Essential Oils Are A No-Go

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Sadly, essential oils (which can be so beneficial for some) can further exacerbate the skin condition. Being a huge fan of essential oils and a fellow rosacea sufferer, this is particularly annoying for me (sigh).



do's and don'ts rosacea - lemon
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Unfortunately, this can also cause skin irritation and worsen the condition.

4.Hardcore Scrubs

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We don’t want to anger the monster – and even though we want that facial scrub to deliver its youth-inspired promise, it won’t. Ditch the abrasive scrub in favour of a gentle exfoliant (BHA is best). In the same breath a face brush is a no-no, too.

5.Fragranced Skincare Products

They may smell divine, but your face is guaranteed to protest.

What You Can Do

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Antioxidants Please

Buy a lightweight moisturiser brimming with antioxidants (and retinol if your skin can tolerate it). Look for vitamin E to offer optimal repair as well.

Use An SPF

This should be a given regardless of a skin condition. When buying your SPF try to get one that is formulated with zinc oxide as it works incredibly well in reducing the problem.

Apply A Leave-On BHA Treatment

Try to apply this daily. BHAs work for a variety of skin issues, in particularly rosacea.

Careful Cleansing

When cleansing, opt for a really gentle one that is non-drying.

Take these steps and I promise you will be amazed at the degree rosacea is reduced. However, a little word of warning – once you have rosacea, if you don’t address it, the nasty skin complaint will spread.

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