Coronavirus: 9 signs you have more than just a cold

Coronavirus: 8 Signs You Have More Than Just A Cold

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With Coronavirus Spreading across the globe with startling agility, it’s time we all sat up and take stock. Read on to discover the 9 signs you have more than just a bad cold. Although the majority of people will recover, some sections of society are helpless. The sooner you identify or eliminate this virus as the cause of your illness, the better.

1.It Lasts Longer Than a Couple of Days.

Most bugs or colds run their course quite quickly. Within 48 hours you should be seeing some improvement. Should you reach day 4 and feel just as wretched, it indicates the illness may be something else. Along with Coronavirus, you should consider known illnesses such as chest infections, flu, strep throat and mono. Seek advice by calling 111.

2.You Have Been Abroad

Coronavirus in china
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The chances of your symptoms signalling red flags are significantly higher if you have recently returned from abroad.


corona virus , 9 signs not just a cold
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High temperatures do not persist with a bug. Should you be suffering from a temperature of 100 degrees or higher for longer than 24 hours, seek immediate medical help.

4.Nasty Cough

Should your sore throat develop into a persistent cough, this is a big red flag. It may be a chest infection, or it could be the Coronavirus. Either way it is best to get checked. Do not go in to the Doctors; always ring for assistance.

5.Low-Grade Fever

Even a low-grade fever is a concern if it persists. Keep an eye on how long it is going on and act accordingly.

6.Difficulty Breathing/Wheezing

Coronavirus: 9 signs more than just a cold
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Shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing are all indicative of serious reactions to Coronavirus or a chest infection. Seek assistance if this happens.

7.Excessive Thirst

Coronavirus: 9 signs its more than a cold
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When Coronavirus takes hold, it can develop into pneumonia. The onset of this causes a person to feel excessively thirsty. Left untreated, it can cause rapid deterioration, sepsis and organ failure.


Whilst many cases of Coronavirus cause milder symptoms, some do not. We do not know enough about the virus. However, if it has got you by the short and curlies, you will feel like you’ve done 10 rounds with Tyson Fury. Basically, you will know it means business and that you need medical intervention.

I cannot stress enough that while people do not follow the hand washing guidelines, or seek help even if symptoms are mild, the virus will continue to spread like its backside is on fire. Vulnerable people will inevitably catch it and suffer. Let’s all do everything we can to shut down this monster whilst we still can. xx

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