5 tips for reigniting your relationship

5 Tips For Reigniting Your Relationship

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What is it about time that causes everything valued to head south? Alas, relationships don’t seem to escape this gravitational pull. Stacking up the mileage can drain the colours until all you are looking at is a variety of grey. Don’t get me wrong; a long-term, committed and solid relationship can be the most incredible thing – but keeping it from turning stale takes consistent work. Finding someone you completely trust and not screwing it up is hard enough. So, should you have that, it is definitely worth investing in keeping it lit. Ensure you know these 5 crucial tips for relighting the fire.

1.Pay Attention

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One of the most overlooked things that fall by the wayside is to pay attention to your SO. Work-life monotony dictates the majority of conversational content to be more or less the same, which in turn, causes us to switch off. Add voicing some mutual petty grievances over the housework or bills to the mix and you very quickly have a dish no one wants to stomach. Okay, enough of the metaphors – avoid this rookie mistake by giving your OH undivided attention. Put your phone down, make them a cuppa and ask them about their day – then actually listen, like you are interested (even if you aren’t). Doing this will reform a connection, show interest and go a long way to start the sparks once more.

2. Dance & Drink

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Following the dredge of a long day’s work, the last thing we might feel like doing is glamming up and going out on the town. It’s far too easy to slip into the comfort of routine, especially if you have a busy week. That said, having a night out together, where you can have a drink and unwind offers a fast-track escape from the mundane and will put your relationship back in the red-hot zone. Dancing means you don’t need to worry about a conversation, you have to be close to each other, and it’s likely to be fun!

3. Lose the Serious

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2020 apocalypse-style features aside, when did life get so serious? Learn that worry and stress will not alter situations. All it will do is add angst to your personal life. Try to see the funny side of things and don’t get so worked up over the petty. Take some time for meditation or just some headspace to get life back into perspective. I’m not saying this is a magic cure, but it certainly helps.

4. Prioritise

Realise life is not, in fact, limitless and that stressing about whose turn it is to wash up doesn’t warrant an argument. Everything has its place, and do you really want a breakup or stress-induced stroke over last night’s dinner? Be more peaceful and let some things go.

5.Turn Off the News and Play Some Music

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Being inundated with doom and gloom provides no benefits. The news tends to wrap your world in a dark blanket of negativity. It is like bringing a fire extinguisher to happy relationships. It definitely isn’t conducive to the mood of lurrrve. Instead, turn off the TV and play some mutually loved music to bring on the flames of passion.

Okay, I could go on about the blatant things like buying some sexy underwear, stretch the boundaries a little in the bedroom and try some new moves, or toys, to spice up the sex. However, if the aforementioned tips are not being met, the sexy underwear is likely to stay in the drawer and you will be asleep before your gran!

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