Valentine’s Day Must-Haves To Reignite Your Relationship

The lockdown has been a hard slog causing many relationships to suffer. Should your Valentine’s Day be more about forgiveness and reigniting your relationship, help is at hand. Discover some Valentine’s Day must-haves to set the mood. Expect reignited passion and your love life back on track!

1.Young Living Calming Lavender Bath Bombs, £32.63 (4 Pack),

Valentine's Day Must-Haves to Reignite Your Relationship
Credit: Young Living

This Valentine’s Day run your partner a relaxing bath with something special. These vegan bath bombs include lavender, nourishing minerals, as well as coconut and almond oil. Your S.O will soon forget the stress of the day. Instead, he/she/they will slip into a realm of happy thoughts (ready for your night of love).

2.Acceptance Essential Oil Blend by Young Living, £51.90,

Valentine's Day must-haves to reignite your relationship
Credit: Young Living

Sometimes, we just need to accept things (like the fact they don’t lift the toilet seat). If you want to truly enjoy a night of romance, you need to let such issues go (even if it’s only for one night). Young Living’s pure blend of ylang-ylang, royal Hawaiian sandalwood and neroli create the perfect aroma needed to enhance acceptance and joy. Add a few drops to your skin in the morning. By evening time, you will feel more inclined to use the essential oil blend to provide a blissful massage of intense sensuality.

3.Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend by Young Living, £52.90,

Valentine's Day Must-haves to reignite your relationship
Credit: Young Living

Ah, we could all do with a forgiveness potion in our love arsenal – because forgiveness is kind of vital for a relationship to survive. Moreover, if you have been involved in spats and need a little assistance, read on. The Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend combines a synergistic concoction of natural ingredients. These are specifically chosen for their ability to release painful memories, enable forgiveness, soothe and uplift. Enjoy!

4.The Psychic Tree Rose Quartz Love Candle, £14.99,

romance with these products for love
Credit: L A Beauty

Rose quartz is world-renowned for its ability to manifest love. This stone is a must-have for healing and reigniting relationships. The Psychic Tree has created a beautiful Love Candle. Infused with rose quartz crystal and combining Indian rose and musk, reigniting romance is at the heart of its mission. The delicate, intimate scent will transform your environment and your moods. All you need to do to set the scene is sit back and let your senses be flooded with an aroma of passion.

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Crystals To Boost Your Mood And Create Inner Peace

We can all agree that right now we need that extra something to boost our mood – and crystals may just be our secret ‘happiness’ weapon. Consider them as the ultimate mood-boosting, inner peacemakers, if you will. Everything is energy, and crystals emit a signal just in the way our energy will. Acting as our own personal mood enhancer, different crystals are said to create a variety of support for a person’s wellbeing.

Crystal power has been cherished for centuries. Their ability to draw unequivocally positive benefits means they remain just as popular today. Although unbacked by science, the excitement and love for these magical wonders can be found the world over. From celebrities to editors and your next-door neighbours – it seems everyone understands and embraces their mood-boosting powers. Read on to discover which crystals help to dispel apathy and reset your mood.

1.Anxiety and Stress: Red Jasper, £9.69 (for 2),

crystals to boost mood and create inner peace
Credit: Amazon

This stone offers beautiful balancing properties in times of anxiety, anger and stress. Should you be feeling anxious or negative, the energy of this crystal will ensure it’s removal. You will feel rebalanced, calm and positive once more. Keep this one in a coat pocket.

2.Concentration and Self-Esteem: Haematite

crystals to boost your. mood and create inner peace

If the concentration is lacking and your work is taking a direct hit, bag one of these little treasures. Renowned for creating feelings of self-confidence as well as enhancing the strength of the mind, you will be back to your refocused and determined self in no time at all.

3. Protection: Turquoise

crystals to boost your mood and create inner peace
Credit: Wikipedia

We could all do with feeling a little more protected right now. Take a look at Turquoise. This precious stone is said to provide unmeasurable protective properties. Also, this it comes with luck-generating properties – but don’t feel too bad should you not win the lottery. Something good will happen.

4. For Motivation to Get Out of Your Pjs: Carnelian

precious stones for wellbeing
Credit: Wikipedia

The eye-catching orange within this crystal brings about motivation and feelings of joy. So, should you be struggling to get out of your pj’s (or bed), gift yourself one of these little beauties, quick!

5.For Love: Rose Quartz

crystals for happiness
Credit: Wikipedia

Love makes the world go round, but sadly, many of us aren’t feeling it right now. Love starts from within – so use the heart-linking gem to conjure up some self-appreciation and kindness. Once you have that you will automatically magnetise others towards you. Just make sure you only attract a good guy (maybe grab a black tourmaline crystal too).

6.Banish Negativity Before It Gets to You: Black Tourmaline

precious stone wellbeing
Credit: Pixabay

Wow, this has to be the most cherished of them all. Black tourmaline is said to repel badness or negative energies before they get close enough to do any damage. Currently ordering 10!

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The Best Vegan Candles For An Incredibly Positive 2021

 Commence 2021 as we mean to go on – that is with incredibly positive vibes. Discover the best non-toxic vegan candles that ensure your senses and surroundings are a place of utter calm and happiness.

1.Gratitude Meditation Candle, £16,

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Pure Thoughts

If you have read ‘The Secret’ you will know what a positive power that having gratitude can bring. With this in mind, lighting the vegan Gratitude Meditation Candle is the first step towards achieving the ideal environment and state of mind for happiness. This hand-poured soy wax candle is infused with essential oils such as pure lemongrass; thus, promoting perfect meditation and dispelling all negativity. Remember, you manifest your thoughts – so positive thinking is vital.

2.ESPA Positivity Candle, £35,

these things will help you welcome in new year
Credit: ESPA

Breathe in this aromatherapy candle and feel your spirit immediately lifted. Yes, it is that good. The hand-poured soy candle includes essential oils such as gardenia, jasmine and rose geranium. These are specifically combined to create an unequivocally happy and uplifted state. It will be impossible to stay blue with ESPA’s unique Positivity Signature Blend. Expect feelings of pampered luxury and ultimate peace.

3.Aery Positive Energy Candle, £24.95,

the best vegan candles for an incredibly positive 2021
Credit: Yoga Matters

After the crippling effects of 2020, we all need a serious positivity boost. Aery’s gorgeous blend of pink grapefruit, vetiver and mint with hints of amber, violet and lemon guarantee your mind, body and soul are once again, rebalanced. This natural soy wax candle infused with key essential oils can bring forth a much-needed overhaul of the senses. Enjoy the re-energising aroma and allow your senses to come alive with happiness and health.

4.Elm Rd. Happiness Natural Aromatherapy Candle, £30,

the best vegan candles for a great 2021
Credit: Amazon

With the help of this beautiful natural vegan candle, it is impossible to feel anything but good vibes. Combining an innovative blend of 11 natural oils such as bergamot, neroli, rosewood, citrus and pine, the scent swiftly removes anxiety and negativity, replacing your senses with a veil of uplifted vitality and feelings of renewal.

All of these candles evoke incredible feelings of happiness and positivity. Start the new year the way you mean to go on. We all deserve some happiness.

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Would You Recognise These Signs Of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a sneaky disease. Difficulty recognising the signs means that often it is undetected. According to the NHS, a troubling 90% of women are unaware of ovarian cancer symptoms. There are several tell-tale signs you should never ignore. If you have more than one of the following symptoms (and it doesn’t pass), go and get it checked out. It is better to be safe than sorry – and early detection has a 90% survival rate. Read on:

1. Persistent Bloating Can Indicate Ovarian Cancer

would you recognise these signs ofovarian cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Bloating is common and is often associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, should you have persistent bloating it may indicate a problem.

2. Stomach Pain Can Be a Sign

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs/Homer

Okay, so there is no need to rush to the doctor with a stomachache. If, on the other hand, you regularly have stomach pain, and it is coupled with bloating and/or back pain, this may be a red flag.

3. Changes in Urination or Bowel Habits

Credit: Giphy

If you are recognising the need to wee more often or with urgency (and you haven’t just downed a litre of water) this could indicate a more sinister underlying issue. Another sign is a change in bowel habits (such as going more regularly or a lot less). Basically, if it is out of the ordinary and continued, get it checked

4. Extreme Tiredness May Be a Symptom

Would you recognise these signs of ovarian cancer
Credit: Pixabay

Do you feel like you’ve run a marathon even though your daily routine hasn’t changed? Should everything become a struggle and you feel utterly exhausted for no apparent reason, this is a sign something is definitely amiss. It could be down to nutrient deficiency or stress, but if it is persistent, go and see your GP.

5. Feeling Full

Do you feel full very quickly? Have you noticed you have lost your appetite and are losing weight without dieting? Again, although it could be stress, ovarian cancer can also present this way.

Should you recognise these signs, make a 2-week diary of your symptoms and then see your doctor. In their words – STAT!

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How To Effectively Deal With Social Media Trolls

This year we are dealing with a massive pandemic that is eating its way through society. But there is another deadly virus causing just as much damage to peoples’ lives and it is referred to as ‘trolls’. The nasty people infected with the trolling parasite use social media, online chat and discussion forums to destroy a person’s character with lies. They write the ugliest accusations and incite rage in anyone willing to listen.

Generally, not particularly intelligent, they play on peoples’ emotions until they believe they have effectively grown seeds of hate – enough to cause optimal damage. Sometimes, the person they are pursuing ends up committing suicide or self-destructing slowly over time. The pain filters to the victim’s family who are also affected.

Other times, enraged people who recognise the bullied individual decide to target them and inflict physical attacks. Typical examples of this would be strangers abusing me ‘because she’s that person on Facebook,’ while waiting to see if I look in a direction of a person – any person – so they can accuse me of being some sex attacker or pyscho! Then there are trolls making a teenager’s school life hell or attacks on those with mental health conditions. Often bred from confusion, it then escalates rage on social media  There’s never a good reason for these vile things to do what they do, and they need to be weeded out. The sooner the better. If (like me) you are a victim of trolling, read on to see how to effectively handle them.

1.Pretend They Don’t Exist

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

At the end of the day, you know who you are. You know you are a good person and they are the ones that need assessing. This doesn’t take away the mental anguish it causes. One of the best ways to deal, simply is to ignore them. Often, they will grow tired and move on to find something else to hate. Be strong.

2. Detective Work

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

Try and do some digging. Find out who they are, who their family is and if they know what they are up to. Make logs, take screenshots and gather as much data as possible.

3. Go to the Police

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

When you have enough evidence go the police and make a formal complaint.

4. Contact Social Media Channels

How to handle social media trolls
Credit: Pixabay

Advise social media channels who these people are and what nasty shit they are up to. Name them and shame them and let them see just what it feels like to be put in the spotlight. The only difference is they are guilty as hell and actually deserve to be judged.

If you are on the receiving end of these stains on humanity, try not to let it affect you. If you can, try not to read any of it. Get a family member to help you. Remember these are sad, sad individuals, full of inner anger they cannot deal with. That is why they don’t care about the truth, they only care about inflicting pain. Take solace in the knowledge their actions will take them to the depths of hell.

Is Someone You Know Suicidal? Here’s How To Deal

A few weeks ago, someone in my circle committed suicide. I saw him an hour before he took his own life and I had absolutely no idea he was suffering. The most I thought was that (like us all) he had a few life problems to sort out.

Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death and the rates of male suicide in England continues to climb. 2020 has tested many of us to the limit and you don’t need to look far to find someone feeling a bit blue. But how do you know when someone is down or if it is something more? Should you notice a friend or family member acting out of character, there are a few things you can do. Read on:

1. Assess the Situation

Is someone you know suicidal? here's how to deal
Credit: Pixabay

Firstly, it is important to assess the seriousness of the situation to determine whether or not you may need to access immediate intervention. Suicidal comments and evidence of self-harm are clear red flags you need to get outside help.

2. Talk and Listen

Credit: Giphy

If your friend/loved one has appeared down or struggling, it is hard to know whether they are in need of help. They may insist everything is fine and be dismissive; thus, it’s truly difficult to get that person to open up. Be prepared to meet a brick wall when attempting to help. Talk to that person. Ask if there is anything troubling them and let them talk. Listen, rinse and repeat. This should not be a one-off convo – you need to keep checking in with them. Even if you can’t offer solutions, just being a friend has unmeasurable value.

3. Be There

Credit: Giphy

As previously mentioned, being there for someone can sometimes mean the difference between things being bearable and too much to deal with. They may not want to go out. That’s okay – take some movies and chocolates around, order a Chinese. Just be there as often as possible.

4. Understand There May Be no Outward Signs

Over a quarter of suicidal people show no outward signs of depression, particularly once they have made up their minds to carry it out. If someone has been down for a long time and suddenly, they just seem ‘okay’ without any positive changes in their circumstances, this is the time to keep a close eye on things. However, know that no one can be there 24/7 and if someone has made up their mind and then committed suicide, please do not blame yourself.

5. Seek Help

Credit: Giphy

Should you believe your friend/loved one is at risk of suicide, do not hesitate in seeking professional help. Remember, it is extremely difficult to know whether a person is planning on committing suicide. If a person is hell-bent on doing this, then spotting it and being able to prevent it is almost impossible. This is why it’s vital to keep in mind the above-mentioned points.

Here are some useful helpline telephone numbers. Calling can really make a difference:

Samaritans: 116 123 (24h) – Online, live chat and phone.

Anxiety Attack Or Panic Attack: What Is The Difference?

The pandemic has a lot to answer. Mental health problems such as anxiety and panic attacks are sadly now commonplace. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people are experiencing a mental health condition any day of the week in England. The UK was experiencing a massive mental health crisis before Covid-19 and now it is surging to unprecedented levels. We all need to be more aware and able to help one another. By recognising whether a person is experiencing anxiety or a panic attack, you will be in a position to offer priceless assistance to a family member, friend or even a stranger. Read on:

What Is An Anxiety Attack?

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

An anxiety attack is a response to a stressful situation or trigger. Imagine walking alone late at night, or around someone you know does not like you. The signs include a racing heart rate, rapid breathing, sweaty and worried or scared. Anxiety attacks do not usually last as long as a panic attack and normally disappear as soon as the trigger is removed.

What Is a Panic Attack?

anxiety attack or panic attack: what is the difference?
Credit: Pixabay

Panic attacks are in general, more severe. Mimicking signs of heart problems, the sufferer will experience rapid heart rate, extreme feelings of paralysis, chest pain and nausea. As you can imagine, this can be terrifying. Unlike anxiety attacks, they can come on out of the blue without any warning whatsoever.  On the upside, panic attacks are treatable. Read my article, ‘5 Techniques for Tackling a Panic Attack‘.to discover some tips on how to overcome the issue with minimal distress.

Remember you are not alone. Anxiety and panic attacks are more common than you might realise. They are also treatable. Do not suffer in silence from something that can be overcome. Speak to a friend or pick up the phone and call one of the helpline numbers below.

Mind: 0300 123 3933

Quirky Advent Calendars That Bring Something Else To The Table

Let me just get this out there first – for me, beauty advent calendars are #1 (see here), closely followed by Galaxy advents. Long gone are the days when advent calendars are only for the younger generation. Brands realise that grown-ups love an advent (maybe more than their children do). Since discovering this fresh new and exciting twist to celebrating the Christmas countdown, my eyes have definitely been opened. Take it from me, yours will be too. No spoilers, but you can rest assured that by day 23, blindness may be an issue.

1. Lovehoney’s Best Sex of Your Life Advent Calendar, $130 (Worth $365),

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: Love Honey

Obviously having an advent calendar that brings you the best sex of your life depends on with whom you may be sharing your world. However, should you be in a happy, sincere and trusting relationship this calendar will be just the kitty for sprinkling some passion into each day. It even includes the toy that took the internet by storm – the clitoral suction vibrator (worth $80). This toy gives multiple orgasms (apparently). What better way to celebrate the Christmas countdown? Hmm, maybe I will exchange this year’s beauty advent after all.

2.The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar, £16.99,

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: IWOOT

Take the title any way that fits – I had immediate visuals. But I’m thinking everyone knows someone who will enjoy this innovative calendar of savoury treats (apart from vegetarians and vegans, so make sure you do your research people). Combining 6 unique and award-winning flavours such as Low & Slow BBQ, the calendar will get any man’s mouth to water (although if you’ve purchased the previous calendar this may not be an issue). Also hidden behind the doors are pigs in blankets. Who the HELL doesn’t love pigs in blankets?

3.My Protein Ball Co. Protein Balls Christmas Advent Calendar, £17,

Quirky advent calendars that bring something else to the table
Credit: Amazon

Now for those who prefer fitness and a more vegan lifestyle – behold the Protein Balls Advent Calendar. This is such a hit it’s quickly selling out everywhere – so be quick if you want one. It appears that many of us remain on the health kick, making the calendar a huge hit. Included are 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan treats to help you approach Christmas with optimal fitness. It is no surprise the healthy alternative is such a success! Just saying – I want to be there, but I’m not quite ready to give up the chocolate and wine…yet.

5 Tips For Reigniting Your Relationship

Hey, Lovelies!

What is it about time that causes everything valued to head south? Alas, relationships don’t seem to escape this gravitational pull. Stacking up the mileage can drain the colours until all you are looking at is a variety of grey. Don’t get me wrong; a long-term, committed and solid relationship can be the most incredible thing – but keeping it from turning stale takes consistent work. Finding someone you completely trust and not screwing it up is hard enough. So, should you have that, it is definitely worth investing in keeping it lit. Ensure you know these 5 crucial tips for relighting the fire.

1.Pay Attention

    Credit: Giphy

One of the most overlooked things that fall by the wayside is to pay attention to your SO. Work-life monotony dictates the majority of conversational content to be more or less the same, which in turn, causes us to switch off. Add voicing some mutual petty grievances over the housework or bills to the mix and you very quickly have a dish no one wants to stomach. Okay, enough of the metaphors – avoid this rookie mistake by giving your OH undivided attention. Put your phone down, make them a cuppa and ask them about their day – then actually listen, like you are interested (even if you aren’t). Doing this will reform a connection, show interest and go a long way to start the sparks once more.

2. Dance & Drink

Credit: Giphy

Following the dredge of a long day’s work, the last thing we might feel like doing is glamming up and going out on the town. It’s far too easy to slip into the comfort of routine, especially if you have a busy week. That said, having a night out together, where you can have a drink and unwind offers a fast-track escape from the mundane and will put your relationship back in the red-hot zone. Dancing means you don’t need to worry about a conversation, you have to be close to each other, and it’s likely to be fun!

3. Lose the Serious

Credit: Giphy

2020 apocalypse-style features aside, when did life get so serious? Learn that worry and stress will not alter situations. All it will do is add angst to your personal life. Try to see the funny side of things and don’t get so worked up over the petty. Take some time for meditation or just some headspace to get life back into perspective. I’m not saying this is a magic cure, but it certainly helps.

4. Prioritise

Realise life is not, in fact, limitless and that stressing about whose turn it is to wash up doesn’t warrant an argument. Everything has its place, and do you really want a breakup or stress-induced stroke over last night’s dinner? Be more peaceful and let some things go.

5.Turn Off the News and Play Some Music

Credit: Giphy

Being inundated with doom and gloom provides no benefits. The news tends to wrap your world in a dark blanket of negativity. It is like bringing a fire extinguisher to happy relationships. It definitely isn’t conducive to the mood of lurrrve. Instead, turn off the TV and play some mutually loved music to bring on the flames of passion.

Okay, I could go on about the blatant things like buying some sexy underwear, stretch the boundaries a little in the bedroom and try some new moves, or toys, to spice up the sex. However, if the aforementioned tips are not being met, the sexy underwear is likely to stay in the drawer and you will be asleep before your gran!

6 Signs Of Controlling Behaviour That Slip Under The Radar

Hey, Lovelies!

Most people know the main signs of controlling behaviour such as aggression and isolating their partner. These often are the first and most obvious behaviours that are noticed. However, a true manipulator is in it for the long haul. This means that other equally destructive red flags can be operated in the background and over time, without obvious detection. Belittlement, mind games and questioning often are passed off as the consequence of a row – but the impact of consistently being on the receiving end is devastating. Read on to discover 6 signs of controlling behaviours that slip under the radar.

1. Control by Belittlement

Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs

“Why don’t’ you get your hair and nails done for once?”

“You’ve been a disaster your whole life.”

“Why don’t you stop trying to do a job that’s impossible to achieve and get a normal job like everyone else?”

“You’re so soft on him, you are bringing him up to be a right…”

“Why are you eating that? Don’t buy it again.”

An occasional remark out of frustration is understandable, but constant little digs will eventually create a black hole in your soul. Keep an eye on this. Know that it is not your fault. He would be saying the same thing to any girlfriend. It is not personal, just his issues. However, do not accept this under any circumstances or it will change you.

2. Constant Questions Slip Under the Radar

Credit: Giphy

Let’s get this straight: if you say you are nipping to the shop and come home 6 hours later (unless you live in the Outer Hebrides) you should expect a question or two. However, if it’s more like this:

“It doesn’t take that long to get chips; you’ve been gone 9 minutes. Where else have you been?”

It means (quite clearly) you have a problem.

If it feels like you live with an officer and are constantly interrogated, this is a sign of controlling behaviour. Unless you have recently cheated and your partner is struggling to deal, constant questions are totally wrong.

3.Controlling Finances

6 signs of controlling behaviour that slip under the radar

This red flag is textbook controlling behaviour. He has bagged a huge slice of control if you have no money and need to ask. Under NO circumstances should you allow this. Get a savings account or give your family a pot, and put in a few pounds each week – until you are ready to get the hell out of there!

4. You’re Crazy

Credit: Giphy

Incessantly being told you are crazy, insane, totally paranoid will gradually wear you down. You will begin to think it, and your thoughts are what create our reality. Be careful here. Please do not believe a word of it and know how wonderful you are. This is simply their way of manipulating you or hiding their own misdeeds. Try spending 5 minutes each day thinking of some things that make you a lovely person and know this to be your truth.

5. It’s the Little Things

Aggression and control come in many forms. On their own comments about your cleaning, cooking, driving or ironing may not seem too out of hand. But if you are hearing nothing but complaints all the time, you are bound to feel worthless. Again, you must remember it is not actually about you. This is a huge insecurity issue your OH has all by himself. You do not need this in your life.

6.Defamatory Lies About You and To You

Credit: Giphy

Okay, this is a bad one whereby seed is planted in other peoples’ minds about you. Before you know wat’s happening (and with the help of social media) you are branded whatever they have chosen for you. Be it an abuser, alcoholic, crazy person – whatever. The worse thing is, by this point all the other controlling behaviours will have you acting totally out-of-character. This makes the lies more believable for those who don’t know you. It is often very difficult to get evidence or to source this, due to the time it takes to realise. Be on your guard, because if the other signs are there, this one may be lurking in the shadows too!

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