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Say No To Animal Cruelty By Supporting The Flop Not Crop Campaign

The barbaric ear cropping trend has seen animal cruelty in the UK reaching an all-time high. Due to an increase in UK celebrities taking to social media to share images of their newly cropped dogs, the demand for this disgusting procedure has soared. The RSPCA’s stats reveal a frightening 621% increase in ear cropping since 2015. Thankfully, we are not alone in our disdain and horror at such awful practice. The E-Petition to put a stop to this has met 70,000 and is rising. Its main focus is to end the importation of all ear-cropped dogs. Read on to discover more facts about this hideous and blatant display of animal cruelty. You too can say no to such cruelty by supporting the Flop Not Crop campaign. A link to the E-Petition can be found below.

Stop Ear Cropping Petition

What is Ear Cropping?

say no to ear cropping by supporting the flop not crop campaign
Credit: The Foal Group

The unnecessary cosmetic procedure is as bad as it sounds. Involving an agonising process whereby part of a dog’s ear flap is cut off. Often, this happens without administering any kind of pain relief. The extremely painful procedure is done purely for aesthetic purposes. There is no medical benefit whatsoever and it leaves dogs traumatised, directly and negatively impacting on their overall wellbeing.

Not only that, but the end cosmetic result is pretty disgusting to see. Why on earth people regard ear cropping as aesthetically pleasing is bizarre in itself.

Who Supports the Prevention of Ear Cropping?

Say no to ear cropping by supporting the flop not crop campaign
Credit: The Foal Group

Help is at hand in the form of the UK’s animal welfare bodies and veterinary professionals. Together they are petitioning to stop such a horrendous trend from being permitted to continue.

Isn’t Ear Cropping Already Illegal?

Say no to ear cropping by supporting the flop not crop campaign
Credit: The Foal Group

Yes, under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act, 2006, it is indeed illegal to crop a dog’s ears in the UK. However, as with everything it seems, there are loopholes in the law. It is not illegal to sell dogs who have had their ears cropped, nor does it prevent people from importing such dogs from abroad. This allows morally bankrupt people to secretly carry on ear cropping dogs without fear of retribution.

How Can This be Stopped?

sign the e-petition to stop animal cruelty
Credit: The Foal Group

The latest petition attempts to challenge these legal loopholes, requesting the Government to deal with them so ear cropping can be stopped.

What Can We do to Help?

You too can support the Flop Not Crop campaign today by signing the E-Petition. Our loyal furry friends only ever ask for our love and do not deserve to be subjected to such cruelty. Let’s work together to end animal cruelty. Sign the petition and share!

Stop Ear Cropping Petition

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