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These Mind-Blowing Vibrators Erase Everything Other Than Intense Pleasure

Are things becoming a bit ‘meh’ in the bedroom? If closing your eyes and fantasising isn’t quite doing it for you, it’s time to switch things up. Smile Makers has relaunched its mind-blowing, awesome array of truly sensual vibrators – and now they are back with an upgrade (probably the best upgrade in the world). Combining iconic sex toys such as The Billionaire and the French Lover, these crazy-good vibrators will erase everything other than total pleasure. Pandemic? What pandemic? Read on:

1.The Firefighter Clit Vibrator for a (Mind-Blowing) Broad Stimulation on the Vulva, £44.95,

these vibrators will erase anything other than pleasure
Credit: Smile Makers

Basically, if you are an adult who has a vulva, you need this in your life. Delivering a super intense massage and explosive stimulation around the clitoral glands, the Firefighter is where it’s at. The ergonomic design features a rounded nose for application on the clit nub, and a flame-like shape to turn up the heat on the lips. Who said being single isn’t the better option?

2.Vibrator Newbies Try: The Billionaire, £44.95,

these mind-blowing vibrators will erase anything other than pleasure
Credit: Smile Makers

This chic and sleek looking vibrator is the go-to choice for sex toy newbies. The Billionaire’s design guarantees both gentle clitoral and vaginal stimulation. This vibrator delivers strong and rumbling vibrations, certain to provide crazy-good orgasms on tap. Size: 14.4cm x 3.4cm x 3.4cm.

3.The Tennis Pro G-Spot Vibrator, £44.95,

these mind-blowing vibrators will erase anything other than pleasure
Credit: Smile Makers

The exquisitely contoured internal vibrator is about to make your week a whole lot better. Expect powerful, yet utterly smooth vibrations and a blown mind. Created with an innovative angled and rounded head, this pleasure toy targets the. g-spot and never misses. So. Much. Joy

4.Mind-Blowing: The French Lover Vibrator, £44.95,

mind blowing vibrators erase everything other than intense pleasure
Credit: Smile Makers

Saving the best until last. Brace yourself for some serious self-love with the help of the French Lover (well, they don’t get their rep for just anything). This incredibly gentle tongue vibrator ticks all those otherwise sealed boxes, putting a Cheshire cat-like smile back on your face. Size: 15.8cm x 4.8cm x 2.8cm. Enjoy!

The incredible vibrators are also available to buy at Boots, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

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