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Introducing: A Manual For Being Human, By Dr Sophie Mort

Honestly, we all experience occasions wrought with emotional and mental turmoil. Furthermore, it is well-known that therapy is just not available to the majority. That is why ‘A Manual for Being Human’ is such an important read for everyone. Offering optimal insight and undeniably useful guidance, the book feels like a breath of fresh air at the break of day.

Dr. Sophie Mort delves into reasons that lurk behind our struggles. She shines a super light on the entire life span. Providing clear insight and priceless knowledge, Dr. Sophie’s manual is the ultimate toolkit for better understanding ourselves.

Should you be experiencing difficult times, or simply wish to feel more in control, ‘A Manual for Being Human’ is a must-read! We reviewed this book and concurred wholeheartedly that it is a Godsend. It will help you to understand yourself and your relationships (all without paying a fortune for the privilege). Get ready for a happier life!

A Manual for Being Human FAQs

Introducing a manual for being human by dr sophie mort
Credit: Photographer, Emily Hlavac Green

The main aim of this new book is to improve psychological well-being. Dr. Sophie’s expert knowledge and genuine desire to help others makes this book hugely impressive.

Dr. Sophie remarks on the years she spent witnessing just how inaccessible therapy is for the masses. She points out the concerning fact that many problems are left to fester. People end up in therapy after suffering long-term anguish. Often, this is due to not accessing the fundamental coping strategies and ideas that are obvious to psychologists.

This awe-inspiring book focuses on human experience. It is brimming with prompts, theories, techniques and tips for you to apply immediately.

Additionally, it provides an array of lightbulb moments to help you better understand previously incomprehensible emotions. Once you have read this book you will at the very least have a solid grasp on why experiences that should be long forgotten still cast shadows over the present. You are guaranteed to feel more in control and confident as you move forward in life.

‘There is a damn good reason why people are struggling. We are not raised to understand ourselves. In fact, we are raised misunderstanding ourselves and fearing the very thing that makes us, us.’

Dr Sophie Mort, ‘A Manual for Being Human.’

The book is separated into 3 concise sections:

A Manual for Being Human, Part One: How You Got Here

Introducing a Manual for Being Human by dr Sophie Mort
Credit: Photographer, Emily Hlavac Green

This section looks at how you became the person you are today. From the moment we enter the world and onwards, it aims to help you identify issues arising from your past and current life, that cause concern or distress.

A Manual for Being Human, Part Two: What’s Keeping You Here

Introducing a manual for being human by dr sophie mort
Credit: Photographer, Emily Hlavac Green

Part two is focused on helping you to acknowledge what you are currently doing. From the normal patterns to bad habits and toxic cycles. Identifying and understanding these is a huge step in moving forward in life.

A Manual for Being Human, Part Three: How You Can Move Forward: Your New Toolbox with Go-To Techniques

psychological well-being book on being human
Credit: Photographer, Emily Hlavac Green

The last section of this book provides scientifically backed techniques. Practices that you can apply immediately. These tips are like gold dust. They offer you the tools to heal from pain that has previously held you back. With deeper understanding and some priceless techniques for managing emotions, you can embark upon a much brighter future.

Established therapeutic practices such as breathing, grounding, self-compassion, journaling and mindfulness are some of the key techniques included in this book. Combined with Dr. Sophie’s expertise advice, this manual is nothing short of a miracle for the many.

A Manual for Being Human, by Dr. Sophie Mort (Gallery Books), is priced at £14.99 and available to buy now at Amazon.


Photography Credit: Emily Hlavac Green.

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