How To Effectively Deal With Social Media Trolls

This year we are dealing with a massive pandemic that is eating its way through society. But there is another deadly virus causing just as much damage to peoples’ lives and it is referred to as ‘trolls’. The nasty people infected with the trolling parasite use social media, online chat and discussion forums to destroy a person’s character with lies. They write the ugliest accusations and incite rage in anyone willing to listen.

Generally, not particularly intelligent, they play on peoples’ emotions until they believe they have effectively grown seeds of hate – enough to cause optimal damage. Sometimes, the person they are pursuing ends up committing suicide or self-destructing slowly over time. The pain filters to the victim’s family who are also affected.

Other times, enraged people who recognise the bullied individual decide to target them and inflict physical attacks. Typical examples of this would be strangers abusing me ‘because she’s that person on Facebook,’ while waiting to see if I look in a direction of a person – any person – so they can accuse me of being some sex attacker or pyscho! Then there are trolls making a teenager’s school life hell or attacks on those with mental health conditions. Often bred from confusion, it then escalates rage on social media  There’s never a good reason for these vile things to do what they do, and they need to be weeded out. The sooner the better. If (like me) you are a victim of trolling, read on to see how to effectively handle them.

1.Pretend They Don’t Exist

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
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At the end of the day, you know who you are. You know you are a good person and they are the ones that need assessing. This doesn’t take away the mental anguish it causes. One of the best ways to deal, simply is to ignore them. Often, they will grow tired and move on to find something else to hate. Be strong.

2. Detective Work

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
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Try and do some digging. Find out who they are, who their family is and if they know what they are up to. Make logs, take screenshots and gather as much data as possible.

3. Go to the Police

How to effectively deal with social media trolls
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When you have enough evidence go the police and make a formal complaint.

4. Contact Social Media Channels

How to handle social media trolls
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Advise social media channels who these people are and what nasty shit they are up to. Name them and shame them and let them see just what it feels like to be put in the spotlight. The only difference is they are guilty as hell and actually deserve to be judged.

If you are on the receiving end of these stains on humanity, try not to let it affect you. If you can, try not to read any of it. Get a family member to help you. Remember these are sad, sad individuals, full of inner anger they cannot deal with. That is why they don’t care about the truth, they only care about inflicting pain. Take solace in the knowledge their actions will take them to the depths of hell.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! This happened to me on instagram and it’s still going on. It’s really sad to see while the entire world is going though a pandemic, trolls have the time to do this to good people!
    Ugh, I only wish everyone would understand the word “respect” and be nice

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