cybersmile and st. moriz jon forces against bullying

St. Moriz And Cybersmile Join Forces Against Online Abuse With The ‘Be Kind Online’ Campaign

In life, there are things we love, like a golden tan. Then there are things we hate, such as bullying and online abuse. Hearing that St. Moriz has joined forces with Cybersmile, we love the global self-tan brand even more! Teaming up to tackle all bullying and online abuse, their campaign, ‘Be Kind Online,’ aims to promote online kindness and positivity. Read on to discover more:

Cybersmile FAQs:

st moriz and cybersmile join forces against online abuse be kind online campaign
Credit: Cybersmile

The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award-winning non-profit organisation. The foundation’s key purpose is digital wellbeing and is focused on eradicating bullying and online abuse.

In addition to the donation already made, St. Moriz has pledged to donate a percentage of all sales to Cybersmile on Stop Cyberbullying Day, 18th June. This donation will be from all purchases made at Money raised will further support the campaign, raising awareness on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

The Be Kind Online Campaign Will Feature:

St. Moriz and Cybersmile join forces against online abuse be kind online campaign
Credit: Pixabay

Access to more educational materials/tools online – Highlighting the importance of establishing and maintaining body positivity.

Direct internet users to support services, with a focus on mental well-being.

Raise awareness of cyber-bullying, whilst promoting kindness.

Encouraging people to be mindful of their online presence and recognising the potential impact of negativity towards others.

A panel talk with key Influencers and reality stars.

The panel includes Warren Phillips, Callum Izzard, Marlie Lewis, Sophie Watkins, Liv Owens, and Ruby Wong.

The panelists will bravely share their own personal experience of cyber-bullying and the impact it has had on their lives. They will offer advice to others who may be experiencing online abuse.

Belinda Parkinson, Senior Brand Manager at St. Moriz Announced:

St. Moriz and Cybersmile join forces against online abuse in be kind online campaign
Credit: St. Moriz

“Here at St Moriz we are passionate about encouraging body positivity and positive self-image. Cyberbullying is on the increase, and we have heard first-hand the effect that it can have on people’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. We want to demonstrate to our customers that we don’t just say, we do. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Cybersmile and we hope that we can be a part of preventing Cyberbullying and can encourage people to Be Kind Online.”

Cybersmile’s Co-Founder, Dan Raisbeck Said:

” We are excited to be joining forces with St. Moriz to raise awareness of such an important issue. So many young people are struggling with problems related to body image, including low self-esteem, low body confidence, and mental health issues. Understanding how to process the different influences and opinions online in a healthy and productive way is crucial for our wellbeing.”

Don’t forget: To get on board and pledge your support for the Be Kind Online campaign, visit on 18th June. When you buy some gorgeous self-tanning products, know that you have helped in the fight against online abuse. Your donation will support significant positive change – another step towards preventing toxic behaviour.

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