Everyone should know the Secret

Everyone Should Know The Secret

Ever wondered why some people get all the luck while others meet nothing but obstacles? Everyone should know The Secret. Great people like Einstein and Plato knew and applied the secret; thus, they achieved their dreams. Basically, pretty much anyone who succeeds is privy to this knowledge (whether they are consciously aware of this, is another thing altogether). If you are tired of life being exhausting, rather than uplifting, read on. When you understand and use The Secret, you can turn your dreams into reality.

What Is The Secret?

Everyone should know the Secret
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The Secret is a book about the law of attraction. This compelling book, written by Rhonda Byrne, is guaranteed to inspire most people who read it.

Rhonda perfectly explains the law of attraction. The Secret contains personal experiences, inspirational quotes from great people, and indispensable advice. The law of attraction works like this: Everything you think about, you are drawing into your life. So, if your thoughts are negative, you will experience more of the same. The law acts on your thoughts – the more we think of something (be it negative or positive), the more we are bringing it into our reality.

When you think of something you don’t want and give it that focus – you are simply creating more of it into existence. Instead of thinking ‘I don’t want to be poor,’ think, ‘I am so wealthy.’ Use your imagination to bring dreams into reality. The more you visualise the life you want and act out the feeling of having those goals, the faster the law of attraction will respond and provide.

My Own Experience of Applying The Secret

Everyone should know the Secret
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My life was the pits. No matter how hard I tried, things would go devastatingly wrong. To top it off, strangers began trolling me on social media and calling me the worst things imaginable. Before I knew it, this had spilled over into real life, and strangers would recognise me from the vicious Facebook posts. Often, I was verbally abused. The police couldn’t help without a link. I was seriously depressed, and my mental health began to suffer. This overtook my entire life. Guess what happened? My focus allowed it to soar.

With a family to look after, I didn’t have the option of offing myself. That’s when I discovered The Secret. The book felt like a ray of golden light, and each day I read it religiously. I snipped every negative thought away, pictured how I wanted life to be. I visualised strangers knowing me, the way my children do. Before I knew it, things began to improve. Now there is hope for the future.

Every aspect of my life is beginning to change for the better.

What You Should Never Do

One thing I must say: If you have been treated badly, the worst thing to do is picture revenge. Doing this will only harm you. The way forward is to accept the situation, learn to discard it from your mind, and replace the negativity with beautiful, positive thoughts. It works every time.

6 Easy Tips For Fast-Routing The Secret

Everyone should know the secret
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Some Quick Ways to Manifest Positive Change:


Even if it just for 10 minutes a day. By allowing your mind to be peaceful, you can begin to focus on manifesting positivity. Visualisation is far more effective when our minds are free from clutter.

2. Practice Gratitude

Each day, think or write down 5 things you are grateful for. Doing this creates positive energy. This frequency sends out a signal and brings back more things for you to feel happy about. Picture a magic boomerang if you will.

3.Banish Negativity

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Every time a negative thought creeps in, cut it down and replace it with a. good thought. Think of some experiences or people that made you feel most loved or happy. Use these thoughts to quickly replace any bad feelings. If someone is being mean, remove yourself from their company.

4. Use Your Imagination

Make-believe anything you want in life. Do it until it feels real. Whether it is a new home, happy family, or health – believe it, feel good about it, and life will begin to change.

5. Use Happy Moments for Manifesting

The best time to manifest your goals is when you are feeling happy. When cuddling your dog, or reading a story to your child, try to visualise that new home or feelings of wellness.

6. Be Generous

Helping and sharing will enhance those good vibes. By doing these things you are sending a message to the universe that you are already rich in health, money, and time. Thus, you will draw more of this into existence, and you will start to transform your life.

The Secret is priced at £9.98 and is available at www.amazon.co.uk

Happy visualising!

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